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Federated Suns Reborn (Chapter Cover)

The Federated Suns Reborn
- Chapter 179

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October 3070
Peace Talks - Part 3

Castle Sandoval
Robinson, Le Blanc PDZ
Draconis March
Federated Suns

Minoru scowled across the table at the Davions. He had just had to agree to ceding every world that the AFFS had taken, as well as the contested worlds of Iruzun and most painfully Dieron. The last he knew would be the thing that traditionalists across the Combine decried and lamented. The fact that Fortress Dieron still hung on and maintained a DCMS presence of the world had given some slim hope to negotiate for the world to remain under the Dragon's aegis but he had known from the start it was a forlorn hope at best. Victor had been very clear however when he had tried to offer even a condominium. Dieron was not remaining under the rule of House Kurita. He had given up every world that the AFFS had taken and the two worlds on which the DCMS had held on for grim life until the armistice. That had to be enough!

Victor stared back at Minoru for a long pause and then made that infuriating hand gesture. "Try again."

"What more do you want?!" Minoru snarled. "I've offered to sign over every world you have troops on!"

"You are "giving" me everything I already have or will have in hours if I order my troops to launch full scale attacks... And you think that's some sort of concession?" Victor shook his head. "You aren't giving me anything that I don't already own already. If you want peace you have to actually give me a reason to stop."

"Beyond the threat of what will happen if you push our backs to the wall...?" Chu-sa Takamori snapped, until now the junior officer had been quite.

At some unspoken signal Lieutenant-General Caradoc Trevana answered the Kanrei's new aide in a tone usually reserved for slightly slow cadets. "So far you have shown a much greater level of intelligence than your predecessor by keeping your mouth shut Chu-sa. You've blown that record by making such an obvious and ****** threat. If the DCMS breaks out the WMD... So will we. At this stage our troops and warships are a LOT closer to your key worlds than yours are to ours. Worse your defenses are in tatters. There isn't a single world, including Luthien that could resist a major naval attack by the Federated Sun's Navy. So... If you break out the bioweapons, chemical agents, and canned sunshine Chu-sa prepare to watch the Black Pearl burn... We don't want this, but make no mistake. if the DCMS resorts to these sorts of weapons then we will respond."

Minoru Kurita inwardly recoiled in horror at the very idea that the FSN would attack and destroy Luthien. Looking at Victor who stared back at him and then spoke slowly, but with obvious care for every word spoken. "Doc, might have put it a little bluntly, but your aide started this conversation Minoru. I won't stand by and let the DCMS inflict another Kentares Massacre on my people. If you think threatening to resort to Ares Convention violation will get you off this hook, you are sorely mistaken. All it will get you is the entire Combine burning in flames. You might cripple us before you go into the Dark, but trust me... I will make sure every single DCMS formation burns. I will personally give the order to hunt down every single member of House Kurita to the last distant scion... None of us want to see a return to the warfare of the First and Second Succession Wars. Dead worlds. Devastated ecosystems. Billions dead. We can surely agree on that if nothing else. So do yourself and your realm a favor and never threaten me with that again..."

It wasn't however the word choice that convinced the Kurita prince that his counterpart across the table wasn't bluffing. It was the entirely calm and even tone the words were spoken in. Victor Davion spoke as a man who took no pleasure in what he was saying but was merely stating a simple fact. Such a man wasn't bluffing. Minoru forced himself to nod and get out the next words. "I understand and agree. Neither side wishes to let that particular devil out of containment. Chu-sa Takamori spoke in haste."

"Of course." Victor nodded at Minoru before glancing at both James Sandoval and 'Doc Trevana. "However, I will make a few points. In order to avoid further mistakes and poorly chosen words that could be threats. You ask what more I want... For a start you will disband the Dieron Regulars, An Ting Legion, and Proserpina Hussars brigades. Given that their homeworlds will now fly the Sword and Starburst such brigades will only be a source of irreverent in your realm in the same way the Alshain Avengers were..."

"You want us to disband twelve regiments?!" Minoru blurted out in fury.

"You aren't listening. I am not saying you have to disband the regiments, but the brigades will be disbanded. Reassign the Dieron Regulars to the Benjamin or Pesht Regulars, the same with the An Ting and Proserpina brigades. But Minoru, I expect those brigades to really disband. Not merely have a new paint job and a wink as everyone knows that the xth regiment of the Pesht Regulars is really the renumbered and painted xth Dieron Regulars. You will disband and reassign the units and prove it to me." Victor explained. "Or else I will see the units as threats and act accordingly."

"Prove it to you how?" The Chu-sa asked.

"Simple. When the units are reassigned all of their old insignia will be handed over to the AFFS for safekeeping. Battle flags, honour rolls, etc... All of it. I will give assurances that they won't be destroyed and treated with honor... But those units histories will be wiped." Victor raised a hand to postpone the outbursts from the two Kurita officers. "You destroy their heritages... To save the Combine they serve. Your samurai are always so willing to lay down their lives for the Combine, fine... Let them lay down their personal honor instead. Prove you want peace."

"You cannot ask this!" Minoru exploded.

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