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Federated Suns Reborn (Chapter Cover)

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The Federated Suns Reborn
Chapter 13

3062 - Fourth Quarter - The Dragon at Bay[]

Throughout the entire Second Star League (and as it turned out beyond) the eyes of almost everyone were drawn to the world of Tukayyid for the second time in less than a decade. This time however it wasn't to watch any grand armies, but instead a single trial which would begin on the 1st of November 3062. Archon Katherine Steiner-Davion was to be tried for a frankly huge number of crimes the list of which almost filled it's own ring binder, but the two which stood out above all the others were those of High Treason and the Murder of her mother the almost universally beloved Melissa Steiner-Davion. Even within those realms which had no direct relationship with Melissa Steiner-Davion the woman had become something of a mythic figure of a benevolent ruler. While many still maintained the belief that it had been her son, Victor who had arranged her death the growing feeling was that perhaps it had been Katherine who had committed the foul act.

October 3062[]

Having had time for each of the major bids from the various companies to be examined by the relevant experts within the Government and Military over the last month First Prince Victor calls a press conference to discuss their findings on the 31st October. Share prices in all of the major companies rise and fall depending on which one looks like it will win the contract.

The first half of October's news feeds are filled with the various legal officers chosen by Archon Katherine Steiner-Davion (she had initially refused to take part in proceedings but had seen sense when it was explained that the trial would go ahead regardless) making various motions to adjourn the trial's date, change the trial's venue and contest the jurisdiction. While normally this would have led to long and complex delays, the judges of the new Star League Courts were minded to push forward as quickly as possible. The news reports from the Lyran Alliance were filled with riots and borderline mutinies. The state was literally tearing itself apart over this trial and hovered on the verge of civil war. They had to begin and finish as soon as was practicable.

First Lord Kai Allard-Liao in response to the difficulties of a member state offered the services of SLDF Peacekeepers, but this was refused by General of the Armies Nondi Steiner. However she did begin hiring a number of smaller mercenary units, most of non-Lyran origin to act as troubleshooters.

Also during the first few weeks of October Marshal Jon Davion of the Davion Heavy Guards, prompted by the announcement of the potential return of the Dragonlords to the active rolls of the AFFS Roster began to do some research and discuss matters with Marshal Halles of the Ceti Hussars. In early November he will take his idea's to the Marshal of Armies.

On the 18th October however, the Draconis March came under attack. On Robinson a full BattleMech battalion of fanatical Draconis Combine Mechwarriors fell from the skies over the planetary capital of Beuller and the Robinson Battle Academy. A similar number attacked Markab while a single company dropped onto the more remote world of Doneval II.

On Robinson the Robinson BattleMech Academy Training Battalion alongside the 1st Robinson Rangers and Robinson DMM rushed into action. Duke Arthur Steiner-Davion, a cadet of the academy personally helped rally the defensive troops with the aid of Baron Tancred Sandoval who had been accompanying Arthur's sister who had been visiting him at the Academy. Arthur and Tancred lead the battle from their personal BattleMechs, pre-production models of the new Sagitairre which isn't scheduled to enter full production until January 3063. The heavy armor and incredible firepower and impressive maneuverability of this mech saves both men on a number of occasions as they help hunt down the invaders.

The battle on Robinson is short and brutal with extensive damage being done to the Robinson Battle Academy and the city of Beuller. The First Prince's sister Yvonne Steiner-Davion is also severely injured while being evacuated to a bunker underneath the academy. A fact that enrages both her brother and Baron Tancred who don't rest until every member of the invading force is killed. A medical VTOL is immediately prepared on the instruction of the Duke of Robinson to take the Duchess to the finest hospital on Robinson, the Sandoval Ducal Hospital where her left leg which had received massive injuries could be treated, while a Dove class dropship is summoned to the nearby spaceport in case she requires specialist treatment on New Avalon.

On Markab the fighting is equally savage, with the 8th Crucis Lancers RCT which had deployed to the world following the evacuation of the 5th Lyran Guard. Although lacking in speed the assault and heavy weight Lancers RCT makes short work of the attacking forces who have made the mistake of attempting to attack key industrial, government and infrastructure. As soon as this is identified strong forces from the 8th move into position and bring the attackers down quickly as they attempt to reach their targets.

Doneval II is another story however. With only a company of attackers the local militia deployed to deal with them. This hunt took nearly 2 weeks to complete, but they finally managed to hunt down the last of them. Ironically despite these attackers lasting the longest they did the least damage as they spent most of their time in a deadly game of hunt and seek.

Public opinion across the Federated Suns is inflamed by these strikes and no official denial of responsibility is immediately forthcoming from Luthien (the HPG has developed an unanticipated fault and has been taken offline for a full week to be repaired). Although said denial does arrive 3 days later the delay has caused a large number on both sides of the border to come to the conclusion this strike was ordered or at least condoned by the DCMS or Coordinator.

Unknown to the Davion High Command at this time is that the Alshain Avengers regiments have went rogue and launched an attack on their former home of Alshain. The destroyer, DCS Dragon's Tears and 3 of the 4 regiments had launched an attack upon the new capital world of the Ghost Bear Dominion. Facing them were a number of elite clusters from the Ghost Bear's Alpha Galaxy and also the CGB Ursa Major. The Avengers and their accompanying destroyer would be hammered in orbit, losing a full third of their ground troops and the DCS Dragon's Tears before the remaining troops made landfall. Cut off and facing enraged Ghost Bear troops they were soon overwhelmed and destroyed.

Nightlord Class Battleship (By psicore)

Nightlord Class Battleship, CGB Ursa Major

In response to this unprovoked and dishonorable attack the entire Ghost Bear Touman went to a war footing and many individual cluster's and warships crossed the border into Draconis Combine territory and attacked whatever elements of the DCMS they could find. Alongside the DCMS the Ghost Bear units also targeted the abjured Nova Cat forces. Soon the entire border was in flames.

With such a direct threat to a number of major systems the Coordinator was forced to recall the reinforcements he had built up along the Federated Suns border worlds and rush them to the Ghost Bear border. The few remaining units were ordered to split their regiments to cover more worlds and give the illusion of strength.

While First Prince Victor didn't want to launch a war with the Draconis Combine, the invasion of his realm, damage to one of it's March Capitals and the injury of his sister meant that he knew he had to formulate a response. A strongly worded protest wasn't going to cover this in the eyes of his citizens, particularly those within the Draconis March. Any inclination he had to a pacifistic response was muted by the rage he felt towards his sister being injured. It had been made obvious in the response that she had been deliberately targeted by a DCMS Jenner.

Jenner Light BattleMech (Farseer Animation)

Jenner Light 'Mech

In consultation with Jackson Davion, Ardan Sortek, and James Sandoval plans were made. Various other officers were brought in as they were required. Duke Sandoval's initial plans called for a full scale assault across the border, however this was soon dismissed. Such an attack would no doubt lead to an all out war that could escalate into a 5th Succession War and wreck the Second Star League. Instead a more focused and targeted response was planned. Orders went out for units to begin preparing for the attack.

Almost entirely overlooked during this month was that General of the Armies Nondi Steiner was the subject to a serious assassination attempt by a member of her own staff on the 26th October. While she survived she was left badly injured and her deputy General Adam Steiner took up her role until such time as she was recovered. He immediately moved to secure key areas of Tharkad with elements of his own 14th Donegal Guard and a handful of other units he was certain were loyal to the Lyran Alliance. This nearly caused a civil war in the 1st and 2nd Royal Guards, but in the end the 1st came out in guarded favor of Adam Steiner while the 2nd agreed to stand down.

On the 30th of October, Adam Steiner sent word to Arc Royal requesting that Grand Duke Kell come to Tharkad with his 1st Kell Hounds and his son Khan Phelan Kell, along with his Golden Keshik and the 4th Wolf Guards. He was also requested to send word to Peter Steiner-Davion, wherever he might be, to come to Tharkad. Morgan Kell would send his 2nd Kell Hounds to Zaniah III to bring Peter to Tharkad.

Perhaps unsurprisingly no announcement of the winning contract was made on the 31st of October. A relatively junior member of the Government released that the announcement had been postponed briefly.

November 3062[]

As November started various AFFS commands began moving into position to launch a reprisal attack upon the Draconis Combine. The Draconis Combine wasn't totally unaware of these movements and many DCMS officers could see that an attack was imminent. However, there was little that could be done. They were stretched too thin and facing a major incursion from the Ghost Bear Dominion on their other border which had to take priority. Additional conventional forces were deployed to the border and what few units remained were placed on alert. It was the home of the various Warlords and the Coordinator that First Prince Victor would reign in his subjects anger and launch only a series of raids and spoiling attacks. While these would no doubt be painful they would be of much lesser severity to the attacks of the Ghost Bear Clan. Or so they hoped.

During this time Yvonne Steiner-Davion's condition was stabilized and she was prepared for a move to the specialist facilities on New Avalon in the hope that her injured left leg could be healed. The damage from the inferno gel of the Jenner's SRM was simply too great for the medical facilities to handle, particularly as they had a number of similar injuries. The Princess won the hearts of the people of Robinson when she insisted that the Dove class dropship transporting her also take with it as many of the other similarly injured victims of the attack as could be fitted into it's medical bays.

On the 7th November, some normality returned to New Avalon, at least on the surface as First Prince Victor Davion spoke to the various news agencies regarding the industrial competition. It was noted however he attended in the full uniform of an AFFS Marshal and that he refused any and all questions about his sister, the attacks and any counter attack that was planned.

The First Prince announced that he had been overwhelmingly impressed by the various bids and had even with the advice of his advisers found it hard to choose one from the other. However in relation to the specific bid for a new plant on June he had decided that the Corean Enterprises bid was the one best suited for the contract. As such he was awarding them a contract to begin building a BattleMech factory on the world of June to initially build a Valkyrie line with a follow on line for the Centurion BattleMech. In support of this he will be awarding them a contract to build a third line upon June for the building of the Battle Hawk. Although the mech had a bad reputation the First Prince had decided that the robust and tough design would be an ideal mech for not only training commands but also units assigned to the Outback. Each of these lines would be built with large scale government support.

Centurion (Winter Forest - Farseen Version)

Centurion Class Medium 'Mech

Addressing the failed bids the First Prince made a number of public offers (although these had already been sent privately to the executives of the various firms that morning just before the press conference). He made sure to address that each offer was subject to discussion and even renegotiation and was open ended.

To the executives of GM he informed them that he would offer them a contract to build a new BattleMech plant on Point Barrow, which would be tasked with producing their Marauder and Victor BattleMechs. If they agreed to this he would provide them with the Flashman design to also build at this plant. The support offered for this plant was less than that of the successful bid, but the Flashman design was well regarded and was considerably more valuable.

Kallon Industries were informed that their bid of a new Templar line on June had been strongly considered but given it's complexities it was not perhaps the best suited for the Outback. However he would be prepared, and Duke George Hasek had agree he would share the costs, to support the construction of such a plant on the world of Novoya Zemyla. The additional lines of Enforcer III and Jagermech III would have similar support, as would a purpose built factory to produce the Cavalier Battle Armor design. If they agreed to this they too would share in the Flashman licensing agreement.

He then specifically addressed the outsider bid of Outback FarmMechs. While their bid had not won the contest for building a new factory on June it had caught his eye. He would agree to supporting adding an annex on their existing plant on Filtvelt itself to build the Stinger BattleMech design. While perhaps not the flashiest of designs this was a rugged and simple mech which would their ideal starting point in military construction.

Stinger Light BattleMech (Battlefield - by Justin Kase)

Stinger Light 'Mech

Left unspoken was the fact that the First Prince had not issued the BattleMaster license that he still held. A fact that discussed at length within the boardrooms of the various industrial companies and banking houses of the Federated Suns. It had been the star prize of the bidding process and had not yet been issued.

No further questions were taken despite the almost frenzied nature of the questions and the First Prince left the room. Unknown to most he also left New Avalon that night, joining with the 1st Revenant Guard and the bulk of the 1st Davion Guards who would accompany him to the Draconis March. Escorting them would be the cruiser, FSS Melissa Davion.

After the First Prince had left Jon Davion met with his cousin Jackson Davion to discuss with him his idea for a new type of unit. One more designed for raiding and probing attacks or for defending less vital targets than the current garrison units. Built around a reinforced battalion of BattleMechs with a single aerospace wing, a reinforced regiment of armor and a full regiment of 4 battle armor battalions with some supporting elements. He proposed a rebirth of the Tancredi Loyalist regiments who had long been especially noted for fighting best while in battalion strength rather than as full regiments. Jackson agreed that the idea had merit, however put off any decision until such time as the First Prince had returned and the situation appeared more stable.

On the 27th November 3062 the 8th Crucis Lancers RCT, 1st Chisholm Raiders RCT, 6th FedSuns Dragoons RCT, 1st Ceti Hussars RCT, 2nd Robinson Rangers, 1st New Ivaarsen Chasseurs and Bryceland DMM left their bases and boarded their dropships. They were supported by the mercenaries of the now reunited Fighting Urukhai regiments and the Screaming Eagles regiment.

In the Lyran Alliance riots broke out on Tharkad throughout November in protest of the beginning trial of their beloved Archon. These got out of hand and attempted to storm the barracks of the 2nd Royal Guards RCT on the night of the 24th. This ironically had the effect of forcing the Guards unit of the fence and into support of the government.

The 5th Alliance Guards RCT on the 26th entered into open mutiny and declared that Adam Steiner had been behind the assassination attempt on Nondi Steiner who had been about to launch a full scale rescue attempt to free the true Archon Katherine Steiner. They were joined on the 28th by the 15th Lyran Guards RCT stationed on the vital world of Hesperus II. The entire Alliance Jaeger brigade, bar the Skye Jaegers, joined the mutiny within the next week. Frantic regional commander attempted to avoid bloodshed and sent orders for calm to other commands and almost pleas to the mutinous commands.

Having spent almost the previous year preparing his troops the Supreme Leader launched a full scale attack Saiph Triumvirate. The veteran 3rd and the newly formed 1st and 2nd Republican Guards landed on the three worlds of Saiph, Tall Trees, and New Canton respectively and proceeded to begin smashing any opposition to their takeover. It wasn't widely reported but the three regiments were equipped with a wide variety of cutting edge designs, many of them previously unseen and with advanced weapons. Alongside these BattleMechs were tanks and infantry regiments that were similarly equipped. The defenders stood little if any chance.

December 3062[]

Within the Federated Suns the entire nation seemed to hold it's breath awaiting to see what the reprisals for the attacks on Robinson, Markab, and Doneval II would be. While on the other side of the border the DCMS defenders also waited, albeit with more dread.

On the 7th December, 3062 both sides found out. The AFFS had struck back in response for the cowardly attack upon their worlds and the deaths and injuries inflicted upon their people and princess.

On Marduk, the 8th Crucis Lancers RCT and 2nd Robinson Rangers struck hard and fast. The defending 22nd Benjamin Regulars, concentrated around the planetary capital of New Pontiac found themselves facing a combat drop from the 8th Crucis Lancers. Almost as soon as they heavy and assault BattleMechs of the Lancers hit the ground they were moving towards the positions of the 22nd even as their follow on waves landed their armor and infantry assets who moved up in support. The 22nd Benjamin's aerospace force consisting of a mere 12 old and outdated aerospace fighters took to the skies against the combined assets of the 3 full strength wings of the 8th's aerospace brigade. Outnumbered 5:1 they were swept from the skies and the fighters began hammering the 22nd's positions. Marshal Jeremiah Marshal of the 8th called upon the 22nd to surrender to avoid an urban engagement as he completed the encirclement of the city on the 8th of December and was rebuffed.

Meanwhile the 2nd Robinson Rangers dropped directly on the Victory Industries factory. The 1st and 2nd Battalions along with the command company seized the spaceport while the 3rd Battalion dropped directly into the facility and began attacking the defending combined arms regiment. The main bulk of the Rangers quickly achieved their objectives and drove into the main complex to aid their 3rd Battalion which was being roughly handled by the Omnimechs of the Victory Industries Security Force. At the spaceport a combined arms brigade of conventional troops attached to the invading force by Duke Sandoval began arriving. It's single armor regiment broke into two forces, with a battalion of armor reinforced with an infantry regiment deployed in defense of the spaceport and the two other battalions of armor followed the Rangers into the battle along with 2 other regiments of infantry.

Over the next week the 8th Crucis Lancers would systematically reduce the 22nd Benjamin Regulars into wreckage although inflicting heavy damage on the city of New Pontiac in the meantime. On the 15th of December, the last organized resistance crumbled and collapsed after a break out attempt by the remaining under strength battalion of the 22nd was smashed before it could even get underway. By the time the last Benjamin Regulars had been defeated the massive factory complex had already been secured. In a running battle that lasted 3 days the 2nd Robinson Rangers and the 23rd Independent Brigade had cleaned out the retired DCMS troops who had made up the Security Force and already called in the 23rds attached engineering battalion to begin putting the plant back into operation.

At the same time the 1st Chisholm Raiders RCT and the Fighting Urukhai's Bar Hounds regiment were landing on the world of Klathandu IV. A long standing pro-FedSuns world which the 7th Crucis Lancers and 1st New Ivaarsen Chassuers had been forced to abandon in the War of '39 due to orders from New Avalon, and General Neece of the 1st Chisholm Raiders wasn't expecting to face much trouble. She was right. The local militia's were mostly formed up to prevent the people of the world getting any ideas and were little match for even the ramshackle 1st Chisholm Raiders and the supporting mercenary regiment. The largest problem that the Raiders faced during the 2 week campaign was the ongoing problems between General Neece and Leftenant General Vega. This issue was finally brought to a head when Duke Sandoval on Robinson relieved Leftenant General Vega of his command and transferred him to command the conventional forces on his homeworld of Breed. By the time the newly promoted and sidelined officer had left Klathandu IV the world was flying the Federated Suns flag.

The 6th Fedsuns Dragoons RCT found themselves facing the 2nd Battalion of the 9th Benjamin Regulars on Paris, supported by a large force of conventional troops and militia. Although historically a Federated suns world it had fallen to the Draconis Combine in the 2nd Succession War and had never been recovered. As such the natives were long accustomed to the Dragon rather than the Sword and Sunburst. Still with the overwhelming firepower of the 6th Dragoons combined with Marshal Rahn's experience soon had the defenders forced to fight a guerrilla war and hope for reinforcements. The light and medium mech's of the 6th were ideally suited to counter this strategy however and were soon engaged in hunter-killer patrols to root out the remaining DCMS forces. Although not fully pacified Paris was effectively under the control of the AFFS.

Tripoli likewise found itself under the attack of an overwhelming Federated suns force. The elite New Ivaarsen Chasseurs along with the 8th Striker Regiment of the Fighting Urukhai landed and swiftly overwhelmed the limited militia and conventional defenders. Landing on the 7th the two regiments defeated the defenders within a 3 day running battle. In fact their victory was so swift that the follow on garrison units had to be rushed forward urgently.

Far away from the Marduk front the newly formed 10th and 29th Galedon regulars regiments, garrisoning Groveld and Niles respectively found themselves under attack. Both units had been formed the previous year and had been slowly expanding on this quite frontier between the FedSuns and Outworlds Alliance.

The 10th, at roughly 80% strength found itself the target of the much stronger 1st Ceti Hussars RCT. The green warriors of the 10th attempted as best they could to resist but were soon being forced back again and again from every defensive position, while desperate rear guards held off the Hussar's attacks from their retreating comrades. The arid plains of the world offered little hindrance to the sweeping maneuvers of Combat Command Alpha of the Hussars who turned the flanks of the 10th Galedon while Combat Command Beta held them in place every time the Regulars attempted to make a stand. This gradual retreat was brought to an end when Combat Command Charlie cut off the 10th's retreat having leapfrogged ahead using their dropships on the 3rd day and forced them into a last stand. The 10th's warriors fought as well as they could, but tired, with ammo bins running near empty and damaged mech's they were soon destroyed as a fighting force.

On Niles, the 29th Galedon Regulars did much better than their counterparts. Facing the Bryceland DMM and the Screaming Eagles mercenary regiment they concentrated on holding out for as long as they could. The Bryceland DMM which had long practiced in defensive fighting on it's own worlds now found itself engaged offensively and while Leftenant General Begersun did his best his troops struggled with the transition. The attached Screaming Eagles proved much more suitable for the offensive actions required, but the AFFS General could not find it in himself to allow them their own command and instead insisted they support his own force as the "primary" invasion force. This led to the 29th Galedon Regulars digging into their main base on Niles and fighting hard to hold out until reinforcements arrived. Even as December ended the 29th was a functional command, although they were suffering heavy attrition in the slugging matches around Fort An Ting and were hovering around half strength.

When Victor Davion arrived on Robinson on the 21st December to meet with Duke Sandoval, the Duke was able to report that the worlds of Marduk, Klathandu IV, Tripoli, and Groveld had fallen to the Federated Suns. The worlds of Paris and Niles were secure although there remained holdout units of the DCMS who were still resisting.

After the quick update the First Prince informed the Duke that he would personally lead his 1st Davion Guards RCT along with the 1st Robinson Rangers and attached Robinson Battle Academy Training Battalion to reclaim Galtor for the Federated Suns. In the meanwhile, the 1st Revenant Guards would seize Deshler. The 3rd Crucis Lancers RCT would strike out from their garrison posting on Cassias and hit Wapakoneta while the 3rd Davion Guards RCT would attack Delacruz. In the meantime the 1st Ceti Hussars would detach their Combat Command Charlie to move to Niles to help bring that fight to an end. The 8th Crucis Lancers RCT was also tasked with moving from Marduk and hitting New Mendham.

When asked by the Duke what their next steps would be after seizing these worlds the First Prince gave a disappointing reply to James Sandoval. Having secured these worlds he would then petition Theodore Kurita for peace. With six worlds currently either fallen or falling to the FedSuns and another 5 targeted the First Prince believed that his point had been made. Any further steps would just lead to a more general war. The real prize had already been taken, the industrial world of Marduk. What they were doing now was merely securing this conquest by reforming the Galtor Thumb around it. The secondary gains on the Outworlds border were merely to help protect Tancredi's important laser production. Also so far most of the worlds seized had been Federated suns worlds as late ago as the 4th Succession War or the War of '39. Reintegrating them would be relatively pain free hopefully.

While the Duke of Robinson had clearly hoped for larger gains he had to admit that the First Prince had a point. He did however suggest that they might want to consider attacking the world of Quentin, which like Marduk was not only a major centre of industry but also a former Davion planet. Although Victor Davion admitted he was tempted he rationalized that while Theodore Kurita might be prepared to accept the loss off one such world he would probably be forced to fight to reverse the loss of two. The two men disagreed on this point and it came to heated words, but Baron Tancred intervened and calmed the situation between his father and friend. In private he suggested an alternate course than an outright break with the First Prince to his father on the issue, one which James eventually agreed to. He was at the end of the day a realist and loyal to Hanse Davion's son.

The First Prince celebrated Christmas and then New Year in the belly of a dropship with his troops. Not the first or last time he would do so. Although this time he also did so with his brother Arthur Steiner-Davion who a shuttle brought over from the accompanying Robinson Academy Training Battalion's dropship. Meanwhile his sister arrived on New Avalon on the Dove dropship, FSS Nightingale. She would soon begin receiving treatment.

Within the Lyran Alliance, fighting broke out on Hesperus when the 15th Lyran Guards attempted to prevent the delivery of military equipment to the spaceport to be sent to commands which the 15th Guards felt were in rebellion against the imprisoned Archon. The 36th Lyran Guards intervened and the two sister regiments were soon engaged in a bloody battle within the spaceport.

On Donegal, the 24th Lyran Guards RCT declared their allegiance for Archon Katrina Steiner and joined the 1st Donegal Jaegers in rebellion. This brought the vital world of Donegal into full rebellion.

Fighting also broke out on Coventry when the 1st Coventry Jaegers launched a new assault on the Coventry CPM. This time however the CPM was waiting for them and Tharkad ordered the mercenary unit Kristen's Krushers to aid the Coventry CPM. The still battered Jaegers were soon smashed while launching almost suicidal attacks on the Coventry CPM, although they did manage to reduce the CPM to threadbare shell that had to be withdrawn from active service. The Krushers didn't help matters by taking most of the Coventry Jaegers equipment as salvage according to the strict rules of their contract - despite it not being in a civil war style battle rather than proper offensive attack as their contract envisioned.

The 5th Alliance Guards lifted of Ft. Louden against orders and disappeared from view. Adam Steiner ordered the LAS Katrina Steiner to hunt them down, while the Battlecruiser LAS Yggdrasil held station over Tharkad.

Mjolnir Battlecruiser (Underway)

Mjolnir Class Battlecruiser, LAS Yggdrasil

On Luthien, Coordinator Theodore Kurita found himself in a nightmare. Both of his major borders were under attack and being overrun. He dispatched the 19th Galedon to attempt to relieve the 29th Galedon Regulars and the 3rd Benjamin Regulars were dispatched to raid the worlds of the Kentares and Raman PDZs. The 11th and 12th Ghost Regiments were ordered to attack Skat and Cylene respectively and if successful push on to Markab and Murchison. Other units were reassigned as he attempted to draw up defensive lines and prevent further losses. However he knew that his limited offences were going to do little to slow down the AFFS. Still if he could make them think he was stronger than he was, as he had in the War of '39 then he might be successful in holding off any further attacks.

The DCMS's Navy also began assembling a strong naval contingent at Luthien. Either for a defence of the capital against any Ghost Bear invasion or to lead a counter attack against the Federated suns. The center of this force was built around 2 Kirishima class Cruisers, the DCS Siriwan and DCS Urizen II.

Kirishima Class Cruiser (Matt Plog)

Kirishima Class Cruiser

First Lord Kai Allard-Liao immedietly attempted to broker a peace deal between both sides. Or at least a ceasefire. Unfortunately for him both sides saw taking up such an offer right now as showing weakness. Although Theodore Kurita did respond that if he could get Victor Davion to withdraw then he would not launch any counter attacks.

Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao on the other hand quickly offered his full and unconditional support to Coordinator Kurita and promised to support his every action against the Federated suns to the fullest of his ability while denouncing the cowardly Davion attack. Neither the Draconis Combine or Federated Suns missed the fact that even as he made these speeches the CCAF regiments didn't move from their barracks.

On the 26th December, Supreme Leader Baranov formally petitioned the Free Worlds League for entry as the province of Free Tikonov. Given that he now controlled 6 worlds and had 4 regiments of BattleMechs his admittance was much sought after by those wishing to secure the border regions.

State of the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns - December 31st, 3062[]

Independent Commands

1st Aragon Borderers – Veteran – 70%
1st Argyle Lancers – Elite – 90%
1st Capellan Dragoons – Regular – 100%
1st FSAC – Elite – 100% (Re)
1st Kestrel Grenadiers RCT – Elite – 90% (Re)
1st Kittery  Borderers – Regular – 100%
1st Tikonov Cossacks – Regular – 40% - Formed from remnants of Republican Guards
1st Revenant Guards RCT – Veteran – 80% (Re) – In transit Deshlar
1st Dragonlords RCT – Green – 60% (Re) - New Avalon, officers drawn from Davion Brigades, rest drawn from Cadres
1st Sheraton Knights – Green – 10% Cadre although attached support forces (veteran) at 60%

Avalon Hussars
1st Avalon Hussars RCT – Regular – 70% - Abbeyville
2nd Avalon Hussars RCT – Green – 50% (Re) - Panpour
11th Avalon Hussars RCT – Regular – 85% (Re)
12th Avalon Hussars RCT – Regular – 60% - June (Planet)
17th Avalon Hussars RCT – Regular – 100%
20th Avalon Hussars RCT – Veteran – 85% (Re)
  22nd Avalon Hussars RCT – Veteran – 100%
34th Avalon Hussars RCT – Regular – 60% - Broken Wheel
36th Avalon Hussars RCT – Regular – 60% - Lothair
39th Avalon Hussars RCT – Regular – 100%
41st Avalon Hussars RCT – Regular – 100%
42nd Avalon Hussars RCT – Regular – 85% (Re) – Crofton

New units listed as Regular due to having been drawn from Regular formations and from cadet veterans of the Battle of Kathil, however until fully integrated will fight at Green levels at anything beyond company level.

Chisholm Raiders
1st Chisholm Raiders RCT – Regular – 80% - Klathandu IV – wear and tear heavily effecting them
2nd Chisholm Raiders RCT – Veteran – 80% - Brockway

Ceti Hussars
1st Ceti Hussars RCT – Regular – 80% - Groveld/Niles
2nd Ceti Hussars RCT – Veteran – 100%
3rd Ceti Hussars RCT – Regular – 100%

Crucis Lancers

1st Crucis Lancers RCT – Regular – 100%
2nd Crucis Lancers RCT – Veteran – 100%
3rd Crucis Lancers RCT – Elite – 100% (Re) – In transit to Wakaponeta
4th Crucis Lancers RCT – Veteran – 100% (Re) – Midale
5th Crucis Lancers RCT – Veteran – 70% - personnel – 100% mechs
6th Crucis Lancers RCT – Veteran – 100%
7th Crucis Lancers RCT – Elite – 100% (Re)
8th Crucis Lancers RCT – Regular – 80% (Re) – Marduk

Davion Brigade of Guards
Davion Assault Guards RCT – Elite – 100% (Re)
Davion Heavy Guards RCT – Elite – 100% (Re)
Davion Light Guards RCT – Elite – 70% (Re) – Delevan
1st Davion Guards RCT – Elite – 90% (Re) – in transit to Galtor
2nd Davion Guards RCT – Veteran – 80% - Bell
3rd Davion Guards RCT – Elite – 70% - In transit to Delacruz
4th Davion Guards RCT – Elite – 100%
5th Davion Guards RCT – Regular – 100%

Deneb Light Cavalry
4th Deneb Light Cavalry RCT – Regular – 100%
5th Deneb Light Cavalry RCT – Green – 70% - Deneb Kaitos
8th Deneb Light Cavalry RCT – Veteran – 100%
10th Deneb Light Cavalry RCT – Veteran – 100% - Hyalite
12th Deneb Light Cavalry – Regular – 100%
15th Deneb Light Cavalry RCT – Regular – 100% (Re)

FedSuns Corp
1st FedSuns Dragoons RCT – Veteran – 90%
3rd FedSuns Dragoons RCT – Regular – 70% - Kittery
5th FedSuns Dragoons RCT – Regular – 100% - deployed to St. Ives
6th FedSuns Dragoons RCT – Regular – 80% - Paris
7th FedSuns Dragoons RCT – Veteran – 70% - Talon/Wernke
8th FedSuns Dragoons RCT – Veteran – 60% - Frazer
11th FedSuns Dragoons RCT – Green – 70%
12th FedSuns Dragoons RCT – Regular – 80% - Montour

New Ivaarsen Chasseurs
1st New Ivaarsen Chasseurs – Elite – 100% - Tripoli
2nd New Ivaarsen Chasseurs – Regular – 100%

Robinson Rangers 1st Robinson Rangers – Veteran – 100% - in transit to Galtor
2nd Robinson Rangers – Veteran – 60% - heavily upgrading with Omnimechs – Marduk

Syrtis Fusiliers 1st Syrtis Fusiliers RCT – Green – 30% - New Syrtis
5th Syrtis Fusiliers RCT – Veteran – 90%
6th Syrtis Fusiliers RCT – Elite – 80% (Re)
8th Syrtis Fusiliers RCT – Regular – 100%

Capellan March Militias
Alcyone CMM – Regular – 100%
New Syrtis CMM – Regular – 100% (Re)
Ridgebrook CMM – Green – 100%
Sirdar CMM – Regular – 100%
Valexa CMM – Regular – 100%
Warren CMM – Green – 100%
Achernar SMM – Green – 60%
Nanking SMM – Green – 80%

Crucis March Militia

Anjin Muerto CrMM – Regular – 100%
Islamabad CrMM – Green – 80%
Kestrel CrMM – Regular – 100%
Malagrotta CrMM – Green – 100%
Marlette CrMM – Regular – 100% (Re)
New Avalon CrMM – Regular – 100%
Remagen CrMM – Regular – 100%
Tsamma CrMM – Regular – 100%

Draconis March Militia
Addicks DMM – Regular – 100%
Bremond DMM – Regular – 100%
Bryceland DMM – Regular – 70% - Niles
Clovis DMM – Green – 100%
Dahar DMM – Regular – 100% - lacking armor and with overstrength infantry brigade
Kilbourne DMM – Green – 100%
Mayetta DMM – Green – 70% - returned to roles provisionally, half the unit discharged or in prison
  Milligan DMM – Green – 100%
Raman DMM – Green – 100%
Robinson DMM – Green – 100%
Albion Military Academy Training Cadre
1st Albion Training Cadre – Green – 100%
2nd Albion Training Cadre – Green – 100%

NAIS Cadet Cadre
1st NAIS Cadre – Green – 100%
2nd NAIS Cadre – Green – 100%
3rd NAIS Cadre – Green – 100%

Training Battalions
1st Bell Training Battalion – Green – 100%
1st Brockton Training Battalion - Green - 100%
1st Conroe Training Battalion – Green – 100%
Filtvelt Academy Training Battalion (5 companies) – Green – 100%
Goshen War College Training Battalion – Green – 100%
Kilbourne Academy Training Battalion – Green – 100%
1st Kittery Training Battalion – Green – 100% - Kittery based
Point Barrow Academy Training Battalion – Green – 100%
Robinson Battle Academy Training Battalion – Green – 60% - In transit to Galtor
Sakhara Academy Training Battalion – Green – 100%
1st Sheraton Training Battalion – Green – 100% - also includes an armor regiment
    Tikonov Martial Academy Training Group – Green – 70%
Warrior’s Hall Training Battalion (4 companies) – Green – 100%

Mercenary Forces

12th Vegan Rangers -   Alpha Regiment – Elite – 90%
-   Beta Regiment – Veteran – 70%
-   Gamma Regiment – Veteran – 70%
Arcadians – Veteran – 100%
Cunningham Commandos
-   1st Cunningham Commandos – Veteran – 90%
-   2nd Cunningham Commandos – Regular – 70%
Federated Freemen – Veteran – 100%
Fighting Urukhai
-   8th Striker – Veteran – 90% - Tripoli
-   Demestri’s Sluggers – Veteran – 100% - Diverted to Cylene
  -   Roman’s Bar Hounds – Veteran – 80% - Klathandu IV
  Hansen’s Roughriders – Veteran – 80%
Harlock’s Warriors – Green – 90%
Illician Lancers
-   59th Striker – Regular – 100%
-   4th Ranger – Veteran – 100%
-   9th Ranger – Regular – 90%
-   21st Ranger – Green – 80%
Korsakov’s Cossacks – Veteran – 100%
Lexington Combat Group
-   32nd Recon – Veteran – 100% (Re)
-   241st Battle – Regular – 100%
-   180th Dragoon – Regular – 100%
New Avalon Cavaliers – Elite – 100% (Re)
Screaming Eagles – Veteran – 90% (Re) – Niles
Vanguard Legion – Veteran – 100%
Wild Geese - Elite - 100%
Blue Star Irregulars – Firgrove
-   1894th Light Horse – Elite – 100%
-   21st Rim Worlds – Veteran – 90%
-   Kerensky’s BluesFredessa class Corvette – 75% operable

Naval Forces

Fox Class Corvette (in orbit from MW3 art revamped)

Fox Class Corvette

Fox Class Corvettes
FSS Indomitable
FSS Intrepid
FSS Indefatigable
FSS Antrim
FSS Murmansk
FSS Brest
FSS New Sytris
FSS Robinson

Avalon Cruiser (Fan Made - Artist Unknown)

Avalon Class Cruiser

Avalon Class Cruisers FSS Melissa Davion – light damage
FSS Alexander Davion
FSS Lucien Davion – requiring a refit
FSS Simon Davion – requiring a refit

Kirishima Class Cruiser (Matt Plog)

Covenant Class Cruiser

Covenant Class Cruisers
FSS Covenant

Industrial/Infrastructure Changes - 31st December, 3062[]

Capellan March

Axton – Wangker plant to double production of Corsairs, first increases by April 3063, fully expanded by the end of 3063

Bell - Hasek Refit Centre - Former Bell Repair Yards, now being upgraded as a full on rebuild/repair centre capable of repairing and/or upgrading dozens of mechs and vehicles at the same time. Coming online November 3062

Firgrove - Clyde Shipyards being upgraded to be able to construct dropships not just repair them. Began construction of Excalibur but still upgrading

Kathil – expanding naval slips

Tikonov – Expansion of the factories there to produce the Archer BattleMech, scheduled to be completed by late 3063.

New Syrtis – Expansion of the Dagger Light OmniFighter lines from 2 to 3 – completed by April 3063

Novoya Zemyla – Creation of a new Dagger plant with 2 lines, first line operational November 3063, second line January 3064
Kallon Industries building a new plant to build Templar OmniMech, Enforcer III and Jagermech IIIs as well as Cavalier Battle Armor. Starting in July 3063, the Enforcer and Jagermech lines would come into production in January 3064, the Cavalier plant limited production in August 3064 (reaching full production by the end of the year) and the Templar-O wouldn’t come online till March 3065 and even then wouldn’t be fully operational until July.

Crucis March

Broken Wheel - A new BattleMech facility owned by Andoran Industries Ltd set to begin construction of new Clint BattleMechs. Going online for spare parts end of 3062, entering limited production by 2nd quarter 3063, full production in 3064.

Clint (by tplambert)

Clint Medium Mech

Defiance - a new training facility planned to be named the Hasek-Davion Martial Academy to be jointly run by the AFFS and SLDF. Scheduled to begin classes 3064

Filtvelt - A new dropship manufacturing complex being built with plans for a jumpship yard already in the works. Dropship yard entering production in April 3063, jumpship yard August 3064
A new Wangker facility for producing Corsair fighters, starting initial production in February 3064, fully online December 3064

Achernar - Achernar BattleMechs production facility building a huge industrial mech plant (coming online 1st January 3064, full scale production by late 3064), along with a BattleMech annex coming online June 3064 producing dervish with enforcer production added by November)
Outback FarmMechs new expansion to build Stinger BattleMechs, starting work in November 3063 and finishing in January 3065. Major teething problems delaying the start of full scale production.

Galax – expanding naval slips

June – Lycomb-Davion plant to build Stukas, to enter initial production December 3063 with full production by June 3064, further expansions of Hellcat and Lightning to be added
Corean Enterprises plant to build an initial line of Valkyrie BattleMechs (starting February 3063 and going fully online in December 3063) and a follow on line of Centurion BattleMechs (Starting January 3064 and going online March 3065).

Layover - Salvatore Inc facility now being upgraded rather than allowed to continue limping on. Production of Vengeance class Fighter Carrier dropships to be massively increased. Some consideration being given to a new facility as well. Work underway and increases started.

New Avalon - Lycomb-Davion expansions of Stuka Heavy Fighter production

Congress Frigate (by R

Congress D Class Frigate

Panpour - Challenge Systems being funded to increase production of Monolith Class JumpShips and begin construction of two Congress-D frigates. First yard to be ready in February 3063 and the next 4 months later. Jalastar Aerospace increasing production of sparrohawk and sabre fighters and Centurion, Grasshopper, and Javelin BattleMechs. Increases in sparrowhawk and centurion construction prioritized and starting from August 3063, further expansions going on into 3065

Grasshopper (Ruined City - Mini painted by Nardyes)

Grasshopper Heavy 'Mech

Point Barrow - GM plant to be built, starting in June 3063, due to go online in December 3064, building Marauder Heavy and Victor Assault BattleMechs, with follow on Flashman line coming online in August 3065.

Draconis March

Addicks – Expansion of the Dagger-O OmniFighter lines from 1 to 2, completed February 3063

Benet III – Creation of a new Dagger-O line, completed October 3063

Marduk - Rebirth of Norse BattleMech Works, back in FedSuns hands, building large numbers of Wolverines and Griffins as well as Firestarter, Black hawk, and Avatar Omnimechs – Wolverine and Griffin plant already online, Omnimech plant being repaired, coming online March 3063

Robinson - Robinson Standard BattleWorks expansions and investments made to increase production, particularly of the up coming Sagittairre BattleMech. Scheduled to enter production in January 3063

Woodbine - A new BattleMech facility owned by Robinson Standard BattleWorks to produce Watchman BattleMechs. Going online in July 3063

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