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Custom Design
Designer Cdunn92788
Production information
Manufacturer DWMD
Model FF-1
Class Light civilianized BattleMech
Technical specifications
Mass 35
Chassis Endosteel
Armor Standard
Engine XL Fusion Engine
Speed 11.0 km/h (140.0 km/h with MASC)
Jump Jets None
BV (1.0)
BV (2.0)


Built like a BattleMech for civilian use, DWMD started off by making 'Mechs for civilian use. They made 'mechs for heavy industry, agriculture, mining, underwater use, and firefighting. Seeing an opening in a very exclusive niche, the slightly off-center, designers at DWMD put there collective minds together. Taking the standard civilian firefighting mech and adding as much armor as the frame could carry. The standard intake valves were replaced with a much more durable version and placed in the legs. The reasoning is that civilian intakes are mounted in the chest with connectors for fire hydrants. The intakes on the FF-1 are mounted in the legs, since there are no hydrants on the battlefield. They can refill the empty coolant tanks with normal water.

The Firefighter is designed to support other mechs that run hot. Such Mechs would be the: Awesome, Marauder, Griffin, and so on. With its speed it could range all over the battlefield helping any mech. While the invention of double heat sinks seemed to ring the death knoll for the firefighter, it still has mediocre sales. However a new tactic has emerged that might boost sales. Some enterprising civilian mech pilot working for the Davion Heavy Guards covered a Berserker with its coolant. The end effect was removing the heat that the Berserker needed for its TSM. This is the first known time the Firefighter was used in an offensive style.

Equipment and Capabilities[]

Not intended for Combat, the Firefighter is intended to endure hazardous situation handling tremendous fires as well act as a support 'Mech for frontline BattleMechs. The Mech uses military grade Fluid Guns to spray targets needing to be cooled. With Fluid gun mounted in each, the leg, arm, and head. Fluid in form of ammo is drawn from storage / ammo bin in the chest.

The Mech fusion engine combined with the MASC, allows the Mech to move at high speeds to reach it's destination it's needed at or need to escape. The design's hull is protected by 6 tons of standard BattleMech armor.


  • FF-1 (Original) - The original Firefighter was armed with "Coolers" and intakes in place of the fluid guns. Information of this prototype was lost and it is unclear what type of engine it was using.(See Notes)


  • Notes - Stats listed in the infobox: Information listed here is intended to allow this to be a functional design verse.
  • Notes: It believed this Mech was designed before rules for IndustrialMechs were established. Thus it is built like a BattleMech and was made with home brew rules. Original design showed the devices mounted n the arms to cool off other mechs were as a "Cooler", while devices in the legs were listed as Intakes (type suction device), it also had 8 single Head sinks,
  • Notes - Origin: Some information of Firefighter is missing. This Mech was salvaged from Geocities's Technical Readout: Legends by's Waybackmachine. Information on this 'Mech is what is present here. Reconstruction of how it was made is unknown as well as the originator who made it. Originally scanned in 2009, it's unclear if it pre-date modern mech making programs such as Solaris Skunk Works (7.0) or the MegaMeklab. Armor listing did not say what type armor was used, thus assumed it is standard Battle Mech armor verses industrialarmor used for IndustrialMechs. The following is the placement for the armor;

Armor & Internal Layout
Head: 9
Center Torso: 12/4
Left/Right Torso: 9/3
Left/Right Arms: 8
Left/Right Legs: 12
Internal Structure
Head: 3
Center Torso: 8
Left/Right Torso: 6
Left/Right Arm: 4
Left/Right Leg: 6

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