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Federated Suns Reborn (Chapter Cover)

The Federated Suns Reborn
- Chapter 109

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January 3069
St. Ives Update

Taking stock of the Situation[]

While things had improved marginally within the St Ives Compact during December, in the New Year most realized that this had been the calm before the storm. The new Duchess of St Ives found more and more of her government collapsing due to sheer inertia. Kali Liao's attack hadn't managed to destroy the St Ives Compact but it was now becoming apparent that she had managed to cripple it and potentially fatally wound it. The most obvious and stark threat now to the St Ives Compact however was no longer the Capellan Confederation or the Thuggee Cult but in fact the Federated Suns. Ironically the very ally that was propping them up.

Worlds leaving the fold[]

On the 5th of January the planetary government of the world of Texlos formally petitioned New Avalon to join the Federated Suns. They were soon joined on the 11th by the world of Teng and on the 15th by Tallin. On the 27th the world of Ambergrist joined them in seeking admission into the Federated Suns. The loss of any one of these worlds would be crippling for the small state and the loss of all 4 was almost certainly fatal. Worse it was almost certain that if these worlds did secede and join the FedSuns then others would no doubt follow. Whispers were coming that Warlock and Taga were also considering the move.

Duchess Cassandra could do little to prevent these movements. Her own government was still in ruins, her military overstretched. and frankly her entire economy was on the verge of a potential crash that had not been seen since the First Succession War. The worse the only thing propping her government and nation up both politically, militarily, and economically at this point was the very Federated Sun's that her worlds were petitioning to join! The only current silver lining was that the Federated Sun's had made no official response to the requests to join it, but few amongst her advisers were naive enough to think that their neighbor would turn down adding 4 rich industrial worlds to it's realm!

Pleading for Aide in face of Ruin[]

Gripping the bull by the horns she contacted First Prince Victor Davion directly and requested that they might meet to discuss the future. She made it clear she was prepared to rush to his command post on Tikonov or meet with him on New Avalon at his convenience. Instead she was surprised to hear back from him immediately that he would himself travel to St. Ives and meet with her upon her own world. Fresh from his meeting with the Coordinator he promised to head directly to St. Ives at his best speed. He would arrive in early February

Restructuring St. Ives forces[]

In the meantime Duchess Cassandra folded both the remaining 2nd Janissaries and Blackwind Lancers into her own rebuilding 1st St Ives Lancers - bringing this shattered unit up to around 2 battalions in strength. Although on paper the unit remained elite rated and now at a respectable 60% of it's full strength the unit cohesion was abysmal. The entire 2nd battalion were former Janissaries and Blackwind Lancers and were still finding their way to working together - let alone with the existing 1st battalion. Both units survivors were also hoping that eventually they would be broken off to reform their former commands.

Hunting the Raiders[]

Meanwhile on Harloc, the rogue 2nd St Ives Lancers found themselves facing off against Harloc's Raiders. Both units were hovering around half strength and both were rated as veteran troops however the world of Harloc rose up in an almost overwhelming wave in support of "their" regiment. The 2nd St Ives Lancers found almost every single move they made reported to the Raiders or worse blocked by civilians who they were forced to either massacre or go around. With the memories of St. Ives fresh in their mind and hoping to avoid any accusations of acting in the same way as the Capellans the Lancers again and again attempted to maneuver their way out of these difficult circumstances, only to find themselves permanently fighting at a disadvantage against the Raiders.

Worse the Raiders were soon joined by the 6th Confederation Reserve Cavalry from their posting on nearby Hustaing. Coming to the conclusion that hovering at around a battalion in strength would allow them little chance of surviving against a Federated Suns regiment let alone a full RCT. The 6th had upon hearing word that the Harloc's Raiders had moved to Harloc resolved to combine forces with them into a potentially usefully strengthened unit. The addition of the battle hardened 6th's single battalion of troops as well as the popular support allowed the Raiders to finally pin down the 2nd St Ives Lancers on the 29th of January and force them off world with heavy casualties.

The 2nd St Ives Lancers fell back on Milos to take up station there and attempt to rebuild, but they were reduced to a bare company and a half of Mechwarriors plus some supporting troops. They had managed to inflict significant casualties upon the 2 CCAF regiments facing them but the now amalgamated 6th Harloc's Cavalry Raiders still numbered almost 2 battalions of elite troops. Duchess Cassandra considered again ordering the 2nd St Ives Lancers to St Ives to merge into her rebuilding 1st St Ives Lancers, but decided to allow them to remain where they were for the time being. There were only so many shattered commands the 1st could absorb.

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