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Federated Suns Reborn (Chapter Cover)

The Federated Suns Reborn
- Chapter 199

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April 3070
Interlude: Ghost Bear Planning

Briefing on the Future[]

Office of the Khan
Hall of Warriors, Asguard
Rasalhague, Ghost Bear Dominion

Striding forward to stop exactly in the middle of the seal of the Khan of the Ghost Bears, Galaxy Commander Ragnar Magnusson came to attention before his Khan and saKhan. Khan Jorgensson stood from behind his desk and returned the salute, while the already standing and towering Elemental bred saKhan Aletha Kabrinski gave a half salute/nod while appraising the newly appointed Galaxy Commander of the equally new Rasalhague Galaxy. Whatever insight she achieved she kept to herself and merely stood there as the Khan sat back down behind his desk. "You show commendable alacrity in your arrival here Galaxy Commander."

"My shuttle pilot should take most of the credit for that Khan Jorgensson." Ragnar replied quickly.

"Then you show commendable honestly in assigning the credit away from yourself." Jorgensson held up a hand to forestall any further reply. "Accept the compliment of your Khan, Warrior."

"Yes, Sir." Ragnar bowed his head to acknowledge the seemingly trivial words, yet high honor he was being awarded.

"Know also that myself and saKhan Kabrinski hold your other actions in equally high regard. Your achievement in the new Trial of Bloodname showed commendable skill and tactical aptitude. As did your Trial of Position for the post of Galaxy Commander. You are a credit to your new Bloodhouse and I am sure that future warriors of our Clan will carry your genes and name with honour..." Jorgensson went on. "Of course the reward for excellent service and victories is inevitably more hard tasks being assigned to you!"

The Galaxy Commander allowed a brief and grim smile to cross his features. "I have heard that said before, Sir."

"A common saying amongst warriors, but because it is true." Kabrinski rumbled.

"Accurate as always, Aletha." Jorgensson nodded. "Which brings me to your next assignment..."

Both Trueborn warriors turned to face a Clan made view screen set in the far wall which turned on with a flick of a button on the Khan's desk. On the screen a map of the world's of the Ghost Bear Dominion and it's surrounding neighbors territories. Khan Jorgensson indicated the most recent gains from Clan Wolf - the worlds of Balsta, Leoben, Rasalhague itself, Hermagor, Dawn, Engadin, Radstadt, Voralberg, Gunzburg, Satalice, Skandia, Nox and Altenmarkt. "We have done well against the Wolves. Yet we still control a narrow sliver of territory, easily cut in two by a combined strike from the Draconis Combine and the Wolves. Or others as we know that the Ice Hellions and Hell's Horses are also prowling around and keen to carve out their own Occupation Zones. The Hell's Horses in particularly would happily pay us back for previous slights, real and imagined. The saKhan, myself and Loremaster Tseng all agree that the Ghost Bears require more territory. More defense in depth. We have opportunities on both sides, the Combine has been smashed by the Federated Suns and is locked in the beginnings of a wasteful civil war, while the Wolves are pressed by the Jade Falcons and Hell's Horses on their periphery flank while they have their attention focused upon the opportunities they see within the Lyran region."

Ragnar had the good sense not to interrupt, although he himself supported attacking the Kuritans. With how weak they had been shown to be and the turmoil within their military due to their defeat and civil war the Ghost Bears would never have a better chance to push the border back at least a jump length. Even better many of those worlds had been under the control of the Smoke Jaguars and Nova Cats and so were at least partially used to Clan ways. Compared to the brutal Jaguars and mystical nonsense of the Cats, the civilians would quickly settle under the benevolent rule of the Ghost Bears.

The fact that the Galaxy Commander had shown the sense not to express a view at this stage merely convinced Khan Jorgensson that he had made the right decision as to Ragnar's assignment. "However before we can finalize our plans we have to deal with an open wound upon our flank..."

The freebirth Galaxy Commander's face couldn't quite hide the discomfort those words brought him as he knew to what they pertained. Kabrinski stepped up and pointed a huge finger at a small number of worlds on their southern flank. "The Free Rasalhague Republic remains a threat. They maintain roughly six BattleMech Regiments now and have proven willing to raid both ourselves and the Wolves heavily in recent years. This has to stop."

"Khan Jorgensson, my loyalty is to Clan Ghost Bear and if ordered I will lead my Galaxy against the Free Rasalhague Republic, although I admit with a heavy heart. Some of my troops however will balk at fighting former allies, friends and even families. While I understand your reasoning, I cannot help but think that a different Galaxy might be a better choice for this military campaign." Ragnar said choosing his words carefully.

"You misunderstand. I said your next assignment. Not your next campaign. I and the saKhan wish you to go to Orestes as our envoys. Inviting the Free Rasalhague Republic to join the Ghost Bear Dominion. To join us willingly and openly. We will guarantee local autonomy on the level of our current worlds, settle Clan Civilian Castes only on ground that is currently unoccupied and offer the rights of all members of the KungsArme the right to a Trial of Position to join our Touman. We will commit to a gradual shift from a military government to one of more partnership with the Civilian Castes - both Clan and Rasalhague born over the next 50 years." The Khan chuckled surprising the Galaxy Commander. "It will take at least that long to convince the Warriors we mean it... If the Republic agrees, then you will call your Galaxy forward to help begin the integration process along with the CGB Rasalhague to secure the worlds of the Republic... Once that integration is at least well begun we can set our eyes on the opportunities that currently surround us. Stronger for the inclusion of the remaining Rasalhague worlds...We can think of no better envoy after all than the formally Elected-Prince of Rasalhague - Galaxy Commander and newly bloodnamed warrior Ragnar Magnusson."

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