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Fate Can be Cruel - Chapter Cover

Fate Can Be Cruel - 2774[]

January to April[]

1 January to 1 April 2774
Thazi (Terran Hegemony)

Lieutenant General Curtis DeMars, Quartermaster Command, had pled his case to General Rita Mitchell and had convinced her to order the 272nd and 280th MID to kick loose a single VTOL of each type that they had. These were delivered to Kimberly Jennings on Ddraig where she had after 4 months completed reverse engineering the Royal Cyrano Gunship. The first peoduction line was being installed inside the massive building with additonal lines under production on Thazi. Kimberly Jennings had searched historical records and decided to name the Factory complex on Ddraig, Vought Aircraft, after an ancient Terran company that had no linkage to any existing company. It was divided into separate divisions, one civilian and the other military.

Lieutenant General DeMars was prepared to deliver his briefing on the current state of the SLDF's supply chains. There had been huge improvements across the board but there was still much to be done. The attendees to this briefing was larger than previous ones. Before he could start, General Rita Mitchell spoke.

"Before we start, I want to thank everyone of you for the excellent work you have all done over the years. Because of your hard work, we have gone from a beaten up and barely combat worthy force to a fully viable combat command. I especially want to thank Lieutenant General Curtis DeMars for his hard and tireless work in making sure every command had everything they needed to the best of his ability. In recognition for his work, Lieutenant General DeMars is hereby promoted to Major General. You earned it, Curtis.”

“Also, for overseeing the Linden operations, assisting in getting the HPG network back up and overseeing the construction of Hegemony Aerospace and the design and production of the Infantry version of the Lion Dropship, Rear Admiral Percy Seimens is hereby promoted to Vice Admiral. Congrats Admiral, you have proved me wrong in every way. I have spoken to with Vice Admiral Tanaka here and you are hereby placed in command of the 22nd Patrol Squadron. You will also continue overseeing the Linden operation.”

“Vice Admiral Tanisha Tanaka, you are hereby promoted to Admiral. Both the 21st Independent Squadron and 22nd Patrol Squadron are hereby placed under the new 1st Expeditionary Fleet which you now command. Your job just got bigger, Tanisha.”

“Rear Admiral Barbara Coltrain is hereby promoted to Vice Admiral and will assume command of the 21st Independent Squadron. Commodore William Blythe is hereby promoted to Rear Admiral and placed in command of the 88th Cruiser Division. Once Task Force Robber Baron returns, I am sure Admiral Tanaka will rework the various Divisions.”

“Major General Heinrich Rommel, in recognition of your tireless task of commanding the Training Command, you are hereby promoted to General. You deserve it, Heinrich. Now that the formalities are over, let's get this briefing started. Major General DeMars, the floor is yours." General Mitchel concludes.

"Thank you, General Mitchell. I am proud to inform everyone that all Line Commands, except for the 181st Royal Mechanized Infantry Division are at 100% strength. We are continuing the modernization and upgrading of every command, but we are on the downhill slope of that. Over 60% of the Line Commands have had their equipment upgraded to our current production. Within the next month, we should see Vought Aircraft on Ddraig begin VTOL production of the Royal Cyrano Gunship with other models soon to follow. So finally, all the Line Commands will start to receive their allotted VTOL's. Now if you will turn your attention to the wall monitor, we will go over our current production and future plans.”

Thazi Motors Manticore Heavy Tank - 4 Lines producing 30 per month currently each line
Alacorn MkVI Assault Tank - 4 Lines producing 20 per month currently each line
Turhan - 4 Lines producing 40 per month currently each line
Demon Heavy Tank - 3 Lines producing 25 per month currently each line
Chevalier Light Tank - 3 Lines producing 40 per month currently each line
Zephyr Hover - 1 Line producing 40 per month each Line
Paramour Mobile - adding 2 Lines producing 20 per month each Line
Engineering Vehicle - 2 Lines producing 20 per month each Line
Mobile HQ - 1 Line producing 10 per month
Mobile HPG - 1 Line producing 3 per month

“As you can see, Thazi Motors has grown quite a lot. We have halted production of the Maxim Hover Tank, all commands are at full strength and we have 320 in storage at this time, those production lines have been moved to build the Paramour Mobile Repair Vehicle. This will replace the remaining Wayland Mobile bases in all commands. We have also retooled a Zyphr Line to produce additional Turhan's. Soon, the Merkava Main Battle Tanks will begin to be upgraded to a new version which will bring it up to modern standards. Until we have exhausted out current number, we will not be producing new Merkava's. We have also increased production of the Mobile HQ and Mobile HPG's, this will help bring us up to strength plus we will be adding a Combat Support structure to all the commands. We are still working on the detail of this, but myself and General Mitchell agree that this will greatly increase combat effectiveness and also survivability of the command structures.” Major General DeMars continues.

Azur Heavy Industries
Padilla Artillery - 3 Lines producing 12 per month each line
Chaparrel Artillery - 2 Lines producing 18 per month each line
Thor Artillery - 3 Lines producing 24 per month each line
Marksman Artillery - 3 Lines producing 24 per month each line

“Azur Heavy Industries continues to provide the much needed Artillery for all commands. This is quickly allowing us to both modernize and replenish all commands Artillery support and, in some cases, increase it. No changes are needed to their production at this time.”

Hegemony Weapons and Technology, also on Azur continues to produce a wide assortment of weapons both for replacements and for new production.”

Shira Armor Works, on Shira is continuing to increase their production of all required armor. This supports both new production but also replacement stocks in all commands but also creating a replacement stockpile at Corps level and also Army level.”

Hegemony Aerospace

Dropships Production Mammoth Dropship - 8 Construction Hangers (16 per year)
Mule Dropship - 8 Construction Hangers (24 per year)
Jumbo Dropship - 4 Construction Hangers (8 per year)
Lion (Infantry) - 12 Construction Hangers (36 per year)

Interplanetary Drive Production
Bally Tech Super X40 - Mammoth
GE 2080 - Mule
Antares 2800 - Jumbo
Star League V450 - Lion (Infantry)

“The biggest addition is the new production of the Infantry variant of the Lion Dropship on Ceibu. The first ships should begin to be completed around June of this year. This will allow us to begin retiring the Czar Dropship's which are really showing their age. The new Dropship exceeds the abilities of the Czar in every way. Faster, better weapons and survivability. Plus I think it is much more comfortable for the Infantry while on board. Production of Cargo Dropships continues without any issues which increases both our ability to move the replacement equipment to the commands but also increases interplanetary trade within our borders.”

Vought Aircraft Civilian Lexan Oceanic Series II Personal VTOL - 1 Line producing 10 per month (2 more lines being added)
Vought Aircraft Military Royal Cyrano Gunship - 1 Line est 10 per month (July 2774)

“I am proud to announce that Vought Aircraft on Ddraig is way ahead of schedule, they are already in production of their Civilian VTOL but have also already reverse engineered the Royal Cyrano Gunship which will begin production July of this year. A single line is being installed now with an additional 3 lines currently under construction for transport here on Thazi. Additional VTOL's have been delivered to Vought for reverse engineering. We will be adding additional production ability as needed. Hopefully, by the end of the year, we will see every commnad's VTOL assests replenished. This will be a massive undertaking and could easily out pace Vought's abilities, but Kimberly Jennings assures me that they can handle the task.”

“Alktral Fusion, is now in production of various engines. They are producing only on a as needed basis to meet demands but are starting to tool up to produce the Fusion engines needed on Ddaig for the Royal Cyrano but also for the Cobra, Vector and Peregrine designs once they are reverse engineered. It is my desire to manufacture in quantity, mainly to make sure that Vought never has to wait for a shipment.”

“Puttalam Industrial Mechs is still under construction along with all the supporting factories. Though mainly for civilian use, the SLDF does use the Carbine Construction Mech and Buster Loader Mech. So it is worth mentioning here. Estimates are they will begin actual production January 2775. The one thing I think is really important, I have spoken to Timothy Highman, he runs the Industrial Mech Factory, and he assures me that if I provide him with some assistance, and a Battlemech, that he can create a form to create the chassis. I have managed to pry a Stinger STG-3Gb from the Royal Black Watch and have had it sent to Puttalam. SLDF techs from the 359th Battlemech Division will dismantle the Stinger and over see the creation of the proper molds. If successful, we can make the molds in quantity and I have been assured by many Battlemech techs, we can then actually think about upgrading all the Stinger's we have to Royal models. It uses Endo Steel, and is the main stumbling block. Alktral Fusion can provide the new Fusion engines. It will be a make shift affair, but I am told it can be done, but not how long it will take.” “On Ambatomainty, Thazi Motors has established a new production plant. It is still roughly 8 months from any meaningful production, but Peter Sajak assures me that Frank Graham is more than capable of running the place. I have been given the following outlay by Peter Sajak on what this factory will produce and it is ambitious to say the least.” Major General DeMars continues.

Thazi Motors (Ambatomainty)

Brunel Dump Truck - 2 Lines producing 20 per month each line
Lessups Dump Truck - 2 Lines producing 30 per month each line
TLF-LL6500 Fire Engine - 2 Lines producing 40 per month each line
MASH Truck - 2 Lines producing 20 per month each line
135-K Coolant Truck - 2 Lines producing 30 per month each line
Jeep - 2 Lines producing 60 per month each line
Flatbed Truck - 2 Lines producing 60 per month each line
Sherpa Truck - 2 Lines producing 60 per month each line
J-27 Ordinance w/ Trailor - 2 Lines producing 30 per month each line
Battlemech Recovery Vehicle - 2 Lines producing 20 per month each line
Heavy Battlemech Recovery - 2 Lines producing 15 per month each line

Once operational, this will greatly enhance our ability to upgrade the commands Sherpa vehicles we have been using with modern designs. For security, the military and civilian production buildings are in separate buildings. That concludes most of my portion of the briefing." He sat down as General Heinrich Rommel walked to the podium and began his portion of the briefing.

"Training Command has had a very good year. The 322nd and 323rd Armored Divisions are receiving their new crop of newly graduated troops. I expect by August to have both fully staffed. We have seen another uptick in recruitment across all elements of our training programs. Enough that we are now graduating a full Infantry Regiment every 2 months instead of every 3 months.

The Armor School is now able to graduate a full Regiment every 3 months. All current commands are fully staffed with Infantry and Armor personnel. All newly graduated are being assigned to the 322nd and 323rd Armor for their advanced training. To meet my staffing, several Regiments will be assigned to them a little earlier than normal. Staffing the 181st Royal Mech Infantry depleted the 322nd Armored, and I need to get them back up to speed.

The Jump Infantry School had a larger than expected recruitment and we just graduated 3 full Regiments from experienced Infantry we recruited from the Line Commands. Select Infantry recruits are now being processed to Jump Infantry School instead of assignment to the 322nd or 323rd Armored. Totally voluntary. My goal is to be able to graduate 2 Regiments every Jan 2774 and then 2 Regiments every 6 months after that.

The Marine School I can now say is viable. I now have 2 Battalions under going training in the year long course. Another 2 Battalions will be recruited and begin school mid year. Goal is to graduate 2 Battlaions every 6 months.

The Technical School is gaining ground. But there is much for them to learn, so we still need another year before they graduate. But it is showing a lot of progress.

The Gunslinger School has graduated their first class of 80. They have been returned to their commands and a new group of 80 has begun training. Reports show that our graduates are at least 90% as good as those trained back home. Which with our lack of the advanced equipment and simulators says we are doing something right.

The Battlemech School now has 6 Battalions in basic training, 12 Battalions in Introductory Training. Of those in Introductory Training, 8 Battalions are starting in the last half before moving to Advanced Training and 4 Battalions are just starting. If things keep progressing, I expect the next graduating class to be January 2775.

The VTOL School is off and running. I have the first batch of 120 pilots just finished basic training. Now they have 1 year of flight school. Another batch of 120 is halfway complete with basic and another 120 are starting basic. Goal is to graduate 120 every 6 months. We will not know if this is viable until we graduate the first class and see what happens." General Rommel said as he retook his seat next to General Mitchell.

Jessica Parrington walked to the podium. She set her papers down on the podium and looked around the room. She began her briefing "2773 saw an increase in revenue across the board. I expect 2774 to be a much bigger year as the new factories come online. Message traffic is up across the board and saw the greatest increase. If you will look at the monitor, I will continue.”

Hegemony Systems GDP & Tax Revenue
Thazi (TH) - 164 Billion GDP, 8.2 Billion Tax
Boulsi (TH) - 63 Billion GDP, 3.1 Billion Tax
Pilon (TH) - 77 Billion GDP, 3.8 Billion Tax
Azur (TH) - 3.4 Trillion GDP, 170 Billion Tax
Wokha (TH) - 220 Billion GDP, 11 Billion Tax
Blommestein (TH)- 67 Billion GDP, 3.3 Billion Tax
Ddraig (TH) - 75 Billion GDP, 3.7 Billion Tax
Ejeda (TH)- 43 Billion GDP, 2.1 Billion Tax
Waini Point (TH)- Developing, Exempt
Zumbo (TH)- Developing, Exempt
Ambatomainty (TH) - 89 Billion GDP, 4.4 Billion Tax
Sorsk (TH) - 41 Billion GDP, 2 Billion Tax
Puttalam (TH) - 55 Billion GDP, 2.7 Billion Tax
Maripa (TH) - 91 Billion GDP, 4.5 Billion Tax
Loikaw (TH) - Developing, Exempt
Mandeville (TH) - Developing, Exempt
Zetang (TH) - Developing, Exempt
La Ligua (TH) - Developing, Exempt
Carmelita (TH) - Developing, Exempt
Quines (TH) - Developing, Exempt
Shira (TH) - 148 Billion GDP, 7.4 Billion Tax
Domeykp (TH) - Developing, Exempt
Feijo (TH) - 101 Billion GDP, 5 Billion Tax
Alktral (TH) - 189 Billion GDP, 9.4 Billion Tax
Linden (TH) - 688 Billion GDP, 34.4 Billion Tax
Ceiba (TH) - 972 Billion GDP, 48.6 Billion Tax
Bossangoa (TH) - 163 Billion GDP, 8.1 Billion Tax

Total Tax Revenue - 331.7 Billion

HPG Fee's - 12.8 Billion

Estimated 2773 Revenue - 344.5 Billion

“As everyone can see, there has been a marked increase on some worlds. This is mainly due to the economic activity on various worlds. Those that are mainly mining, the increase demand for raw material has generated growth. Some worlds, like Ceibu and Linden, the production of high cost Dropships along with wage increases have created a virtual boom to the local economy's. Our biggest saving grace is as always, we control the main manufacturing plants that provide for the SLDF forces. The size of our military would not be sustainable if we were purchasing from a privately controlled company.

The HPG grid is now fully restored within our borders. But now we need to think about something. Do we attempt to restore those HPG's beyond our borders? I think we should really look at this. It would generate a substantial amount of revenue for us. But I will defer to whatever you decide. That concludes my portion of the briefing." concludes Jessica Parrington.

1 January to 1 April 2774 (continued)
Thazi (Terran Hegemony)

The arrival of Martha Pruitt and her "fleet" containing refugee's from the Terran Hegemony caused a small crisis for General Rita Mitchell. Though she knew they were coming, she was still not prepared with a complete plan on what to do with all of them. After the Dropships had grounded and the refugees were getting to stretch their legs after months crammed aboard Dropships, General Mitchell realized how unprepared they really were for this.

They had planned ahead for the arrival of the dependents for the 280th Mech Infantry, 54th Mech Infantry, 36th Infantry and 191st Royal Jump Infantry Divisions, they were nowhere ready for half a million refugees. On Quines, SLDF engineers had managed to prepare enough housing for just over 100,000 people through herculean efforts. Literally doubling the size of the capitol city in 3 months. But the planet was still developing and it was determined quickly that attempting to settle any more than the 100,000 they currently had housing for would strain the local food production too much.

For 2 weeks, SLDF personnel questioned the refugee's while getting an accurate head count. Once it was complete, they had an accurate count plus any and every job skill of the refugees. They seemed to cover the entire spectrum of skills.

Doctor - 1,831
Nurse - 8,820
Farmer - 87,911
Miner - 66,298
Teacher - 32,617
Factory Worker - 97,524
General Worker - 146,792
Spouse/Parent or child - 276,803

Dependents of the SLDF were easy, they would be moved to where their Command was stationed. Since Quines was also rich in minerals, they would receive a cluster from every skill until they maxed out the housing. The rest would be spread out over the remaining developed systems where the local garrison's had begun contracting local construction companies to build housing and much needed infrastructure for the incoming refugees.

Vowing to not have a repeat of this situation, General Rita Mitchell named Jimmy Orlando, a prominent Thazi landowner to a new office under Peter Sajak, Dept of Refugee Resettlement. He was authorized to build housing on every inhabited system for a minimum of 100,000 people depending on that system’s ability to support them. That would give them roughly housing for 2.6 million refugee's in total at one time. Speaking with Martha Pruitt and also having a steady information feed from the HPG Scouts, General Rita Mitchell felt it was her duty to find a way to prepare for a possible flood of refugees. To ease the travel, ZaP Shipping would transport the refugees to their new homes aboard their Passenger Jumbo Dropships.

Martin Zuni and Martha Pruitt managed to convince Cynthia Williams and Michael Crawford to bring their Merchant Jumpships on board with ZaP Shipping. It took longer to convince some of the other ships captains, but they finally convince all of the Jumpship and Dropship captains to come on board also. This more than doubled the size of ZaP Shipping and assured their continued strangle hold on shipping within the borders of the Hegemony. Martha Pruitt then came up with an idea, she wanted to open a branch office out of Bastrop. Not only would they be running routes like any other shipping company, bringing in a steady cash flow, but they would also be able to better predict any incoming refugee fleet and warn the Hegemony to prepare. For security reasons, she would only take ships that had been with ZaP Shipping from the beginning but also Cynthia Williams, who she knew and trusted, plus knew the Federated Suns market very well. When General Mitchell approved the idea, plans were quickly made.
ZaP Shipping, Bastrop Office

Star Lord Jumpship - 1 (Martha Pruitt)
Merchant Jumpship - 4 (1 Cynthia Williams)
Invader Jumpship - 10
Mule Dropship - 20
Passenger Jumbo - 10
Monarch Dropship - 6

This had been determined to provide them with a wide range of options. Able to move cargo, passengers or independent Dropship that needed a ride. Plus she would be in the perfect position to easily purchase anything the Hegemony needed and arrange shipment back. And it made more sense to establish themselves in the Federated Suns, they were registered there afterall and it could pose a problem if some official began to ask questions. It was going to be hard enough explaining the sudden appearance of such a large operation suddenly conducting business in the region. She would also limit operations to 120LY from Bastrop. She figured there was more than enough traffic in that size of area to keep them busy. She planned her departure for June 2774 to give the ships time to marshal at Thazi and undergo a maintenance cycle.

Terran Hegemony (Inner Sphere)
Graham IV

Delbert "Red" Mitchell, CEO of Mitchell Vehicles, was sick of the concealed thugs sent by Amaris to demand ever more production from his factories. They threatened and yelled a lot, but he always said the same thing to them "We are at maximum capacity, there is no more room for improvement." Which was a huge lie, he had ordered his factories to slow down production as much as possible but to avoid anything obvious. He knew General Kerensky and the SLDF was getting ever closer and he feared what would happen when they arrived here in force. It had only gotten easier to claim they were doing all they could after Amaris had ordered the borders closed, which cut into everyone's supply chains for resources.

At the massive shipyard complex in the Graham IV system, the 20 slips were filled with ships Amaris' forces had recovered from SLDF mothballs undergoing refits to return them to active duty. Delivered in the last 6 months, there were 10 old Riga-Class Frigates, 2 Farragut-Class Battleships and 8 Carson-Class Destroyers. Survey's had concluded that every ship would have to have new Jump Cores manufactured and installed. There were just too many fractures in the existing cores. Which was a lie, but Amaris' people did not know that. Anything that could be done to prevent these ships from being used against the SLDF was being done at great risk. Several of the Jump Core factories had suffered some serious breakdowns which would delay the manufacture of new cores even more.

Where other manufacturers were producing equipment at the same speed as they had for the SLDF, those employed by Mitchell Vehicles did all they could to stall, sabotage and outright break anything they could. All with the blessing of their CEO, but he had cautioned them to err on the side of their safety, for Amaris' people would not hesitate to retaliate against them.

April to June[]

1 April to 30th May 2774
Linden (Terran Hegemony)

Vice Admiral Percy Siemens was walking on air literally. He had never expected to reach Vice Admiral and damn sure did not ever expect to have a Line Command again. He had called up all the information he could find on the Vigilant Corvette. He spent several hours reading everything he could find and made copious notes about every aspect of the Vigilant. As he studied his notes, something in his memory kept pulling at him. Finally, it came to him, as far as he knew, ammunition resupply for the warships had not been fixed and the Vigilant-Class Corvette was a ammunition heavy ship. He pulled out a calculator and began making some calculations, he had learned a few things watching the shipyard people build the Mule Dropships. After an hour of manual calculations, he figured his people could handle the changes he was making to the design.

Mule Cargo DropShip (Loading Cargo at spaceport - Dana Knutson version)

Mule Class Cargo Dropship

He had removed all the weaponry from the Vigilant Corvette, in its place, he had added an all energy battery. Every facing except the broadsides would be the exact same, 2 NL/55 backed by 4 LPL and 4 SPL as point defense. The broadsides would mount 2 HNPPC backed by 4 LPL and 4 SPL as point defense. He had then boosted the Aerospace Fighter capacity to 12 fighters, and he would mount 1200 double heat sinks to handle the heat load. It would still mount 90 tons of Improved Ferro Aluminum armor, HPG and Large Naval Comm Scanner. The amount of cargo the design could carry was reduced to 14,067 tons.

Vincent Class Corvette (blockcade run) (by Colourbrand)

Vincent Class Corvette

The only outside consultations he made were with the folks at Hegemony Weapons and Technology on Azur about the fire control issues the design had been known for. It had taken a month, but finally word came back to him that they felt they could modify the fire control from the Vincent Corvette to both fit the Vigilant and control the new weapons systems. SLS Blommestein would undergo the refit first as a test ship, once it was confirmed that the changes worked, work would begin on the rest of his Squadron. But he did order the Jump Cores for the Squadron to be started, it would speed up construction big time if they were already built, possibly saving a month on the construction time on each Vigilant Corvette.

Even though he had increased the Aerospace Fighter capacity, he figured he would be lucky if he got a full squadron for each ship. His main concern was how much yelling Admiral Tanaka or General Mitchell would do when they found out he had redesigned the ships on his own authority.

Puttalam (Terran Hegemony)

Major General Nathan Baxter watched as the newly constructed Endo Steel chassis made by reverse engineering the Royal Stinger was used by his Battlemech Techs to rebuild a standard Stinger STG-3G into a Royal Stinger. They only used the weapons, double heat sinks and 140XL engine from the Royal Stinger to speed up the modification of the standard Stinger. After a month of refit work, a volunteer Battlemech pilot ran the newly upgraded Stinger through a series of tests. Finding no issues, Major General Baxter sent a HPG message to General Mitchell and Major General DeMars that they could now upgrade every Stinger to Royal models, but it would be slow going.

Thazi (Terran Hegemony)

The moment Major General DeMars had the HPG message from Major General Baxter, he fired off a reply ordering 36 of the equipment needed to manufacture the Endo Steel Chassis to be built and shipped to Thazi. He would use the Battlemech Techs from the 272nd Mechanized Infantry Division to assist in upgrading the huge numbers of Stinger's to Royal models. He already knew that the Techs from the 359th Battlemech Division had used the Battlemech bays aboard a Dictator Dropship to do the upgrade and he planned to duplicate that here. A full Battalion at a time.

He then fired off a HPG message to Alktral Fusion and ordered them to gear up to produce over a thousand 140XL engines. Another message went to Linden to prepare the Endo Steel factory and Double Heat sink factory to prepare for some massive orders.

June to August[]

1 June to 1 September 2774
Ddraig (Terran Hegemony)

Kimberly Williams held her breathe as the first production Royal Cyrano Gunship flared to a landing on the tarmac for the landing field next to the massive factory. She did not exhale until the lead pilot exited, removed his helmet and flashed her a huge grin and thumbs up. The had done it, they had actually, with no prior experience in manufacturing miliary VTOL's managed to reverse engineer and put into poduction the Royal Cyrano Gunship. She lifted the small hand held radio and said "Success, you may activate all 3 Lines for production." She then headed for the small R&D hanger where her small team of workers were carefully taking apart a Vector Transport VTOL.

Inside the massive factory, the lead engineer hit a button that activated a loud speaker system "People, we have done it. We are now in full production mode." Cheers echoed inside the factory and then faded as the machinery began to come alive. On the far side of the factory building, a single Line was already in production but it was building a single Cobra VTOL that in an estimated 2 weeks would be test flown by the SLDF for acceptance. Additional production lines, built on Thazi and shipped to Ddraig, were being unloaded from the Dropship for installation inside the factory.

Vought Aircraft Civilian
Lexan Oceanic Series II Personal VTOL - 3 Line producing 10 per month

Vought Aircraft Military
Royal Cyrano Gunship - 3 Line producing 4 per month (est 10 per month once 100% reached)
Cobra VTOL - 1 Line est 10 per month (once 100% reached)

Alktral (Terran Hegemony)

Irene Yemmon, Alktral Fusion, looked over the production floor that looked to be utter chaos but was in fact organized chaos as the Factory ramped up to full production of several Fusion engines. The majority of her workers were still learning their jobs, but she had a solid core of experienced workers that had come over from Thazi Motor's and had been on Outpost #4 with her to oversee them. They had been doing small runs of the most common Fusion engines as replacements for the SLDF commands but now, they would move to full production of several models. But she figured another 6 months before they reached 100% on production.

Alktral Fusion

VOX 300XL (Merkava MkX, Pillager BattleMech) - 4 Lines producing 6 per month each (20 each once 100%)
DAV 220XL (Royal Cyrano VTOL) - 4 Lines producing 4 per month each (20 each once 100%)
Hermes 100 (Cobra VTOL) - 4 Lines producing 9 per month each (25 each once 100%)
GM 180 (Turhan, Marsden) - 4 Lines producing 9 per month each (25 each once 100%)
Leenex 140XL (Royal Stinger BattleMech) - 4 Lines producing 5 per month each (20 each once 100%)

Thazi (Terran Hegemony)

General Rita Mitchell had slowly readjusted to being without her husband, but now she had 2 kids to look after. They had slowly found a routine that worked, but she also still had her normal work load. She was over looking the non stop flow of reports on every aspect in the territory and the SLDF commands. A knock brought her head up and she waved both Peter Sajak and Jimmy Orlando into the office.

"If your both here, there must be a problem. So what problem is it today?" She asked setting down the boring economic report.

"Not really a problem, but we need a tie breaker. We are trying to get ahead of the curve. Task Force Robber Baron will return in another year or so. We have been trying to estimate the possible rescued workers numbers and where to place the recovered Factory's, hence where to settle the incoming workers." Peter Sajak explained.

"Well, the obvious place for the Battlemech Factory would be Azur, it has the population to easily support the Factory." Jimmy Orlando said.

"But Azur does not have the resources to support it. Everything would have to be shipped in, while good for the economic activity would leave us exposed to production issues if anything impedes the flow of resources. I still say Blommestein should get both Factory's. It has enough resources to make both Factory's self sufficient. Plus it places the most important Factory, outside of Linden, in the middle of our territory, much easier to defend. Azur is on the border and even though it has a full Division as a garrison, it is too exposed." Peter Sajak argued.

Jimmy Orlando looked at General Mitchell "See, this is why we need a tie breaker. We have been arguing for over an hour about this."

"Okay, so I get to make the hard call. Peter is right, Azur is in an exposed location and resource wise is a little poor. So, Blommestein gets the Battlemech Factory and the god willing the Aerospace Fighter Factory. Those 2 Factory's will be critical, and we cannot afford any disruption to their production. I have also been reading you reports Peter and I think Feijo will get the incoming Armor Factory, that system needs a major job creator anyway. So, plan for a massive influx of people on Blommestein as people flock to the place for jobs. Peter, you get started selecting the Factory locations so that Jimmy can get the local construction folks busy on building enough housing for say, 350,000 people. We have no clue how many the place will need, so we plan for a worst case." General Mitchell said

With the issue settled and orders issued, both men stood and left to carry them out. General Mitchell looked at the wall clock and saw that it was time to head home, school was almost out, and she needed to get supper ready. She could get a full time cook to do it, but she enjoyed cooking for the kids but most of all, she used the time to let her mind sort out all the daily items.

September to December[]

1 September to 31 December 2774
Drachenfeld (Deep Periphery)

Task Force Robber Baron
was finally reunited. While the Warships and Jumpships were cycled through Newgrange-Class Yardship, SLS Salvation, for a quick maintenance cycle, the mass of Dropships headed for the surface to give the people some ground time after a year of Zero-G. During the long absence, the locals of Drachenfeld had plowed extra crops in an effort to help provide additional food for the SLDF's return trip. In exchange, for this, Lieutenant General Sverdlov ordered 100 Sherpa Trucks, 3 Sherpa MASH, 10 Sherpa Fuel and 10 Sherpa Canteen Trucks off loaded from the Dropships and left with the locals of Drachenfeld.

What no one had foreseen was that after over a year on Drachenfeld, just over 2 Company's of Infantry and a Company of Armor wanted to remain on Drachenfeld. Over the year, most had started dating locals. One of them was Corporal Ben Suong, who had been "courting" Kelly Sampson, daughter of Ismael Sampson. After a month, it was time to depart for the trip home. Lieutenant General Sverdlov once again tried to convince the troops wanting to remain to return with them, but finally surrendered to their wishes and made sure those troops remaining were well equipped and supplied. She accepted the salute of the troops remaining and boarded the last Dropship for the trip to the Jumpships. As the Dropship lifted off, she wondered if she or the SLDF would ever see Drachenfeld again.

Ceibu (Terran Hegemony)

A large crowd watched as 12 Lion-Class (Infantry variant) DropShips emerged from the construction hangers, erupting into cheers as the crews from 12 Czar-Class Dropships from the 181st Royal Mechanized Infantry Division moved to man the newly completed Dropships. Though they were almost 2 months late in their delivery, the issues that delayed their completion had been corrected and follow on Dropships would be completed on time. Supporting industries had slowly been constructed on the planet and roughly 15,000 people moved to Ceibu from Azur to take advantage of the jobs offered. The inflow of people was kept low so as not to overwhelm the ability to house them properly.

Linden (Terran Hegemony)

Vice Admiral Percy Seimens watched as the keels were laid for the first two Vigilant-Class Corvettes to be produced. The SLS Blommestein had completed trials of its upgrade and after a month sorting out a few issues with its new fire control system, had completed all of its testing successfully. They now had 4 completed Jump Cores waiting to be installed in the new Vigilant Corvettes which would bring the construction time of each Vigilant to 78 days. Everyone swore that if they had the yards in the Hegemony, they could complete the Vigilant's in under 2 months’ time each. The Endo Steel and Double Heat Sink Factory's were working around the clock to meet the demands being placed on them from across the Hegemony.

Ddraig (Terran Hegemony)

Kimberly Williams and her team of engineers were getting faster at the reverse engineering process. They had completed the Vector Transport VTOL and since the other versions were the same airframe, with only different payloads or mission profiles, they only had to learn how each system was integrated into the frames. Once they had that, she felt confident in opening up the production lines for every model. Now they moved to the Nightshade ECM VTOL.

It was soon clear that to meet the number of VTOL Lieutenant General DeMars had submitted, another production building was being constructed that would double their production. She had proposed that since they already built the 130 Fusion plant for the Oceanic, if they could build the Hermes 100 Fusion plant for the Cobra on site also to help take some pressure off Alktral Fusion. It had taken a month, but she got approval.

Vought Aircraft Civilian
Oceanic Series II Personal VTOL - 3 Line producing 10 per month each
Dumas 130 Fusion (Oceanic) - 3 Line producing 10 per month each
Hermes 100 Fusion (Cobra VTOL) - 3 Line producing 3 per month each (10 per month once 100%)

Vought Aircraft Military
Royal Cyrano Gunship - 3 Line producing 5 per month (est 10 per month each once 100%)
Cobra Transport VTOL - 5 Line producing 5 per month (est 10 per month each once 100%)
Cobra MASH VTOL - 2 Line producing 3 per month (est 10 per month each once 100%)
Cobra Command VTOL - 1 Line producing 3 per month (est 10 per month once 100%)
Vector Transport VTOL - 4 Line producing 5 per month (est 10 per month each once 100%)

Thazi (Terran Hegemony)

It was a huge affair for everyone as the first 36 Stinger STG-3G emerged from the 272nd MID Dropship as 36 Stinger STG-3Gb. With hundreds of the Stinger STG-3G in service, it was deemed important enough that almost every technician of the 272nd MID and even some from the Royal Black Watch and from the Technical School were brought in to help. Using 6 Dictator Dropships, they would soon be able to upgrade 216 Stinger STG-3G to STG-3Gb every 2 months. Plus, it gave the student technicians serious hands on time.

Pilon (Terran Hegemony)

Peter Sajak supervised the setting up of the large Refit Facility for the Merkava and Marsden Main Battle Tanks. They had brought in every Wayland Mobile Base in the inventory, 22 of them, and they were set up and ready to start work while the massive building designated for the task was completed. Once completed, it would allow 100 Tanks to be upgraded every month. Until then, they would have to make do at 22 every 2 months. The Merkava was selected to be upgraded first, the entire inventory.

Bastrop (Federated Suns)

With some help from Fleesum and Gougem, ZaP Shipping's law firm, Martha Pruitt had secured an office that was now staffed by 30 employees. They had hit the ground running and already were running passenger shuttles to several worlds a single jump from Bastrop. She had been amazed that is was so easy to fill a 1,000 passenger Jumbo at 200 dollars per ticket for a single jump. It was quite profitable, and they had no problem filling all 10 Passenger Jumbo's. These alone brought in a handsome 4 million dollars a month. She really wanted to get her hands on more of them, maybe even a couple Passenger Mammoth's for the 6,000 capacity. A single Passenger Mammoth could bring in 1.2 Million dollars per trip. The 6 Monarch's were placed on a steady route from Woodbine to Bastrop, Woodbine to Stratford, Stratford to Bastrop route and brought in 166,000 per jump for a monthly total of 2.2 Million a month when you add in the amenities.

Filling the cargo Dropships was a little harder, but after a month, they had steady work coming their way. This was complicated some by the short haul nature of their current self imposed restrictions to 4 jumps from Bastrop. But they managed to land a few contracts hauling raw ores to processing plants in the immediate area. Then picking up finished goods for the return trip. The cargo runs brought in roughly 7 million a month. Still it did not take long to establish ZaP Shipping as one of, if not the, largest Shipping Company in the region. A monthly total of 13 Million dollars was decent money for a new company in the area Martha Pruitt thought.