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Federated Suns Reborn (Chapter Cover)

The Federated Suns Reborn
- Chapter 173

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August 3070
Catching Breath

Adjusting to Border Changes[]

With the huge efforts of not only launching Operation Heart Attack and also continuing to engage the DCMS across the entire border the AFFS spent most of August catching it's breath. On top of it's commitments to the Draconis Front more and more resources were being earmarked for the Lyran Front. The huge military supply depots throughout the Addicks and Nanking PDZs were already dangerously empty and jumpships were now ferrying supplies from deeper within the Federated Suns to not only refill them but also continue onward to both support operations within the Lyran Alliance but also prop up the faltering supply lines of the LAAF.

Within the Draconis March, Duke Sandoval also began to work on assembling personnel and material to begin forming new Draconis March Militias to garrison the newly conquered territories. While they were still all under military rule he had began to take steps to form at least provisional PDZs within the occupied worlds. The first one of these was now considered marginally secure - given that the front lines had extended past it by some distance and so Duke James began the first steps to establishing the Proserpina PDZ and Proserpina DMM - although the latter was entirely a paper exercise for now. From Halstead Station-Yance I through Shinonoi-Kurah-Tannil-Homan-Matar and down to Scheat the new PDZ began to take form. The other proposed potential PDZ's were not even ready for this level of preparatory work given that they were still active war zones.

Nova Cat Migration[]

The Nova Cat convoys continued to arrive at Cussar and began preparing to move deeper into the Federated Suns. The first of their Jumpships with a small warship escort moved towards Verde to prepare the way for the follow on waves which were assembling over Cussar. A small number of Sun Jaguar members arrive on Verde to help prepare them for the trip across the Suns and as advisers on how to deal with the local population/rulers.

Lyran War Protests[]

Some small protests are heard regarding the AFFS's involvement in the Lyran Alliance, mostly in the Outback, but the scope of the victories obtained at Hesperus quietens these down quickly. Most local rulers take the line with any unhappiness that better the AFFS fights the Word of Blake on Lyran worlds than Davion worlds after all. Left unspoken even within the more pro-FedCom/Lyran groups is that the Lyrans will "owe" the FedSuns for this.

New Job for an Old Friend[]

First Prince Victor also announces at the exact same time that Baron Sandoval and his sister does on Dieron, that a new Duke has been selected for this world - Duke Ardan Sortek. It is spun as a way to honor the former Prince's Champion while also providing the people of Dieron with an experienced and well regarded leader who's words carry weight at the highest echelon's of both the AFFS and First Prince's Government. While a few on Dieron would have preferred to pick their own leader most take the view that having such a close friend of House Davion as their Duke can only be good for the world. The fact that they are told by the First Prince's sister and brother-in-law at the same time he announces it goes some way to also having the people accept this.

Developments in Industry[]

On Markesan the second Fury line for Jolassa-Kumbold Armoured Weapons comes online. While on nearby Marlette the first BattleMech production line of the Davion-Com plant goes online - the Phoenix Hawk line. This production is split as per the agreement between the ComGuards and AFFS with the AFFS offering at least some of the production up to trusted mercenary commands. Work continues on the other large number of lines under construction.

Enforcer (MWO Version)

Enforcer Class Medium 'Mech

At Nanking a new Enforcer III line enters production. While initially earmarked to help build up the various League March Militias the production of this front line machine is diverted to support operations both within the Lyran Alliance and the Dieron front. Kallon Immediately begins work on adding a Crusader line at Nanking. A further two Enforcer lines are also begun.

Johnston Industries new facility on New Hessen see's the axe wielding Valiant class Light BattleMech enter production. Every BattleMech produced is immedietly shipped to Dieron where they are felt to be particularly useful in close engagements in the tunnels.

Veridan Dynamics begins considering further expansions of their Tiger Tank lines at Sarna. They have two lines already working full shifts and another three building, however they are already swamped with orders for the various second line formations of the League March and the growing number of Planetary Guard's that are being formed. The five lines built or building will not be able to keep pace and a doubling of the plant is under consideration.

Troubles in the Lyran Alliance[]

Within the Lyran Alliance discontent for the "toothless" provisional government of Adam Steiner continues to mount. Peter Steiner's legacy is by now thoroughly discredited with even the fractured Free Worlds League managing to invade the Lyran Alliance. The fact that the LAAF has had to rely upon the AFFS to rescue the situation on Hesperus has not went unnoticed by the wider public and morale already low drops further. Particularly as the news of Bolan's fall spreads. As LAAF units are moved from the Periphery border the discontent there continues to grow.

Surging Crusader Wolves[]

On the Wolf Front, the LAAF's Kelenfold PTM finds itself facing the entirety of Delta Galaxy of Clan Wolf. While the Theater Militia puts up a valiant fight they stand no real chance and are swiftly destroyed. With the abandonment of Rasalgethi and Fort Louden by the Clan Wolves-in-Exile in order not to be caught off it's only a matter of time before their dark brethren return and seize them. At which point Arcturus is under serious threat of invasion. Work begins on heavily fortifying this vital strategic and cultural world. The Arcturan Guard units throughout the Alliance request assignment to their homeworld to defend it.

Seeking the annexation by the Suns[]

Behind closed doors the government's of Thorin and Murphid begin considering seeking annexation by the Federated Suns. Long considered pro-Victor loyalists these two worlds which have faced Word of Blake attacks feel they would be better placed under the security of the Sword and Starburst than the Fist. More than a few of the provisional governments of the liberated Lyon Thumb worlds are also considering the same request.

Troubles in Free Worlds League space[]

Joint Wars against Regulaus[]

Within the League fighting heats up between the forces of the Principality of Regulus and the rest of the League. Heavy raiding by Oriente and Marik Commonwealth forces stretch to almost every world except Regulus itself.

More Worlds Seek to join the FedSuns[]

While the rest of the League is distracted by this Menkalinan formally rejoins the Federated Suns. Elements of the 7th Crucis Lancers move to this world to help protect it against any reprisals. Wasat's government contacts the FedSuns Government to ask what terms would be considered for it too joining the Zion PDZ. Bereson's government remains split as to whether to request the same and arguments continue.

Word Blake Protectorate usurps Borderer Protectorate[]

This however isn't the only loss the League faces during August. Citing some vague public support for joining the WOB Protectorate elements of the WOB Militia arrive in orbit over both worlds of the Borderer Protectorate and proceed to land. Both the Steel and Adamantine Guard Immediately declare for the WOB, however the Iron Guard resists on Zosma. In a bloody week long battle, the unit fights the WOB forces to a standstill and almost drives them off world before their former compatriots within the Adamantine Guard attack them in the rear. Routed by this treachery, the Iron Guard withdraw to nearby Shiloh to attempt to rebuild. With the fall of the Border Protectorate, the WOB also announce the annexation of Castor and Devil's Rock.

War in the former Capellan Space[]

The Sian Republic formally declares war upon the Victoria Commonality during August. Although this war at the current time entirely consists of probes and raids by small formations from both sides. Neither side can afford to strip their other frontiers of troops to launch a full scale attack. The Victoria Commonality refuses diplomatically to accept that a state of war exists, as it refuses to accept that the Sian Republic exists - instead labeling them rebels against the Capellan Confederation. Many within the diplomatic corp of various realms consider this another attempt by the Sian Republic to distance itself from it's status as a successor state of the Confederation.

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