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Federated Suns Reborn (Chapter Cover)

The Federated Suns Reborn
- Chapter 118

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March 3069
Formation of the League March

Organizing new Territories[]

With the agreement largely hammered out between Conrad Davion and Duchess Cassandra Allard-Liao, and with further discussions having taken place between Princess Isis Davion and Duke George Hasek. The formal deceleration that the St. Ives Compact would join the Federated Suns and form the basis of the new League March was made on the 28th of March 3069. The League March would only formally come into being on the 1st of January 3070, but in the meantime the integration and establishment of the new March would continue as quickly as was possible. The plans for this have been agreed between the various parties so that they can being laying the framework for the new March.

It had been agreed that as each PDZ became "functional" they would be switched from their current "Military Governments" run directly by the AFFS to the government of the League March on St. Ives. The Achernar and Nanking PDZ's are immediately transferred over to control from St. Ives, while the provisional St. Ives PDZ is also granted the same status - despite in no way qualifying officially due to the sheer damage to it's infrastructure. However politically it is felt that having the seat of the new March not actually being under the control of the March would be disastrous. The Federated Suns Government and the AFFS immediately begin pouring even more resources into the former St. Ives Compact in order to prop it up and get it up and running as soon as humanly possible.

The remaining worlds of the former Sarna March are divided into 4 additional PDZ which are to be formed up over the coming months. The Styk PDZ is formed from the worlds coreward of Styk, Tsitsang, St Andre, and Hunan - with a conscious decision having been made not to award Liao the honor of naming the PDZ and League March Militia to be based there after the shameful surrender of the original Liao SMM in 3057. The Corey PDZ was effectively reformed from it's former worlds - unlike in the other worlds cases Corey is once again granted the honor of naming the PDZ and March Militia given the hard fight that the original Corey SMM put up in 3057 despite being cut off and eventually forced to surrender. Similar to the Corey PDZ, the former Sarna PDZ is reformed from it's former worlds, but this time the PDZ and it's corresponding March Militia is to be granted to the world of Truth. The remaining worlds of the former Sarna March are all allocated to the newly renamed Menkib PDZ with the plan being to raise a Menkib LMM in due course.

St. Ives Compact worlds find themselves transitioning into the new St. Ives PDZ - although some thought was given to breaking this PDZ up into 2 separate formations it was thought that it was best to leave them former Compact intact. The Capella PDZ is planned to be formed from the world of Capella itself when it finally surrenders and the worlds of Geifer, Aldertaine, No Return, Randar, Relevow, Minacora, New Sagan, Ares, Necromo, and Capricorn III. The Hexare PDZ is to be formed from the worlds between the St. Ives and Capella PDZ, the border of the Sian Republic down to and including the worlds of Decus and Hustaing. The remaining PDZ of the League March is planned to be formed from the worlds between the Capellan PDZ and the League/Sian Republic border. This is provisionally listed as the Ingersoll PDZ.

The Achernar, Nanking and Styk PDZ are allocated to the Tikonov Operations Area, while the Corey, Truth, and Menkib PDZs are allocated to the newly reformed Palos Operations Area. The St. Ives, Capella, Hexare, and Ingersoll PDZ are all allocated to the Warlock Operations Area. All in all the plans call for the League March to consist of 3 Operations Areas which will incorporate 10 PDZ's between them. Although all of these borders are for the time being provisional and dependent on further conquests from the fracturing Confederation. Some thought for instance is given to incorporating the Sian Republic as an additional PDZ if peace is not achieved.

At the same time and in discussions with Duke Hasek the new border between the Grand Base and Victoria PDZ of his Capellan March is set with everything coreward of Madras and Menke (including those 2 worlds) being assigned to the Grand Base PDZ, while everything rimward of Decatur and Victoria (including those 2 worlds) being assigned to the Victoria PDZ. The Duke is already pushing for 2 additional Borderer regiments to be formed at Claxton and Bellatrix...

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