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Federated Suns Reborn (Chapter Cover)

The Federated Suns Reborn
- Chapter 165

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June 3070
Preparing for Heart Attack

Chisholm Raiders Brigade ReOrganization[]

he largest single action undertaken by the AFFS within June (excluding active combat operations) is the shift of the Chisholm Raiders Brigade and reformation. It had long been the plan for the Raiders to be broken down from reinforced regiments to a multitude of LCT style formations and with the growing need for more independent formations at the front this is brought forward by a year. To make up the slight shortfall in troops the 3rd NAIS Cadre which has seen combat on Huan is earmarked to make up the difference and temporarily be deactivated until the graduating class in December. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Chisholm Raiders RCT are quietly moved to the world of Rochester where they are met not only by the 3rd NAIS Cadre, but also a large number of experienced conventional forces. Once they have arrived they begin to break up into their new formations.

The 1st Chisholm Raiders RCT births the 1st, 4th, 5th, and 6th Chisholm Raiders LCTs. The 1st LCT consists of the old 1st's command company and 1st battalion along with appropriate conventional forces largely drawn from the RCT. The 4th LCT consists of the 2nd battalion, a company of 3rd Cadre cadets and again the conventional forces are largely drawn from the RCT. The 5th LCT similarly is drawn from the 3rd battalion of the RCT along with a company of cadets although most of it's conventional forces are drawn from the free conventional units. The 6th LCT is drawn from the under strength 4th battalion and 2 companies of cadets and the entirety of the LCT's conventional forces are new to the unit. The 1st, 4th, & 5th LCTs are all rated as being of regular skill level, while the 6th LCT with a larger number of new warriors and with their previous incarnation of the 4th battalion being the least skilled soldiers in the old 1st RCT are rated as green.

The 2nd Chisholm Raiders RCT, the most experienced unit in the brigade, gives rise to the 2nd, 7th, 8th, & 9th LCTs. Like with the 1st LCT & the 2nd LCT consists of the old 2nd RCT's command company and the 1st battalion, but the 7th & 8th LCTs are drawn from the 2nd & 3rd battalions and their numbers are made up by soldiers drawn from the 4th battalion. This leaves the newly forming 9th LCT consisting of only a single remaining company of the former 4th battalion and the rest of the formation being drawn from the 3rd Cadre. To counter this the High Command organise for the most experienced cadets of the Cadre to be concentrated in the 9th. The 2nd, 7th and 8th LCTs are rated as veteran units maintaining the skill levels of the 2nd RCT but the 9th LCT does see a drop in experience to regular skill level.

The 3rd Chisholm Raiders RCT, the newest and least experienced of the "old" RCT's is used to form the 3rd, 10th, 11th and 12th LCT. The new 3rd consists of the most experienced soldiers in 1st battalion and the RCT's command company. Like with the 2nd RCT's break up the High Command raids the 4th battalion to allow the 2nd and 3rd battalions to form full scale LCT's - the 10th and 11th respectively. Unlike with the 2nd RCT's 4th battalion there are insufficient cadets left in the 3rd Cadre to fill all the gaps, leaving the 12th LCT at only half strength. All of the newly formed LCTs drawn from the old 3rd RCT are rated as green - although in the 12th LCT's case the High Command makes up for this and their short Battlemech force by assigning extremely experienced conventional forces.

While the 12 "new" LCTs are on the face of it entirely new formations in preparation for this day. The 3 former RCTs have been training in LCT tactics for some time and are expected to settle into their new organization much quicker than a standard new formation. Particularly given that all 12 LCTs are slated for participation in "Operation Heart Attack" in July.

FedSuns Naval Expansions[]

Feng Huang Cruiser (Ironwinds Miniature)

Feng Huang Class Cruiser

During June, the Federated Suns Navy saw itself expand with several new ships completing including one huge capital vessel. The first two ship however was not bought into the Federated Suns Fleet but instead was offered to the ComGuards if they wished to buy it (as had been previously discussed) - a Feng Hung cruiser that was completing at Capella and another finished at Necromo. Unsurprisingly the ship hungry ComGuards quickly agreed to buy the huge vessels. A ComGuard crew was hurriedly taken aboard both and the CSV Resilience and CSV Restitution are assigned to the 1st Independent Squadron. Meanwhile, both yards begin building a new Black Lion II vessel.

Black Lion II Class Battlecruiser (Underway)

Black Lion II Class Battlecruiser

At the huge shipyards at Galax, the FSS De Berry, FSS Diboll, FSS Greely, FSS Adrian, and FSS Tarkio were all taken into service. They were immediately assigned to form the core of a new 9th Corvette Flotilla, temporarily assigned to Galax however their officers and crew were ordered to prepare for a long range patrol. At the same time the FSS Roger Davion was completed and used to begin a 5th Cruiser Squadron which for the time being was assigned to New Avalon. All 6 slips began constructing new warships immediately.

However, the singular moment for the Galax shipyards had been the launching on the 12th of June of the FSS Iron Duke (formerly the CJF Falcon's Nest), the first of it's class and first battleship commissioned into the Federated Suns Navy (as the Defender class had been Battlecruisers rather than battleships). While offered to the First Prince as his new flagship, Prince Victor instead instructed that it be used to form the core of a 1st Battleship Squadron. The FSS Centurion was laid down in the now free slip.

Texas (Delranes Fighting Ships 3061)

Iron Duke Class Battleship, FSS Iron Duke

Kathil also completed the FSS Joseph Davion II, an Avalon cruiser. Quietly it was agreed that the FSS Joseph Davion and FSS Joseph Davion II should not be assigned to the same squadron and ideally not the same theater to avoid complications. As such she is assigned to the newly formed 5th Cruiser Squadron. A new Avalon Class cruiser is begun at the empty slip.

The final ship completed is the FSS Challenge, a new Congress-D II which is assigned to the 2nd Patrol Squadron. For the time this single ship squadron is assigned to patrol the Outback. The Congress-D II has in the recent Capellan War shown itself to be a versatile ship design capable of acting not only as a patrol craft, but a combat frigate and even light carrier and as such further investments are being considered to expand the numbers under construction.

Congress Frigate (Delrane Fighting Ships 3061)

Congress II-D Class Frigate

FedSuns Mobilizes to Aid the Nova Cats[]

The Federated Suns also receive word from Clan Nova Cat that they will be leaving the Combine and taking up the First Prince's offer at the end of the month. Orders are flashed to ALL commands that [Nova Cat forces and civilians are now allies and are to be treated accordingly. The Nova Cats are invited to pass through FedSuns space en-route to their new homes in the Outback. A number of systems are listed as locations that their convoys can stop at and re-provision and if need be refit in safety - Verde, Defiance, and Filtvelt. In preparation large quantities of supplies, food stuffs, etc are stockpiled at these locations. Engineering units are also ordered to the new colony worlds of Clan Nova Cat to begin building temporary housing, water filtration plants, power facilities, landing pads, etc in preparation for their arrival. The First Prince is eager to make a good impression upon the Clan.

End of SLDF effects on the FedSuns[]

Within the Federated Suns news of the SLDF's disbandment is taken with some sadness, but not a great deal of surprise. Many had expected it for some time. The announcements that a large number of SLDF personnel had opted to offer their services to the AFFS is greeted with a combination of approval and appreciation, but with a lack of surprise. For some time the people of the FedSun's have felt that they have been the true supporters of the SLDF and this news is only acknowledging this. The rebirth of the Arcadian Chasseurs and to a larger extent the formation of the Davion Lions are taken as just another sign by the vast majority of the population that they have the "right leader" in First Prince Victor. A syndicated interview by Major General Zibler of the New Avalon Planetary Guard goes viral and perfectly sums up the mood of the man on the street when he points out that the Arcadian Cuirassiers had been a staple of the AFFS since the Age of War right through the First Star League and into the Third Succession War, before they finally fell victim to that long conflict. Yet First Prince Victor had not only resurrected them, but had in fact expanded upon their previous strength! "The First Prince is not content only with rebuilding but he is in fact building upon previous glories" is a line from the interview that is repeated from the Addicks PDZ to the Periphery Combat Region. On almost every world that the interview is shown or published on the First Prince sees a 2 point jump in his popularity rating - which is already high. The only notable exception is the world of Kathil where the First Princes's approval rating drops by 4 points after the 1st Davion Lions are announced.

Developments in Industry[]

On Bristol the sixth and final Fury Command Tank line comes online. While Jolassa-Kumbold Armored Weapons are considering adding additional lines they are being pressured by the High Command to continue to diversify their production to other facilities and perhaps other designs.

At their plant on Shawnee Andoran Industries Limited see their second line go operational. This now means that the facility is producing their flagship design the Clint Medium Battlemech as well as the Hussar light battlemech. Work continues on the third line which is to produce Mercury mechs.

Kallon Industries plant on Nanking, the factory would get it's first real expansion since the FedCom era when the Penetrator class Battlemech enters production at the facility. An Enforcer III line is also under construction and the company is considering adding further Enforcer III lines to produce additional variants of the staple Davion battlemech for deployment into the League March. In addition the High Command have suggested that the company might put the Crusader class battlemech into production at the plant or at another one of their facilities.

Crusader (Unseen version by SU-SMD)

Crusader Heavy 'Mech

Troubles in the Lyran Alliance[]

The growing war in the Lyran Alliance against the Word of Blake, Free Worlds League and others...

Battle of Hespreus[]

Within the Lyran Alliance, the fighting on Hesperus continues with the garrison holding out in brutal tunnel fighting while awaiting relief. While the LAAF has the units to reinforce them, they simply lack the naval forces to break the WOB blockade and safely land them. However amongst the tired and desperate defenders there is a growing feeling that while Tharkad might have abandoned them or be unable to send aid, the "Davions will come!" to save them.

Bolan Under Siege[]

There is no such hope on Bolan, where the 4th Alliance Guard are unable to save the 1st Bolan Jaegers when the 11th Atrean Dragoons manage to cut of their retreat and with the aid of the 30th Marik Militia. Alone now, the 4th Guard begins to fall back on the capital in a state little better than a rout.

Repulsing the Crusader Wolves[]

On the Clan Wolf front, the defenders are at least reinforced when the Wolves-in-Exile enter the fray against their brothers and sisters. Khan Kell lead's his own Alpha Galaxy specifically against the Tamar Galaxy and drives it back across the border in a series of brutal and brief engagements. Unfortunately, it's Galaxy Commander Katrina Steiner manages to escape with over half of her troops. Khan Kell, facing being outflanked by Khan Vlad Ward's own Alpha Galaxy is forced to fall back and not pursue in the the Wolf Occupation Zone.

Bolan Invasion worsens[]

On Bolan, the defending 4th Alliance Guards RCT and 1st Bolan Jaegers find their situation getting worse when the 11th Atrean Dragoons join the invaders. Without the heavily mountainous terrain they would already have been overrun. With FWLN ships in orbit they stand no chance of withdrawing and send word requesting reinforcements urgently.

Commonwealth verse Regulus[]

Within the fractured League, the Duchy of Oriente in a surprise move announces that they will come to the aid of "so-called Captain-General Corrine Marik" and directs their forces to attack the vulnerable flank of the Principality of Regulus. Hopeful voices are quick to point out that hopefully this mean's that the two factions might find more common ground and help reform the League! These hopes are given added incentive when the world of Menkalinan announces that it is intending to secede from the League and "rejoin" the Federated Suns. There are whispers that Wasat and Berenson are considering the same. If Berenson in particular opts for this action, it will be even worse as that water rich world had never been part of the Federated Commonwealth and excluding brief Capellan occupations had been part of the League since the fall of the Terran Hegemony...

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