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Federated Suns Reborn (Chapter Cover)

The Federated Suns Reborn
- Chapter 150

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April 3070
Interlude - Lyran Estates-General

Great Assembly, Government's House
The Triad, Tharkad City
Tharkad, Donegal Province
Lyran Alliance

"The Chair recognizes the Honored Representative of Bolan..." The Speaker of the Estates-General inclined his head to the Representative from that embattled world who stood with a similar nod of thanks.

"I thank the Speaker for allowing me the opportunity to speak on behalf of my world. The Lyran Alliance stands at a cross roads Honored Representatives! Our enemies close in on us from all sides!" Representative Anand spoke with obvious earnestness. "Nobody perhaps understands that better than I do! My own world feels the heavy tread of the hated Free Worlds League Military, come to "liberate" us and force us to return to their "benevolent" rule!"

The tall and thin woman dressed in the traditional sari of her home world stopped to pause before pointing to a number of her fellow representatives. "If you do not wish to listen to me, I am sure that the Honored Representatives of Hesperus, New Earth, Rigil Kenatares, Cavanaugh II, Dixie or Thorin will speak to the threats we face in these dark times! All of them share the same dread upon hearing reports from the front, that we might join the ranks of the "Homeless"... And I ask you fellow Honored representatives... Who do we turn to for leadership? The Archon? The Archon is dead! Slain by a cowardly assassin from behind! The General of the Armies? While I respect General Adam Steiner he is hard pressed merely holding the LAAF together and launching what counter attacks he can! To the heir? Hanse Steiner is a child. A lovely and intelligent child by all accounts but he is hardly the seasoned war leader that we need! Grand Duke Morgan Kell? If Honored Representative David Kell will forgive me my bluntness but his cousin is not the man to lead us for all his famed skill at war. No."

The dark brown eyes of the former Hauptmann-General seemed to flash with fire as she paused dramatically before glaring at a small group of her colleagues who matched her glare for glare. "No... We need a leader... I realize that certain Honored Representatives have been whispering in the side rooms about another potential leader... So let us drag out the name from the shadows... They would wish us to recall the Traitor Archon... Katherine Steiner-Davion..."

Before Honored Representative Anand could continue the Great Assembly of the Estates-General of the Lyran Alliance broke into anarchy. The Speaker roared and directed his deputies to bring the Assembly to order but almost totally in vain. From nearly a hundred throats cries of refusal came to the very suggestion of recalling the deposed Archon, while from a smaller but almost as loud group (the very group that Anand had been glaring at) similar cries of approval were roared. Indeed the Honored Representative of Odessa Leon Fisk jumped to his feat and in breach of protocol roared out. "And why not? Why not return the True Archon to her throne? She is just the sort of strong and intelligent leader this realm is crying out for! Archon Katrina Steiner is the True Archon!"

The Speaker pointed his ceremonial mace at Fisk and roared. "Master at Arms eject the Honored Representative from the Assembly until such time as he can control himself and is prepared to follow this Assemblies procedures!"

Leon Fisk was finally ejected, roaring the entire time and after nearly 10 minutes order was restored. The Speaker then almost growled. "Continue Representative Anand..."

"Again thank you, Mr Speaker... I am merely stating what we all know is being whispered... That the present leadership of the Lyran Alliance is insufficient to the challenge. There are those like the Honored Representative who has just been removed kicking and screaming who would have us believe that returning the Traitor Archon to the throne will magically fix our problems. I say that is like inviting the fox into the hen house... Or in this case like inviting a wolf in. Do any here doubt that were she to return she would bring with her new "friend" Vlad Ward and his savage Wolves? These would not be the Warden Wolves of our allies on Arc Royal, but their dark twins... No. That can never be allowed to happen. Yet the Honored Representatives who scheme for the return of Katherine Steiner-Davion have the right idea..." Yet again paused as silence descended on the entire Assembly in shock. "They just have the wrong candidate!"

Before she could be interrupted again she rushed on having to raise her voice as she spoke over the growing response. "I hereby move the following motion and 3 potential sub-motions. The Primary motion: that the Estates-General vote to offer the throne to First Prince Victor Davion, also and previously known as Archon Prince Victor Steiner-Davion. The Secondary sub-motion: that this offer of the throne be with the view to reforming the Federated Commonwealth. The Tertiary sub-motion: that this offer of the throne be purely as a personal union with no such reforming intended. The Quaternary sub-motion: that this offer of the throne be made with the option between the Secondary and Tertiary motions be at the First Prince's own discretion..."

As all hell broke loose within the chambers of the Estates-General the Speaker roared above the anarchy. "Do I hear a second?"

The Honored Representative of Thorin almost bolted to his feet a mere half second ahead of nearly half a dozen others. "Seconded!"

Which was when all hell ratcheted up a notch or dozen...

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