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Federated Suns Reborn (Chapter Cover)

The Federated Suns Reborn
- Chapter 117

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March 3069
Dissolution of the Capellan Confederation

Successor states of a Confederation[]

With the Battle of Sian finally over, Strategic Military Director Talon Zahn makes his move to try and safeguard what he can of the former Capellan Confederation. By now he has accepted that the Confederation he has served his whole life is doomed. Any chance to preserved it had died when the Andurian Commonality and the rump Victoria Commonality had refused to acknowledge his coup against House Liao on Sian. Instead of attempting to preserve a corpse he instead announced the formation of the Sian Republic - with himself as it's Lord Protector. He invites all remaining Capellan Worlds to join the Republic as full members - while at the same time sending out requests for recognition from the various other realms of the Inner Sphere.

He swiftly receives word from Castrovia and Ito, the remaining worlds of the Sian Duchy, that they wish to join his newly declared Sian Republic. Both worlds however make it abundantly clear that they will not continue to fight the AFFS. Should Davion RCTs appear in their skies they will immediately surrender.

Sian Republic grows[]

While the world of Pella II has been annexed to the Andurien Commonality, the remaining 3 worlds of the Krin Duchy also all agree to join the Sian Republic, as do the remaining "free worlds" of the Altora Duchy - Altora itself and the world of Fronde. This gives the new Sian Republic a grand total of 8 worlds.

The Sian Republic Military is largely built around the Red Lancer's regiment as well as a number of Sian Dragoon regiments - the 1st (having switched sides following the nuclear detonation of the Maskirovka's HQ and having absorbed the few survivors of the 11th, 10th, and 12th and the 7th Confederation Reserve Cavalry. Warrior House Imarra had been folded into the Red Lancers given the heavy losses both sides have suffered. They receive a welcome boost when the 3rd Confederation Reserve Cavalry and 4th Sian Dragoons deployed to the Andurien Commonality defect and turn up at Sian.

World grabs for the Andurien Commonality[]

Duke Baxter's Andurien Commonality responds to the formation of the Sian Republic by sending the 2nd & 4th McCarron's Armored Cavalry to seize the worlds of Betelgeuse and Sigma Mare from the collapsing Confederation. On Betelgeuse the "invading" "Andurien" forces are in fact joined by Warrior House Kamata who swore eternal loyalty to the "Divine Chancellor".

Niomede, Principia, and Andarmax are similarly annexed to the Andurien Commonality. The first two by Duke Baxter's diplomatic efforts with Andarmax joining when the Shin Legion arrives to inform the planet that they are indeed joining the Commonality.

Almost as soon as these worlds join the Andurien Commonality their new ruler orders their Home Guards to dispatch at least 1/3rd of their infantry formations to the rest of the Commonality to aid in holding the restive Andurien and other Free Worlds League planets for the Commonality. These formations are provisionally named the "Andurien Rifles" and are ordered to put down the growing insurrections. They vary in quality wildly, with the formations drawn from Betelgeuse and Sigma Mare well equipped and professional while the forces from Andarmax are almost an unformed rabble.

The Andurien Commonality is undoubtedly the major "military" power of the former Capellan realms. It's forces are based around the 5 regiments of McCarron's Armored Cavalry, but also include the 4th Tau Ceti Rangers, 15th Dracon, Shin Legion, Marshigama’s Legionnaires, Warrior House Kamata, 2nd Liao Guard, 2nd Sian Dragoons, and Warrior House Lu Sann. Although the later 3 commands in particular are considered of extremely dubious reliability.

Victoria Commonality[]

In contrast to the other forming realms diplomacy the Government-in-Exile of the Victoria Commonality declares itself as the single true successor of the Confederation and continues to maintain they are in fact the heirs of Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao while denouncing all others. The 1st Victoria Rangers and the 3rd Sian Dragoons both swear allegiance to the Victoria Commonality. The Government-in-Exile which is based on Gunthar makes a number of bold and aggressive declarations against the Federated Suns, Sian Republic and Andurien Commonality, but does nothing but attempt to shore up it's faltering position. Although it does manage to attract the loyalty of the 1st Capellan Chargers on Wright who bring that Sian Commonality world into the fold with them. Although given that they number barely 2 companies of battered battlemechs they add little real military might to the Victoria Commonality.

The Remaining worlds of the Capellan Commonality[]

The remaining worlds of the Capellan Commonality attempt as best they can to take no decision as to which faction to join. Without a single battlemech formation between all 6 worlds they realize that they are effectively at the mercy of the surrounding powers and don't want to formally declare for one side or another. Although most realise that the most likely outcome will be them being annexed to either the FedSuns or joining the Sian Republic. Almost nobody suggests forming a rump Capellan Commonality in exile as that is likely to bring the AFFS down on them hard.

Along with these 6 unaffiliated worlds there are also Capellan troops on Capella itself as well as the 6th Harloc Cavalry Raiders on Harloc and a number of smaller splintered holdouts throughout the FedSun's occupied worlds who haven't declared for one party or another...

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