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Federated Suns Reborn (Chapter Cover)

The Federated Suns Reborn
- Chapter 156

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May 3070
Unit Profile - 1st El Dorado Tercio

1st El Dorado Tercio: Golden Guard[]

Unit Overview[]

Founded in May 3070 the 1st El Dorado Tercio was something of a trial unit. On paper the unit is to be formed as 3 full LCTs which are deliberately planned to be identical. Each of the LCT that make up the unit will consisted of a company each of OmniMechs; Templar-Os, Thanatos-O, Dervish-O, and Javelin-Os. The armored units assigned to the LCTs are also designed around omnivehicles as much as possible and again they are designed to be formed from entire battalions of the same design and to be identical to each other. This new table of equipment for the unit is the brainchild of Marshal of the Armies Jackson Davion. Based on the old SLDF idea of having entire units of the same Battlemech and vehicles to ease supply problems, this new/old idea is to be tested out on the 1st El Dorado Tercio, if it is successful it will be rolled out into the rest of the AFFS as time, funds and material allows. In order to support this intent the finest technical staff and support force is assembled.

The plan also involves the 1st Tercio being effectively a formation that can either be deployed en-mass or instead broken into it's constituent elements and dispatched to hold or attack 3 worlds at a time. In some regards this is an emulation of the Ceti Hussars formations who can be broken into 3 Combat Commands if need be, but without the full integration of these formations.

Most of the officers and troops of the new unit are El Dorado natives, with only a handful from other worlds being brought in for key specialist roles. When formed only two of the LCTs are actually formed with the 3rd effectively existing only on paper. The 1st LCT of the Tercio is drawn largely from the Sanromea-Davion Ducal Guard, a formerly battalion sized formation of mostly heavy and assault Battlemechs, with some transfers in from the regular AFFS. While the 2nd LCT is drawn from the El Dorado Planetary Guard with again a handful of AFFS regulars for leavening. The most obvious example of this is Leftenant Melissa Sanromea-Davion who is assigned to the 2nd LCT's 1st company of the new unit for the time being from the Planetary Guard, at her father's own request with a brand new Templar-O Assault OmniMech for a ride.

Templar (OmniMech) (by Papercraft on Battlefield)

Templar-O Assault OmniMech

Formed on their homeworld of El Dorado the "Golden Guards" immedietly begins training extensively with their new equipment and comrades. Particularly the members of the Planetary Guard but even those from the Ducal Guard saw a substantial upgrade to their equipment when they find their Battlemechs replaced by OmniMechs. Even the incredibly rich world of El Dorado and the Sanromea-Davion's who rule it were unable to equip their militia and household troops with OmniMechs after all! Each LCT trains not only as an individual unit but also together. Plans are rushed forward that additional troops will be sourced from again the Planetary Guard and local training facilities and also the NAIS and New Albion Academy to form up the 3rd LCT as soon as possible. As soon as the 3rd LCT is formed up the plan is to transfer the unit to a world with a Combat Training Center as a priority. For now the unit has no specific specialty but the intent from the officers of the unit and the High Command is to specialize in offensive operations - in particular using the flexibility of their OmniMechs to overwhelm their opponents.


Although an incredibly junior officer Leftenant Melissa Sanromea-Davion is probably the most prominent officer in the unit. While she is considered an excellent Mechwarrior who performs extremely well in almost every single combat simulation where she is fighting on her own, it is soon noticed that she seems to struggle to command any unit larger than a lance and in particular at personal interactions between herself and subordinates. Major General Vincent Rasmussen (recalled from retirement having previously commanded the 2nd Albion Training Cadre specifically due to his experience at training new units) takes a personal interest in her, knowing that she has a great deal of potential and given her connections is likely to be pushed for promotion, and begins working with her on both weaknesses.

Individual Officer List Per Combat Command[]

1st El Dorado Tercio Command Battalion Reinforced Battalion/Green/Reliable CO: Major General Vincent Rasmussen Aide: Colonel Keith Davids Aerospace Brigade: Rear Admiral Georgina Hasek-Zibler

The Command Battalion consists of a full company of OmniMechs supported by an armored company and battle armored company. Although not in the original plans 2 additional aerospace wings are attached directly to the Command Battalion, the first of which is equipped almost entirely with Dagger-O OmniFighters and is trained as an interceptor unit while the second is designated as a bomber formation and equipped accordingly. These are designated the 1st El Dorado Interceptors and 1st El Dorado Bombers respectively.

1st El Dorado Tercio LCT
Light Combat Team/Green/Reliable
CO: Leftenant General Dave Sanromea

Formed around the former Davion-Sanromea Ducal Guard unit the core of the 1st El Dorado Tercio LCT consists of a mixture of locally trained troops and veterans of the AFFS who had taken up postings to the Ducal Guard. With the starting point of the former Ducal Guard troops the LCT is soon coming together as a force and integrating it's various sub-units effectively. The battle armour regiment's support staff is largely drawn from the various technical support personnel dispatched by the AFFS to help the new unit get set up. The 1st El Dorado Attack Wing forms the air support of the unit.

2nd El Dorado Tercio LCT
Light Combat Team/Green/Reliable
CO: Leftenant General Joe Zibler

The 2nd Tercio LCT is formed largely from units of the El Dorado Planetary Guard. While the rich world of El Dorado maintains a number of BattleMech equipped units as well as sizeable armor formations within it's Planetary Guard the unit's technical staff are really struggling to cope with the upgrade to OmniMechs and OmniTanks. Similarly the technicians assigned to the unit from the militia are having real difficulties adjusting to the large formations of battle armour troopers assigned to the LCT. With the bulk of the AFFS support troops assigned to the 1st LCT the 2nd is having major technical difficulties, to the point that Major General Vincent Rasmussen has requested aid in this area from the technicians of the Davion-GM-Kallon Cooperative plant on El Dorado at least for the OmniMechs and omnitanks of the unit so that the few trained technicians can concentrate on the Battle Armor and OmniFighters maintenance needs. The 2nd El Dorado Attack Wing forms the air support of the unit.

3rd El Dorado Tercio LCT
Light Combat Team/Green/Reliable
CO: Leftenant General Ian Wright

While officially the 3rd LCT exists only on paper, Duke Roger Davion-Sanromea has managed to acquire a battalions worth of armored vehicles and 2 battalions of battle armor forces for the still forming 3rd LCT. He has also bought the unit a full lance of Wayland Mobile Bases from his own pocket and as a result Major General Rasmussen is cycling a number of El Dorado Planetary Guard technicians through the 3rd before assigning them to the 2 operational LCTs. The armored battalion in particular rarely uses their OmniTanks flexibility and for the time being equips them primarily in an anti-aircraft role which is then used to train the attack wings of the other formations in ground attack. The 3rd El Dorado Attack Wing is an entirely paper force without a single officer, pilot, ground staff crew member or OmniFighter currently assigned to it.

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