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Federated Suns Reborn (Chapter Cover)

The Federated Suns Reborn
- Chapter 123

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May 3069
Integration and Movement

Shifting Focus to the Dragon[]

May began with a major shift of AFFS forces from the now quieting Capellan Front to the potential flash point of the Draconis Front. This was possible due to the shattered nature of the CCAF and the various factions that the Confederation had shattered into. As well as reinforcing the frontier a number of AFFS and Davion loyalist mercenary formations were clearly being used to form task forces at key worlds. For instance an incredibly powerful force was being built up in the Addicks PDZ based around Murchison - with the 2nd & 4th Davion Guards RCTs joining the 5th Robinson Rangers RCT on the planet. This concentration of firepower on a single world near the Combine frontier would be dangerous enough for the DCMS but when you consider that the entire Vegan Rangers mercenary brigade was also stationed in the Addick's PDZ and that the Davion Assault Guards RCT was at nearby Helen while the 2nd Crucis Lancers RCT was on Errai amongst other units the threat was clear. The Addick's PDZ was being built up in preparation for either absorbing any DCMS strike or as a potential base for an overwhelming assault into the Combine around Quentin and Deiron oOr potentially into the WOB Protectorate...

As well as the forces at Addicks the AFFS also built up more forces in the Le Blanc PDZ behind the front lines and an even stronger task force built around the First Prince's 1st Davion Guards RCT on Markesan. With the 1st Kathil Uhlans RCT, 1st Revenant Guards RCT, and Davion Old Guards RCT joining the 1st Davion Guards there were few analysts on either side of the border who could come to any conclusion that this build up was to be used as an offensive force wherever the First Prince saw the need! The presence of the 1st Albion Training Cadre on Markesan was almost an after thought, although with so many elite warriors available to act as OpForces for the cadets it was an excellent learning environment for them.

While the Draconis March saw an influx of combat hardened formations the various units remaining within the League and Capellan Marches redeployed to secure the new worlds that were now under the FedSuns flag. Reorganizing to make sure the new PDZs were not only protected against foreign aggression but also any pro-Liao uprisings. To continue this however there is an obvious need for native born troops to the March. With only the Tikonov based academy providing any source for MechWarriors the AFFS High Command orders alternate routes looked into until the rebuilt academies to can come online.

Victor Davion takes this opportunity to return to New Avalon with a small formation drawn from the 1st Davion Guards to spend time with his wife as well as to address some issues which have arisen both within the Federated Suns' civilian government, but also within the High Command. During these meetings the Princes Champion informs the First Prince that he would like to retire in the near future - and recommends Galen Cox for his replacement. The First Prince with obvious sincerity attempts to talk Ardan Sortek out of retiring, but reluctantly agrees - with the proviso that he stay on in an advisory role for his successor (a request Cox echoes). Sortek agrees, clearly touched that his First Prince thinks so highly of him. Unknown to the Prince's Champion, the First Prince is already considering him for at least 2 more honors at his retirement.

Developments in Industry[]

At the same time the industrial integration of the new worlds continued apace. Large scale deployments of "Davion" standard battlemechs, omnimechs, tanks and aerospace fighters were ordered shipped to the new League March for instance. Atlas, Templar-O, Thanatos-O, Caesers, Argus-O, Dervish-O, Centurions, Enforcers, Valkyries, Javelin-Os, and others were all shipped in by the company rather than by the lance. Indeed one singular order was given to Robinson Standard BattleWorks for roughly 5 regiments worth of Sentry and Watchman class battlemechs to begin outfitting the planned League March Militia's as well as another regiment of Battle Hawks. In itself this was the single biggest contract ever awarded to the Robinson based firm. Given that the existing production lines were already busy producing battlemechs for the existing 3 Marches Militias and training units as well as various planetary militias Duke James Sandoval announced on the 23rd of May that this order would be met by the construction of an entirely new factory complex. Uniquely this facility would not be based within his own March but instead would be built upon the world of Achernar in conjunction with Achernar Battlemechs. Robinson would put up the funds and the Sentry, Watchman, and Battle Hawk designs (with an optional sub-contract to add the Black Knight heavy battlemech design) while Achernar would put up much of the heavy industry while also supplying their Enforcer III Battlemech design as well as their Cavalier and Infiltrator II battle armor licenses (with a similar optional subcontract to add the Dervish-O or Argus-O classes Omnimech to the facility). This new facility is intended to produce not only battlemech's which will give the League March Militia's a more Davion flavor, but also provide a massive sign of the Federated Suns investment in the new March.

In a similar attempt to press for further integration the aerospace company Tengo Aerospace is encouraged to seek a license to produce the Sabre class aerospace fighter from Jalastar Aerospace on Panpour to replace the poorly thought of Thrush and Cheetah at their Sarna and St Ives plants. While Jalastar is somewhat loathe to help a competitor the recent issues involving Panpour and veiled references to investigations are enough to have them come around quickly. As well as the appeals to not only their patriotism but also their bank balances with hefty licensing fees. The retooling is expected to be completed between September and August and will convert 4 existing lines to Sabre production at Sarna and an additional 3 at St. Ives.

Mujika Aerospace's board of directors, reading the writing on the wall, decide to "jump before they are pushed". Instead of waiting for AFFS demands for them to retool from their existing lines they instead negotiate a quick merger with Wangker Aerospace. Obtaining a 20% share in the combined company and assurances that within the League March the company will trade as Mujika-Wangker Aerospace the company acquire access overnight to some of the most highly sought after aerospace designs within the Federated Suns. Their facility on St Ives sees major investments almost overnight in upgrading and expanding their production facilities to produce the "royal" variant of the Tomahawk class aerospace fighter, while their Capella based facility not only see's it's 2 Transit lines being retooled to produce the Corsair fighter a third line begins construction.

One area where Capellan production continues at full pace in the new League March is that of stealth armored battlemechs. Every production line for designs incorporating stealth armor saw large scale orders made. Rashpur-Owens Shipyards also see large scale orders placed for Dropships, particularly for the Achilles, Avenger, and Excalibur class vessels. It goes without saying that jumpship production is also unaffected, indeed Monolith production increases slightly.

Achilles Class DropShip (Underthrust)

Achilles Class Assault DropShip

The CEO of Earthwerks on Tikonov are also encouraged to take full control of the Earthwerk's facilities on Ares, Grand Base, and Victoria and to come up with a comprehensive integration plan to help integrate these factories into the wider FedSuns and increase their production. From being a marginalized company with facilities on only a single world the company is now one of the major players within the Federated Suns defense industries, and is keen to capitalize on the possibilities this brings.

New Independence Weaponry attempts during May to buy out Tao Mechworks on Styk, but with the backing of the new Duchess of St. Ives the company survives the takeover attempt. A few days later they sign a long term contract to provide Battlemasters, Victors, and Crusaders to the St Ives Lancers.

Crusader (Unseen version by SU-SMD)

Crusader Heavy "Mech

On Brockton, the Maltex Corporation has their Highlander production line go operational. The first entire company of the new battlemechs are slated to help upgrade the 1st Brockton Borderers regiment, giving them a huge boost in firepower and capabilities.

Coordinator Builds a Coalition[]

Within the Draconis Combine, the Coordinator continues to work on securing the support he needs. While Clan Nova Cat informs him that their Khans will immediately head for Luthien, while the Ravens are far more interested in securing themselves within the Outworlds Alliance. Almost daily it seems more Jumpships and Dropships are arriving in the small periphery nation, with reports from the few SLDF troops in the Homeworlds indicating some sort of civil war breaking out. It's obvious to everyone that the Snow Ravens are attempting to carve a new home for themselves within the Alliance. Given the lack of interest however to his invitation, the Coordinator decides to make use of this information and informs the Snow Ravens that if they come to Luthien to discuss his deal he will offer them 3 months of being able to use his realms charging stations and planets for their ships to move through - cutting months of the journey time to the Outworlds. The Black Dragon Society however is continuing to demand more and more assurances of safe conduct before agreeing to meet with the Coordinator.

Tikonov Free Republic actions[]

The Tikonov Free Province within the Free Worlds League, it's forces wiped out over Tikonov begins to attempt to rebuild their shattered military by reforming a Tikonov Marshals regiment. The hope that this prestigious named formation will attract recruits is unfortunately in vain, as with the total defeat the Tikonov Republican Guard units suffered the province's military is far from well regarded by the natives...

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