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Federated Suns Reborn (Chapter Cover)

The Federated Suns Reborn
- Chapter 139

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February 3070
Operation Agamemnon I

Agamemnon - Overview[]

Almost the entire Galedon Military District had been plunged into total communication darkness. A handful of stations haven't went offline but even when this is the case there is usually no other station within range that they can "talk" too. Communication that is non-military has been forced into using pony express chains of jumpships while the DCMS is relying almost entirely on their "fax" machines. While they have received word of the coming offensive operations there is almost no communication between the various units beyond the most basic level. It is in this environment that the DCMS troops within the Galedon District face the incoming Operation Agamemnon...

Galedon District Invaded[]

Harrow's Sun[]

The world of Harrow's Sun is of almost no real value in itself, however it's location on the edge of the Galtor Thumb gives it a major strategic value particularly for the offensive minded DCMS. It is the perfect spot to launch an attack from deep into the Federated Suns to cut off the Galtor Thumb from resupply and make the AFFS positions there totally untenable. It is for this reason that 3 DCMS regiments have been concentrated there - the Ryuken-ni and the 3rd & 7th Ghost regiments - along with the DCS Takashi, DCS Galedon Warrior, and DCS Mountain of Wyrms. While the 3rd & 7th are not prestigious units they are both highly skilled formations and while the 7th is under strength still it has still been considered a viable offensive formation.

Unfortunately for these units the AFFS High Command agrees with that assessment. While the 1st & 5th Avalon Hussars RCTs had been earmarked for other duties at the last minute after a plan had been put forward by Marshal Roger Williams, their place within Operation Agamemnon's strike on Harrows Sun had been taken by the 9th Avalon Hussars RCT. This unit now joined the Davion Heavy Guards RCT, 4th Robinson Rangers RCT, 6th Crucis Lancers RCT, and the 1st Ceti Hussars RCT in combining at a dead system and then jumping to Harrow's Sun. Accompanying this ground force were the 4th Cruiser Squadron and the 3rd Destroyer Squadron - giving the Federated Suns Navy a superiority of 4 cruisers and 4 destroyers against 1 cruiser, 1 frigate and 1 destroyer. To make matters worse for the defending DCA warships the Federated Suns High Command has also dispatched a strong force of assault dropships, pocket warships, and independent naval fighter wings and regiments to bolster this force.

Tai-sa Masayoshi Kitakyusho in command of the Ryuken-ni and the wider garrison is a master tactician and is under no illusions as to the likelihood of his units being successful in an defence of Harrows Sun. He is also aware of the fact that the planet strategic value as a jump off point for the invasion of the Federated Suns is now entirely gone. Indeed he has come to the conclusion that this huge invasion force signifies that the strategic situation has probably "developed not necessarily to the Combine's advantage" as he quotes to Tai-sa Noah Christienson and Tai-sa Tosakira Kaifu of the 3rd and 7th Ghost. His initial thought is to evacuate the entire force of DCMS troops from the planet and preserve them for more vital battles - however he admits to the 2 Ghost officers that such a move would likely disgrace both himself, his regiment and indeed the entire Ryuken brigade as well as the Ghost units in question as well. Something that cannot be borne. Therefore he has decided that 2 units will withdraw with the warships and leave a single regiment to conduct a defensive campaign until such time as the no doubt already pending DCMS counter attack returns to liberate the planet.

At this stage Tai-sa Kaifu of the 7th Ghost can feel a sinking feeling in his stomach, knowing that his unit is particularly skilled in defensive operations. However he is surprised when instead Tai-sa Kitakyusho informs the other 2 officers that he will be personally staying with his own Ryuken-ni regiment and supporting forces to lead the defense. He givens them written orders to such effect and orders them to get their units off world ideally yesterday. Troops, battlemechs and all other military equipment is to be prioritized in that order. He would rather get the troops off planet than delay and end up with half loaded dropships being burned from the skies as they try to flee. He gives them 3 days to get everything they can loaded, anything or anyone not loaded at that stage will remain and join him in the defense.

Exactly 72 hours afterwards, the 3rd & 7th Ghost reach orbit and join with the 3 warships which escort them to the nearest jump point that isn't held by Davion forces. While they have managed to extract their entire regiment and support forces (minus a handful of infantry that volunteered to stay behind) and their full battlemech contingents as well as aerospace fighters (including the Ryuken-ni's aerospace contingent) they have been forced to leave behind roughly half their armor and infantry equipment as well as mountains of supplies of ammunition and spare parts. Most of which Tai-sa Kitakyusho is in the process of dispersing or destroying.

Fighter attacks by the attached naval wings harry the retreating DCMS and DCA forces, but do little damage with the long range missions forced upon the Davion pilots. After a few inconclusive engagements Marshal Jon Davion with the agreement of the admirals in charge of the warships agrees to stop wasting fuel and ordinance and instead begins sending the fighter wings under his command to hit the troops which remain on the surface. However as per his regiment's long experience Tai-Sa Kitakyusho has taken to the field and refused to be besieged. Instead his command has broken into company and battalion sized formations and has prepared numerous hastily assembled stockpiles to support them in a war of movement.

Landing his forces across the world Marshal Davion is easily able to take control of every major population center. However, the Ryuken-ni remains a viable threat. With total air superiority the AFFS is soon searching for them from the air while the 1st Ceti Hussars takes the lead in the pursuit with the 9th Avalon Hussars in support. His remaining troops are either engaged in garrison work or acting as beaters/response units for the pursuing forces. Given the huge predominance of AFFS military strength on planet it is only a matter of time before the Ryuken-ni is forced to battle at which time the Davion forces can converge and destroy it with their vast firepower...


The defending 1st Amphigean Light Assault Group finds itself facing (to the best of it's knowledge) the 2nd & 4th Ceti Hussar's RCTs when the 2 AFFS formations arrive in system and make a combat burn for the planet. Immediately the 1st Amphigean breaks into 2 components under it's experienced leadership and heads into the bush to fight a guerrilla campaign. Unfortunately, for the smaller of these formations the AFFS forces have "hidden" the 2nd Tancredi Loyalist LCT within the 2 larger formations and during the combat drop onto the planet the Loyalists manage to break off and surprise the 3rd battalion of the 1st Amphigean, pinning them in place while the 2nd Ceti Hussars moves up to envelop and destroy them in a 3 day battle between the 24th and 27th of February.

Hearing the calls for help from Tai-sa Two Feather's command of the 3rd Battalion his long term commanding officer Tai-sa Trueffeau attempts to break through with his own 1st & 2nd battalions to relieve his trapped troops. The 4th Ceti Hussars although green use their larger size and heavier battlemechs to good effect to block any breakthrough and buy time for the 2nd Ceti Hussars and 2nd Tancredi Loyalists to destroy the isolated battalion. On the 27th Tai-sa Trueffeau breaks of his attempt to save his 3rd battalion and retreats back into the wilderness - having lost over half of his own command's strength in the attempt. Although he has mauled the 4th Ceti's Alpha & Beta Combat Commands and destroyed nearly a third of the green units fighting strength.

While the 4th was holding off the remainder of the 1st Amphigean the other 2 commands destroy the units 3rd battalion and take the few survivors into custody - where they are immediately shipped off planet to a facility on Sun Prairie. The 2nd Tancredi Loyalists have taken almost 30% casualties but have proven their worth beyond a shadow of a doubt. The 2nd Ceti Hussars however has suffered almost no damage - losing only a single companies worth of battlemechs. Leaving the 4th Hussars and 2nd Tancredi Loyalists to repair their damaged equipment and salvage what they can the 2nd Ceti Hussars heads off in pursuit of the battered 1st Amphigean Forces almost immediately not giving them time to melt back into the wilderness entirely or time to stand down to repair their damage...

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