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Federated Suns Reborn (Chapter Cover)

The Federated Suns Reborn
- Chapter 174

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September 3070
Combat Operations within the Draconis Combine

Draconis Combine Military Operations
- Status Report

Even as the fighting continued, Minoru Kurita rushes via Jumpship. First to Galedon and then onwards to the Federated Suns Occupied Territories. At Galedon he stayed for only a few hours, long enough to receive promises of support and fealty from the practical Warlord of that District who had seen for himself the devastating consequences of fighting the AFFS at the current time. On Galedon, Prince Minoru picks up his escort, the 5th Sword of Light regiment. Which sounded a lot more impressive than the barely two companies of battlemechs and handful of infantry and armor companies that were all that remained of this proud regiment. Jumping to Capra his small squadron of jumpships was immediately challenged by the aerospace fighters of the 2nd Lexington Combat Guards and 8th Deneb Light Cavalry along with a squadron of assault dropships. Explaining his purpose, the Kurita Prince and his formation were taken into custody - with the history of sneak attacks between the two powers throughout the Succession Wars in the minds of everyone. Still after his providence was verified he was informed that he would be escorted by a full combat command of the 8th Deneb Light Cavalry to Robinson to meet the First Prince, along with a Division of Fox II corvettes.

As Minoru Kurita is rushed to Robinson the fighting continues...


Under constant pressure, the 3rd Dieron Regulars suffered a defeat when two battalions of the Davion Assault Guards slammed into their front lines. While this happened, the 12th Vegan Rangers probed all along the rest of the line to keep the Genyosha too busy to relieve them. Faced with twice their number of cutting edge assault class battlemechs hitting them hard the 3rd Dieron barely managed to avoid being crushed. Instead they were forced to abandon first one defensive line and then another before finally stabilizing their lines after having given up nearly a quarter of the DCMS held territory. The last of the stocks of obsolete Battlemechs were issued to the 3rd Dieron to keep them functional. Holding barely 30% of the vast Fortress Dieron, Warlord Kurita knew that he had no more ground to give and the AFFS were poised to sweep his forces from the board.

Tancred Sandoval and Yvonne Davion-Sandoval left Dieron midway through September and headed back to Robinson. Behind them the organization of the Dieron Government continued and given the work being conducted it was clear that the world was being prepared to be the headquarters of at least a PDZ and perhaps an Operational Area/Combat Theater.


Fresh from their conquest of Atria, the 4th Davion Guards landed on Lambrecht and almost immediately received the surrender of the small militia force that was all that was left of the garrison. The small militia handed over their DCMS appointed officers to the small military police unit attached to the 4th Davion and proceeded to turn their weapons over and dissolve for the current time. Some thought was given to dispatching the 4th Davion Guards from Lambrecht to take the world of Skondia and "round off" the Lyon Thumb, but for now they are left to refit themselves.


With the situation on Dieron now under control, the 4th Deneb Light Cavalry RCT was freed up to seize the Lyon Thumb world of Sabik in September. Although almost worthless in and of itself the world was considered of some prestige value in order to try and reclaim as much of the Lyon Thumb as possible for the Lyran Alliance. Given how little value, the world had the only local garrison were a semi-militarized police force who surrendered immediately upon the arrival of the 4th Deneb.


The reclamation of the final world of the Lyon Thumbs still under Kurita occupation was conducted by the 4th Avalon Hussars RCT. While hovering at just over half strength, it was felt that this unit was still more than sufficient to retake the swampy world of Moore. Facing only a single mechanized infantry regiment and two battalions of hovercraft equipped light armor. The 4th Avalon was able to use it's aerospace assets to pin these light forces in place and attack them, forcing their surrender after a two weeks.


The various AFFS units begin to close the net on the trapped troops within the city of New Gotham during September. Eager to avoid losses that can be avoided Marshal May who has taken command of the overall task force begins to hammer the hastily prepared enemy lines with artillery and air strikes. While these are ongoing the 4th Crucis Lancers RCT launch constant probing attacks against the line, often against those very sections shattered by artillery and air strikes, seizing a number of key locations for follow on attacks.

With only the the 1st Proserpina Hussars combat effective (albeit at only half strength), the defending DCMS officers use the 16th Galedon Regulars and 23rd Benjamin Regulars as little more than meat shields to try and absorb as much of the damage as possible while preserving the Hussars remaining combat strength. After three weeks of this the 23rd Benjamin Regulars are so worn down by attrition that the survivors are simply folded into the 16th Galedon. Which leaves the 16th hovering at around half strength but with morale so low that it is no longer considered combat effective.

As September comes to a close, the 1st, 20th, & 42nd Avalon Hussars launch a combined general assault all along the perimeter, using the very staging points the 4th Crucis Lancers have fought to seize, who move up in support. Facing two almost full strength elite and veteran RCTs and with two more veteran units at 60% strength augmenting them the DCMS lines crack wide open. Only the 1st Proserpina Hussars manage to put up anything beyond a token defense. As of the 30th of September the Hussars are holding on for grim life to around half the city while the merged 16th Galedon is falling back in total chaos.


The already precarious position of the defending forces became worse when the Davion Heavy Guards RCT transferred from newly secured Matsuida. This news was the final straw for the 11th Ghost. Never the most reliable of units, the 11th Ghost, locked in a feud with the 45th Galedon Regulars and having suffered heavy losses and now facing the arrival of one of the finest RCTs in the AFFS, decides that they have had enough. They quietly contact the AFFS units encircling them and proceed to surrender with no advance notice to the 45th. With the surrender/defection of the 11th Ghost, the AFFS's 3rd Tikonov Cossacks pour through the now wide open lines and catch the 45th Galedon between their own hammer and the anvil of the Hansen's Roughriders regiment. The 5th Davion Guards, a more lightweight unit moves up to support the attack as well as taking the 11th Ghost into custody.

Attacked from the rear and front, the 45th Galedon Regulars hold out for less than 9 hours before collapsing and falling apart. The few survivors are taken into custody but have to be kept separate from the "traitor" 11th for fear or reprisals. The Davion units begin securing the planet in case of any further DCMS counter attacks.

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