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Fate Can be Cruel (Book 2) - Chapter Cover

Fate Can Be Cruel
Chapter 5 - Year 2819


17th November, 2819
Azur (Hegemony)

General Brian Calloway stalked down the long hallway towards the room holding the Computer, it was all he could think to call it. He just could not bring himself to call it Amber. Over the last 4 years, he had called it a lot of names, but never Amber. It was about time it spit out something, I just hope we can use it, he thought as he swiped his key card thru the reader. The door unlocked and he entered, closing the door behind him. A virtual mass of papers were spread across the various tables, with the group of computer geeks standing around reading the printouts.

"Well, what did it spit out? Anything we can use?" He asked.

"Depends on WHEN you want to use this information?" Professor Catherine Glimp said as she spun her wheelchair. Damn she is not looking good, General Calloway thought silently.

"Care to explain that statement, Professor?" He asked.

"Well, most of this are mathematical calculations, but they are way the hell beyond anything we can understand. You’re going to need some serious geeks to understand this stuff." Professor Glimp replied

"But I thought you...." He started to say before she interrupted him "That we were the ultimate geeks? General, this stuff is so far beyond our understanding, and I am not joking."

General Calloway to a section of the printouts and all he saw were some sort of math calculations. "Any idea what any of this even means?"

"Well, there are some symbols we have figured out, they are used in Quantum Mechanics theory, but we can tell you this, all 3 projects you gave us? They are all interconnected somehow, because all 3 projects were completed at the exact same time." Professor Henry Yi said for the first time.

"Well shit, you’re telling me that this 30 Billion C-Bill machine had cracked all 3 problems but has basically encrypted it to where we have to now decode it?" General Calloway replied.

"Don't shoot the messenger General. I just program." Professor Yi said, he turned and typed a few commands into the keyboard and then hit enter. "Amber, are you there?"

A very distinct female voice emerged from small speakers "Yes Professor Yi, how may I assist you?"

"Holy crap, you taught her to talk?" General Calloway exclaimed, startled.

"We had nothing better to do while we waited for her to complete her tasks. Amber, can you please condense and provide a summary for the completed projects?" Professor Yi asked.

"Of course Professor Yi, all 3 projects work on the very same principle. By opening, a conduit thru what you call hyperspace. Project Two concerned a communication device simply called the box. It opens a very small hole to pass a message thru to varying ranges. The 3rd project concerned a larger more powerful communication device called HPG, it uses much more power to open a large hole. The first project uses massive power to open a massive hole on both sides and passes an object through. I have managed to determine that this is massively wasteful method.

What you call a jump core is more than capable of opening a hole to pass an object through, but it expends all the stored energy in a single massive burst. The data you gave me also had information where the jump core was attached to another power source equal to the stored energy in the jump core. When triggered at almost the same time, this opens a massive hole and increases range many times as a single source, but this is wasteful use of that energy. The jump core has enough stored energy to open a single hole using half its stored power and entering what you call hyperspace. By carefully controlling the power being fed into the jump core, an object can remain in hyperspace for a much longer time frame and much longer distances. It takes no power to drop from hyperspace, only to move into and through hyperspace. My calculations show that a single source of power is enough for a distance of 240LY. These power sources can be linked to provide enough power to maintain hyperspace for a distance of 1,050LY of travel. Accuracy will suffer beyond this range. The power transfer will need to be exactly controlled. Any deviation will result in jump drive destruction on arrival. I have provided the needed equations and calculations to allow testing of project one. Project two I have provided the calculations and equations to extend maximum range to 1,000LY with an increase of transmission speed of 180LY per 24 hours. Project three; I have provided the calculations and equations to extend maximum range to 1,000LY but the current model of transmitter will not sustain the power level. It will need a new transmitter and I have provided the needed information to construct it. Was this explanation satisfactory?" The computer asked.

General Brian Calloway just stood there staring at the small speaker. He could not find his voice as his mind was still trying to process what he had just heard.

"Yes Amber, your answer was quite satisfactory." Professor Yi said and then looked at General Calloway who had begun to glance back and forth from the speaker to the computer banks with their blinking lights. Finally, he croaked, "Can all this information be placed onto a data stick?"

Professor Yi handed over 3 data sticks, one for each of the assigned projects.

"Thank you, Amber." He said without thinking, then silently chastised himself for talking to a machine.

"You’re very welcome, General Brian Calloway, Director Hegemony Security, Clearance level Alpha One Alpha." Amber replied in her feminine voice.

General Calloway made a grunting noise and then said "Pack all this paper up. I need to get this information to someone who can make heads or tails of it."

Author's Note
I am not a scientist nor genius. I know some here are wizards at this stuff, so please refrain from shooting me to pieces.

30th November, 2819
Azur (Hegemony)

Once again, Patrick Mitchell (CEO Mitchell Vehicles), Tani Peterson (Hegemony Security Communications) and Hector Serena (Hegemony HPG Systems) had been summoned, only this time they were in a secured Hegemony Security safe house, each had brought 3 of their top researchers as ordered. General Brian Calloway extracted the massive reams of paper and handed each "team" their portion of the papers for them to examine.

For over an hour, the teams shuffled the massive reams of printouts rapidly flipping back and forth. Finally, Collen Falcroy, Mitchell Vehicles top K-F Drive engineer looked up and asked, "Who the hell did these calculations, these are some serious numbers. Damned near beyond my ability to even understand them, and I have been doing numbers like this for over 45 years."

"Amber did them? I must say I am still in a bit of shock about what she told me." General Calloway replied and then mentally slapped himself, security breach dummy.

"Well, you tell Amber that she has a job on my team anytime she wants one. We need to get these number and calculations back to where I can start uploading them so that I can recheck them. Going to take me forever to get all this entered." Collen Falcroy said.

General Brian Calloway extracted the data sticks and handed each "team" the one related to their projects. "Sorry about that, forgot I even had them."

"Well that will make it much easier. I have a good idea of what all this means, but you don't happen to know exactly what it all means do you?" Collen Falcroy asked.

"Actually, I sort of do. I am not even going to try to repeat it word for word, but the short version is this. What you’re holding there are the calculations that will enable you to move to a viable test of the super jump drive. The way it was explained to me was, the jump drive discharges it's energy to open a hole at both ends and then the ship moves through hyperspace to the other side. That is a wasteful method. A jump drive only needs part of it's power to open a hole to enter hyperspace, if the power flow is exactly calibrated, a ship can remain in hyper space for a longer distance. It takes no power to drop out of hyperspace, only to enter and travel inside hyperspace. A jump core in theory contains enough power for a 240LY voyage. It also has the stuff you need to connect extra power sources, I assume LF batteries that can if they move their power exactly, extends the jump up to 1,050LY, but I am told that anything past that would not be wise. Don't quote me on all that but it is close." General Calloway explained.

"Holy shit, this revolutionizes everything we know about K-F Theory. This changes everything we know." Collen Falcroy said

"Yeah well, this is so classified that if you even think about it too hard outside of a secure facility I will personally shoot you all." General Calloway said

He then pointed to Hector Serena "You’re holding everything you should need to build a HPG transmitter with a 1,000LY range. But I am told our current HPG equipment will not handle the power this thing will sling."

Next he pointed to Tani Peterson "That is everything you need to increase range to 1,000LY with a speed of 180LY per 24 hours. Now you just need to conquer the encryption issue."

When the collection of genius' began babbling to each other, General Brian Calloway headed for the door. Once outside, he looked at the guards from Hegemony Security "I want a full security detail on every one of them and get a damned team over to the lab and make sure it stays secure along with the wizards that work there."