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Federated Suns Reborn (Chapter Cover)

The Federated Suns Reborn
- Chapter 124

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June 3069
Military Education

Supporting Comstar[]

During the month of June the First Prince continued to catch up with not only is wife but also with the responsibilities of is office. Eager to make sure that no further rifts developed between his own government and Comstar he spent a great deal of time with the Precentor New Avalon, discussing what further steps he could take to support the ComGuard's within his realm and in their wider fight with the WOB. After some discussions he agreed to further joint industrial ventures with Comstar to help support the ComGuards. In the short term this allowed the First Prince to expand his industrial base with Comstar footing large portions of the bill - which would continue to expand his realms economy and employment - and in the long term bring in much needed tax revenues on the sales themselves. Plans were discussed about a new Davion-Com facility perhaps to be built at Edwards within the Crucis March.

Bolstering the Marches[]

At the same time the First Prince met with Marshal of Armies Jackson Davion and Field Marshal Angela Kouranth and the newly appointed League March representative to the High Command - the freshly minted Marshal Marko Rubinsky, formerly of Rubinsky's Light Horse (now the 3rd St. Ives Lancers under his son's command who was also the fiancee of the Duchess of St. Ives) regarding the major issues with military education within the new March. Additional funds were allocated to not only rebuild the military academies on St. Ives and Capella but also expand Tikonovs Martial Academy, but even if these projects were completed by the end of the year the new classes would be years away from filtering into the front line formations. As such it was agreed that a number of "Temporary Training Battalions" would be formed as a more basic source of raw recruits. These would be formed up as LCTs in a similar model to the existing Training Battalions and would eventually provide a small trickle of recruits which would primarily be used to bring damaged units back up to strength but also provide a core for the new League March Militias. With this later goal in mind the First Prince ordered that Temporary Training Battalions be formed on Styk, Corey, Menkib, Truth, Capella, Ingersoll, Hexare, and St. Ives largely using either local production or captured CCAF equipment - for instance the large numbers if Vindicators both still being produced on Capella and also captured from various CCAF units would be pressed into service in these formations. At the same time 2 permanent Training Battalions would be ordered formed at Jasmine and Preston to provide the basis for future Borderer units on those worlds within the League March.

Vindicator (Firing it's Medium Laser - HBS BattleTech Game version)

Vindicator Medium 'Mech

Given these formations, it was only a matter of days until at Duke Hasek's request the First Prince also ordered that as well as the 2 permanent Training Battalions within the League March 2 further formations be created within the Capellan March. These were to be formed at Claxton and Hurik. The First Prince also began to jointly fund the rebuilding and reopening of the former Victoria Academy of Arms and Technology as the new Victoria Military College. In a quite message to Duke Sandoval the First Prince also promised that the Draconis March would also be considered for further Training Battalions and their Borderer successors.

While the permanent Training Battalion's would continue to provide a source of Mechwarriors and conventional forces for the formation and maintenance of Borderer units in key systems the temporary training units were supposed to feed directly into the setting up of the League March Militias along with what academy graduates could be found. Indeed the temporary formations were intended once the March Miltias reached a certain level to simply be folded into them as almost their final battalion. Of course the High Command also knew that the recruits provided could also be siphoned off in small numbers to help rebuild damaged units. The FedSuns Dragoons Brigade for instance had something of a history of doing this with the 3rd FedSuns Dragoons now having a large continent of graduates of the 1st Kittery Reinforced Training Battalion. It was perhaps not coincidence that the 1st, 3rd, 7th, and 8th FedSuns Dragoons all happened to be stationed on planets with newly forming either permanent or temporary Training Battalions.  Although the 3rd was at least currently at full strength, the others were all badly in need of replacement personal.

Marshal Nebuchadnezzar Talles of the Ceti Hussars was also approached by the First Prince during this month regarding a potential expansion of his brigade. At the end of the year the cadets of the 1st and 2nd Lexington Military Academy Light Combat Teams would be graduating from their respective cadres. While at least 3 companies of these young Mechwarriors were earmarked already for the battered Lexington Combat Guard units which had provided such excellent servicing in the recent Capellan conflict, the First Prince was prepared to earmark the other 5 companies of cadets for the formation of a new Ceti Hussars RCT. Or at least the beginnings of one. Given the integrated nature of the LCT's that made up the Lexington cadres as well as the combined arms tactics taught at the Lexington Military Academy Marshal Talles and Prince Davion agreed they would make ideal candidates for a potential 4th Ceti Hussars. He agreed to provide a small cadre from his existing 3 units, with those troops and officers replaced by cadets, and to use this cadre and the bulk of the cadets to form the 4th Ceti Hussars RCT.

First Prince meets with Captain-Generals of the Free Worlds League[]

The First Prince also meets with the Free Worlds League (who has been driven almost to schizophrenia by having conflicting instructions sent to him by no less than 4 parliament's and 3 Captain-Generals in the last few months) to express his extreme dissatisfaction with the rebuilding of the Tikonov Province's military. Alongside him during this meeting is his wife. The ambassador can do little more than express platitudes.

FedSuns Naval Developments[]

Fleet Admiral Buchwald spent the month assigning the various new warships completing across the FedSun's to the various flotilla's and squadrons of the Fleet. The  FSS Andro, FSS Montcoal, FSS New Rhodes III, FSS Jesup, and FSS Hoonaar were all assigned to the 7th Corvette Flotilla, completing it's 1st Division and allowing it to form an under strength 2nd Division of ships. While the destroyer FFS Dale alongside the FSS Dagon were assigned to the 1st Carrier Battle Group to protect the FSS Morgan Hasek-Davion. The FSS Shensi, FSS Mira, FSS Sauk City, FSS Vicente, and FSS Hurik were laid down at Galax while the FSS Dayton was laid down at Filtvelt and the FSS Denver was laid down at New Syrtis.

At the same time the 4th Cruiser Squadron was completed with the additions of the FSS Etien Davion, FSS Marie Davion and FSS William Davion. This brought all 4 Cruiser Squadrons up to full strength with the Federated Suns now numbered 16 Avalon class cruisers on it's rolls.

The frigate FSS Cahill completed at Panpour and brought the 1st Patrol Squadron to full strength. Although the FSS Churchill remained detached for repairs.

At June, the Challenge Systems shipyards completed their battleship construction facility and immediately began work on laying down the FSS Benbow. The Benbow was to be an Iron Duke class battleship. At Kathil the FSS Benbow's sister ship the FSS Emperor of India was laid down in the newly completed slip there.

At the same time as these ships entered service the 4 Fox class corvettes of the 4th Corvette Flotilla's 2nd Division completed their refits to the Fox II standard. They were replaced in the repair slips at Edwards by the damaged corvettes of the 1st Corvette Flotilla. While the public repair slips began repairing and upgrading these warships, the newly commissioned repair slip at dead Arcadia began repairing the FSS Dryad and FSS Churchill. While at Panpour the cruiser FSS Joseph Davion completed repairs and it's place was taken by the FSS Daring. The Daring and Churchill are expected to return to service by December, but the FSS Dryad's damage is so extensive that it will be March 3070 before it's repairs are completed.

Inazuma Class Corvette (Under Thrust - Iron Metal Works version)

Inazuma Class Corvette

The inspection of the heavily damaged Capella Shipyards are finally completed in June. Of the 2 cruiser slips and 6 corvette slips only a single cruiser slip and 2 corvette slips are considered worth repairing - often from cannibalizing the more damaged slips that are deemed beyond repair. Within the repairable slips there are a cruiser and 2 corvettes that can be completed with additional work - although their intended completion time had been for this month this has been hopelessly superseded by events. Quietly, the AFFS diverts funds to complete all 3 ships, while scavenging what they can from the other damaged hulks within the devastated shipyards. The First Prince in his discussions offers both Feng Huang class cruisers (1 at Necromo and 1 at Capella) for sale to the ComGuards at a discounted price - while making no mention of the Sian class corvettes... Which are identical to the Draconis Combine Inazuma class corvettes.

Developments in Industry[]

Stuka Aerospace Fighters (Air lance in combat)

Stuka Heavy Aerospace Fighters

At Demeter Lycomb-Davion with some prompting from the First Prince (who is a major shareholder) announces that they will be building 3 Stuka aerospace fighter lines at their rebuild factory there. The intent is clear to provide a nearby source of the versatile assault fighter for the newly forming wings of the League March next door. Further consideration is being given to add a Huscarl Heavy OmniFighter and Hammerhead Aerospace Fighter production line.

Penetrator Heavy BattleMech (in Combat by Oswald)

Penetrator Heavy BattleMech

At the new SunCorp facilities within the League March, there is a number of industrial actions. Small scale sabotage and strikes break out as workers protest against the takeover of the former StarCorp facilities. MIIO move in and begin to make investigations, suspicious of how well timed these actions are. Plans to add lines of OmniMechs are placed on temporary hold.

Hildco Interplanetary announce a license transfer between themselves and Kallon Industries. They are transferring a license for the ever popular Pillager class assault 'Mech (along with an unspecified c-bill sum) to Kallon in return for a license to produce the Templar-O on St. Ives. Behind the scenes this deal has largely been orchestrated by the government of the Federated Sun's who wish to see League March companies producing Davion favourite battlemechs. In what is no doubt a totally unrelated announcement Kallon also announce shortly after this that with a generous loan from the FedSuns Government they will be expanding their Nanking factories to produce Enforcer III and Penetrators.

Troubles in fragmented the Free Worlds League[]

In the Free Worlds League, itself more and more revolts are breaking out across the former Andurien Duchy. Reprisals are often heavy handed and brutal which only leads to more unrest. Worse a pro-Sian revolt breaks out on Pella II. Tamarind contacts the Abbey District and makes a plea for support. They also make a large order with Kendall based Kali Yama Alphard Trading Corporation for nearly 2 battalions of their heavy battlemechs to augment their new forces along with an order for twice that number of tanks from Brooks Inc facility on the same planet.

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