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Federated Suns Reborn (Chapter Cover)

The Federated Suns Reborn
- Chapter 187

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December 3070

AFFS Fleet feel strain of expanded FedSuns[]

With peace declared with the Draconis Combine the AFFS began the huge process of realigning it's troop deployment from offensive operations on the Draconis Front to defensive, while also preparing for offensive operations against the WOB "Protectorate". From the perspective of the High Command the number of units available for offensive operations had been cut down due to the sheer number of commands which had suffered heavy damage during the Combine War or that were now required to defend and hold down the new territories. Still the sheer size of the vastly expanded AFFS did leave them some options. The redeployment and resupply that would begin in December would stretch even the increased Jumpship and Dropship fleets of the Federated Suns - even with the addition of large numbers of former CCAF and DCMS Jumpships (which had not been returned in the peace treaty). Along with deployment of ground forces the warship formations which had seen heavy combat or even just long term deployment were rushed to the repair slips at Arcadia, Edwards, and Novaya Zemlya - the loss of the Verde repair slip with the destruction of the shipyards there was keenly felt in this refit schedule. The FSS Covenant, FSS Trickery, and FSS Trickster head for New Avalon where they are "joined" by FSS Targeting and FSS Targe, two additional Inazuma corvettes completed by Capella's shipyards before they shifted over to Fox II production, although a great deal of effort is made to ensure that only two corvettes are seen at any one time.

Inazuma Class Corvette (Under Thrust - Iron Metal Works version)

Inazuma Class Corvette

Border & Troop Alignments and focus on the Blakist Threat[]

One particular noteworthy move was what was by now being referred to as "Task Force Avalon" - a large number of Avalon Hussars RCT which had been deployed en-mass during the recent fighting. Under the overall command of the 42nd Avalon Hussar's Marshal May, the 42nd was joined by the 2nd, 3rd, 20th, 38th, (although Cussar was promised the unit would return as soon as possible) and 41st Avalon Hussars to reform "Task Force Avalon". While a number of the units - the 2nd and 3rd for instance lacked the combat experience of the other units it was felt that this large force under an officer who had already proved his ability to coordinate massed RCT formations would be a useful hammer to break any WOB strongholds.

As per the agreement with the Northwind Highlanders both regiments which had been deployed to the Dieron region were returned to garrison duties on Northwind. At the same time Colonel Jaffray (finally released from NAIS's medical treatment) was returned to Northwind along with his "regiment". The Highlander Colonels were unanimous in summoning military tribunals to deal with the returning Colonel - and invited the Northwind Elders to take part. For his own part, First Prince Victor sent word that he did not intend to push for any federal charges and was content to leave the matter to Northwind. Perhaps as a result of this or of the swift return of Mulvaney's and Stirling's Fusiliers to their garrison duties both regiments immediately contacted the Prince to inform him they would be available for actions against the WOB. Or perhaps memories of the WOB's attack on Northwind played a larger part.

At the same time as the entire AFFS began to shift and move, new formations began mustering.  The 5th Ceti Hussars RCT would begin mustering into service at the world of Verde in an open deceleration of support for the rebuilding of that world. The existing garrison consisting of the 11th Avalon Hussars (who's fighter wings had been deployed alongside Duke Nelson's last ditch effort to prevent the bombardment of his planet) was redeployed to Terra Firma, having requested a deployment near the WOB border. The 5th Ceti Hussars would be joined by the returning 12th Vegan Rangers, Delta regiment which was moved at the request of Duke Nelson to bolster the planets defences. The 3rd NAIS Cadre was formed directly on New Avalon which would lead to the 6th Dragonlords RCT (now at full strength) being deployed to Nanking. The 9th Crucis Lancers RCT would form up and take the moniker of the "Malagrotta Lancers" for their recruiting area of the Malagrotta Combat Region, although they would be raised on June and largely equipped from the various factories on that booming Outback world. The 23rd Avalon Hussars RCT would begin moving from June to join their sister unit the 17th on Errai. The 1st An Ting Borderers were also formally added to the rolls with a strength of roughly a single battalion, two battalions of AFFS provided armor and a regiment of infantry drawn from AFFS regulars and local militia. Unlike most Borderer regiments, the An Ting Borderers wouldn't be served by a Reinforced Training Battalion but instead would draw their graduates directly from the An Ting University that as per the deal with the surrendering 7th An Ting Legion had been spared relocation.

The League March Militia was formally called into existence during December, with the Capella LMM, Corey LMM, Hexare LMM, Ingersoll LMM, Menkib LMM, St Ives LMM, Styk LMM, and Truth LMM all being added to the rolls, along with the 1st Zion Training Battalion (Temporary) in order to support the formation of a Zion LMM in the coming years. Each of these commands were little more than 10% of their official strength and amounted to only cadres. Still their formal addition to the rolls gave a major morale boost to the League March. Similarly, the Grand Base CMM and Victoria CMM were created directly from academy graduates, also at 10% of their official strength. Rather than leave Kathil as the only PDZ within the Capellan March Duke Hasek arranged for the Kathil CMM to also be officially reformed, although again at the cadre level. This final move see the Duke's approval ratings within the Capellan March spike by almost 5 full percentage points and twice that on Kathil itself.

Training Units Developments[]

Along with the 1st Zion Training Battalion (Temporary) the AFFS forms a number of additional temporary training commands within the newly conquered territories of the Draconis March. The 1st Dieron Training Battalion (Temporary), 1st Iruzun Training Battalion (Temporary), 1st Proserpina Training Battalion (Temporary), 1st Matsuida Training Battalion (Temporary) and 1st Kaznejoy Training Battalion (Temporary) are all raised for the purposes of providing a steady flow of at least March Militia level recruits for the forming March Militia formations for those new PDZs. Although most of the equipment for these formations are captured DCMS machines or heavily damaged AFFS equipment - with a few quartermasters taking the view that the experience of repairing and effectively rebuilding some of these battered machines will stand the cadets in good stead!

One final "addition" is the Tikonov Martial Academy Training Group begin expanded to the Tikonov Martial Academy Regimental Training Combat Group - containing a full regiment of Battlemech cadets as well as supporting forces in a similar level to the NAIS and Albion units (although this expansion is only possible with the addition of some of the earlier year cadets still training at the Academy for the time being, a full expansion won't be complete till 3073). At the same time the Capella Military College, St. Ives Academy of Martial Sciences, Victory Academy (Victoria), Academy of War (Islamabad), McDennis Academy (Deneb Kaitos), An Ting University, and Sword Academy (Verde) all begin their first classes of cadets for the AFFS - or in the case of the Sword Academy for AFFS affiliated mercenary formations. The Sword Academy in particular is only partially completed due to the damage inflicted upon the world of Verde recently, however the faculty and students have arrived and initial lessons begin taking place on prefabricated huts for now. None of the academies will be in a position to form training formations until 3073.

In addition to these new formations, the AFFS graduating classes of December '70 found themselves flowing into the ranks of the commands who had defeated the Dragon. Cadets from academies all across the FedSuns found themselves directed to the various commands who were in the process of redeploying to their new postings. Only through herculean efforts of Field Marshal Mossbauer's Department of Military Administration and Field Marshal Kouranth's Department of Military Education, ably supported by Field Marshal Aleixandre's Department of the Quartermaster was it possible to match up the various fresh blood and new equipment with the commands as they moved. In only a handful of cases were cadets to arrive at their destination to find their new command gone - and in all of those cases the cadets were rushed to catch up with their assignments. In a miracle of logistics most of the equipment was even delivered to the right commands! Quietly each of the Field Marshal's responsible for organizing this logistical nightmare were informed that their names had been put forward by Marshal of the Armies Jackson Davion for the Sunburst Medal in Silver, for their sterling work not only during this major reorganization but also for the huge support they had given the troops on the front lines during the recent war.

While there was a temptation to return as many commands to full strength as possible, the High Command fought that temptation and continued to resist sending more than a single company to any one command so that they could be integrated and the unit retain their cohesion and experience levels. While this meant that a large number of commands remained below what was considered the minimum combat strength of 70% for offensive operations, it did mean that across almost the entire AFFS units began rebuilding. Dozens of RCTs saw their forces expand back up to that very combat level or closer to full strength. It did leave some extremely prestigious commands such as the 1st Arcadians RCT, 1st Kestrel Grenadiers, and 2nd New Avalon Cavaliers far below combat effective levels.

Developments in Industry[]

This rebuilding is helped by a large number of new factory lines going operational, many of them containing high end equipment which is much in demand.

On Chesterton, the Achernar plant adds a third Argust-O OmniMech production line. Work begins almost immedietly on a third Dervish-O OmniMech line at the same facility. The demand for the  two "signature" Davion Omnimechs still is exceeding demand.

Dervish Mech (Farseer Animation version)

Dervish-O Medium OmniMech

The SunCorp plant on Menke see's the addition of a Longbow Assault Battlemech line in December. The assault weighted artillery support battlemech is soon being shipped to various AFFS formations within the League and Capellan Marches.

Longbow Fire Support BattleMech (Blender Battletech game)

Longbow Assault 'Mech

New Syrtis based Johnston Industries adds a fourth Glory Heavy Fire Support Combat Vehicle line. With the return of the badly damaged 3rd & 4th Syrtis Fusiliers to the March they receive priority for rebuilding their armoured formations with the new tanks.  Their newer plant on Torrence similarly adds a second Glory line, although it's production is being more widely spread.

A further Jabberwocky IndustrialMech line goes operation on Batavia for Jalastar. Meanwhile, a second Jabberwock line goes operational at the parent plant on Panpour. This eases some of the demand for the industrialmech, but with so many worlds the location of heavy fighting the demand continues to rise even as production does.

Achernar Battlemechs see's it's first Legionnaire line go operational on Filtvelt. While there is an obvious need for the rugged design in the newly conquered territories for now the output of Filtvelt is send to the local March Militias and even Planetary Guard units. A second line begins construction, a similar Legionnaire line goes operation on Mayetta, although for now this remains a single line, with all expansion efforts concentrating on the by now huge battle armour facility there.

Legionnaire (Firing in the Desert)

Legionnaire Medium 'Mech

The Davion-Com facility on Marlette see's both the additional of a Battle Cobra-O production line and a Spartan battlemech line. Although the AFFS is keen to get more of the Battle Cobra-O in particular, for now future expansions are on hold.

Javelin (In front of waterfalls - Alex Iglesias MWO version)

Javelin-O Light OmniMech

At Palmyra the specialist factory producing Javelin-Os see's it's fifth line go operational, while Wei adds a second line for the same omnimech. Massed numbers of Javelin-Os are now marching from various production facilities across the FedSun's and into the recon lances of even less prestigious formations. Wei also adds a third Sparrowhawk aerospace line during December. A fourth Sparrowhawk line begins construction almost as soon as the third finishes.

On Dieron, a further two Kiso ConstructionMech production lines go operational, doubling the factories output. For now the production is to be concentrated on rebuilding Dieron - in particular starting to rebuild Fortress Dieron.

Kentares first of Jolassa-Kumbold Armoured Weapons' Fury Command Tank lines go operational. Once again the versatile command tank has shown it's abilities in the recent fighting and armoured commands from all across the Federated Suns are calling out for more of the tanks. Indeed some even within the LAAF have noticed the assault tanks abilities.

Norse Battlemech Works witness it's Firestarter-O line go operational. While demand isn't huge it is steady from the AFFS and remains high from the various mercenary commands authorised to buy from the plant as well as from the ComGuards.

Firestarter (Firing flamer)

Firestarter-O Medium OmniMech

On Proserpina, Bulldog Industries finally repairs the Schiltron artillery OmniVehicle lines. Although a slight taint of "Kurita" clings to the omnitank, most are prepared to overlook this in order to acquire the versatile artillery vehicle. The 8th Crucis Lancers in particular petition for a full battalion of the tank.

Robinson Standard Battleworks enters the vehicle production market with the addition of two APC lines in December, one heavy and one standard. While these workhorse APCs explicit little excitement, Duke Sandoval with his Rangers now expanded to RCT's wanted a steady supply of infantry transports for his new infantry formations and had pushed hard for this addition to his company. Unsurprisingly the vast majority of the vehicles are dispatched to the Rangers Brigade but a large number also are shipped to the various Draconis March Militias.

Free Worlds League Negations[]

Within the Free Worlds League, Theresa Marik meets with her niece Corrine Marik and despite initially open disagreements they are soon beginning to work out a framework for a reconciliation between the two branches of House Marik. However this is held up by Theresa's insistence that any deal also be offered to Oriente. If the League is to be rebuilt it must be the real League and not a mere shadow of it's former self. Tentative offers are extended to Duke Halas to see if this is possible. At the same time Oriente's focus is on the Protectorate. This is further pushed when word comes that the Regulan Hussars have seized the world of Kyeinnisan.

Troubles in the Lyran Alliance[]

Adam Steiner (Young)

Adam Steiner, General of Armies of the Lyran Commonwealth

The Lyran Alliance finally gets a break, when on the 20th of December the Word of Blake orders it's raiding Shadow Divisions and light warships home to the Protectorate. Given the large scale movements by both the ComGuards and the AFFS it doesn't take a military genius along the lines of Kerensky to realize that the Protectorate is soon to be attacked, and the WOB begins summoning it's scattered forces home. Including those supporting the "True Kanrei" Hohiro Kurita...

On Arcturus, General of the Armies Adam Steiner continues to prepare for the oncoming Clan onslaught. Preposition-ed supply caches and bases are constructed hurriedly, as he intends to fight a war of movement and refuses all entreaties to "dig in" and defend in a set piece battle. While he summons no more ground forces he continues to summon every aerospace asset he can lay his hands on to bolster his thin line of corvettes. Additional aerospace wings are soon flying out of former military bases hastily refurbished and even local civilian "hobby" airfields. Any hope this brings to the defenders is dashed when word reaches them that the CWS Nicholas Kerensky along with a number of escorts has been sighted a single jump from Arcturus at Kelenfold...

Signs of Kurita Civil War Grows[]

Draconis Combine Emblem (Cracked)

Instability causing the Combine to Crack

Within the Draconis Combine, both sides are preparing for the coming civil war. Minoru arrives at Galedon and begins sending out personal calls to units to remain loyal to his father. At the same time his brother is sending out his own messages - demanding fealty and a restoration of the Dragon's Honor. The first blood is drawn within the 16th Galedon Regulars - when elements of the former 23rd Benjamin Regulars announce that they refuse to leave Iruzun on the 11th of December, as they do not accept the peace treaty. Before the AFFS can use this as an opportunity to seize more worlds the elements of the command loyal to Minoru Kurita turn their own guns on their compatriots. Surprisingly, the 1st Proserpina Hussars join the Minoru Loyalists and wipe out the former troops of the 23rd Benjamin Regulars right there on the dropship landing pads. They then absorb what is left of the 16th Galedon into their own ranks and leave the planet. They do refuse to leave their regimental regalia behind however, technically in breach of the Treaty. This is considered the opening shot of the Kurita Civil War.

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