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Fate Can be Cruel (Book 2) - Chapter Cover

Fate Can Be Cruel
Chapter 20 - Year 3028


3rd January, 3028
An Ting (Draconis Combine)

"Hegira", the call went out across the HPG grid to every unit of Wolf's Dragoons. Heavily escorted Jumpships, carrying the thousands of Dragoon dependents leaped from the system. Orbiting above An Ting, the Dragoon orbital station, Hephaestus, was destroyed with all hands. On the ground, the Ryuken-ichi, moved to engage the Dragoons. They expected a hard fight, but they were not prepared for the extremely stiff defense put up by the Dragoons who utterly destroyed the Regiment during the heavy fighting. Wolf's Dragoons managed to withdraw from the planet in good order.

22th April - 25th May, 3028
Misery (Draconis Combine)

At midnight, Wolf's Dragoons contract with the Draconis Combine expired. Now acting on their own, Wolf's Dragoons were now free to exact their revenge upon the Draconis Combine. Over the course of the next month, much of the best blood of the Dragoons and Combine were spilled on the icy planet named Misery. While both sides suffered from an equally high rate of attrition from the harsh climate, the Dragoons continually outmaneuvered the Kurita troops and rapidly wore them down. The Combine did not know that the snowstorms only blinded their own units. The Dragoons had deployed recon satellites in orbit and by avoiding AeroSpace combat, had prevented the Combine from noticing them.

The fighting cost Wolf's Dragoons just over 40% casualties. However, the losses to the Combine were far worse.

Draconis Combine Regiments Losses

Ryuken-ni - 85% losses
Ryuken-san - 88% losses
Ryuken-go - 83% losses
Ryuken-yon - 78% losses
Eighth Sword of Light - 42% losses
Seventeenth Galedon Regulars - 90% losses
Twenty-First Galedon Regulars - 40% losses

Thazi (Hegemony)

Commanding General Michelle Mitchell watched proudly as Lieutenant JG Christina Mitchell and Lieutenant JG Sarah McEvedy walked across the stage. Both had elected to enter Officer training upon graduating from Mechwarrior Academy. This decision caused them both to miss out on any chance of being "forward" deployed to the Inner Sphere. Both had exchanged looks and instead of protesting, announced they wanted to attend the 2 year Gunslinger Academy while waiting on their chance to deploy.

"I am going to let you try and convince Sarah to return to your Clan Wolverine fold." She whispered to General (Khan) Jessica Hallis, seated beside her

"Sounds more like your scared to try." General (Khan) Jessica Hallis whispered back with a smile.

"Damn right, I am smart enough not to be scared. She is going to blow her stack. Probably challenge you to a duel over it and we have seen her test scores. She is not the brash girl who faced Christopher any more. She has learned and learned very well. Her instructors ranked her as extremely dangerous, hence their selection of her for early admittance to Gunslinger Academy." Commanding General Michelle Mitchell whispered back

"Well, at least be there for backup. She might actually take a swing at me and I am not nearly as good at unarmed fighting." General (Khan) Jessica Hallis whispered

"How about I have a platoon of MP's standing by armed with tranq guns backed by a Ferret Power Armor squad?" Commanding General Michelle Mitchell replied softly.

"Might make that a full platoon of Ferrets." General (Khan) Jessica Hallis commented after thinking it over


1st June, 3028
New Avalon (Federated Suns)

"My Dragoon's accept your offer of a contract First Prince Davion. But I have a condition, my Dragoon's are to be posted on the Combine border. Our dependent's will remain on Crossing if that is okay." Jaime Wolf said via live HPG link up which was extremely expensive but First Prince Hanse Davion was paying for it.

"That is agreeable, Colonel Wolf. I a told your Dragoon's suffered heavy losses, I will inform the quartermaster to kick loose as much spare parts as you need. With your reduced strength, how does garrisoning Glenmora, Harrow's Sun, and Wapakoneta sound? Keeps your command fairly close together." First Prince Hanse Davion replied

"I thank you for that and for the aid the 10th Deneb has rendered to us. I will see to the deployment of my Dragoon's to those worlds as soon as possible." Colonel Wolf said as the connection ended

First Prince Hanse Davion turned and looked at Ardan Sortek, "Get the quartermaster on the ball and have him contact them and see what they need. Make sure their people on Crossing are well looked after."

"Right away, Hanse. I have seen the reports from the 10th Deneb, the Dragoon's are a shadow of their former selves and can use all the help they can get." Ardan said

Algot (Federated Suns)

Lieutenant JG Anastasia Cameron walked down the ramp and looked around. She had accompanied Colonel Christohper Mitchell with her platoon as an advance party. They were the first Screaming Eagles to arrive, but within the next 2 months, the other Regiments would begin arriving. All 6 Regiments of the Screaming Eagles had been pulled from their garrison's and sent here for Galahad 3028, which was planned to kick off on 1 September.

"You wanted to see the Inner Sphere, Sis. well your sure getting a grand tour. We are only 10LY from the Capellan border. First Prince Davion must be looking to rattle Mad Max with all of us being so close to the border like this." Colonel Christopher Mitchell said standing beside her.

"I sure am missing the normal way to travel. I think I have made more normal jumps the last year than I have my entire life." She replied in a whisper that only he could hear.


2nd August, 3028
Algot (Federated Suns)

It became apparent that something big was happening when everyone was recalled to their barracks and the multiple bases were locked down. Across the multiple basses, and many others across Federated Suns planets, unit commanders were were gathered together and given a briefing. When the AFFS Marshal completed his briefing, Colonel Christopher Mitchell looked at General Walther Hokala, Commander Screaming Eagles in disbelief. "Holy shit sir, we thought we were conducting war games, now we are being told we are part of an invasion of the Capellan Confederation. I mean holy shit."

"Keep your voice down, Colonel Mitchell" he glanced at the other Screaming Eagle commanders "All of you keep your voice down. We are professionals. Missions change all the time. Now, I have to go to another meeting where I am sure I will get our actual mission orders. For now, return to your commands and get the techs to pull the training module's off the equipment and get them ready to fight. Have your S4's gather your ammunition needs, I know we all have a basic load, but I want our normal combat load going in. Until I say otherwise, this remains a secret. Just get everything ready."

Two hours later, General Walther Hokala was getting his commands personal briefing from the AFFS Marshal. "Your First Wave target is Pleione, your 2nd and 4th Regiments will take the planet. Your opponent is Third Battalion of McCrimmon's Light Cavalry. Your Regimental Jumpships will move to Halloran V and wait there, we will have transports here move them to Halloran V where your Dropships will move to your transports and hit your target. We launch on the 28th August. We will gauge Capellan reaction before launching the second wave which will commit your other 4 Regiments. Your contract is a retainer contract, but normal combat bonus' apply."

27th August, 3028
Terra (Comstar)

Everyone had seen and heard the exchange between Colonel Jaime Wolf and Coordinator Takashi Kurita, who stood there in a silent rage. At his feet lay a set of ritual swords. Though the conversation had been in fluent Japanese, just about everyone had a translator close at hand. Declaring a personal war between Wolf's Dragoons and the Coordinator in public was by many considered the height of stupidity.

28th August, 3028

First Prince Hanse Davion, having just received a Battlemech Regiment from his bride Melissa Steiner, winked at Archon Katrina Steiner a split second before he spoke. "And to you my dear, I give to you the Capellan Confederation." His words caused the Capellan delegation, mainly Chancellor Maximilian Liao, to go absolutely berserk. He began screaming for aides to gather the dishes which held names of Capellan planets. As the bedlam continued, First Prince Hanse Davion led the combined Federated Suns and Lyran Commonwealth delegations from the room with a hearty laugh.

Pleione (Capellan Confederation)

The Jumpships carrying the Screaming Eagles 2nd and 4th Regiments materialized and detached their flock of Dropships, which began a easy 1g burn for the planet only 2 days away from the jump point. Aboard the Dropships, the men and women of the Screaming Eagles made last minute equipment checks and prepared themselves for battle.

30 August 3028
Pleione (Capellan Confederation)

The Dropships carrying the Screaming Eagles 2nd and 4th Regiments made their landings under the cover of 4 Squadrons of Aerospace Fighters. As the Dropships disembarked their precious cargo, reports came in that the Capellan garrison, 3rd Battalion of McCrimmon's Light Cavalry was on the move. Colonel Christopher Mitchell ordered the escorting Aerospace Fighters to engage the enemy at will. Sweeping low over the countryside, the Eagle's Fighters caught McCrimmon's Light Cavalry in the open and over the course of an hour of strafing attacks forced them to break and run, leaving 9 Battlemechs on the open plains.


2 September 3028
Pleione (Capellan Confederation)

"We have them bottled up in the old SLDF base the local's call Thunder Rock. Fly over's tell me this is going to be a bloody bitch to take. But, no sense sitting here griping about it, let's get it done." Colonel Christopher Mitchell said

Ordering his 1st Battalion into action, they slowly worked their way up the fairly narrow road leading to the massive door. It did not take long to realize the Capellans had the road mined with command detonated mines, costing the 2nd Regiment 3 Battlemechs. Those that got close enough to the fortress discovered that the defenders could fire from cover quite effectively, costing another 2 Battlemechs destroyed and 4 damaged. Colonel Mitchell ordered the his people to fall back.

9 September 3028

After days of concentrated artillery fire and bombing by both Regiments Aerospace Fighters, they were no closer to taking the ancient fortress. But the Eagles were not one trick ponies, while keeping up an almost constant rain of fire on the fortress, Colonel Mitchell had sent his Infantry Battalion up into the mountains and they were now less than a 1/4 mile from the massive walls surrounding the small mountain top courtyard at the center of the fortress. As dawn started to make it's appearance, a Union Class Dropship from the 4th Regiment slowly moved into a hover over the courtyard and a company of jump jet equipped Battlemechs began dropping into the small courtyard.

The Eagles' Battlemechs came under fire the second they made their landings. Hastily, they formed a line of fire while 2 Enforcer's moved to the massive wall and began blasting away at it. Once they had exhausted their autocannon rounds, they physically began tearing at the wall until they penetrated it. Seeing the now gaping hole, Major Dennis Oystein ordered his Infantry Battalion to charge. The Eagle Infantry poured into the fortress. Most of the Eagles' Battlemechs were down, but they had blasted several access doors open to allow their Infantry to enter the mountain fortress itself. Now began the most dangerous part, worse than city fighting, slowly clearing the underground fortress down tunnels.

As his Infantry reported entry, Colonel Mitchell ordered the Union loaded with heavier jump equipped Battlemechs to the mountain top. He wished his sister as much mental luck as he could.

Lieutenant JG Anastasia Cameron slowly used a mirror attached to a pole to peek around the corner of the tunnel they were in. She caught a glimpse of people moving around. She signaled to her lead troops, who stepped forward and tossed grenades around the corner. At their explosion, a squad from her platoon rushed around the corner, one fell, wounded and she pulled him to cover while calling for a medic. As the gunfire slackened, she took another peek and signaled the rest of her platoon to move forward. Before she could round the corner, the hulking bulk of Master Sergeant Jamison pushed in front of her. As she moved down the small tunnel, she had to step over another of her soldiers, dead.

The rest of the day was filled with the same slow approach by the Eagle Infantry, but they had a firm grip on the fortress and were not about to let go.

13 September 3028

Lieutenant JG Anastasia Cameron was dirty and smelly. Her uniform was blood splattered. Some of it hers from flying bits of rocks, a bandage covered part of left elbow where she had cut it badly when a grenade blast had tossed her into a sharp rock. A map of the complex had been discovered and passed to the Eagles Infantry, so at least she knew where the hell she was down here. They were finally closing on the main level of the fortress, but currently their way was blocked by stiff fire coming from the defenders. Heavy Battlemechs were working their way down the larger corridor and once they forced their way inside, the Infantry would move forward again.

The blasts coming from the main level announced the arrival of the Heavy Battlemechs and Lieutenant JG Cameron stood up from where she had been crouching. "Let's take this place!!" She yelled as she plunged around the corner before Master Sergeant Jamison could cut her off, but he followed close on her heels cursing up a storm. Running down the small hallway, she glimpsed someone moving, and took a snap shot at the figure, her shots spinning the person before dropping him. As she broke into the massive main cavern, she moved to cover behind huge stacks of crates and began firing on anything she saw moving. In the very far distance, at least 300 meters away, she saw the massive doors open and what looked like a Company of Battlemechs make a break for the door, while the remaining kept up a steady fire inside the massive underground cavern.

As the Company from McCrimmon's Light Cavalry came pounding down the access road, they were slowed by the craters from the sustained artillery bombardment. Artillery fire managed to drop several Battlemechs and as the main body reached the broader plains, they swiftly fell to the massed fire of almost a full Regiment of the Eagles' Battlemechs.

After 3 hours of hard fighting, the surviving Capellan defenders finally surrendered and the fighting on Pleione was over. The cost to the Screaming Eagles was 13 Battlemechs destroyed and 17 damaged. The worst was suffered by the Eagles Infantry with 63 KIA and 197 WIA, both Lieutenant JG Anastasia Cameron and Master Sergeant Jamison among them, though minor wounds.

15th September, 3028
Thazi (Hegemony)

Commanding General Michelle Mitchell watched the video of Colonel Jaime Wolf's encounter with Coordinator Takashi Kurita and could not help but smile at the expression on Kurita's face. Though it had been centuries since any hostilities between the Combine and Hegemony, there was no love lost from any Hegemony citizen for the Combine. She switched the video off, having already watched it several times to try and brighten her mood. Ever since learning that First Prince Hanse Davion had launched a major invasion of the Capellan Confederation on his very wedding day, she had been in a foul mood, knowing that Anastasia and Christopher were right in the middle of it. Now she had news that a mercenary unit, the Gray Death Legion. The mercenaries had discovered a Star League memory corps on Helm, in the Free Worlds League. She had pulled up all the information she could find.

The site had been visited by Hegemony Security in 2791 covertly. They had pulled a full inventory of the site, which had contained 4 Regiments of Battlemechs, 5 Regiments of Armor and enough small arms to equip over 10 Infantry Regiments along with plenty of ammunition and spare parts. Commanding General Rita Mitchell had ordered the site re-hidden and kept sealed in case it was needed. There, it had sat for two centuries, until now. Copies of the Memory Core were on their way all over the Inner Sphere. The core itself contained mainly civilian information and other technology, but very little direct military information. Reports that the site itself had been destroyed with very little of the massive cache removed at least calmed her come what.

She had told Christina about the start of the war in the Inner Sphere and that Anastasia was smack in the middle of it. This had resulted in Christina kicking up a fuss about missing what would probably be the only shooting war in her life time. Michelle hoped this was true, but something deep inside her said otherwise. If anything, the Inner Sphere was entering what could be the most dangerous time they had ever seen. First Prince Hanse Davion had learned how to once again move large armies around, how to supply them and how to fight a war on a scale not seen in many years. He had taught the Lyran Commonwealth how to do so, and they were currently invading the Draconis Combine on a broad front, invading 23 systems from the get go. This did have a threat level for the Hegemony, though not an immediate one, but the threat was there all the same.

She had to send a message to Sarah McEvedy, who after throwing a major fit, since having agreed to make the journey to Drachenfeld with General (Khan) Jessica Hallis. She would take her Gunslinger training on Drachenfeld. She was sure that Hallis would convince Sarah to stay with V Corps and the Wolverines. Though they had been fully absorbed into the Hegemony, there had always been a small segment that kept the Wolverines alive, and it was growing larger every year. They caused no trouble, but were quick to rile up if they perceived any sort of slight against any one with Wolverine blood coursing through their veins. Hegemony Security kept a loose eye on those that joined the Wolverine movement. General (Khan) Jessica Hallis had informed Michelle that she felt Sarah might be a calming effect on the more hard core Wolverines. But she also feared her presence could cause the movement to expand even more. She hoped Sarah's Hegemony upbringing would calm things.

16th September, 3028
Thazi (Hegemony)

"It's time, Mark." Commanding General Michelle Mitchell said as she sat down across from Director-General Mark Cameron

"Time for what, Michelle?" Mark Cameron asked, she had lost him.

"It's time to crank the factories to full scale production. We now face a threat that requires it. I also want to fully upgrade the Versailles factory to our current tech level. I am sending a DoME team there to start work on some massive underground warehouses. I figure it is going to take at least 5 years to get every command outfitted with the latest and greatest designs. At the very least another 10 years to restock our warehouses with spares. I know you hate the expense, but our defensive plans were drawn up by General Rita Mitchell. We have only updated them, not really deviated from them. They call for double spares ready to go. Translated, that means for every piece of equipment in use, there are 2 new ones sitting in storage at all times." Michelle replied

"What threat am I missing?" Mark asked

"The Federated Suns and Lyran Commonwealth are showing that they have relearned the lost art of launching massive invasions and supporting them. That is a threat I cannot turn a blind eye to. Not only that, but in the near future, those two Houses are going to become one. I am not going to go down in history as the one that did not plan for an obvious threat. Not that I really expect one from those particular Houses, but leaders change and so do their goals." Michelle explained

"Okay Michelle, what else do we need to do to counter this possible threat?" Mark asked

"Well, I am not going to move fleet assets, yet, but I have Admiral Tanaka working up a plan to base a squadron at Versailles. This will give us a nice strong strike capability right in the middle of this possible threat. I will also be moving 2 Divisions to Versailles, fully equipped with our advanced equipment. I have not decided which Divisions yet, but if this threat materializes some day, I want a nice strong punch ready to go. From Versailles, I can gut the Federated Suns war making ability with a month of combat operations." Michelle said

"Damn Michelle, what the hell caused this level of paranoia?" Mark asked

"I have to be paranoid of any ruler that will launch a massive war on his own wedding day, during the toast between bride and groom. While I do not think First Prince Hanse Davion is crazy, he is one that must be treated as a threat at all times. His nickname is the FOX, and he is living up to that name very well. He managed to lull both the Capellan and Combine into a sense of security before launching a massive strike against them. I will not be lulled into a sense of security when dealing with him." Michelle said

"Very well, I will keep that in mind if I ever have to deal with him. Now, do we have any word on Ana or Christopher?" Director General Mark Cameron asked

"Both are alive. Anastasia got some minor wounds, mainly fragments. Overall, so far our casualties have been light." Commanding General Michelle Mitchell replied, making sure he did not forget that all of the Eagles' casualties were Hegemony casualties.

"You know I hate this. This whole fact that we put our people in harms way, but not in defense of our nation but for others gains." Mark said

"It is our only means of gaining combat experience. This is how we maintain combat proven leaders. It has been this way for centuries. Every year, we bring back an average of 2,600 combat proven troops, an average of 1/3 of those go on to a higher rank and further commands. That is the combined average from the 3 commands operating in the Federated Suns. Like it or hate it, it must be done. General Rita Mitchell was brilliant setting that up." Michelle replied

"Yes, your right, but it does not make it any easier to handle. I will issue the proper authorization to maximize production. Try not to bankrupt us please." Mark said

20th September, 3028

With the order from Director-General Mark Cameron, the industrial might of the Hegemony was once again unleashed after over a century of much reduced production. Over the last decade, manufacturers had been hiring and training up their work force. Production lines, long idle had been refurbished and modernized for this day. Orders from the Hegemony Armed Forces began flowing into the various manufacturers. Over the years, many new versions of existing vehicles had been designed and placed into limited production, but now, all the stops were pulled. Across the Hegemony, manufacturers went to a wartime production schedule, both to fully modernize the HAF but also to restock the many store houses across the Hegemony.

Hegemony Industries Thazi Motors (Thazi)

Manticore II - 4 Lines producing 20 per month each line
Alacorn MkVIb - 4 Lines producing 20 per month currently each line
Turhan II - 4 Lines producing 40 per month currently each line
Demon II - 3 Lines producing 20 per month currently each line
Demon (Missile) - 2 Lines producing 20 per month each line
Chevalier II - 3 Lines producing 40 per month currently each line
Pegasus II Hover - 1 Line producing 40 per month each Line
Paramour Mobile - adding 2 Lines producing 20 per month each Line
Engineering Vehicle - 2 Lines producing 10 per month each Line
BFFL "Buffalo" Hover Cargo - 2 Lines producing 30 per month each Line
Mobile HQ - 1 Line producing 10 per month
Mobile HPG - 1 Line producing 3 per month

Thazi Motors (Ambatomainty)

Brunel Dump Truck - 2 Lines producing 20 per month each line
Lessups Dump Truck - 2 Lines producing 30 per month each line
TLF-LL6500 Fire Engine - 2 Lines producing 40 per month each line
MASH Truck - 2 Lines producing 20 per month each line
135-K Coolant Truck - 2 Lines producing 30 per month each line
Jeep - 2 Lines producing 60 per month each line
Flatbed Truck - 2 Lines producing 60 per month each line
Sherpa Truck - 2 Lines producing 60 per month each line
J-27 Ordinance w/ Trailor - 2 Lines producing 30 per month each line
Battlemech Recovery Vehicle - 2 Lines producing 20 per month each line
Heavy Battlemech Recovery - 2 Lines producing 15 per month each line
Corx Mobile Tunnel Miner - 2 Lines producing 4 per month each Line

Power Armor Factory

Nighthawk PAL - 6 Lines producing 120 per month each line
Ferret Power Armor (SL)- 6 Lines producing 72 per month each line
Ferret Power Armor (Marine) - 2 Lines producing 72 per month each line

Azur Heavy Industries (Azur)

Padilla Artillery - 3 Lines producing 18 per month each line
Chaparrel Artillery - 2 Lines producing 24 per month each line
Thor Artillery - 3 Lines producing 24 per month each line
Marksman Artillery - 3 Lines producing 24 per month each line

Hegemony Industries (Blommestein)

Battlemech Division

Mongoose MON-69b - 2 Line producing 36 per month
Night Hawk NTK-3Qb - 2 Line producing 36 per month
Panther PNT-10Gb - 2 Lines producing 36 per month
Stinger STG-4Gb - 2 Lines producing 36 per month
Crab CRB-33b - 3 Line producing 36 per month
Enfield END-6Fb - 3 Line producing 36 per month
Starslayer STY-2Cb - 2 Line producing 24 per month
Dervish DV-8Mb - 2 Line producing 24 per month
Thunderbolt TDR-7b - 2 Lines producing 24 per month
Archer ARC-4Rb - 2 Lines producing 24 per month
Warhammer WHM-7A - 2 Lines producing 24 per month
Charger CGR-2Ab - 2 Lines producing 20 per month
Pillager PLZ-4A - 2 Lines producing 20 per month

Aerospace Division

Sabre SB-29 - 2 Lines producing 24 per month
Star Dagger S-3b - 2 Lines producing 24 per month
Tomahawk THK-64b - 2 Lines producing 24 per month
Corsair CSR-V13b - 2 Lines producing 18 per month
Hellcat II HCT-214b - 2 Lines producing 18 per month
Stuka STU-K6b - 2 Lines producing 12 per month
Typhoon TFN-3B - 2 Lines producing 12 per month

Vehicle Division '

Schrek (XL) - 4 Lines producing 20 per month each line
Schrek (TC) - 4 Lines producing 20 per month each line
Maxim PA Hover - 3 Lines producing 36 per month each line
Ontos II Heavy - 2 Lines producing 20 per month each line

Vought Aircraft Military (Ddraig)

Cyrano II Gunship - 3 Line producing 12 per month each Line
Cobra Transport VTOL - 5 Line producing 15 per month each Line
Cobra MASH VTOL - 2 Line producing 10 per month each Line

Cobra Command VTOL - 1 Line producing 10 per month
Cobra (Artillery) - 2 Lines producing 15 per month each Line
Vector Transport VTOL - 4 Line producing 10 per month each Line
Vector Scout - 2 Lines producing 10 per month each Line
Night Shade ECM (Royal) - 1 Line producing 12 per month
Warrior H-9b - 2 Lines producing 12 per month each line

Zetang (Hegemony) Shipyard Complex

500K Ton Pressurized Shipyards - 20
1M Ton Pressurized Shipyards - 20
2.5M Un Pressurized Shipyards - 10
Builder Yardship
Brandt Corvette (SS)
Avatar Heavy Cruiser (SS)
Carrack Transport
Texas Battleship (SS)
Riga Transport (SS)
Aegis Transport (SS)
Potemkin Transport (SS)
Newgrange Yardship (SS)

Carmody Surveillance Vessel

Ceibu (Hegemony)

Dropship Complex

Mammoth-Class Cargo Dropship - 15 hanger producing 30 per year
Mule-Class Cargo Dropship - 20 hanger producing 60 per year
Jumbo-Class Cargo Dropship - 6 hanger producing 18 per year
Lion-Class DropShip (Infantry) - 10 hanger producing 30 per year
Lion-Class DropShip (Hvy Armor) - 6 hanger producing 18 per year
Lion-Class DropShip (Light Armor) - 6 hanger producing 18 per year
Titan-Class Fighter Carrier Dropship - 10 hanger producing 20 per year
Marine Titan-Class Assault DropShip - 4 hanger producing 8 per year
Elephant-Class Tug Dropship - 6 hanger producing 12 per year
Overlord-Class Dropship
Union-Class Dropship
Leopard-Class Dropship
Confederate-Class Dropship

Mitchell Vehicles

Quines (Corporate Headquarters)

Battlemech Factory

Dragoon AEM-01b - 3 Lines producing 36 per month
Dragoon AEM-02b - 3 Lines producing 36 per month
Dragoon AEM-03b - 3 Lines producing 36 per month
Dragoon AEM-04b - 3 Lines producing 36 per month
Jenner JR9-Gb - 3 Lines producing 42 per month
Helepolis HEP-4Gb - 1 Line producing 12 per month
Emperor EMP-7b - 2 Lines producing 24 per month

Crichton (Hegemony)

Battlemech Factory

Shootist ST-9B - 3 Lines producing 36 per month
Nightstar NSR-12b - 3 Line producing 30 per month
Shogun SHG-6b - 4 Lines producing 40 per month
Striker STC-2Zb - 2 Lines producing 20 per month
Victor VTR-9Gb - 2 Lines producing 20 per month
Wolverine II WVR-8b - 2 Lines producing 36 per month

Aerospace Factory

Hellcat II HCT-214b - 4 Lines producing 80 per month
Hellcat II HCT-214b - 2 Lines producing 40 per month
Corsair CSR-V13b - 2 Lines producing 40 per month
Tomahawk THK-64b - 2 Lines producing 60 per month

Dropship Complex

Colossus DropShip (Command Variant) - 10 hanger producing 10 per year
Colossus DropShip (Mech Carrier Variant) x2 - 10 hanger producing 10 per year
Colossus DropShip (Armor Vehicle Carrier Variant) - 10 hanger producing 10 per year

Zebuluraskai (Hegemony)
Shipyard Complex

1M Ton Pressurized Shipyards - 10
Luxor Heavy Cruiser (SS)
Essex III Destroyer (SS)
Riga II Destroyer (SS)
Volga Transport (SS)
M6 Capitol Drone (Doppleganger) (SS)

Dropship Complex

Colossus DropShip (Command Variant) - 10 hanger producing 10 per year
Colossus DropShip (Mech Carrier Variant) x2 - 10 hanger producing 10 per year
Colossus DropShip (Armor Vehicle Carrier Variant) - 10 hanger producing 10 per year

Ostmann Industries
Thazi (Hegemony)

Ostscout OTT-8Jb - 1 Line producing 24 per month
Ostscout OTT-9Fb - 1 Line producing 24 per month
Ostroc OSR-4Cb - 2 Lines producing 24 per month
Ostwar OWR-4Mb - 2 Lines producing 24 per month
Bombardier BMB-15D - 2 Lines producing 24 per month

General Systems Thazi (Hegemony)

Spector SPR-4Fb - 2 Lines producing 24 per month
Exterminator EXT-4Cb - 2 Lines producing 12 per month

Slated for a massive upgrade were the 150 Conventional Regimental Combat Teams. While garrison troops, they were well equipped with equipment on par but less expensive than the front line Hegemony troops. A new TOE was standardized for these commands, each being exactly the same.

Conventional Regimental Combat Team

3 Mechanized Infantry Regiments - 3x Nighthawk Battalions (336 men, 12 Turhan II each)
1 Heavy Armor Regiment - 36 Schrek (TC)s, 24 Demon IIs, 12 Demon (Missile)s, 36 Chevalier IIs
1 Artillery Battalion - 12 Chaparrels, 24 Marksmans
1 VTOL Attack Battalion - 12 Cyrano II Gunship, 24 Warrior Gunships
1 Aerospace Group - 12 Star Dagger, 6 Tomahawk

Taking a page from General Rita Mitchell, Commanding General Michelle Mitchell had decided to re-activate several former SLDF commands for Versailles instead of weakening any of her existing Corps. She selected the 251st BattleMech Division and 20th Mechanized Infantry Division. Both commands would deploy at full strength fully equipped with Hegemony equipment by 3030.

Robinson (Federated Suns)
20th September, 3028

Carly Weisen, was aboard her Scout Jumpship, having taken refuge inside the Federated Suns once the war had kicked off. It had been almost 8 years since she had located what had appeared to be ships and not trusting sending anything at all over an HPG about it, it had taken the war to finally sit and wait for Sammy Featherman, who she had finally learned ran a fairly standard route through Robinson for ZaP Shipping. She and her crew had been here over a week waiting when finally a Liberty II Jumpship materialized not far away bearing ZaP colors. She got a laser lock on the Jumpship and transmitted a message.

<<"Weisen to Featherman, that you Sammy?">>

There was a few minutes of silence before a reply finally came across.

<<"Featherman here. Who is this?">>

<<"It's Carly Weisen. How about I come over for dinner and we can talk about old times?">>

More silence while Sammy Featherman weighed the possibility of a security breach. Carly Weisen was a smuggler, always would be. But she had always shot straight with him, had never steered him wrong.

<<"Sure, Carly. I will alert the shuttle bay to expect you. Give me a few hours to get my Dropships away and a few other things. Around 1800 local time will work.">>

<<"I will be there, Sammy. See you in a few hours.">>

Hours Later

Sammy Featherman greeted Carly Weisen in his ships shuttle bay. She has aged some, but is still a good looking woman, he thought silently. "Carly Weisen, damn it has been what 12-13 years since we last met?"

"Closer to 15 years, Sammy. Looks like your doing quite well for yourself." Carly replied Looking around, the ship looked brand new, she thought.

"I cannot complain. ZaP Shipping is a great company to work for. Yeah, she is only a few years old. ZaP even puts 2% of her revenue towards my purchasing her someday outright." Sammy said with a proud smile.

"Damn, maybe I should hang up my spurs and become a working stiff." Carly replied, half seriously

"Well come on and I will give you the nickel tour on the way to the dining facility." Sammy said, leading the way.

In 45 minutes the tour was over and they were seated in the Captains Mess, a small private room off the main dining room.
Carly took a bite of a freshly cooked steak and savored the taste. "Do all you ZaP folks eat like this?"

"Not all, but most do. ZaP makes the arrangements and we get some serious discounts. Now, you did not come over here to chit chat Carly, you have not changed that much. And before you say anything, I am by the book now a days, nothing even remotely against the rules. Understand?" Sammy replied

"Understood, Sammy. Seriously, I am not here to entice you into anything, but I seem to have found something. Something extremely important to someone. Your the first person I thought of that could get this information to someone that would be interested in it, maybe get me a finders fee. I trust you not to screw me over on the finders fee. It's huge Sammy." Carly said very seriously.

"Depending on what you found, I could probably locate the right person to deliver the information to. And if they were willing to pay a finders fee, I would make sure you got it." Sammy replied

She pulled a data stick from her pocket and handed it over. "This is in system DC18872-2997, no planet system in the Draconis Combine. You take a look at this. I am not leaving Robinson anytime soon, not with the war on. Unless I get shanghaied by the Fed Rats."

Sammy took the data stick, look at it and slipped it into his pocket "I will look it over. If I cannot figure out who to give it to, my boss damn sure will know."

"I trust you, Sammy, you were always a stand up guy. Shame you went legit, we would have made a good team." Carly replied with a smile.

"Maybe we still could, but you would have to give up some of your ways Carly." Sammy said also with a smile.

21 September 3028
Robinson (Federated Suns)

Sammy Featherman had already watched the images from the data stick multiple times. He restarted the few seconds long sensor readings, watching as the ships navigational telescope got a lock on the objects barely 2 seconds before being blinded by the jump. But clear as bell, there were 4 intact ships with another broken in half. Now, who the hell do I tell about this, he wondered. He removed the data stick and slipped it into his pocket. Leaving his stateroom, he wandered up to the bridge and got a secure link to the planet's HPG station. He typed in his message and sent it out, even paid for a priority transmission.

Wapakoneta (Federated Suns)

Dropships from 3rd Proserpina Hussars and the 12th Galedon Regulars began landing near the space port. Quickly deploying, they fanned out around the surrounding area. Beta and Delta Regiments of Wolf's Dragoons, 9 Company's strong, did not waste any time in starting a hit and run campaign against the Combine forces.

Harrow's Sun (Federated Suns)

Gamma and Epsilon Regiments of Wolf's Dragoons, 8 Company's strong, quickly fell back to defensive strongholds around Fort Belvoir by the 8th Galedon Regulars. Both Regiments dug in tight and prepared for a siege.

Glenmora (Federated Suns)

Alpha Regiment, Wolf's Dragoons hit the 5th Galedon Regulars hard right from the get go, pushing the Combine troops back into their landing zone. With only 5 Company's, Colonel Jaime Wolf knew his troops could not stand toe to toe with the Combine troops, but they would make them pay by god.

Crossing (Federated Suns)

At the start of the war, the Dragoon dependents, under the watchful eye's of Zeta Battalion were moved deeply into the Federated Suns.

Operation Rat (Capellan Confederation)

The Second Wave was launched against many targets inside the Capellan Confederation.


1 October 3028
Robinson (Federated Suns)

Baroness Petra Zuni, CEO ZaP Shipping, arrived via a hastily placed command circuit of ZaP Shipping vessels. She took a shuttle over to meet with Sammy Featherman who met her on the shuttle deck. Though she ran a interstellar shipping company, she was not nearly as competent at space travel in Zero G, usually traveling via grav decks. She floated towards Sammy Featherman, where an aide expertly halted her forward movement and helped steady her. "Mr Featherman, I am here. Now what exactly is so important that you had to send a simple "Need you at Robinson without delay" message."

"Baroness Zuni, if you will accompany me to a secure location, I will gladly place this issue into your hands." Sammy Featherman replied, leading them off the shuttle deck.

Once he had the Baroness seated and the door locked, he pulled the data stick from his pocket and inserted it into a reader. "Just watch, ma'am." He said as he hit play.

The monitor began playing the sensor logs and then for a brief few second, the image of the vessels appeared on the screen before a sea of white filled the screen. She leaned in and slowly brought the images back into view. She stared at the images for almost 2 full minutes before speaking. "Mr Featherman, is this what I think it is?"

"I believe it to be exactly what you think it is. I cannot count the number of times I have viewed that image. It's a very long range shot and the navigational camera had just locked onto the vessels as they jumped. It did not have time to zoom in on them or we would know exactly what we were looking at. But from everything I can figure out, those are damned warships. They damn sure are not normal jumpships. Pardon my language, ma'am." Sammy replied

"Well, if they are salvageable, they are about as valuable as anything in this universe. How did you come up with this information?" Baroness Zuni asked

"A free trader I have known for quite a while. She is actually on her ship not far from where we sit." Sammy Featherman replied

"Well, how about asking her to join us." Baroness Zuni said

Three hours later, Carly Weisen was in the small cabin and after being introduced to Baroness Zuni, she was seated.

"Ms Weisen, first off thank you for bringing us this information. Where exactly was this image taken?" Baroness Zuni asked
"Empty system inside the Draconis Combine, Baroness." Carly Weisen replied

"Empty huh. That is an awfully strange place for anyone to take a jumpship. I am going to assume you were conducting business and something went wrong. Not that I really care mind you. The most important thing is, what is this information going to cost?" Baroness Zuni said

"I have not really thought about it. I honestly did not expect any word for a few months, not a couple days." Carly Weisen replied honestly.

"Well then, how about I make you an offer then. Would a new Merchant Jumpship and two Steamer-Class Dropships be enough of a finders fee?" Baroness Zuni offered

Carly Weisen ran the numbers in her head before answering "More than enough, Baroness. More than I could expect honestly." Carly Weisen replied

"I will even purchase your Scout Jumpship and Mule Dropship at a fair market price. That will give you some serious operating funds." Baroness Zuni said

"I must say, it has been more than a pleasure doing business with you. Baroness Zuni. May I ask what you intend to do with this information?" Carly Weisen asked

"That my dear is no longer your concern and I strongly advise you to never speak of this information ever again. Information like this could get you and your crew killed. Am I clear, Ms Weisen?" Baroness Zuni said sternly

"Crystal clear Baroness. As of right now, I know nothing of this. The second I get back to my ship, I am purging my navigational history also." Carly Weisen replied

"That would be a smart thing to do. Now, if you will head for Kilbourne's Thompson Shipyards, I will make the arrangements for you to pick up your payment. Once you do, go to the local ZaP office there and we will transfer your additional funds into your account. Give Mr Featherman your ship information and he will arrange supply purchases and even recharge fee's for your journey. It is the least ZaP Shipping can do for you." Baroness Zuni said

15 October 3028
Bastrop (Federated Suns)

Baroness Petra Zuni was back in her normal element, on firm soil. She had never gotten used to life in space, but she was a shrewd business woman. Though she knew all about the Hegemony, she had tried to keep herself as distant as possible from them. Not from any sort of nefarious reason's but more to make sure she never made the mistake of slipping up and revealing their presence. She had all the proper contact methods, having memorized them long ago when she took over ZaP Shipping. Her father had made sure she committed them to memory. She was about to use one of those methods, one that went direct to the Director General himself.

She walked into the communications room located in ZaP Shipping's massive corporate headquarters. She walked to a locked room and punched in her security code, only she had access to the particular room and had never even been inside except when her father had brought her here once and walked her thru the process. She moved to the communications panel, her memory slowly recalling what to check. Her eye's focused on a green light, which indicated it had a firm and secure laser lock, always being bounced off a series of relay satellites that orbited the planet. The communications laser went to a ever present Jumpship, which was swapped out weekly by another, making a jump to a neighboring system before returning, just to look semi normal. She began typing her message in, even though a voice transmission was possible, she did not want any misunderstandings on this message. Finished, she hit send.

Aboard SLS Richard O'Brien, Merchant-Class Surveillance Vessel, was the ship on station this week. It was a boring duty, which was why they only spent 2 months on the deployments before moving to a different mission tasking. Normally, nothing at all happened, but today was different. The ships communications officer heard the barely audible ping announcing receipt of a message. He pulled up the message and saw that it came from the surface. He checked all the access codes, which checked out. He called the Captain over and once there, he pointed to the message. A quick "Send it out" was all that was said.

Each of the Merchant Surveillance ships had a Black Box tied into the ships communications suite. The communications officer opened the proper windows on the communications suite and retyped the message. He then encoded it, even before the Black Box itself would encode the message he had just encoded. This made anyone trying to decode the message first have to break the Black Box's code and then have to break another code before they could read the message. Have fun breaking this one, he thought as he hit send. In about 13 hours the message would arrive at Vonja in the Hegemony which would resend the message via priority HPG message to Thazi.

16th October, 3028
Thazi (Hegemony)

Director-General Mark Cameron was awakened from a deep sleep by a communication officer. Still trying to shake the sleep he asked "Are we being invaded?"

"No sir, but we have a Alpha Priority message which is for your eye's only and must be delivered to your hands within 15 minutes of receipt." Major Alan Trevoy replied

"Very well, give me the message." Director General Mark Cameron said, taking the sealed envelope. He opened the envelope, read the message and then said "Please wake Commanding General Mitchell and have her meet me in my office within the hour please and have the cooks brew some coffee, it's going to be a long morning."

Exactly 29 minutes later, Commanding General Michelle Mitchell was ushered into Director-General's office. Once the door was closed he handed her the message. Taking it, she quickly read the message.

To: Alpha Priority
From: ZaP Primary

<<Have information and location of items of interest. Need personal meeting with someone that can handle this. Codeword Broken Feather.>>

She looked up from the message "Refresh my memory, what is Broken Feather?"

"I just finished looking it up myself. Broken Feather is the codeword for missing or located Warships. It seems that Baroness Zuni has gotten her hands on the location of some ships. First damned time she has ever transmitted a message to us. Hell, it was the first time I ever got woke up for a damned message." answered Cameron.

"Okay, she wants a meeting. So, I assume that is when she will hand over the information. I will wake up Admiral Tanaka and get him cracking. Guess we will see how good these Spy ships are." Commanding Mitchell told him.

28th October, 3028
Bastrop (Federated Suns)

SLS Christina Carmody, an Carmody-Class Surveillance Ships, performed a normal jump into the Bastrop system to avoid raising any undo attention to itself or it's cargo. The sole Monarch Passenger Dropship detached and headed for the planets surface. To any curious eye's she looked just like a Tramp-Class Jumpship, though the "aged" look was purely for show. She was the lead ship in her class and practically brand new. She had 2 other Dropships waiting for her in an empty system a single jump away; an Elephant Tug and a Titan Fighter Carrier Dropship.

General Tiffany Mitchell, actually of Hegemony Security, was aboard the descending Monarch Dropship. Her actual title was Deputy Director of Hegemony Security, but for this mission, she was bearing her rank rating in the Hegemony Armed Forces.

31st October, 3028

General Tiffany Mitchell was waiting for Baroness Petra Zuni as she arrived at her office. Baroness Zuni, took the offered folder and message slips from her secretary as she tried to figure out exactly who this woman was waiting for her. Before she could say anything, the woman stood and said "Baroness Zuni, I am Tiffany Mitchell, you requested a meeting with me a few weeks ago?"

It then clicked who this was in Baroness Zuni's mind "Yes, sorry, old age is getting the better of me. Please come into my office, we have important things to discuss."

Once the door was closed, Baroness Zuni moved to her desk and removed a data stick and a slip of paper. "These have all the information you need. I have already taken care of all parties involved in this."

"I will still want a full list of everyone who might know about this item. Some things have to be kept track of." Tiffany Mitchell replied taking the offered items.

"Of course. I am sorry, you are?" Baroness Zuni asked

"Deputy Director Hegemony Security. We were surprised by your communication, you have never used it before." She said

"Never had the need to. My father said it was for only the most important of issues, so I only passed along information using the normal routes." Baroness Zuni said

"That it is. I am pressed for time, Baroness, so I must leave now. I will see that you are compensated for whatever you have spent. This is a time critical issue, you understand." Tiffany Mitchell said

"Of course. Will I ever know exactly what was discovered?" Baroness Zuni asked

"Doubtful. But you never know, miracles happen." Tiffany Mitchell said heading for the door.


9 November 3028
DC18872-2997 (Draconis Combine)

The SLS Christina Carmody dropped from hyperspace without a clue that she had arrived. Wasting no time, a CAP was launched and established close in. With a shooting war going on, no one was taking any chances. It took the ship's sensors and powerful telescopes 4 hours to locate the cluster of ships and a flight of Aerospace Fighters headed for an intercept. The Elephant Tug was detached and also headed that way carrying Marines to secure the ships along with engineers to perform a quick damage survey.

Tiffany Mitchell, Captain Kristi Andrews and several engineers were watching the main screen as a sensor operator zoomed in one of the powerful camera's attached to a telescope and a name appeared on the ship's hull. LCS Coventry was barely readable from the heavy battle damage. "Harold" Captain Andrews said

"Yes, Captain. Andrews?" A baritone voice answered

"Access ship database and brief summary on LCS Coventry please." Captain Andrews said

"Accessing database. LCS Coventry, Tharkad-Class Battlecruiser was listed as missing and presumed destroyed during battle over Dieron in 2789. Also listed as missing are an Aegis Class Heavy Cruiser, the LCS Ironwood, Commonwealth Class Light Cruisers, LCS Gallery and York. The ships being studied match those descriptions, LCS Ironwood has just been identified by camera image but, is broken in half." Harold replied

"Thank you, Harold." Captain Andrews said

"I thought all the Amber systems had female voices?" Tiffany Mitchell asked

"No, many of the female Captains sort of like the male voice more. Been an option for a few years now. Though the computers, once activated have a bit of a fit if you try and change their voice patterns around." Captain Andrews replied

11th November, 3028
DC18872-2997 (Draconis Combine)

Tiffany Mitchell read the reports from the various boarding parties. She had taken quite a few notes while various engineers detailed their inspections. She flipped pages in her notes, slowly making much more detailed and accurate notes. She wanted to make sure she had everything correct.

LCS Coventry, Tharkad-Class Battlecruiser

- Hull breached in multiple locations
- Fuel tanks ruptured
- Extensive battle damage
- Jump Core seems intact
- Jump sail compartment destroyed
- 131 remains aboard
- Overall salvageable

LCS Gallery, Commonwealth Light Cruiser

- Hull breached in multiple locations
- Fuel tanks ruptured
- Extensive battle damage
- Jump Core damaged, extent unknown
- Helium tank seal partially removed
- Jump sail power converter destroyed
- 317 remains aboard
- Salvage possible

LCS York, Commonwealth Class Light Cruiser

- Hull breached in multiple locations, signs of patch attempts
- Extensive battle damage
- Jump Core intact
- Helium Seal blown
- 388 remains aboard
- Salvageable

LCS Ironwood, Aegis Heavy Cruiser

- Hull broken in half
- Jump Core destroyed
- 122 remains in forward section, 86 remains in aft section
- Not salvageable except scrapping for parts

Review of logs recovered reveals that surviving crews of all ships gathered on LCS York. Attempted repairs failed as oxygen supplies ran out. LCS Ironwood broke in half on arrival when onboard fire detonated ammunition magazine. Final notes, any salvage operation cannot be attempted until hostilities in area end. Threat level extreme for discovery and risks Hegemony discovery. Engineers estimate minimum of 6 months to recover ships identified as salvageable.

"Ma'am, we are ready to return to Hegemony space on your orders." Captain Andrews said over the intercom.

"Take us home Captain." She ordered

Gan Singh (Capellan Confederation)

The defending militia was quickly over run and after a month the planet was declared secure. The 1st and 3rd Regiments of the Screaming Eagles suffered only 5 Battlemechs destroyed and 23 KIA. They prepared to move to New Canton to assist their 5th and 6th Regiments secure their objective.

New Canton (Capellan Confederation)

Landing on 3 October, 5th Regiment, Screaming Eagles pursued the 4th Confederation Reserve Cavalry which forced the 5th Regiment to enter dense jungle after them. Casualties were slowly mounting as the 4th Reserve used their knowledge of the area to their advantage against the Screaming Eagles.

Sixth Regiment, Screaming Eagles moved to take out 3rd Battalion, Trimaldi's Secutors which were held up in the mountains on the Southern Continent. Even with heavy air support, the Eagles had difficulty bringing the Secutors to battle. An attempt to airlift AFFS Infantry into blocking positions failed resulting in heavy losses to the AFFS Infantry as the lighter and faster Secutors overran their positions before the 6th Regiment could close the distance.

22nd November, 3028
Thazi (Hegemony)

"You have all had a chance to look over my notes. This is not a true specialty of mine, so I will defer to the engineers and Admiral Tanaka on what transpires from here." Tiffany Mitchell, Deputy Director Hegemony Security said

"I have looked over the repair estimates. Though I am loathe to leave any recoverable ship, I honestly cannot see the merit in the expense or risk of discovery for ships that I really cannot use. Yes, all 3 are decent enough ships, but not a single one of them really has the spare cargo space to make them slip stream capable. That means they would be slated for security of our primary systems, and I already have ships for that purpose." Fleet Admiral Tomlin Tanaka said

"Okay then. What the hell do we do with them? Where do we stand on known recoverable ships within the Inner Sphere?" Commanding General Michelle Mitchell asked

Tanaka flipped open a ring binder and flipped some pages before answering. "Every House has recoverable ships within their borders. Pretty sure they do not know about them, or they would have been making some sort of attempts at recovery. So, I will start with each state."

Federated Suns

Cholame - Deep elliptical orbit are 2 Davion II Destroyers, 1 Congress D Frigate
Dahar IV - Orbiting Dahar VIII is 1 Davion II Destroyer
Saltural - Nadir Jump Point, dead system, 1 Narukami II Destroyer
Acoma - Elliptical orbit, dead system, 1 Baron Destroyer
AFFS Boneyard - Galax, 2 Davion II Destroyers

Lyran Commonwealth

Rochers - Dead system, 1 League Destroyer
Annwyn - Dead system, Zenith Jump Point, 1 Commonwealth Light Cruiser
Morrigan - Dead system, elliptical orbit, 1 Essex Destroyer

Free Worlds League

Grobin - Dead system, elliptical orbit, 1 Carson Destroyer
Tania Borealis - outer reaches of system, 1 League Destroyer, 1 Aegis Cruiser

Capellan Confederation

New Athens - Dead system, 1 Essex Destroyer

Draconis Combine

DCMS Boneyard - Midway, 4 Narukami Destroyers
New Samarkand - 1 Samarkand Carrier
Elix - Dead system, 1 Cruiser class
Talisker - Dead system, 1 Lola I Destroyer

"In the Periphery, we have the Dart Light Cruiser at Outpost 27, recovering that can be done, but like those we just looked over, the expense is not easily justified. We have not found any others, but we are talking about some huge areas. We, the Hegemony, has in all our years of hunting have not hit every location reported by the SLDF of fleet engagements. Then we have the Comstar Fleet, which we keep a very close tab on and in Terra itself, there are 3 banged up Naga Destroyers over Neptune." finished the Admiral

"Not nearly as many as I thought." Commanding General Michelle Mitchell said finishing her notes

"The Hegemony did a pretty good job of scraping up every ship they could locate before leaving Terra. Plus, if the ship could not be salvaged, they made sure any ships left were well and truly destroyed." Tanaka replied

"So we spent over a Billion dollars for information?" Director-General Mark Cameron asked

"Yes. But it is important information and worth the expense. Knowing where ships are, well that allows us to keep tabs on them. Better to know where they are, than have them surprise us." said the Commanding General.


15 December 3028
Jonathon (Capellan Confederation)

Troops from the 6th Crucis Lancers watched silently as Second Kearny Highlanders left their defensive positions in the hills and mountains. They marched into the capital city of Dust Hill, spent the day gathering their families, supplies and even ammunition, loaded aboard their Dropships and boosted for waiting Jumpships. The troops did not understand, but they followed their orders.

Northwind (Federated Suns)

The Combine had invaded Northwind on the 13th of November with the 36th Dieron Regulars, the 5th Sword of Light, and the Genyosha. There they faced the 5th Deneb Light Cavalry RCT, Team Banzai and Bradley's Bravo's. The AFFS forces fought the Combine forces to a standstill. Near the end of November, Combine Battlemechs marched into the lake that provided water to the city of Cromarty, which the AFFS forces were defending. After a few minutes, the Combine Battlemechs would leave the lake. The first cases of ptomaine poisoning started appearing the next day. Within a week, half the 5th Deneb Light Cavalry RCT were dead or deathly ill. Team Banzai and Bradley's Bravo's were unaffected since their part of the defensive line got it's water from a well. The 36th Dieron Regulars launched an attack that failed horribly, falling back in disarray, the 5th Deneb Light Cavalry pursued only to be ambushed by the 5th Sword of Light and shattered.

Dieron (Draconis Combine)

Jumpships began materializing at both jump points. They wasted no time in detaching their Dropships. First Prince Hanse Davion had held back the start of the Combine offensive until he thought the DCMS was well and truly committed to their own moves. The Illician Lancers (4 Regiments) and Fighting Urukhai (3 Regiments) were escorted to the planet by a swarm of Aerospace fighters.

Altair (Draconis Combine)

The Dioscuri (2 Regiments), burned hard for the planet the moment they detached from their Jumpships. They knew they had a hard fight against the 18th Dieron Regulars.

Nirasaki (Draconis Combine)

Defended by 4 Armor and 8 Infantry Regiments, with the 36th Dieron Regulars confirmed off world, the 22nd Avalon Hussars RCT and Miller's Marauders (2 Battalions) came in at a pirate point on 3 days from the planet. Their goal was to take the planet and then Miller's Marauders would move to assist as needed.

9 December 3028
Capellan Confederation

First Prince Hanse Davion ordered the 4th Wave into action. The primary focus was along the Terran corridor. With the success of the previous waves, he knew his troops would be victorious, but he also knew they were tired and starting to make mistakes.

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