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Federated Suns Reborn (Chapter Cover)

The Federated Suns Reborn
- Chapter 136

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February 3070


The start of February had the entire AFFS on high alert. Even if war hadn't been declared or offensive operations authorized few on the Draconis Combine border doubted that it was only a matter of time. Although the First Prince had declined to launch a preemptive strike he had no objections to reorganisations to better defend the Draconis March or to set up for any possible counter attack. For instance the 1894th Light Horse and 21st Rim Worlds moved up from the Kathil PDZ to both take up station on the world of David on the Combine border alongside the Fighting Urukhai's Bar Hounds regiment. Meanwhile a task force of five Avalon Hussar RCTs was built up on the world of Royal - with the 1st Avalon Hussars RCT moving from Abbeyville and the 5th & 14th Hussars moving from Woodbine. The latter's garrison posting was covered when the 3rd NAIS Cadre moved to Woodbine to secure that key world's defence. Another addition to this task force was the veteran 42nd Avalon Hussars RCT who had to move all the way from Crofton - who's key factories were protected when the still under strength 21st Avalon Hussars RCT moved from Maram to Crofton. A final unit the 20th Avalon Hussars RCT moved from the Clan Sun Jaguar enclaves to join their sister regiments on Royal. Such a collection of Avalon Hussar RCTs had not been since in a single location since the First Succession War and more than a few wondered what it might imply.

Quietly and with little notice Marshal Roger Williams of the Avalon Hussars Brigade quickly moved to Royal and took command of the task force with the permission of the First Prince. Even as the units trickled in to their new posting on Royal he hurriedly informed them as to their objective in the event of war and detached a full reinforced battalion from the 1st & 5th Hussars along with an over strength company from each of the other 3 regiments to form an ad-hoc new formation - the reborn 38th Avalon Hussars RCT which he took direct command off for the time being. He began training the new formation and the other regiments of his task force in mountain warfare tactics and integrating them into a combined force.

However, even as Marshal William's was beginning his work events moved on. With the receipt of the deciphered attack instructions the High Command ordered Operation Alexander and it's sub-operations Agamemnon, Achilles, and Ajax into full effect. Within hours of those orders being received regiment's and RCTs were moving onto their pre-prepared dropships while in orbit squadrons of assault dropships, pocket warships and even full blown warships prepared to escort them for their attacks. The AFFS and it's mercenary allies were going to war...

Preparing the Draconis March[]

Even as the rest of the AFFS prepared for war a message from Duke James Sandoval ensured that the 38th Avalon Hussars RCT would not be the only unit to rejoin the muster rolls for this campaign. The entire Draconis March Militia Brigade was ordered to detach 1 company of mechwarriors (but not equipment as he would provide this) and dispatch them as quickly as possible to Robinson to be used to reform the 1st Robinson Chevaliers. Traditionally Chevalier units had not been rebuilt, with new units formed in their place, but in the circumstances of centuries since the last Robinson Chevalier unit had been destroyed the Duke felt he could ignore that old rule. He did inform the Kentares DMM that given that they were still rebuilding they could exempt themselves from this levy. Marshal Liam Grey of the Kentares DMM informed the Duke immediately that he would be honored to dispatch his 12 finest Mechwarriors for the good of the Draconis March and the Federated Suns. It would be months before the reborn Chevaliers had even assembled let alone be declared combat ready, however the formation of this historic unit led to a massive upsurge in patriotism throughout the Draconis March...

Comstar Reloads[]

One final area of major deployment was the First Prince and High Command ordering that the ComGuards be given almost unlimited access to the AFFS's supply depots and equipment for the duration of the hostilities - at a lower priority than the AFFS's own units but still giving them access. All payment for the equipment that the ComGuard's drew from the AFFS's own supply lines would be billed at generous terms with little to no interest. It was felt that having the ComGuard's at as close to full strength as possible could only be of benefit to the AFFS now they were both engaged in active warfare alongside each other. It was also a massive show of the new industrial strength of the Federated Sun's that not only could it afford to support the entire enlarged AFFS but also it's allies...

Developments in Industry[]

With the war starting the need for military equipment was more of a priority than ever. So it was good news that a number of industrial plants saw expansions during February.

At the new Johnston Industries plant on Victoria the refitted and retooled Caesar plant goes operational. This leaves only the Kai/Yu Haung line under rebuilding. However, with most of the plant rebuild it is felt that an expansion is merited. The company receives a license to produce the Penetrator class battlemech at Victoria.

On Northfield, the new Cosara Weaponries plant's second production line goes operational - producing King Crabs which are immediately shipped mostly to the ComGuards. The company swiftly begins work on expanding the plant with an additional 2 of the versatile Crab lines.

On Palmyra, the Javelin-O plant begins work on another 2 lines of this by now iconic light OmniMech. When this expansion is complete it will give the plant 6 full lines churning out dozens of OmniMechs.

On Mayetta, Norse Battlemech Works begins work to add an omnimech facility to the factory. Given the precarious nature of the companies main plant on the Combine border it is felt that expanding their secondary facility on Mayetta is a good idea.

The Robinson-Achernar plant on Achernar completes their second Watchman line on the 11th February. With the desperate need for second line battlemechs to help outfit the new League March Militia's the factory is soon operating at full capacity.

At Capella the Mujika-Wangker plant see's it's third Corsair line finish building and go operational. Not content merely with the retooled lines and this new one the company begins construction of 2 additional Corsair lines as well as a Tomahawk Aerospace Fighter line. These are expected to be finished in the first quarter of 3071.

Dragon's Prepratons for War Continues[]

Adam Steiner (Young)

Adam Steiner

Even as Operation Alexander kicked off the rest of the Inner Sphere and Clans took notice. Archon Peter Steiner made public speeches in support of his brother's attempt to prevent the invasion that his intelligence agencies had notified him was pending. In private he assured by Comstar and the Federated Sun's that his own regiments would soon be joining them in invading the Combine. He instructed General of the Armies Adam Steiner to liaise with Jackson Davion for a combined squeeze against Dieron.

The Splintered League Reaction to FedSun-Combine War[]

Within the Free Worlds League, the war kicking off between the Federated Suns and the Draconis Combine was a source of major concern. Given the state of the "Capellan Confederation" and the League's own splintered status. Taking into mind the close family ties between the Lyran Alliance and Federated Suns, it was argued by most that should the Combine be defeated the FedSuns would be in a state of unparalleled power and could dictate terms to the remaining nations. This wasn't helped by the recent annexation of no less than 2 provinces of the League by the Federated Suns (even though the more neutral observers did note that these were exceptional cases). Most of the League factions immediately began offering extremely good terms on the sale of military equipment to the Combine. The only major faction that didn't make these offers was the Duchy of Oriente - which given it's precarious position on the FedSuns border was eager to avoid upsetting it's new giant neighbour.

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