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Federated Suns Reborn (Chapter Cover)

The Federated Suns Reborn
- Chapter 125

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July 3069

Discussions with Sian Republic[]

Leaving New Avalon the First Prince was rushed by a command link to St Ives to meet with the representatives of the new "Sian Republic" to hopefully be able to create a peace. To say that the balance of power strongly favored the First Prince was an understatement. The Republic consisted of merely 8 worlds and a handful of battlemech regiments most of which were under strength. For such a small power they did have a huge naval asset in the form of the SRS Franco Martel, a Feng Huang class cruiser, but that was about their only major asset. Worse it was almost mandatory that the huge cruiser remain at Sian as a number of other former Capellan warships were still in existence and had presumably sworn themselves to the Andurien and Victoria Commonalities.

Stinger Mechs (Taking Aim - Farseer Animation Version)

Stinger Light 'Mech

An almost pro-forma request that several of the worlds nearest Sian be allowed to take part in referendums as to joining the Republic rather than being absorbed into the Federated Sun's was shut down with an equally pro-forma response of "no". Thereafter both parties settled down to actually craft a permanent peace treaty. While these discussions wouldn't end until August the basics were swiftly hammered out. There would be no massive reparations placed upon the Republic by the Federated Suns, although they would have to make at least some reparations towards the rebuilding of the city of Tian-tan, mostly in the form of raw materials and construction type industrialmechs. When the Republic's negotiators pointed out that Sian had no facility to build these mech's it was pointed out that they could buy a license for the Chaffee Light IndustrialMech or a similar such mech and then retool some light battlemech lines to produce it. Perhaps the Wasp or Stinger lines at the Hellespont Industrial plant on Sian for instance. The intent was clear - not only would these reparations help rebuild St. Ives it would also have the effect of reducing the Republic's military output.

No limit was placed upon the military buildup of the Republic, given it's hostile neighbours that would have been absurd, but it was pointed out that if any of their regiment's "strayed" across the border and this was proven the Federated Suns would not be forgiving. The unit in question would be expected to be disbanded and it's entire equipment handed over to the AFFS along with every member who took part in the incursion to be tried as pirates. If the Republic refused to do this, then the AFFS would destroy the unit itself - and annex the world it was based upon. This was explained as non-optional. The Republic would not be allowed to engage in raids and attempts to undermine the new League March. Any attempt to do so would be met with brutal and immediate repercussions. The Republic was also forbidden from any military alliances or military sales to any other nation without the approval of the First Prince. If they joined the (now almost defunct) Second Star League their vote was to be either withheld/abstained or placed at the disposal of the First Prince. They were not to vote against his wishes - although they could just not vote by abstaining.

The Sian Republic was also forced to open up all remaining records from the Capellan Confederation era to the AFFS military intelligence officers while simultaneously accepting the "guilt" of their former parent state in starting this war. They were allowed to include a clause that specifically disavowed this guilt moving forward for the Republic - but they had to admit the Confederation had caused this war. Given that their new government had already totally denounced the "mad Liaos" in no uncertain terms this wasn't as major an issue as it might have been.

Secret Discussions[]

During these discussions the First Prince made a point of including Duchess Cassandra Allard-Liao, who he had agreed with beforehand, would press for harsher terms and demands than would be offered by the First Prince. While the playing of good cop/bad cop was an ancient tactic, this was because it was effective.

Sparrowhawk (by Colourbrand & Nuclear-Fridge 2-2018)

Sparrowhawk Light Fighter

One final element of the negotiations was kept secret. The First Prince agreed to look the other way if the Republic launched attacks on either of the other 2 successor states to the Confederation and to have his regiments keep up pressure upon them to help the Republic. While he didn't want the Republic to grow too strong, he found them easily the most reasonable of the 3 states to deal with. Left unspoken was the fact that this clandestine support might change if the Republic took things too far.

No formal peace treaties will be signed between the FedSuns and the Victoria Commonality or the Andurien Commonality, but ceasefires will go into formal effect.

Centurion (Winter Forest - Farseen Version)

Centurion 'Medium Mech

Even as these meetings are taking place the First Prince also meets with his new March Lady and discusses further plans for the League March. In recognition for Wei's attempt to hold back the CCAF and remain part of the FedCom (particularly those of the "servitor" class) the 2 leaders agreed to support a new factory complex there. Given the desire to standardize the equipment of the League March with the rest of the Federated Sun's it was agreed that the First Prince would help fund the construction of a facility from Jalastar Aerospace to build Centurion BattleMechs, Javelin-O OmniMechs, and Sparrowhawk aerospace fighters. While the First Prince would provide funding, the Duchess of St. Ives would help the construction with generous tax breaks for local Wei based firms to help in the construction and longer term tax breaks for her people investing in the project. Construction was provisionally planned to start in September.

The First Prince also discusses with the Duchess the possibility of returning Hildco Interplanetary to the jumpship "game". Although this would be a longer term project. The Duchess is very keen for this project to be considered and pushes hard for it.

While the First Prince is on St. Ives, his wife meets with the Free Worlds League ambassador again. In a frank discussion she explains that the FedSuns will not tolerate a threat on their border from the Free Tikonov Province of the League and in the strongest possible terms suggests he explain to his masters (whoever they are) back in the League that the Free Tikonov's attempt to rebuild a military (when their previous one was destroyed invading the Suns) will not be tolerated. She points out this is the last warning the FedSuns will give the League on this matter. The ambassador assures her he will pass this warning onto the Free Worlds League.

Developments in Industry[]

Vulcan Heavy Aerospace Fighter (underattack by meltdonw14)

Vulcan Heavy Aerospace Fighter

At Firgrove the Firgrove Consortium see's it's Reiver aerospace fighter line go operational. With the continued steady sales of the Ahab and the frankly higher than expected sales of the Vulcan aerospace fighter the company gets loans from a number of banks to add a second Vulcan line which is due to be completed by November 3070.

Zeus (by tplambert)

Zeus Assault 'Mech

Jalastar finishes their last Sparrowhawk line on the planet of Baxley this month. This now brings their production on the planet up to 2 Sparrowhawk lines and a Javelin-O, making it one of their smaller facilities. However any plans to expand the facility are shelved when word comes in about the the First Prince's plan to add a facility on Wei.

The flagship New Independence Weaponry plant on Kestrel see's it's new Zeus class assault Battlemech line go operational this month. This means there are now 7 assault class lines in operation along with 2 smaller heavy lines making it one of the most prolific suppliers of assault Battlemechs in the FedSuns. Plans are put in place to add Battlemaster line in the next year.

BattleMaster (Cargo Docks - MWO version)

BattleMaster Assault 'Mech

Koshi (Mist Lynx) (in Woods)

Mist Lynx Light OmniMech

On the Clan Sun Jaguar world of Valois, their Jaguar Industries plant see's the first OmniMech line go operational on the 19th July. The Mist Lynx class OmniMech might not be one of the larger flashier Clantech OmniMech produced in the past on Huntress, but it is a massive leap forward in military production for the Sun Jaguars. The Clan begins preparing to add another OmniMech facility, with almost universal agreement that they will build upon their current production achievements by adding a Warhawk class line. The Khan makes a point of informing the First Prince that as soon as her own light OmniMech needs are filled the Mist Lynx will be offered for sale to the AFFS. A number will soon show up in the Davion Light Guards for instance.

Lyran "Peacekeepers" in the Free Worlds League[]

In the Free Worlds League, the Lyran "peacekeepers" expand their current scope with the 1st Skye Jaegers, 4th Skye Rangers RCT, and 3rd Hesperus Guards RCT moving into the Border Protectorate and the planet of Oliver. For the first time however, they are met with stiff resistance from FWLM troops. On Oliver, the 6th Free Worlds League Legionnairres put up a fierce fight against the 4th Skye Rangers before finally being driven of planet - leaving the mauled Rangers to take possession of the Brigadier and Quickscell plants there. However on Zosma, the 1st Skye Jaegers are attacked while still landing by the returned Steel Guard. Defending their homes the Steel Guard smashed the Jaegers' LZ and destroy over a battalion of troops before the Jaegers are forced to withdraw. Similarly on Alula Australis, the Iron Guard, and the still green Adamantine Guard attack the equally green 3rd Hesperus Guard RCT. The Lyran unit finds itself soon engaged in a large scale "brawl" with the Adamantine Guard when the more experienced Iron Guard shifts and hits them in the flank. After a 3 day battle the Hesperus Guard manages to negotiate a ceasefire to allow it to retreat off world - leaving almost half it's equipment behind on the battlefield, much of it is then salvaged by the Border Guard units to make up their losses.

These reversals call into question the Archon's plan to expand the "peacekeeping" operations his troops have been conducting into the Terran Corridor region. However the seizure of the important industrial world of Oliver quietens most of these questions - although the planet remains isolated due to the fierce defense of the Border Guard. This action will have another unforeseen repercussion in the coming months...

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