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Federated Suns Reborn (Chapter Cover)

The Federated Suns Reborn
- Chapter 151

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April 3070

FedSuns-Combine War - Logistics & Fighting[]

At the start of April, the focus of the entire Federated Suns was of course upon the Draconis Front. The battles had been going well and the AFFS were making gains and proving that despite it's recent expansion it remained a battle ready and efficient force. The High Command was particularly delighted to see the years of work expanding the military-industrial base of the FedSuns paying off with fresh Battlemechs, tanks and aerospace fighters standing ready in supply depots to be rushed to the front to replaced destroyed or damaged machines. While there still remained a number of combat effective commands that could be dispatched to the front from the League, Capellan, and Crucis Marches it was felt at this time that the AFFS was making good progress and that they should be kept in reserve for now. If the offensive stalled for whatever reason, or the Combine managed to launch a credible counter attack then at that stage these reserves could be diverted towards the front.

It was also felt by many within the High Command that taking too many Kurita planets at the same time might overextend the AFFS and FedSuns ability to absorb them. With the majority of the League March and 2 new PDZ's in the Capellan March consisting of newly conquered territories (albeit that some of them had been under the FedCom banner previously) a huge number of conventional infantry brigades in particular were tied down in garrison duties. This has been somewhat alleviated by the huge upsurge in recruitment across the entire Federated Suns (with some conventional forces even being raised within the League March) which has led to a large number of new infantry regiments and armored units being formed and equipped and then organized into new conventional brigades. While these formations are still green they are all the product of the excellent training regime that the AFFS maintains for conventional troops across the entire Federated Suns. Many have been diverted to garrison postings throughout the rear areas of the Crucis March or Capellan Marches freeing up more experienced troops for redeployment to the front lines, while similar transfers are occurring on the most integrated and peaceful League March worlds to allow the present garrisons to move up to more active worlds recently conquered from the Dragon.

JumpShip - (Gray Death Legion - Sega CD)

Invader Class JumpShip

All of these transfers wouldn't be possible without the huge number of JumpShips that are now being produced from the various shipyards throughout the Federated Suns. While the massive Monolith and Star Lord class ships are ideal for such a massive redeployment even the simple and humble Merchant and Invader class vessels play their part - if only to free up the larger ships by taking on lesser duties. Indeed the value of these "lesser" JumpShips is so great particularly in maintaining a civilian economy despite the war that the First Prince's government offers substantial tax incentives to FedBoeing not only to build a JumpShip shipyard at the Outback world of June but also provide technical help to Hildco Interplanetary to return to the shipbuilding business. Both begin construction of shipyards to produce the Merchant class JumpShip. In return for the technical support to Hildco FedBoeing will receive a share of the profits of the yard. Neither of the new facilities will be large, but for the time being it is considered that the additional redundancy and supply of JumpShips is worth it. Further expansions can always be funded using the initial work as a seed.

At the same time Duke Roger Sanromea-Davion arrives on New Avalon and begins meeting with not only the First Prince but also a number of members of the High Command including no lesser figure than Marshal of the Armies Jackson Davion. Given the Duke's huge wealth and the industrial potential of his world of El Dorado most assume that he is discussing additional expansions to the plant there.

FedSuns take on the General Estates Request[]

The Federated Sun's entire government is rocked however when word comes that a motion has been proposed within the Lyran Alliances's Estates-General to offer the throne of the Alliance to their prince. While a handful of pro-FedCom voices are raised (largely within the FedSuns Dragoons within the AFFS) they are drowned out by the voices of those who feel that the Lyran Alliance is trying to "steal" the FedSuns prince. It was the Lyrans who broke the Federated Commonwealth in it's hour of need and left the Federated Suns Command to fight alone. It was the Lyrans who supported the Traitor Katherine Steiner-Davion and even attempted to support her in seizing power on New Avalon. Even as the Estates-General debate and counter debate the proposals the public stance within not only the Federated Sun's population but within the AFFS is firmly against First Prince Victor Davion becoming Archon-Prince Victor Steiner-Davion again. While a few suggest that the First Prince might be tempted out of increasing his power or wealth most of those who are against the move are quick to point out that they trust the First Prince to do the right thing - and refuse any Lyran offer. As one guest on Steele's Hard Truths is heard to say "The First Prince is a man of his honor and principle. He won't steal his own nephews throne!" to loud applause. Opinion polling within the Federated Sun's shows a clear majority against reforming the FedCom - 61% against, 17% ambivalent with no firm view and only 22% for the idea. Although these numbers have huge variations depending on the region of the FedSun's the polling is done within - in the worlds nearest the Lyran Alliance such as the Nanking, Achernar and Addick's PDZ support for the reformation of the FedCom is as high as 40%, while almost every poll conducted in the Outback has support for reforming the FedCom struggling to get over 15%.

The furious politicking and arguments about the potential offer of the throne of the Alliance to the First Prince die down somewhat when the motion to offer the throne to the First Prince fails to pass. However it doesn't die down entirely as the motion only fails to pass by the narrowest of margins - 6 votes - with many suggesting that the numerous sub-motions were the reason for this. Already the "pro-Victor/FedCom" faction within the Estates General is publicly calling for another vote, this one with a simple and single motion. Many feel that honored Representative Anand of Bolan's motion wasn't in fact a genuine effort to pass her motion but instead merely an attempt to gauge the strength of support for the various options she proposed. If so it is clear that there is a strong body of opinion that supports the return of Victor Davion to the throne. General of the Armies Adam Steiner is remaining neutral - far to busy trying to prevent additional disasters from occurring. Similarly Grand Duke Morgan Kell made no comment on the matter, although his worlds honored Representative did vote in favor.

Developments in Industry[]

Stuka Heavy Fighter (Battletech Space Wars Game Mod)

Stuka Heavy Aerospace Fighter

On Demeter the new Stuka line for Lycomb-Davion goes operational doubling the factories output of this design. Despite the needs of the war a large number of the new fighters are dispatched to help build up the aerospace wings in the nearby League March. A third line is still being worked on.

At the rebuilding factory underground on Victoria the Yu Haung/Kai assault mech line goes back into operation. This now returns the facility to it's full pre-war production, although Johnson Industries is also working to add a Penetrator Heavy 'Mech line to the plant.

On Bristol, the fifth Fury Command Tank production line goes operational for Jolassa-Kumbold Armoured Weapons. Even with all 5 operational lines running at full production they are barely keeping up with the demand for the tank from armored regiments across the entire FedSuns.

Jalaster Aerospace under strong prompting from the Marshal of Armies and the First Prince, announce in April that they are going to be restarting Jabberwocky production to their Panpour and Batavia plants. Both facilities will add 2 lines of the engineering industrialmech each under long term contract with the AFFS to outfit their engineering battalions.

At Torrence the Johnston Industries, executives announce that they will be adding not only an additional Thunderbolt-NAIS line but also 2 additional Glory Tank lines. These increases will largely be funded by grants from the local Duke and his government who are keen to expand production to their world.

On Sarna, the Veridan Dynamics plant saw the first 2 of it's production lines go operational. Both are to build the long-forgotten Tiger tank for militia formations. While not flashy or ideal for front line work the huge demand for Planetary Guard and March Militia formations within the new League March has the order books for the company filled for the next 10 years before the first tank has even rolled off the production lines. Work continues on their Vali artillery tank line.

New Independence Weaponry's CEO Judith Hotchkiss requests a meeting to discuss the future of her old companies plant on Quentin in April. She is granted an audience with the First Prince and a few of his advisers on the 28th of April. At this she suggests Independence Weaponry's plant on Quentin be handed over to New Independence Weaponry who will then take up the duties of rebuilding it. After some discussions it is agreed that the plant will be turned over to New Independence Weaponry for a nominal fee. However, in return the company will not only rebuild it but also commission a new assault OmniMech based upon the Victor chassis. While many feel this is a steep cost the huge plant at Quentin has 12 Assault Battlemech lines, 8 Heavy Battlemech lines and 4 Medium Battlemech lines all in repairable condition. Many of these will take years to rebuild and those which were producing designs like the Tai-sho and Tessen will need to be retooled, but the potential gains for the company are staggering. When fully rebuilt and repaired the Quentin plant will have more lines than the rest of the companies factories put together. Of course almost all of the lines are heavily damaged.

Looting of Dragon's Universities[]

The AFFS also during this month began to systematically strip the Dieron District Gymnasium and the University of Proserpina of their advanced training technologies and resources and shipping them deeper into the FedSuns. The University of Proserpina's equipment was dispatched to Deneb Kaitos to set up a combined arms academy on that world which would specialise in providing light cavalry training - the graduates of which would largely serve in the Deneb Light Cavalry RCTs but also other light cavalry units throughout the AFFS. It was to be named the McDennis Academy for the first General of the 4th Deneb Light Cavalry who had led her unit and world to join the FedSuns.

The Dieron District Gymnasium's equipment however had a longer journey. The looted training materials and resources were dispatched to the world of Verde. There they would be used to set up a unique military academy - one specialised in training the children of the "loyal allied mercenary commands" of the AFFS. Under the aegis of the Duke of Verde, the patron of the famed Vegan Rangers mercenary command, this academy would provide those commands which had proven their loyalty to the FedSun's and House Davion a steady supply of high quality military university graduates. The Blue Star Irregulars, Cunningham's Commandos, Federated Arcadians, Fighting Urukhai, Hansen's Roughriders (although this unit was only included after strong discussions), Illician Lancers, Northwind Highlanders (although this was considered a mere formality), Screaming Eagles, Stalking Horse, 12th Vegan Rangers, Wild Geese and Wolf's Dragoons commands were all listed as units that could petition for places at this academy. Places at this new academy would also be open to "allied nations" and even "friendly nations" - such as the Free Rasalhague Republic, Lyran Alliance and most surprisingly the Taurian Concordat. It was to be named simply the Sword Academy.

Troubles in the Lyran Alliance[]

Meanwhile in the Lyran Alliance the situation continues to get worse...

Battle of Hespreus[]

On Hesperus, the 36th Lyran Guards and what's left of the 1st Hesperus Guards fights a brutal war in the tunnels and production lines of the underground factory complex that they are defending. Aiding them is not only the layout of the factory - designed for defensive engagements as well as production, but also the staff and security forces of the complex itself. They rush to the aid of the plant and more than one WOB Shadow Division Mechwarrior is slain when turning a corner to find himself facing a freshly constructed assault battlemech operated by a factory worker who fires a brutal alpha strike at knife fighting range. The fact that most of these ambushes almost always end with the factory worker and his battlemech being torn apart by Manei Domini follow on troops does little to stem the tide of losses. In one spectacularly brutal fight in an armor plating rolling plant molten metal is poured from the overhead smelters onto a reinforced company of WOB troops and a few volunteer defenders who have baited the trap. The LAAF troops far from being demoralized realize they are trapped and their only chance of survival is to fight on until relieved. However with orbiting WOB warships the single attempt to run the blockade by a combat command of the 2nd Hesperus Guards RCT is destroyed entirely. If Hesperus is to be relieved the LAN will have to break the blockade.

New Earth Lost to the Blakist[]

On New Earth, the 5th Lyran Regulars are finally overwhelmed and wiped out. The few survivors are dispatched to Re-education camps within the WOB Protectorate and the planet formally joins said Protectorate.

General Estate Announcement causes Riots[]

On Thorin, the defending 15th Arcturan Guards is bolstered by a well skilled and motivated militia who rally to them and allow them to continue the fight even as the WOB Militia troops facing them harry them from battle to battle forcing them into the mountains. News leaks to Thorin that the Estates General are considering offering the throne to the First Prince and the low-level civil disobedience across the areas of the planet occupied by the WOB rise to the level of active insurrections. Dozens of FedCom banners and even FedSuns banners are shown being flown by the rioting civilians. The Word of Blake respond with customary brutality and open fire on the rioters with mech grade machine guns. Far from cowing the rioters this results in large numbers fleeing into the wilderness to join the 15th Arcturans resistance.

Events in the fragmented Free Worlds League[]

The Free Worlds League invasion or counter invasion of the Lyran Alliance also gathers steam when both Dixie and Cavanaugh II fall to the League. Elements of the 11th Lyran Regulars manage to evacuate off Cavanaugh II, but the Dixie CTM's survivors are forced to surrender. On Bolan, the defenders fight valley to valley, falling back slowly on the capital of Bolan City where the local militia are preparing hurried siege defences. The 4 patroling corvettes of the FWLN prevent reinforcements from slipping in.

Despite being sworn to the Oriente based Captain-General, the Falcon regiment of the Silver Hawk Coalition launch their own attack in support of Captain-General Corrine Marik's invasion. They strike out to liberate occupied Nestor which is still held by the 7th Donegal Guards RCT. Against this larger force the Falcons have little chance of victory, but they are swiftly joined by the Home Guard regiment of the Stewart's Dragoons - a neutral province. Given that the Atreus Captain-General has managed to have not only a neutral unit but also a hostile one follow her orders bodes well for the Free Worlds Leagues reunification...

These hopes are dealt a horrific blow however when the Regular Hussars launch their own attack. The 4th Regulan Hussars strike at the Marik Commonwealth world of Manihika, while the 5th strikes the neutral world of Futuna seizing it almost overnight and imposing a Regulan friendly government that soon petitions to join the Principality. Meanwhile the newly raised 10th & 11th Regular Hussars strike the Atreus loyal independent worlds of Norfolk and Newcastle. Meanwhile a Regulan Zechetinu II bluffs the world of Tuamotu into surrendering to Regulus (or at least everyone hopes they were bluffing with their threat to level the capital city followed by every other city until the world surrendered). These attacks pose a major threat to Captain-General Marik on Atreus and force her to decide whether to recall loyal units to defend the capital or continue operations against the LAAF...

Tamarind negotiates that the independent world of Edmondson joins the Duchy on the 18th of April. They are pushing hard for the Abbey District to join them as well. Along with enough worlds to form a "bridge" between Abbey and Tamarind.

Events in the Draconis Combine[]

Within the Draconis Combine, the Khan and saKhan of the Clan Nova Cat are summon their Warrior Council to meet on Irece on the 5th of May. Every bloodnamed warrior is instructed to attend unless engaged in active combat.

Kanrei Hohiro Kurita having used 4 of the 10 regiments of Battlemechs that were gifted to the DCMS by the WOB after his deals with them orders that the remaining Battlemechs be dispatched to Luthien for his father's disposal of them. Large convoys of WOB Jumpships escorted by warships head deeper into the HPG darkness that is the heart of the Combine.

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