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Federated Suns Reborn (Chapter Cover)

The Federated Suns Reborn
- Chapter 171

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August 3070
Operations Achilles, Ajax, Agamemnon VII, and Heart Attack

Operations Achilles, Ajax, Agamemnon, and Heart Attack
- Combined Status Report

Although the Draconis Combine's leadership had finally had the point that the war was lost driven home to them with sufficient force to seek peace by Operation Heart Attack, the lack of working HPG network through most of the Pesht and Galedon Military Districts (and the Word Of Blake control of the rest) made informing the Federated Suns of this and requesting a ceasefire difficult. Jumpship chains (many of them cut by Operation Caesar) were unable to take up the slack. As such Minoru Kurita rushed towards the Davion border from Luthien, intending to divert to Galedon to ensure that this key Military District would obey his father, so as to arrange a ceasefire. In the meantime the fighting continued. The only "blessing" for the Kurita's is that only a single new world is invaded during August, the AFFS mostly attempting to complete the conquest of existing targets and mop up resistance.


With the defensive lines under almost constant pressure, Warlord Kurita was faced with the option of surrendering the remaining outworks of the fortress in order to preserve his remaining strength or continuing to fight for every inch of ground. Watching the losses mounted he realized he had little option and gave the withdrawal order. While this bought time and allowed him to consolidate and strengthen the inner lines he had now been forced to abandon almost 40% of the remaining territory he held. Rather than rush to attack his new lines (and fall into the multiple ambushes and traps the DCMS engineers had arranged prior to falling back) the AFFS forces proceeded to advance their lines cautiously and carefully. However by the end of the month they were back to a mix of overwhelming assaults and infiltration tactics against the DCMS's new positions. Even the most delusional fanatical amongst the defenders knew that the end was approaching.

Across the rest of the world, Tancred Sandoval and Yvonne Davion-Sandoval's visit continued to cause an upsurge in support for House Davion. Promises of hospitals, better infrastructure and trade with the rest of the FedSuns were made and directly contrasted with the repression of House Kurita. Direct comparison's were soon made between the freedoms of the Federated Suns and the "old days" under the Terran Hegemony. In light of this, Baron Sandoval personally attended the formation ceremony for the first units of the Dieron Planetary Guard - for now two infantry regiments with little beyond their rifles. However, the donation of enough PAB-27 to equip both units from the large stockpiles assembled on the planet by the Baron at the ceremony goes a long way to raising morale for the assembled infantrymen.


Facing mounting losses and with absolutely zero confidence that they would be relieved, the 13th Ghost sought terms on the 10th of August after a three day artillery barrage that had broken the morale of the locally raised militia who were instrumental in holding most of their perimeter. Although knowing that they could almost walk through the shattered DCMS lines, the AFFS commanding officer agreed to generous terms to avoid further loss of life within his own commands and also the civilians of the capital city.

Halstead Station[]

August largely consisted of mopping up operations for the troops of the 1st Chisholm Raiders and the Fighting Urukhai's Sluggers regiment. Often the very threat of the AFFS unleashing the still angry Demestri's Sluggers on any holdouts was more than enough incentive to prompt a surrender. On the 24th, the last mine complex which had been holding out for House Kurita refused to surrender and was stormed by elements of both units and a full battalion of battle armored troopers which was more than a match for the single lance of antique vehicles and two companies of militia infantry. Halstead Station is declared secure on the 26th.


When the 1st Davion Lions and 8th Chisholm Raiders seem to withdraw from the pursuit, the commanding officer of the remaining DCMS troops of the 24th Dieron Regulars (the remaining cadets have been folded in to fill out gaps within the unit) isn't fooled. Which means it comes as no surprise to him when the 12th Deneb Light Cavalry take over primary pursuing duties and continue to harry his ragged formation. Unable to stop and make a stand, knowing that larger and heavier Davion formations are being kept in reserve specifically for that eventuality he is forced to continue his headlong retreat. Losing a steady trickle of already damaged battlemechs and injured soldiers to the pursuing 12th, by the evening of the 20th of August despair has broken the morale of the remaining troops. The Tai-sa is forced to realize that his troops simply can't go any further. He can either make a stand where he is or attempt to seek terms. Looking at the battered battlemechs and equipment of his command and knowing that most of the ammunition bins are empty as well as the sheer number of walking wounded in the ranks he chooses to seek terms.

Andrew Redburn himself meets with the few remaining officers of the DCMS garrison and offers generous terms. They will be transported to prisoners of war camps, alongside the survivors of the earlier battles who have fallen into the AFFS's hands. As a mark of respect for the fight they have put up the AFFS will retain their battlemechs and other equipment, but will return them when they are released upon the cessation of hostilities. All equipment seized prior to the surrender however the AFFS will keep. While generous the simple fact of the matter is that most of the equipment remaining to the 24th Regulars simply isn't worth using by the modern day AFFS and would be relegated to militia formations or scrapped.


The single new invasion of the month, the 4th Davion Guards RCT having left the mopping up operations on Lyon's to the LAAF jump to the world of Atria and in a two week blitz across it's ice fields smash the few DCMS conventional units garrisoning the planet. Old FedCom banners are soon brought out and are seen flying above every town hall and city hall on the planet.


The arrival of the 1st, 20th, & 42nd Avalon Hussars RCTs on the planet drastically shifts the force balance back in favor of the AFFS. Although the 2nd Dragonlords has been reduced to little more than a cadre. The new arrivals give the AFFS four experienced and battle hardened RCTs on the planet against the 1st Proserpina Hussars, 16th Galedon Regulars, and 23rd Benjamin Regulars - of which only the 1st Proserpina Hussars is on the level of the AFFS units.

As soon as the three Avalon Hussar units had landed and set up the AFFS goes on a general offense. Taking full advantage of their numerical and skill superiority, the AFFS formations push forward on a wide front. The 42nd Avalon Hussar's Marshal May soon finds himself in a series of running battles against the elite 1st Proserpina Hussars which prove a major challenge. For the more assault and heavy weighted 42nd Hussars were a match to the Hussars. So he doesn't try to. Instead he proceeds to advance relentlessly towards his object, battering off the raids and running battles that the 1st Proserpina Hussars try to engage him in with superior firepower and the sheer size of his command. In the meantime, the other AFFS units hammer through the much weaker Regular regiments of the DCMS. The 4th Crucis Lancers RCT still smarting after the damage done to the 2nd Dragonlords smash into the green 23rd Benjamin Regulars and in a two week running battle drive the unit to the point of total destruction. Barely two companies of heavily damaged battlemech's manage to disengage and fall back on New Gotham. Similarly the 1st & 20th Avalon Hussars hammer the 16th Galedon Regulars in a brutal series of battles. Outnumbered by a single RCT, the 16th can do little but fall back or face being pinned in place and annihilated. While the 16th Galedon is in better shape than the 23rd Benjamin when it falls back to within New Gotham it's not by much.

With the collapse of their flanks, the bitter 1st Proserpina Hussars is forced to fall back itself and finds itself soon pinned within New Gotham as the AFFS formations envelope the city with defensive lines. By the end of August, the massed guns and fighters of the various Davion forces are hammering the hurriedly prepared defensive lines of the capital.


The heavy weighted 3rd Tikonov Cossacks is soon taking the lead in battering down the defenses of the city of Gondovia, while the 5th Davion Guards RCT holds the line and Hansen's Roughriders launch probing attacks. The bad feeling between the 45th Galedon Regulars and the 11th Ghost however is soon exploited and a battalion from the 3rd Cossacks cracks the defensive lines where the two units meet on the 18th. Both sides are soon far to busy blaming each other for the "failure", which does little to stop the Roughriders and 5th Davion Guards pouring in. By the time the situation has been stabilized from the perspective of the Kurita officers over half the city has fallen and the 45th Regulars in particular mauled heavily. The rest of the month passes with both sides probing at the new lines for weak points - and further recriminations between the DCMS units.


The last stand of the DCMS on Matsuida begins on the 4th of August, when the 1st Crucis Lancers RCT, 4th Syrtis Fusiliers RCT, and 1st Kestrel Grenadiers RCT combine to attack the worn down Ryuken-yon and Ryuken-go regiments. The roughly three companies of remaining DCMS troops attempt to put up the best fight they can, but the Davion attack is led by the massed battle armored formations of the 1st Kestrel Grenadiers - who remain at a stronger force level than their parent regiment. With damaged battlemech's and tanks being overwhelmed by battle armored troops the two DCMS formations are swiftly destroyed. The few survivors are marched off to prisoner of war camps, having to be protected from the local population who are now furious at them for the pointless and futile destruction of their city.

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