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Federated Suns Reborn (Chapter Cover)

The Federated Suns Reborn
- Chapter 163

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June 3070
Interlude - A Kurita Again

The Summons[]

Hall of Warriors
New Barcella, Irece
Irece Prefecture
Pesht Military District
Draconis Combine

Minoru Nova Cat strode into the Hall of Warriors and only years of training at the Imperial Palace presented his step from faltering as he realized that he was not merely being summoned to a small meeting but an entire assembly of what looked like every bloodnamed warrior within the Clan. The ISF and DMCS Liaison Officers following him had no such training however it was unlikely that they realized that this gathering was MUCH larger than it should have been. In blissful ignorance they continued to march behind him. He strode along the marble floor and bowed deeply before the Khan and saKhan of Clan Nova Cat who along with the Oathmaster sat upon a slightly raised dais at the end of the room while banked seats rose on both sides filled with warriors. As far as he had been aware only the Oathmaster and Khan had been present on Irece but saKhan Karl Devalis was supposed to be on Itabaiana with his Delta Galaxy. Then again given that even a quick glance showed that most if not all of the bloodnamed warriors of Delta Galaxy were also here Minoru's information was clearly out of date...

"You summoned myself and these officers, my Khan?" Minoru spoke, trying not to look at Oathmaster Winters who at one stage had seemed like a mentor figure to him but had now grown distant and cold towards him.

"I did, Minoru Kurita." Khan West spoke with the gruff rumble that seemed to be the only way Elementals were able to speak.

Despite himself Minoru interrupted his Khan. "Forgive me, Khan. I am not Minoru Kurita. I am Minoru Nova Cat."

If the interruption annoyed the Khan he gave no sign of it, but shrugged massive shoulders. "No more. We received a courier from Luthien from the Coordinator demanding that we release you and return you to him. After some debate the Council has agreed. In your heart you have always remained Kurita..."

Given the angry glances at him and muttering from the assembled warriors it was clear that many had taken offense at his father's demand. Worse was that very word "demand". If his time within the Clan had taught him anything it was that the Nova Cats were a proud people and did not take kindly to being ordered about as though mere servants. Minoru feared that his fathers actions might have further soured the already tense relationship between the Clan and House Kurita. When the Khan went on this was confirmed. "This order from the Coordinator, which flies in the face of all Clan traditions and laws, however is the last straw. For too long, House Kurita has issued orders and edicts upon us, forgetting that we voluntarily joined our strength to theirs. The full Clan Council has just voted overwhelmingly therefore to end our Clan's alliance with House Kurita..."

This time it was the DCMS Liason officer who interrupted, stepping forward and roaring furiously. "You would betray your sworn liege lord when the Davion dog's stand at the very gates?! Cowards! Oathbreakers!"

Before Minoru could attempt to calm, the situation the Khan surged from the huge chair on the Dais, taking the steps down in a single leap and before the DCMS officer could do anything more than raise his hands in a futile gesture to ward of the West the Elemental Khan silenced him with a backhanded slap that broke his jaw and knocked him unconscious while sent him flying into the lowest rank of seated warriors. Who were less than gentle in pushing the unconscious officer onto the floor in front of them. The worst thing was that Santin West had clearly pulled the blow or he would have done more than knocked the man out and broke his jaw but would likely have killed him. Not even breathing hard from the sudden attack the Khan turned his eyes on the remaining 2 men in front of him. "We were promised fair treatment. A place of honor. Coordinator Kurita has not kept his own vows to us again and again. Treating us as his servants, not as his allies. Enough. And more than enough. Perhaps it is not the Coordinator's fault truly. The Combine has always sought to absorb cultures and force them into its own mold. Yet we will not fall prey to such tactics. We are dissolving any bonds between us and House Kurita and the Draconis Combine. Here and now we do so in the presence of the Coordinator's own son. Take our words back to your father, Minoru Kurita."

"You are going to join the Federated Suns!" Before he could think Minoru blurted out the almost accusation.

Khan West gave a mirthless smile and nodded slightly. "We are. We have had discourse with our cousins in Clan Sun Jaguar who tell of a VERY different culture within the Federated Suns. A culture that allows difference and embraces people's right to choose their own paths. Not one of slavish obedience to a single rulers will and to a mono-culture imposed from a single viewpoint. We will leave the Combine and go to the Federated Suns. We have been promised worlds on the periphery border which will be ours and ours alone. Tell your father that we will honor our past allegiance to the Combine and will not fight in this current war for House Davion... Unless he forces our hand. Go now and take this trash with you."

Minoru Kurita and the ISF officer were forced to reach down and drag/carry the still unconscious DCMS officer from the room under the hostile eyes of the bloodnamed warriors of Clan Nova Cat, while the Khan watched with his arms crossed. Even as they left the Hall the sounds of an evacuation were already starting around them. Until the now he had assumed the large scale preparations and loading of dropships had been to prepare for the coming attack upon the AFFS that his father had ordered the Clan to take part in but now he could see it was much more than that. Clan Nova Cat was preparing a wholesale move to the FedSuns...

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