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Fate Can be Cruel - Chapter Cover

Fate Can Be Cruel - 2768[]


1 January 2768
New Gascony (Tortuga Dominions)

Ships Captain Martin Zuni, Ships Captain Martha Pruitt and Colonel Joshua Crandal landed at the space port just after dawn local time. Only this time, Martin Zuni could clearly see 2 Mules bearing SLDF markings among the grounded Dropships. He glanced at Martha Pruitt beside him and winked at her as the door to the shuttle opened. The 3 passengers exited the shuttle and began walking towards the SLDF perimeter around the grounded Dropships. When they were finally challenged by the sentries, Martin Zuni said "Could you please inform your commander that Martin Zuni and party would like to see him. I think he is expecting us."

It took 20 minutes before a woman wearing the rank of Lieutenant General swiftly walked down a Dropships ramp and towards the waiting group. Colonel Crandal snapped to attention while Martin Zuni just said "Martin Zuni at your service General. I have a message for you to see, if you have a portable computer handy."

"At ease, Colonel. Mister Zuni, you are one hard man to find. A message? Okay, come this way." Lieutenant General Johannsen said

Once they reached a portable computer, Martin Zuni produced the data stick and it was inserted.

"My name is Lieutenant General Baxter, commander of the 359th Battlemech Division. I have entrusted Mister Zuni with delivering this message to any SLDF command that appears in this region of space. I am going to assume anyone listening to this message have made the same decision as me and my command and are no longer following SLDF orders. Though no longer officially following orders, I am also sure that everyone listening to this message still feels for the individual SLDF soldier. I and my command have undertaken a relief effort to assist trapped SLDF troops on the planet Pilon. We do not have any idea what we will face or find when we arrive at our destination.

The decision to not answer SLDF orders was a hard one to make and has weighed heavily on my mind since I made the decision. I am sure it also weighs heavily on yours. I removed my command from the senseless bloodshed we saw, but that does not mean we are cowards. Going to aid trapped SLDF troops is a worthy mission. I ask that you join us on this noble mission. Since we made the decision to embark on this mission, the heavy weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I once again feel I have earned my honor back. I hope it helps you also."

Lieutenant General Johannsen looked at Martin Zuni "Where the hell is Pilon?"

"Outworlds Alliance. I know a shorter route to get there, it will shave 6 months off our journey." Martin Zuni said

"Our journey?" Lieutenant General Johannsen asked

"Yes, I am going to lead all of you to Pilon myself. I have learned that I have had a price put on my head by the local pirates due to my dealings with the SLDF recently. It is no longer safe for me here in the Dominions. I will even arrange for fresh food and supplies for your commands before our journey, because I highly doubt the locals have been willing to deal with you. They have to live here and the pirates probably have been applying pressure on them." Martin Zuni said

"And what would you require as payment, Mister Zuni?" Lieutenant General Johannsen asked

"Well, I already know your purchase card is no good. Seems 2 previous units suckered me with that, so I have lost quite a bit of money already. I, on the other hand have honor and am full filling my promise to them even if they played me for a fool. Once we reach Pilon, I would like to have one of your Mule Dropships. I think that is a fair deal." Martin Zuni said

Lieutenant General Johannsen was silent for several minutes before answering "Only after we reach Pilon and we unload our supplies off the Dropship. The Mule Dropship will pay the debts of the 2 previous commands in full sir. And we will need supplies for the journey."

"Agreed, you are an honorable person General Johannsen. I will make all the arrangements and take care of the payments. I will leave Colonel Crandal here with you while myself and Ms Pruitt go make the arrangements." Martin Zuni said leaving the Dropship

2 January 2768
Starting at dawn, a seemingly nonstop parade of trucks began arriving at the SLDF Dropships to be unloaded. Thousands of tons of food, water and basic needs were transferred onto the Dropships. Lieutenant General Johannsen looked at Martin Zuni "How did you get this much so fast?"

"Easy, the locals are not fools. They began stockpiling supplies the moment you set down at the space port. The local pirates told them to not sell to you, but they did not say they could not sell to me. It cost me an extra 10 million dollars in planetary cash so that they could pass it onto the pirates, as their cut you see. Things operate differently out here in the Dominions, you better be very specific when you say something, the folks out here will find a loophole in a nanosecond to exploit." Martin Zuni explained

"Quite a bribe you had to pay Mister Zuni. Thank you for the supplies." Lieutenant General Johannsen said

"All in the course of doing business General." Martin Zuni replied, not nearly as much as you think, I spent roughly 4 million in Star League script, but that is almost 30 million in planetary dollars. If we were in the Federated Suns, this amount of supplies would have cost me double that IN Star League script.

Rondon (Outworlds Alliance)

Lieutenant General Rita Mitchell played with Amanda Cameron on the Grav Deck. Taking care of Amanda made her long for own son. It had been too long since I have seen him. She promised herself that when she got back to Thazi, she would convince Major General Rommel of the need to begin prepping to bring the dependents of the various SLDF commands to Thazi. This had to be done for morale purposes. But the most troubling to her had been the radio calls from Sornath and Kent, both worlds had asked for aid. Seems that neither the Outworlds Alliance nor Independent traders had made any deliveries since the Uprising had begun. How many more worlds were hurting, she thought.


13 February 2768
Fletchers Feast (Tortuga Dominions)

Martin Zuni had said a million thanks that he would not have to make the 18 day journey to the planets surface. On arrival, Lieutenant General Katrina Johannsen had made contact with the SLDF Jumpships at the Jump Point and they had in turn contacted the SLDF unit on the surface. A day later, the SLDF Dropships had boosted for the Jump Point with little fanfare from the local's. They were now 2 days from the Jump Point and eager to depart the Dominions. It amazed Martin Zuni that they had barely asked any questions at all, almost a "Wait we are coming, don't leave without us" type of conversation. A few more days and they could finally leave the Dominions.

Thazi (Outworlds Alliance)

Lieutenant General Rita Mitchell, commander 272nd Mechanized Infantry Division, checked on Amanda Cameron, as she had done after every jump. Surprisingly she tolerated the jumps extremely well. She picked her up in her arms and made her way to the bridge of SLS Tirpitz, Black Lion II Battlecruiser, not even paying any attention to the 2 troopers from Major Calloway's Special Forces Battalion that were always in attendance wherever Amanda Cameron was.

Reaching the bridge, she saw Commodore Namathien on the radio. Out the view screen, she could clearly see SLS Rhodon, the Luxor Heavy Cruiser very close by. "Let me have the radio Commodore. Commodore Coltrain knows it's us because but will be leery of you and the new additions to our little fleet." Commodore Namathien handed over the mic "SLS Rhodon, this is Lieutenant General Mitchell, nice to be back, is there a problem?"

"Glad to hear your voice again General Mitchell. No problem, just did not expect you back so soon and with additional friends. The war over so soon?" Commodore Coltrain said

"Not that we heard. General Kerensky was heading for the Rim Worlds Republic first. Should be there by now. We had a much more important mission sort of fall into our lap. If Commodore Delvaney and SLS Salvation are not busy, I would like SLS Tirpitz taken into the repair bay and repaired. Any word on SLS Conroy?" She asked

"Conroy was abandoned in deep space, but Commodore Zeibler and crew are safely here, they are manning one of the Dart Light Cruisers we captured. I believe Salvation is a week or so from completing some changes to Rear Admiral Tanaka's Whirlwind Destroyer. But I will pass on your request. You are cleared to take your Dropships to the surface General Mitchell at your pleasure." Commodore Coltrain replied

"Good news on Zeibler and crew at least. Have Commodore Delvaney send a HPG to Boulsi and Pilon. I need General Rommel and McGregor here as soon as possible please." Lieutenant General Mitchell said

"You want just them or all the Flag officers? We have quite a collection of them now. Down on the surface you have Major General Iris Carman, 280th Mechanized Infantry Division and Major General Gregory Hanesworth, 29th Mechanized Infantry Division. Several more Divisions are on Boulsi and Pilon." Commodore Coltrain said

"Just General Rommel and McGregor for now, we will meet aboard the Tirpitz for now. I will be sending everyone else down to the surface." Lieutenant General Mitchell said

20 February 2768

Lieutenant General Rita Mitchell greeted Major General Heinrich Rommel and Lieutenant General Colin McGregor after they exited the shuttle. "It is good to be back, way too many jumps and not enough ground time." She said as she shook each of their hands in greeting.

"We were both surprised at the early return and with extra friends to boot. So what gives Rita?" Major General Rommel asked

"Come with me and I will show you. We linked up with SLS Tirpitz in the Junior system. When I found out her cargo, well I turned the Task Force around and headed back. Picked up the new units at Stratford, they elected to join us. I heard more units arrived since I left." Lieutenant General Mitchell said

"Quite a few. We added the 280th MID, 29th MID, 359th BM, 31st ID, 54th MID and 19th Hussar Regiment. Plus fragments of other commands. I disbanded the 54th MID into the 29th MID plus a fragment and they are almost at full strength. I have been working on how to bring the others up to strength, we started recruiting Infantry replacments and started a Infantry school on Boulsi. But we can discuss all of that later." Major General Rommel said as he spotted the squad of Nighthawk equipped troopers guarding the door to the Grav Deck.

As Lieutenant General Mitchell led them on to the Grav Deck, both saw a Major playing with a infant on the floor. The infant held out it's arms to Lieutenant General Mitchell the moment she saw her. General Mitchell scooped the infant into her arms, the Major stood "Gentlemen, this is our new mission. Meet Amanda Cameron, daughter of First Lord Richard Cameron. This is her bodyguard, Major Ian MacIntosh, Royal Black Watch."

Both officers stood with mouths agape for a few seconds "Holy shit Rita."

"Exactly what went thru my mind when I found out. Major MacIntosh is not yet sold on staying here, nor in our ability to ensure Amanda's security. But first, let's get to the surface, we can talk on the way to the surface. I need some serious ground time and so does Amanda. But I think we need to risk a full commanders meeting, Division and Independent Regiment commanders only and of course Rear Admiral Tanaka, Commodore Zeibler, Commodore Coltrain and Commodore Delvaney. Once we get them briefed, they can brief their troops and I will let Rear Admiral Tanaka brief the remaining warship commanders. The remaining warship commanders I would like to have them lock this system down tight until the meeting is over. If we send the HPG message now, we can probably have the meeting within 2 weeks time." Lieutenant General Mitchell said


9 March 2768

Lieutenant General Rita Mitchell looked at the assembled officers. There were so many faces she did not recognize, so many new commanders she did not know. Having arrived after she had departed. During the last 2 weeks, while awaiting the arrival of all the commanders, she, Major General Rommel, Major General McGregor, Major General Carman, Major General Hanesworth and Rear Admiral Tanaka had worked on how to incorporate the new forces into existing commands. But also in getting a firm count on the numbers of Warships, Jumpships and Dropships they now had under their control. The naval assets were extensive.

2768 Forgotten Corp's Naval Assets[]

  • Warships
    • SLS Tirpitz - Black Lion II-Class Battlecruiser
    • SLS Rhodon - Luxor-Class Heavy Cruiser
    • SLS Mighty Lift - Potemkin-Class Transport
    • SLS Solomon - Essex II-Class Destroyer
    • SLS Windego - Whirlwind-Class Destroyer
    • SLS Salvation - Newgrange-Class Yardship
    • SLS Hatchet - Kimagure-Class Pursuit Cruiser
    • SLS Dark Brawler - Dart-Class Light Cruiser (non jump capable)
    • SLS Thazi - Dart-Class Light Cruiser (non jump capable)
    • SLS Borneo - Volga-Class Transport
    • SLS Sneak - Bug Eye-Class Surveillance
    • SLS Dominator - Vincent-Class Corvette
    • SLS Halthom - Vincent-Class Corvette
    • SLS Yangtze River - Vincent-Class Corvette
    • SLS Trinity River - Vincent-Class Corvette
    • SLS Independence - Samarkand II-Class Fighter Carrier
  • Jumpships
    • Scout - 5
    • Merchant - 4
    • Invader - 12
    • Star Lord - 38
    • Tramp - 12
    • Tramp (LF) - 5
  • Dropships
    • Command Dictator - 2
    • Dictator - 40
    • Overlord - 21
    • Union - 34
    • Union CV - 1
    • Lee - 6
    • Titan - 10
    • Triumph - 28
    • Lion - 28
    • Confederate - 10
    • Czar - 45
    • Colossus - 14
    • Elephant Tug - 4
    • Drost IIA - 36
    • Mammoth - 22
    • Mule - 22
    • Jumbo - 25

Lieutenant General Rita Mitchell reshuffled the papers in her hand as she walked to the podium before the seated officers. She took a quick sip of water and then began "For those who I have not met yet, I am Lieutenant General Rita Mitchell, commander 272nd Mechanized Infantry Division. Before I left on our last mission I acted as Major General Rommel's second in command and primary maneuver commander. We came across the SLS Tirpitz on our way to assist General Kerensky in liberating the Hegemony. After learning the Tirpitz's mission, I felt we needed to return to Thazi to aid that mission.

Black Lion II Class Battlecruiser (Underway)

Blacklion II Class Battlecruiser, SLS Tripitiz

Aboard the Tirpitz was Major Ian MacIntosh, Royal Black Watch and under his protection was Amanda Cameron, daughter of First Lord Richard Cameron. We have no news of the fate of First Lord Richard Cameron. It is Major MacIntosh and my estimation that Amanda Cameron might be the sole surviving Cameron and heir to the Throne. We recorded a message from General Kerensky at Inner End in the Federated Suns which we will play in a few minutes for everyone. Short version, their is a complete cease fire with the rebels in the Periphery. The SLDF is at war with the Amaris Empire, which is what Stefan Amaris is calling his new nation.

I have pledged to Major MacIntosh that me and my 272nd Mechanized Infantry Division will aid him in protecting Amanda Cameron safe until such time as she may return to reclaim her rightful throne." She halted when Major General Heinrich Rommel stood up from his seat near her and walked to her side, she moved aside for him.

"We need to take care of something real fast. For the last 6 months, Lieutenant General Mitchell here has been acting as the primary care giver for Amanda Cameron. I have seen her with young Cameron and since we seem to be the only Star League representatives around, I nominate Lieutenant General Rita Mitchell as Regent and Protector of the Star League, or our small part of it anyway, until such time as Amanda Cameron reaches age 18 or she has been returned to the Hegemony and can be taken under General Kerensky's care. Anyone have a problem with this?" Major General Rommel said, when no one protested, he continued "Let it be known that the vote was unanimous and as such Lieutenant General Rita Mitchell is now promoted to the rank of full General and I place all SLDF forces in this theater under her command."

Lieutenant General, now General Mitchell stood there flabbergasted. She never expected this at all. She did not know what to say or do for several minutes. Finally she regained some control "I will do my utmost to fulfill the trust you are putting in me. As such, I will be meeting with each of you over the next week. We are going to need to do some consolidating, we cannot have most of our commands at half strength. I have spoken to Major General Rommel, who will serve as my second in command of the Corps and he has informed me of his ideas, but I also want to consult with each of you. Major General Rommel, you may return to Pilon and enact the plans we discussed already. I look forward to speaking with each of you. Dismissed."

15 March 2768
Pilon (Outworlds Alliance)

Major General Heinrich Rommel marched up to the main gate to the prisoner compound. "Open the gate sergeant. I will not need an escort, you may remain here." He ordered. When the gate was opened, he strode inside and asked where General Paul Kilgorian was located at. One of the rebel prisoners pointed towards a barracks and Major General Rommel headed directly for it, before he could reach the barracks, General Kilgorian exited the barracks and walked to meet him.

"To what do we owe this visit General Rommel?" General Paul Kilgorian asked

"I came to inform you that General Kerensky has declared a complete cease fire in the Periphery. The Periphery States are free to make their own way in the universe. I am here to inform you that we will be releasing you and your personnel very soon. But first, were you serious with the offer to join the SLDF?" Rommel asked

"Yes sir, I was deadly serious. So are my troops. Amaris stabbed us in the back, called for our destruction. If we cannot join General Kerensky in his fight against Amaris, by damned we can join the SLDF and in doing so, possibly free up troops to kick his ass for us." General Kilgorian said

"There will be some conditions. First, you will all have to undergo standard SLDF recruitment physical's. Second, you will all have to undergo what SLDF training we can provide out here. Three, you will all be required to take the oath and swear allegiance to the Star League and the SLDF above everything else. Four, most of your troops will be assigned to my 322nd Armored Division here on Pilon. Your Mechwarriors will be assigned to the 126th Mechanized Infantry Division after completion of their indoctrination and training. Any that fail the physical but want to stay on Pilon, they may. Those that refuse to take the oath will be transported to another system and they can make their own way in life. Do those terms agree with you General?" Rommel explained

"Completely General Rommel. You will find that my troops are well trained. It will take some months to get everyone into proper physical shape but we will get there. You have provided us with proper medical care, so most of my troops are in good shape medically, but not in proper PT." General Kilgorian said

"They will get plenty of PT very soon. Starting at 0700 tomorrow morning, we will begin processing your troops. I am afraid we will have to quarter your troops here while they are being processed and until proper quarters are constructed to house them elsewhere. Until they are processed, I would like for you to try and keep your troops confined to this immediate area. It is going to take some time for all the SLDF troops to get used to this idea. I would like to avoid any troubles." Rommel said

"We wish no more trouble and will conduct ourselves as you order General Rommel. I will have my troops ready to move on your orders at 0700 tomorrow morning." General Kilgorian said

"Then I will see you at 0700 General. In the meantime, I will have additional food transported into the compound." Major General Rommel said

Thazi (Outworlds Alliance)

General Rita Mitchell had spoken to every officer that had arrived while she was away. She also now had a complete roster of all the units under her command. The last couple of days she had worked on how to fill out the various units. Several units were easy since they were at full strength or almost there. On the wall opposite of where she sat, was a large easel mounted where she had written various excess equipment and personnel and then she would pencil in adjustments onto the various rosters.

Forgotten Corps

272nd Mechanized Infantry Division (General Rita Mitchell)

  • Headquarters Battlemech Battalion - 3 Company's
  • 2721st Brigade
    • Mechanized Infantry Regiment - 3 Mechanized Infantry Battalions
    • Mechanized Infantry Regiment - 3 Mechanized Infantry Battalions
    • Mechanized Infantry Regiment - 3 Mechanized Infantry Battalions
    • Light Battlemech Battalion - 3 Battlemech Company's
  • 2722nd Brigade
    • Mechanized Infantry Regiment - 3 Mechanized Infantry Battalions
    • Mechanized Infantry Regiment - 3 Mechanized Infantry Battalions
    • Mechanized Infantry Regiment - 3 Mechanized Infantry Battalions
    • Light Battlemech Battalion - 3 Battlemech Company's
  • 2723rd Brigade
    • Battlemech Regiment - 3 Battlemech Battalions
    • Battlemech Regiment - 3 Battlemech Battalions
    • Battlemech Regiment - 3 Battlemech Battalions
  • 2724th Brigade
    • Armor Regiment - 3 Armor Battalions
    • Armor Regiment - 3 Armor Battalions
    • Armor Regiment - 3 Armor Battalions
  • Artillery Regiment
    • Artillery Battalion - 3 Company's Long Tom Artillery
    • Artillery Battalion - 3 Company's Thor Artillery Vehicle
    • Artillery Battalion - 3 Company's Chaparral Missile Artillery
  • Cavalry Battalion - 3 LAM Company's
    Mech Infantry Company
    Hover Company
  • Engineer Battalion - 3 Engineer Company's
  • Ground Aero Wing
    • Aerospace Group (reinf) - 4 Squadrons Aerospace
    • Conventional Group - 3 Squadrons Conv Fighters
    • Conventional VTOL Group - 2 Squadrons VTOL Transport
    • Jump Infantry Battalion - 3 Jump Infantry Company's

29th Mechanized Infantry Division (Major General Hanesworth)

  • 291st Brigade
    • Mechanized Infantry Regiment - 3 Mech Infantry Battalions, 1 Turhan Battalion
    • Mechanized Infantry Regiment - 3 Mech Infantry Battalions, 1 Turhan Battalion
    • Mechanized Infantry Regiment - 3 Mech Infantry Battalions, 1 Turhan Battalion
  • 292nd Brigade
    • Mechanized Infantry Regiment - 3 Mech Infantry Battalions, 1 Goblin Vehicle Battalion
    • Mechanized Infantry Regiment - 3 Mech Infantry Battalions, 1 Merkava Tank Battalion
    • Mechanized Infantry Regiment - 3 Mech Infantry Battalions, 1 Merkava Tank Battalion
  • 293rd Brigade
    • Battlemech Regiment - 3 Battlemech Battalions (54th)
    • Battlemech Regiment - 3 Battlemech Battalions (265th)
  • 294th Brigade
    • Armor Regiment - 3 Armor Battalions
    • Armor Regiment - 3 Armor Battalions (from 322nd)
    • Armor Regiment - 3 Armor Battalions (from 322nd)
  • Artillery Regiment
    • Artillery Battalion - Thor Battalion
    • Arrow Battalion - 2 Company Chaperral Missile Vehicles
      1 Company Padilla Artillary Vehicles
  • Engineer Battalion - 3 Engineer Companies
  • Cavalry Battalion - 2 LAM Companies
  • Ground Aero Wing
    • Aerospace Group - 4 Squadrons
    • Conv Fighter Group - 2 Squadrons
    • Conv Transport Group - 2 Squadrons
    • Jump Infantry Regiment - 2 Battalions

359th Battlemech Division (Major General Baxter)

  • Headquarters Battlemech Battalion - 36 Battlemechs
  • 3591st Brigade
    • Battlemech Regiment - 3 Battlemech Battalions
    • Battlemech Regiment - 3 Battlemech Battalions
    • Battlemech Regiment - 3 Battlemech Battalions (284th and 318th)
  • 3592nd Brigade
    • Battlemech Regiment - 3 Battlemech Battalions (165th and 208th)
    • Battlemech Regiment - 3 Battlemech Battalions (359th and 31st Indiv MW)
  • 3593rd Brigade
    • Mechanized Infantry Regiment - 3 Mechanized Infantry Battalions, 1 Korvin Tank Battalion
    • Mechanized Infantry Regiment - 3 Mechanized Infantry Battalions, 1 Korvin Tank Battalion
    • Mechanized Infantry Regiment - 3 Mechanized Infantry Battalions (208th and 318th)
    • Mechanized Infantry Regiment - 3 Mechanized Infantry Battalions (318th and 370th)
  • 3594th Brigade
    • Armor Regiment - 3 Armor Battalions (359th and 322nd)
    • Armor Regiment - 3 Armor Battalions (31st)
  • Artillery Regiment
    • Chaparrel Missile Artillery Vehicle Battalion
    • Ballista Artillery Battalion
  • Cavalry Battalion - 2 LAM Companies
    1 Hover Armor Company
  • Ground Aero Wing
    • Aerospace Group - 16 Typhoon Heavy Aerospace Fighter
    • Engineer Battalion - 3 Engineer Companies

280th Mechanized Infantry Division (Major General Carman)

  • Headquarters Battlemech Battalion - 2 Company's
  • 2801st Brigade
    • Mech Infantry Regiment - 3 Mech Infantry Battalions
    • Mech Infantry Regiment - 3 Mech Infantry Battalions
    • Mech Infantry Regiment - 3 Mech Infantry Battalions
    • Light Battlemech Battalion - 2 Company's
  • 2802nd Brigade
    • Mech Infantry Regiment - 3 Mech Infantry Battalions
    • Mech Infantry Regiment - 3 Mech Infantry Battalions (2214st Ind Infantry)
    • Mech Infantry Regiment - 3 Mech Infantry Battalions (2215th Ind Infantry)
    • Light Battlemech Battalion - 2 Company's
  • 2803rd Brigade
    • Battlemech Regiment - 3 Battalions
    • Battlemech Regiment - 3 Battalions
  • 2804th Brigade
    • Armor Regiment - 3 Battalions
    • Armor Regiment - 3 Battalions
    • Armor Regiment - 3 Battalions
  • Artillery Regiment
    • Thor Battalion - 2 Company's
    • Chaparral Battalion - 2 Company's
  • Engineer Battalion - 3 Company's
  • Ground Aero Wing
    • Aerospace Group - 3 Squadrons
    • Aerospace Group - 3 Squadrons
    • Jump Infantry Battalion - 3 Company's

126th Mechanized Infantry Division (Major General McGregor)

  • 1261st Brigade
    • Mechanized Infantry Regiment - 3 Infantry Battalions, 1 Company Von Luckner (sl)
    • Mechanized Infantry Regiment - 3 Infantry Battalions, 1 Company Korvin (rebel?)
    • Mechanized Infantry Regiment - 3 Infantry Battalions, 1 Compnay Korvin (rebel?)
    • Light Battlemech Battalion - 3 Company's (rebel?)
  • 1262 Brigade
    • Mechanized Infantry Regiment - 3 Infantry Battalions, 1 Company Turhan
    • Mechanized Infantry Regiment - 3 Infantry Battalions, 1 Company Turhan
    • Mechanized Infantry Regiment - 3 Infantry Battalions, 1 Company Turhan
    • Light Battlemech Battalion - 3 Company's
  • 1263 Brigade
    • Battlemech Regiment - 3 Battlemech Battalions
    • Battlemech Regiment - 3 Battlemech Battalions
    • Battlemech Regiment - 3 Battlemech Battalions (rebel?)
  • 1264 Brigade
    • Armor Regiment - 3 Armor Battalions
    • Armor Regiment - 3 Armor Battalions
    • Armor Regiment - 3 Armor Battalions (322nd)
  • Artillery Regiment
    • 1 Battalion of Long Tom Artillery
    • 1 Battalion of Thor Artillery Vehicle
    • 1 Battalion of Padilla/Chaparral Missile Artillery
  • Cavalry Battalion - 3 LAM Companies
    1 Infantry Company
    1 Hover Company (Maxim)
  • Ground Aero Wing
    • Aerospace Wing - 4 Squadrons
    • Conv Fighter Wing - 2 Squadrons
    • Conv Transport Wing - 2 Squadrons
    • Engineer Battalion
    • Jump Infantry Battalion - 1 Battalion

31st Infantry Division (Major General Quieg)

  • 311th Brigade
    • Infantry Regiment - 3 Infantry Battalions, 1 Marsden Battalion
    • Infantry Regiment - 3 Infantry Battalions, 1 Marsden Battalion
    • Infantry Regiment - 3 Infantry Battalions, 1 Marsden Battalion
    • Light Battlemech Battalion - 3 Compamy's (Stinger)
  • 312nd Brigade
    • Infantry Regiment - 3 Infantry Battalions (new recruit)
    • Infantry Regiment - 3 Infantry Battalions (new recruit)
    • Infantry Regiment - 3 Infantry Battalions (new recruit)
    • Light Battlemech Battalion - 3 Company's (Stinger)
  • 313rd Brigade
    • Light Battlemech Regiment - 3 Light Battlemech Battalions (Stinger)
    • Light Battlemech Regiment - 3 Light Battlemech Battalions (Firestarter)
  • 314th Brigade
    • Armor Regiment - 3 Armor Battalions (LVT-4)
    • Armor Regiment - 3 Armor Battalions (Marsden)
  • Artillery Battalion - 3 Ballista Company's
  • Ground Aero Wing
    • Aerospace Group - 3 Squadrons Typhoon
    • Jump Infantry Battalion - 3 Jump Infantry Company's

322nd Armor Division (Major General Rommel)

  • 3221st Brigade
    • Armor Regiment - 3 Armor Battalions (rebel?)
    • Infantry Regiment - 3 Infantry Battalions (rebel?)
    • Infantry Regiment - 3 Infantry Battalions (rebel?)
  • 3222nd Brigade
    • Armor Regiment - 3 Armor Battalions (rebel?)
    • Infantry Regiment - 3 Infantry Battalions (rebel?)
    • Infantry Regiment - 3 Infantry Battalions (rebel?)
  • 3223rd Brigade
    • Armor Regiment - 3 Armor Battalions
    • Infantry Regiment - 3 Infantry Battalions (rebel?)
    • Infantry Regiment - 3 Infantry Battalions (rebel?)
  • Artillery Battalion - 36 Ballista
  • Engineer Battalion
Cobra UR VTOL (Flying at Night art by Masakari)

Cobra Transport VTOL

  • Conventional Wing - 30 Meteor
  • Conventional Trans Wing - 22 Cobra VTOL Transports
  • Jump Infantry Battalion

Royal Black Watch(Colonel MacIntosh)

  • Battlemech Battalion - 3 Company's (191st Royal)
  • Battlemech Battalion - 3 Company's (191st Royal)
  • Jump Infantry Regiment - 3 Jump Infantry Battalions (191st Royal)

277th Dragoon Regiment (Colonel Estaban)

  • Battlemech Battalion - 36 Battlemaster BLR-1G
  • Battlemech Battalion - 36 Thug 11E
  • Battlemech Battalion - 36 Thunderbolt TDR-5S
  • Mechanized Infantry Battalion
  • Artillery Company - 12 Ballista

211th Hussar Regiment (Colonel Nabokov)

  • Command Battalion - 1 Ostwar OWR-2Mb, 11 Flashman FLS-8K, 24 Pheonix Hawk PXH-2
  • 1st Battlemech Battalion - 24 Lancelot LNC25-01sl, 12 Excaliber EXC-B2
  • 2nd Battlemech Battalion - 24 Guillotine GLT-3N, 12 Phoenix Hawk PXH-2
  • Armor Battalion - 36 Zephyr Hover Tanks
  • Mechanized Infantry Battalion - 3 Company's, 12 Turhan

19th Hussar Regiment (Colonel Fuentes)

  • Battlemech Battalion - 36 Warhammer WHM-7A
  • Battlemech Battalion - 36 Thunderbolt TDR-5Sb (181st Royal)
  • Battlemech Battalion - 24 Griffin GRF-2N, 12 Mongoose MON-66b
  • Mechanized Infantry - Battalion

3391st Special Forces (Colonel Calloway)

  • Nighthawk Company - 64 Nighthawk PA(L) MkXXI, 4 Prowler (BA)
  • Nighthawk Company - 48 Nighthawk PA(L) MkXXI, 4 Prowler (BA)
  • Nighthawk Company - 48 Nighthawk PA(L) MkXXI
  • Battlemech Company - 12 Spector SPR-4F BattleMech (181st Royal)
  • Battlemech Company - 12 Spector SPR-4F BattleMech (181st Royal)

As she studied the breakdown, she figured it was the best she could do at the moment. The 322nd Armor Division worried her, but it had been Major General Rommel's idea. Once the new recruits started graduating, she could re-evaluate the unit breakdowns. She had broken up the 181st Royal after speaking to Major Sandra Barkley, she had stressed that she did not have enough qualified Battlemech pilots for the advanced equipment and wanted to add the capability to the 3391st Special Forces under now Colonel Calloway. Major Barkley had volunteered to command the 2 Company's under Colonel Calloway, even if they were Light Battlemechs. This gave her an Elite Strike Force that could be deployed to cause the most havoc upon an enemy.


1 April 2768
Thazi (Outworlds Alliance)

General Rita Mitchell, acting Regent, knew something had to be done about the pay situation. They did not have the ability to draw off of any Star League revenue streams. It was only a matter of time before this became a serious issue. Since their liberation, all 3 planets had been under martial law and supplies for the SLDF forces had been just taken with a payment slip issued. Since no one knew when things would return to normal and the payment slips actually paid in full, several of the local vendors on each planet had started to balk at taking any more slips. The current payment slips totalled 88 million dollars, with roughly 4 million a month being added to that total.

Plus their was the fact that none of the SLDF troops had access to their bank accounts nor was their a way to pay the new recruits. This would very soon cause some major issues. She had done her own math, which could be right or wrong, and had concluded that the Forgotten Corps' pay alone was 145,000,000 per month at current troop levels. This was a huge number, especially when you took into account that she had no way to pay this. So far, the troops had accepted the fact that their situation was an extreme one and were taking the hardship rather well, but this would have to be corrected soon. Hopefully before a major flareup occurred. She just did not have the answer to these problems yet.

Even though these issues were major, she put them on the back burner since she did not have the answer to them. What she did have the answer for was getting the dependents of the various commands out here. They had 25 Jumbo Dropships in their possession and she had, after talking with Commodore Delvaney, ordered 21 of them converted to carry passengers. Each would have 1,000 steerage compartments installed in them to transport 1,000 passengers on each Dropship while leaving 4,700 tons of cargo space. Commodore Delvaney had run the numbers with her engineers and came back with the news that it could be done. The cargo space would easily allow enough supplies to be carried to feed the passengers and crew for over a year Her engineers estimated it would take 8 months to make the modifications but warned that once made, it would take twice as long to convert them back to cargo Dropships.

She had asked all of the unit commanders to compile a list of dependents and locations for her. It might take years, but she would reunite the families. Units stationed in the Outworlds Alliance would be the quickest and easiest to relocate. They would probably be the first. But she had 8 months before the Dropships were ready to figure that part out.

She looked across her office and saw that Amanda Cameron was still fast asleep during her afternoon nap. Checking the clock she saw that she had roughly another hour to complete some much needed work before she awoke. She read the next report in her inbox noting it was about the new recruits. Currently on Boulsi there were 8,729 Infantry recruits undergoing training. Enough to field almost 9 Infantry Regiments once they completed training in 9 months. They were proving that they could at least replace losses to their infantry, but what they had no way to replace Mechwarriors, Armor Crew but most importantly Aerospace Pilots, which they were very short of.

She rubbed her temples, the list of problems they faced just seemed to keep growing. They were used to being supported by extensive supply lines. Ammunition could be expended in vast amounts, with more always arriving. But that was no more. Even if they had access to a ammuntion supplier, they had no way to pay for the ammunition. Everything revolved around money. Did she have the power or even the right to try and establish a source of income? Her fellow officers may have bestowed upon her the title of Regent, but exactly what did that really mean? It meant one thing in the Terran Hegemony, but way out here? The planets they controlled belonged to the Outworlds Alliance. Even though most of the populations, of all 3 planets, felt they had been abandoned by the Outworlds Alliance. For 2 years they had not seen a official from the Outworlds Alliance, not a single ship, nothing but silence from their so called "owner". She made a note to schedule a meeting with the planetary governors.

But first, she drafted a message to Rear Admiral Tanaka. It was time to recover SLS Conroy, our Avatar-Class Heavy Cruiser. She knew it would take months from what she had already been told by Commodore Zeibler and Commodore Delvaney.

A small whimper across the office made her smile, Amanda was waking up. She was thankful for the break in her duties, caring for Amanda was much simpler.

Deep Space

Ships Captain Martin Zuni watched as his navigator transmitted the jump calculations to all the ships in the flotilla. Another 4 months and they would reach Pilon and they could leave the SLDF a Mule Dropship richer. Then he and Martha could begin the task of getting richer. He wondered how long it would take him to re-establish his old routes and cargo contacts. While in the Federated Suns, he had checked his bank account and investments, he was a rich man, heck he had always been rich. His father had passed down the Merchant Jumpship fully paid for on his death when Martin was only 25. Martin had quickly sold his father’s old Vulture Dropship and invested the 110 million dollars he had gotten for it in several portfolio's that had, after 22 years earned him an additional 524 million dollars. His current bank account held 737 million dollars in it. And those were Star League Dollars, not planetary dollars. He was so close to his Star Lord Jumpship that he could almost reach out and touch it.

20 April 2768 Thazi (Outworlds Alliance)

Commodore Delvaney, commander SLS Salvation, Newgrange Yardship, prepared her ship for the mission to recover SLS Conroy. They had been 2 weeks into casting a new jump core for SLS Dark Brawler, Dart Light Cruiser when the orders had come down to prepare to recover SLS Conroy, Avatar-Class Heavy Cruiser. She had ordered the barely begun jump core ground and processed. Her ships cargo bays was full of processed Germanium ready for transport. Rear Admiral Tanaka had delegated Commodore Delvaney as the Task Force Commander.

SLS Salvation - Newgrange Yardship
SLS Borneo - Volga Transport
SLS Solomon - Essex II Destroyer

They would be departing 1st May, 2768 for the 2 month trip to reach SLS Conroy. Commodore Zeibler and his crew could hardly wait.

On the surface, General Rita Mitchell, acting Regent, sat across from Harold Ludell, Governor of Thazi, Linda Thompson, Governor of Boulsi and Winston Voleshev, Governor of Pilon. She had no clue how this meeting was about to go. She would have to watch her wording and even fib a little. "Thank you for meeting with me on such short notice. As you all know so well, we, the SLDF are wracking up quite a bill for our purchases. But I think I have a way of getting around Amaris being in control of the Terran Hegemony and most Star League funding. As you also know, I have been named Military Governor of this region of space for the SLDF and duly appointed Administrator for the Terran Hegemony.

For 2 years now, there has been no word from the Outworlds Alliance, they have not even sent a ship to check on any of your worlds. We have allowed your planets to communicate with each other using our Mobile HPG's and are still assessing ways to repair the main HPGs on your planets. Without access to Terra, we are not sure they can be repaired, but we are still trying. But, back to the main topic, currently, I cannot legally do very much while your planets belong to the Outworlds Alliance. But, if your planets voted to leave the Outworlds Alliance and join the Terran Hegemony, then as the duly appointed Administrator for the Terran Hegemony, I could order emergency currency to be printed that would be issued and backed by the Terran Hegemony. General Kerensky has declared a state of emergency due to the coup which has granted Administrators broad powers.

Your citizens would receive all the rights as any other citizen of the Hegemony. It is my opinion as Administrator that the Outworlds Alliance has forfeited their right to rule by abandoning your worlds and citizens they were sworn to see to their welfare and protect. Even though your citizens are using planetary script as money, I will authorize a one for one exchange rate to the new currency. Other worlds in the Periphery have done the exact same thing that I have suggested here. This currency will be equal to a Star League Dollar in every way and completely valid for exchange once the crisis is over."

All three Governors sat very quiet for several minutes, which made General Mitchell a little nervous. Finally, Harold Ludell, Governor of Thazi spoke "General Mitchell, this is very unorthodox. BUT, your are correct in your assessment of the feelings of most of my citizens. The Outworlds Alliance has done nothing for us since this entire crisis started, but your SLDF forces have opened your medical facilities to my citizens, freely and without charge. You have used SLDF transports to haul supplies between all 3 of our planets, freely and without charge. I will support the measure to be put to a vote among my citizens."

Both Linda Thompson, Governor of Boulsi and Winston Voleshev, Governor of Pilon nodded in agreement. Relief flooded General Mitchell, (they went for it. General Kerensky better win the damned war.)


27 June 2768
Rim Worlds Outpost #7 (Deep Periphery)

Polemarchos Emerson Dragonovich watched the loading of the ready equipment aboard the Mammoth Dropships of his Flotilla. Like the Battlemechs from Outpost #11, though a vast number, they barely scratched the surface of his available capacity. It would take 2 weeks to fully load all the equipment aboard the Mammoth Dropships and then another 16 days to reach the Jump Point. He casually looked at the cargo manifest. He shook his head, even with what he picked up from Outpost #11, he still would have 20 Mammoth Dropships empty. This equipment was enough to outfit at least 6 Infantry Divisions.
768 Marsden II-A Tanks
768 Merkava Mk VIII Tanks
192 Ballista Artillery
1,152 Heavy Tracked APC
576 LVT-4 Hover Tanks
1,152 Sherpa Armored Trucks
384 Sherpa MASH
576 Sherpa Fuel Trucks
576 Sherpa Canteen Trucks
192 Typhoon TFN-2A
384 Star Dagger S-2A
8,000 tons LRM-15 ammo
10,000 tons AC/10 ammo
10,000 tons AC/5 ammo
12,000 tons SRM6 ammo
12,000 tons SRM4 ammo
4,000 tons MG ammo
10,000 tons spare parts

Taxiarchos Christine Palmer, commander of Outpost #7, walked up beside him without his noticing. "Polemarchos Dragonovich, we are running dangerously short on supplies and your convoy did not bring any additional supplies. Do you know when the next resupply convoy is due to arrive?"

"I have no word on that; we have been away for 3 years already. How often did the supply convoy's arrive here usually?" Dragonovich asked

"Once a year for food and material, every 6 months for raw material for the factories. We are down to 8 months of food and less than 6 months of raw material for the factories. Raw material came from home, our food was delivered by the rebel forces when they came to pick up equipment." Taxiarchos Palmer said

"I think you could expect arrivals in the next few months. My orders were to collect all ready equipment and return them back home. I will release 10,000 tons of my food stocks to assist you until the next convoy." Dragonovich replied

"Thank you, that will extend out available food stores to a year. I have 89,386 personnel to keep fed, we go through roughly 1,000 tons per month. I will leave you to your duties; I will go double check the loading of your Dropships." Taxiarchos Palmer said

Thazi (Outworlds Alliance)

General Rita Mitchell was a little nervous, the vote to leave the Outworlds Alliance and join the Terran Hegemony was scheduled for 1 July. Just a few days away, she had agreed to the Governors demands that the vote must be decisive on favor. At least a 80% in favor for them to make the move. They still feared reprisals from the Outworlds Alliance even though she had stressed to them that the SLDF could handle the Outworlds Alliance should they make any attempt at reprisals.

Recruitment for the Infantry School was still taking place and another 4,500 recruits were starting training on Boulsi. The first group of Infantry recruits would be graduating January 2769 and detailed to their new units. Major General Heinrich Rommel reported that he would be posting the first batch of former rebels to his 322nd Armored Division in August. Though lacking in the education of normal SLDF troops, they at least knew their jobs fairly well.

Colonel Ian MacIntosh, Royal Black Watch, was currently conducting extended exercises with his new troops in an attempt to get them up to speed on how the Royal Black Watch operates. His opposing force was a Brigade from the 29th Mechanized Infantry Division led by Lieutenant General Olivia Daniels under the close watch of Major General Gregory Hanesworth, commander 29th Mechanized Infantry Division. She had met the young Olivia Daniels and found her to be extremely bright and capable, but still was not sure that she was ready for the rank she held.

Wynn's Roost (Outworlds Alliance)
Chairman Ulvade Newmanski, commander Blommestein Demons, heard the massive explosion and then saw the huge cloud of smoke ascending into the sky several kilometers away. He shook his head, this was the 3rd attempt to breach the Fort vacated by the 61st Royal Jump Infantry Division. I wonder how many troops I lost this time, he wondered to himself. His command had escaped the fighting by avoiding the SLDF completely during the Uprising. But now, he wanted to know what they might have left behind.


5 July 2768
Thazi (Outworlds Alliance)

Under heavy guard, the ballot boxes had been counted on all three planets. All three Governors were now present for the vote tallies to be announced. General Rita Mitchell was still nervous of the outcome. But, since there had been no protests against the measure, her nervousness was tempered with some excitement. Each planet had selected monitors and they were also present for the announcement of the results. The head monitor of each planet presented General Mitchell with their vote tallies. She accepted them and stepped to the podium where camera's were linked to Thazi's Mobile HPG which had a stable link to Boulsi and Pilon, backed up by HPG's aboard a Vincent Corvette located in each system at a La Grange point. The announcement would be carried live to all 3 planets.

"My name is General Rita Mitchell, Military Governor and duly appointed Administrator for this region of space. We will now announce the vote results that everyone submitted on leaving the Outworlds Alliance and joining the Terran Hegemony. Each of your selected monitors behind me has certified the vote counts. I will now announce the results of the vote.

Thazi, with 6,173,285 votes cast. We have 5,563,913 voting for joining the Terran Hegemony and 609,372 voting to remain Outworlds Alliance. Does everyone present agree that Thazi has voted to join the Terran Alliance?" General Mitchell asked those present, a chorus of ayes sounded.

"Boulsi, with 12,284,214 votes cast. We have 11,237,694 votes for joining the Terran Alliance and 1,046,520 votes to remain Outworlds Alliance. Does everyone agree that Boulsi has voted to join the Terran Hegemony?" She again asked and all those present said Aye.

"Pilon, with 10,568,558 votes cast, we have 9,952,395 votes for joining the Terran Hegemony and 616,163 votes to remain in the Outworlds Alliance. Does everyone agree that Pilon has voted to join the Terran Hegemony?" Again those behind her said Aye

"The votes have been announced. The measure to leave the Outworlds Alliance and join the Terran Hegemony has passed. I would like to welcome the citizens of all 3 systems to the Terran Hegemony. As Administrator for Terran Hegemony affairs in this region, I am ordering the issuance of emergency currency to be printed until such time as normal contact with the Terran Hegemony is reestablished. This will take an estimated 2 weeks for all banks on the planet to have the new currency on hand. We will be exchanging your planetary script for Star League Dollars on a one for one basis. I ask that everyone remain patient as we get the new currency into circulation. Let's not have a run on the local banks.

General Kerensky has declared a state of emergency due to the Amaris Coup. We will continue operating under the emergency powers granted to me as Administrator under the state of emergency. Changes will be slow in coming until such time as reliable communication is restored to Terra. But those changes will be coming. But right now, there is a war being waged and we will have to be patient. Again welcome to the Terran Hegemony." General Rita Mitchell concluded

When the announcement ended on all 3 planets, the large printing presses on each planet used to print each planets local script began running. General Mitchell had scoured the SLDF ranks for Star League Dollars and had secured enough denominations that plates had been made for each press. They could not duplicate the actual paper money's fell or look, but it was close enough to work.

26 July 2768

Ships Captain Martin Zuni found himself staring at a massive SLDF Cruiser after they materialized at the Zenith Jump Point. His communication officer announced "We are being hailed Martin."

"Ships Captain Martin Zuni here. Leading SLDF troops to Pilon." He responded

"Zuni? I remmber you, this is Commodore Barbara Coltrain, SLS Rhodon. We met several years ago briefly. I will board my shuttle and pick you up, we will head for the surface together. General Mitchell is going to want to meet you and the new troops. SLS Rhodon will escort the Dropships to orbit for landing instructions."

"I will await your arrival Commodore Coltrain." Martin replied then got a secure lock on Martha Pruitt's Jumpship "Martha, hop a shuttle over here, we are taking a trip to the surface. We can claim our Mule Dropship and then get gone."

31 July 2768

Martin Zuni did not recognize the woman in the lead, but he did recognize Major General Carman slightly behind her "Carman, you cheated me and owe me 2.5 million dollars. The SLDF denied my payment."

General Rita Mitchell looked at Major General Carman "Iris, what is he talking about?"

"Sorry General. I gave him my purchasing card information for payment. It's how we got here and some of the other troops." Major General Carman said

"We will discuss this later General Carman. You must be Mister Zuni, I am General Rita Mitchell, commander of the SLDF forces in this region and Military Governor of this region. Allow me to apologize for the actions of General Carman and any other SLDF officers in my command. Are any other debts due?"

"Depends, you have a Baxter under your command?" Martin Zuni said

"Yes, how much did he promise you?" General Rita Mitchell asked with a sigh

"For all the trouble and risk I took in presenting false claims to the SLDF? Call it 10 million dollars. They could have tossed me in jail." Martin Zuni replied

"Okay Mister Zuni. Me and you will discuss the debts in a little while. First I need to see to these new arrivals. I will have my aide take you to my headquarters and I will join you in a bit." General Mitchell said

"I am not taking a purchase card General. Plus this new unit owes me a Mule Dropship once it is unloaded, they promised me and I have a signed contract for it." Martin Zuni said quickly

General Mitchell pinched the bridge of her nose "Major General Carman, please see to the new arrivals and get them into quarters. Bring the commanders to me once they get settled in. I think me and Mister Zuni need to talk sooner than I expected."

An hour later, General Mitchell and her guests were seated in her office. "Let me be frank Mister Zuni. Though I am very sorry for the deception of my officers, I do not have access to the funds your owed. We have emergency currency, but I am pretty sure you’re not going to accept that as payment. And I am not going to authorize the release of the Mule Dropship to you." She held up a hand to stave off the protest she saw coming "Allow me to finish please, then you may have your say. How much do you think a DroST IIA Dropship can be sold on the market for?"

Martha Pruitt answered the question "In good condition, a design that old, roughly 200 million or so. It does have a good cargo load. Why do you ask?"

DroST Class DropShip (above planet - by Stefan Huba)

DroST Class Transport DropShip

"Because, I happen to have 36 of them in my possession. Currently, that is the only currency I have available to me that you might accept. But first, what are your plans, now that you have led the SLDF troops here?" General Mitchell asked

"I used to run a regular cargo route through this area before the damned fighting. Me and Martha are going to reestablish my old route and maybe expand it. Why?" Martin Zuni asked sensing the sandbag falling towards his head and not liking where this seemed to be heading

"So you know the Outworlds Alliance pretty well do you?" General Mitchell asked

"Like the back of my hand, General. Get to the point please. I am already pissed that I am getting ripped off over that Mule Dropship." Martin Zuni said

"I want you to take on a contract for me. Will take about a year, maybe a little longer, but I will make it very much worth your while." General Mitchell said

"Are you out of your mind General Mitchell? First I got screwed by your officers, then you screwed me even harder by denying me the Mule Dropship. You already said you have no way to pay me, now why the hell would I want to bend over and take it again?" Martin Zuni almost yelled

"Commodore Coltrain informed me that each of you have a Merchant Jumpship. Not the biggest Jumpship around. But your correct, I do not have the funding YOU are going to demand to repay you the debts owed. You take on this contract and at the conclusion of it I will release 6 of the Drost IIA to you that you can sell to recoup your losses." General Mitchell said

Martin Zuni looked at Martha Pruitt who nodded her head slightly "I want the Dropships sold before I undertake this contract. I want the money in the bank before we do this General. I am not going to get screwed again."

"Any idea where I could sell all 36 of them? Because I have no clue at all." General Mitchell said

Martha Pruitt spoke again "I have several contacts in the Federated Suns. The closest so called clearing house to here is Bastrop, in the Federated Suns. About 4 months travel from here. The next closest would be Ramora or Alpheratz here in the Outworlds Alliance. We might be able to sell 4-6 of them at a single location, but more than that and some serious questions are going to get asked."

"We have 4 collars between us General, you’re talking several years of travel to just sell those Dropships." Martin Zuni protested

"Okay, then let's explore alternatives. How would you both feel about starting a shipping company? Based here on Thazi. Your currently no longer in the Outworlds Alliance, Thazi, Boulsi and Pilon have voted to join the Terran Hegemony. We have already printed and issued emergency Star League Dollars under the emergency powers granted to Administrators. I am willing to assist you in establishing this shipping company. Either of you know how much tax a shipping company pays on average?" General Mitchell asked

"General, it takes way more than 2 Merchant Jumpships to establish a true shipping company and I don't see you releasing SLDF ships to make that happen. What the heck are you doing?" Martin Zuni asked, he had dodged the first sandbag but he felt like many more were falling his way.

"You have proven yourself reliable. Even though you got stiffed by my officers, you still continued bringing or sending SLDF troops this way. That speaks volumns on your character. We need a revenue stream, simple as that. You can help provide that to us. Currently sitting at Pilon's Nadir Jump Point are 12 Invader Jumpships that we captured from rebel forces. I also have 4 Merchant Jumpships crewed by independent's that could probably be convinced to join your new shipping company.

I want you to travel to Multan in the Draconis Combine, there you will pick up the dependents of the 272nd Mechanized Infantry Division. I will provide you with 7 of the Invader Jumpships carrying 18 converted Jumbo Dropships configured to carry passengers and bring them back here. I will even provide you with an escort. I will release the remaining 5 Invader Jumpships to your companion, Ms Martha Pruitt. She can make the trip to sell a few Drost Dropships. At the same time, she can be establishing your new company in the region. Now for this huge capital investment, we are talking Billions of dollars after all, you will be required to have an escort aboard each Jumpship of 2 squads of SLDF Marines. Once you complete the contract, I will permenantly transfer the Invader Jumpships and Jumbo Dropships to you. Martha can sell 6 Drost, you keep the funds gained of 2 of them, the other 4 come back to Thazi." General Mitchell explained

Martha Pruitt looked at Martin Zuni "Take the deal Martin. This is what you have always dreamed of. She is offering you or us the deal of a lifetime. You head out and pick up the folks she wants brought back. I will take the DroST and sell them and work on convincing the other independents on joining us. General, if this old codger does not take you up on the deal, I damned sure will. But, those funds you want back here is not going to do you any good. Amounts that huge will be wire transfers. I am willing to secure the funds in my account for you though. Then when you have a need, I will make the arrangements for you from my own account."

"Hush you old hag, at least give me a chance to answer the General. I will need to travel to Bastrop with Martha to make the banking arrangements. I have more cash in my accounts. Plus I need to setup the legal documents for the shipping company. I can register in the Federated Suns and the Outworlds Alliance....."Martin was cut off by General Mitchell

"I need this area to be kept a secret Mister Zuni. Completely off the radar. You will have to trust me on the reasons." General Mitchell said

"Easy enough General. It will hurt us some, but I can register as based at Bastrop. We will have to pay Fed Suns taxes though. It will allow us to avoid tarriffs and such in the Fed Suns, but expose us to their income taxes. I will need a clean transfer slip on the initial ships to register with the Fed Suns. To cover you, back date it a year. I can handle the rest of the details. But you have a deal General Mitchell." Martin Zuni said.

31 July 2768
Thazi (Terran Hegemony)

General Rita Mitchell looked up at the knock on her door, Martin Zuni and Martha Pruitt had left 30 minutes ago to find a local lawyer, it was Major General Iris Carman with the new officers. General Mitchell waved them inside and pointed to chairs, when Major General Carman tried to leave, she said No, you stay General Carman. Close the door behind you." Turning her attention to the new officers before her, she said "I am General Rita Mitchell, commander 272nd Mechanized Infantry Division, and you will hear about it soon enough, acting Regent for Amanda Cameron, daughter of First Lord Richard Cameron. Now, I am going to assume you all made a bad decision, same as General Carman and many others..." Lieutenant General Katrina Johannsen held up her hand "Yes General?"

"Sir, Lieutenant General Katrina Johannsen, 36th Infantry Division. I need to inform you that my command made a worse mistake. We actually declared for the Taurian Concordant. We never engaged the SLDF in combat, but we know damned well there is a price on our heads. It did not take us long to realize that we really screwed up and bailed the first chance we got." She said

"Okay, you screwed up and realized it. I can live with that, if you had actually engaged SLDF forces or if I find out that you engaged SLDF forces and are lying to me, well, let's just say it will not be a good thing. I will give you an example, we captured SLS Independence, Samarkand Carrier, they mutinied and destroyed several convoys and engaged SLDF forces, we executed every member of the crew and airwing. Now, what exactly do you have with you?" General Mitchell asked

"Sir, 2 Battlemech Battalions fully equipped and 1 Infantry Battalion. I also picked up Colonel Vaniroy here and a Regiment of Jump Infantry from the 192nd Jump Infantry Division. And Major Travedo from the 251st Royal Mechanized Infantry Division with a Battalion of Battlemechs." Lieutenant General Johannsen said

"Sir, Colonel Joshua Crandal, commander 81st Mechanized Infantry Division, I have 2 Battlemech Battalions fully equipped and 41 Mechwarriors without rides, plus a full Mech Infantry Regiment." Colonel Crandal said

"Sir, Colonel Brandon Janees, commander 173rd Mechanized Infantry Division, I have a reinforced Battlemech Battalion, 2 Mech Infantry Regiments, 2 Company's of Artillery." Colonel Janees said

"Colonel Quincy Hill, ranking officer of my group of troops. I have 868 troops with me, 40 Mechwarriors and 829 Infantry. We all walked away from the replacement depot on Armington. We stayed hidden but when the SLDF started packing up and hauled ass, we managed to liberate and stash 60,000 Mauser 960, and several thousand tons of additional equipment from the massive stockpile of equipment they had there. When they began the pullout, it was a mad house to say the least. At first we were going to sell the equiment, but then word trickled back that a bunch of SLDF had been passing through Tortuga Dominions to points unknown. We took a vote and decided to try and link uo with them. I guess your them, so here we are." Colonel Hill said

"Now that is a pleasant surprise and a welcome one Colonel Hill. But now I have to decide what to do with all of you. Lieutenant General Johannsen, given your commands more complicated situation, I think it would be best if we disband the 36th Infantry Division and make it just disappear. Plausible deniability and all that. But first, your all back in the SLDF now. All your previous sins before your arrival are forgiven. But I will not tolerate the same mistake. Make it and I will hunt you to the ends of time. Go see to your troops and I will meet with all of you in a few days once I figure out what to do with you."


3 August 2768
Thazi (Terran Hegemony)

General Rita Mitchell had spent the last few days working on how to incorporate the new units. Consulting with Major General Carman and Lieutenant General Johannsen, she was folding everyone into the 173rd Mechanized Infantry Division. Lieutenant General Johannsen would take over command of the 173rd MID. They would be under strength, but General Mitchell had stressed that for the time being they would be on garrison duty on Thazi, which would free up both the 280th and 29th MID for deployment if needed. The individual soldiers with Colonel Quincy Hill into various commands, the Mechwarriors brought the 280th MID's Headquarters and both Light Battlemech Battalions up to full strength and the 868 Infantry she assigned to the Infantry School as instructors under Colonel Quincy Hill. That relieved the Regiment from the 31st Infantry Division that had been acting as instructors.

173rd Mechanized Infantry Division

  • Headquarters Battlemech Battalion - Battlemech Battalion (251st Royal)
  • 1731st Brigade
    • Mech Infantry Regiment - 3 Mech Infantry Battalions (173rd)
    • Mech Infantry Regiment - 3 Mech Infantry Battalions (1 BN 173rd, 2 BN recruit)
    • Mech Infantry Regiment - 3 Mech Infantry Battalions (173rd)
    • Light Battlemech Battalion (36th)
  • 1732nd Brigade
    • Mech Infantry Regiment - 3 Mech Infantry Battalions (81st)
    • Mech Infantry Regiment - 3 Mech Infantry Battalions (1 BN 36th, 2 BN recruit)
    • Mech Infantry Regiment - 3 Mech Infantry Battalions (recruit)
    • Light Battlemech Battalion (36th)
  • 1733rd Brigade
    • Battlemech Regiment - 3 Battlemech Battalions (81st)
    • Battlemech Regiment - 3 Battlemech Battalions (173rd)
  • 1734th Brigade
    • Armor Regiment - 3 Armor Battalions (173rd)
  • Artillery Battalion - 2 Thor Artillery Company's
  • Ground Aero Wing
    • Aerospace Group - 4 Squadrons Aerospace
    • Jump Infantry Regiment - 3 Jump Infantry Battalions

She looked at her final roster of available ground forces she kept hanging on her wall. The Forgotten Corps was now large enough that she was sure they could handle just about anything that came their way looking for trouble.

Ground Forces
272nd Mechanized Infantry Division
126th Mechanized Infantry Division
29th Mechanized Infantry Division
173rd Mechanized Infantry Division
280th Mechanized Infantry Division
359th Battlemech Division
31st Infantry Division
322nd Armored Division
277th Dragoon Regiment
211th Hussar Regiment
19th Hussar Regiment
Royal Black Watch
3391st Special Forces

Uncharted System (Deep Space)

Commodore Trisha Delvaney, commander SLS Salvation, Newgrange-Class Yardship watched as the Elephant Tug slowly worked SLS Conroy into her ships repair bay. Once inside, they would begin the task of removing the Jump Core from the Avatar-Class Heavy Cruiser and grinding it down for recasting. After her engineers had conducted a damage assessment, they had recommended installing the new Jump Core, sealing her up and getting her back to Thazi. Once there, they could resume repairs and remanufacture new Transit Drives for the badly damaged Cruiser. Commodore Zeibler had not been happy to hear their recommendations, but he had to accept the decision because it made tactical sense. At least at Thazi, they were in a much more protected location than out in Deep Space. Commodore Delvany estimated it would take 9 months to grind the destroyed Jump Core down, recast a new Jump Core and get it installed.

15 August 2768
Thazi (Terran Hegemony)

The problems never stopped for General Rita Mitchell. The ammunition problem had again raised it's vile ugly head. The lack of ammunition was putting a severe limit on gunnery training. To remain qualified, a SLDF command chewed through ammunition at a furious rate. Unless armed with an all energy armament, everyone else suffered quickly with a degradation of skills. She leaned back in her chair and stared at the ceiling in an attempt to come up with a solution to the problem. After 20 minutes of thinking, she suddenly sat up. Buried deep in her memory, it had taken her some time to recall that they knew exactly where they could lay their hands on the very equipment they needed to manufacture their own ammunition.

"Get me Commodore Bythe, SLS Hatchet on the radio and patch it to my office ASAP." She ordered, it took 15 minutes

"Commodore Blythe, General Mitchell. You still have the exact locations and routes to those Rim World Outposts aboard your ship?"

"Yes sir, Major General Rommel has a complete set, as does Commodore Coltrain. But I too have a complete set. Why?"

"Get them and get on a shuttle to the surface. I need them down here ASAP. Mitchell out." She ordered and then "Get me Rear Admiral Tanaka on the radio and patch her to my office. I also need Major General Hanesworth and Colonel Calloway in my office ASAP." Getting Rear Admiral Tanaka only tok 10 minutes

"Admiral, General Mitchell, I need you on a shuttle and on the surface ASAP."

Two hours later, Major General Hanesworth and Colonel Calloway were shown into her office. Both officers were dirty and smelly. "Sorry to yank you both out of the field, but I am officially issuing you warning orders for deployment. Are your commands combat ready?" General Mitchell asked

"The 29th Mechanized Infantry Division is ready. I will need 72 hours to get them in from the field and get some quick maintenance conducted." Major General Haneswoth replied

"The 3391st is always ready for deployment. I can be ready to move in 24 hours time." Colonel Calloway said

"Good, get your commands in from the field and be ready to embark with little notice. Draw supply for an extended campaign, up to a year. Get moving, I will have a better briefing for you soon." She ordered and both officers saluted and left her office at a run.

18 August 2768

Rear Admiral Tanisha Tanaka and Commodore William Blythe landed at the space port and were taken directly to General Mitchell's office. She waved both to seats as she finished making notes. "What is the status of the Fleet Admiral Tanaka?"

"The 55th Reconnaissance Division is 100% combat ready. SLS Tirpitz is 100% combat ready and assigned in orbit of Thazi per your orders. Both Dart Light Cruisers are unmanned and not combat ready. SLS Independence is unmanned but fully repaired." Rear Admiral Tanaka replied

"What would it take to man the Independence?" General Mitchell asked

"She needs a crew and full air wing and support personnel. In an emergency, I could pull the crew from 2 Vincent Corvettes to crew her. But I don't have the air wing's to put on her." Rear Admiral Tanaka replied wondering what the hell was going on

"Make it so, Admiral Tanaka. I will transfer Aerospace Fighters from the Divisions aong with support personnel to man the Independence. We need ammunition and the ability to make it on site. 630LY from where we sit is exactly what we need. We are going to take it, dismantle it and bring it back here. I want your 55th Recon, SLS Mighty Lift, SLS Rhodon, and SLS Independence made ready for an extended operation. Draw supplies for a year mission minimum, could be 2 years. Opposition unknown. Take 2 Star Lords JumpShips and 12 Mammoth Dropships, load 2 of the Mammoths with food supplies. Empty them first. You will escort the 29th MID and 3391st Special Forces. SLS Hatchet remains here as a quick reaction force while your away. Plan to take the 9919th Marine Regiment with you, just in case. We are going to strip that Outpost of anything we can use." General Mitchell said

"Yes sir, could this not wait until Commodore Delvaney returns with SLS Conroy and her Task Force?" Rear Admiral Tanaka asked

"Our ammunition situation is critical. I cannot train my troops without ammunition. We have enough for about 60 days of heavy combat Corps wide. And we have no way to replace any ammunition we expend. So it is a zero su equation. Sooner or later, we run out of ammunition and are really in trouble. This is now a top priority." General Mitchell said


14 December 2768
Bastrop (Federated Suns)

Ship's Captain Martin Zuni was in the office of the largest Law Office on Bastrop. He had been waiting over 30 minutes to meet with one of the Law Offices partners having dismissed one of the low level lawyers they had first tossed at him. Finally, a short man, dressed in a very expensive suit appeared. "Mister Zuni, I am Jonathon Fleesum, founding partner of Fleesum and Gougem. I am told you refuse to speak to anyone but a full partner. I usually let my lower level attorney's handle most matters. But, it is a slow day, so if you will follow me, we will discuss your needs."

Once they were inside Jonathon Fleesum's office and the door closed, Martin Zuni pulled out the rough draft he had written up setting up ZaP Interstellar Shipping along with the registration numbers and paper work declaring 4 Invader Jumpships transfered to Martin Zuni from General Rita Mitchell, commanding officer of the 272nd Mechanized Infantry Division, as payment for services rendered to the SLDF and signed by her and witnessed by 4 other Flag Officers of the SLDF and notarized by an attorney on Thazi. He laid the paperwork on Fleesum's desk.

"I would like to incorporate a shipping company, ZaP Interstellar Shipping. CEO, Martin Zuni and CFO Martha Pruitt. Our initial ship roster is 2 Merchant Jumpships and 4 Invader Jumpships fully owned by ZaP Interstellar Shipping with an additional 4 Merchant Jumpships operating under long term contract. All the ships Star League registration numbers are listed there along with the proper paperwork transferring the 4 Invader Jumpships to me as payment." Martin Zuni said

Jonathon Fleesum flipped through the paperwork Zuni had handed over "You know, this sort of thing is really handled at a much lower level than myself. It costs much more for someone like myself to handle this kind of matter, versus one of my lower level lawyers."

"That is not how I like to do business. I prefer to deal with the person in charge. We would also like to place you on retainer for all legal matters and have your accounting department handle filing all related paperwork with the Federated Suns and Star League. Our scope of business will be shipping in the outer Federated Suns systems but potentially the majority of our shipping will be within the Outworlds Alliance." Martin Zuni said

"Very well, you know if you registered in the Outworlds Alliance as your primary location, the taxes would be cheaper than the Federated Suns." Jonathon Fleesum said

"It would, but the Outworlds Alliance does not wield the same protections as a ship working under Federated Suns registration." Martin Zuni said

"Very well. A retainer will cost 500,000 per year, with services rendered at 300 per hour in addition to the retainer fee. Registering your company will cost 1.5 million, this will handle all the needed paperwork and proper filings with the Federated Suns authorities plus thier fee's. For an additional 500,000 I can expidite the paperwork and have everything in order within a week, otherwise it might take 4 months. This is mainly to pay for a priority HPG transmission to New Avalon and get their answer." Jonathon Fleesum said

"All of that would be fine. I will have my bank wire transfer to you 10 million dollars. That will cover all fee's and handle your retainer fee and possibly any other fee's for work I might need handled. If the account gets to 1 million, let me know and I will handle the arrangements for another transfer of funds. You should have the funds within 24 hours." Martin Zuni said

Jonathon Fleesum had thought the amounts would scare the guy away, but was shocked when Zuni had agreed and even upped the money on him "That would be quite all right sir. I will start the process immediately and transmit the filing the moment we receive your funds."

"Excellent. I will leave you to your work then. Pleasure doing business with you, now I will be off to my bank." Martin Zuni said

Two hours later, he was in the local office of his bank. Nice thing about banking with basically the Federated Suns' National Bank, they had an office on virtually every planet in the Federated Suns. It had been a while since he had been in this particular branch, and was pleased to see the same President still here.

"Mister Zuni, a pleasure to see you again. It has been what, 2 or 3 years since the last time?" The Bank President said

"About that. I need to arrange a wire transfer to Fleesum and Gougem for the amount of 10 million dollars. I also need to set up an account for ZaP Interstellar Shipping, the paperwork is being done by Fleesum and Gougem, you can contact them for the proper paperwork. CEO is Martin Zuni, me and CFO is Martha Pruitt. Both will have full access to the account. Once you get the paperwork, transfer 450 million into that account. I will also need purchase cards on the account in both my and Martha Pruitt's names." Martin Zuni said

The Bank President had been making furious notes while Martin Zuni had been speaking "Will that be all Mister Zuni?"

"For now, yes. I will probably be making a sizable deposit very soon. Those will be going into my personal account." Martin Zuni said

"Very good sir. I will make sure everything moves along smoothly. Of course there is a small fee for everything, I assume you want me to debit your account as usual?" The Banl President asked

"Of course. Handle the matter for me." Martin Zuni said

18 December 2768

Martin Zuni was now in the large plush office of Penelope Swank, the largest dealer in Jumpships and Dropships on Bastrop. "Martin Zuni, it has been a few years. I am sorry I have not been able to secure a used Star Lord Jumpship at the price you requested yet. I am still looking."

DroST Class DropShip (above planet - by Stefan Huba)

DroST IIA Class DropShip

"That is okay, Ms Swank. We will find one someday, but right now, I have 5 DroST IIA I would like to sell. Here is the paperwork transferring ownership to me. All were legally seized by the SLDF as war prizes. I would like a good price for them." Martin Zuni said

Penelope Swank took the paperwork and looked it over "Everything looks in order. There will be a fee of 25,000 per Dropship to transfer the titles. But that should not be an issue. It is an old design and not in heavy demand. But I am sure I can find a buyer for them. Very few ships are staying on the market for long. The SLDF is snapping up almost every ship that hits the market. The will probably buy these too." Mentally, she was calculating what she could get for each Dropship on the market. "I can pay your 190 million per Dropship."
"240 million, Ms Swank. Don't try to swindle me." Martin Zuni said
"200 million. It is going to take some doing to move those old Dropships." Penelope Swank said
"I will take 230 million for each Dropship." Martin Zuni said
"215 million for each and I will not go any higher Martin. If you want more, you are free to find someone else." Penelope Swank said firmly
"Then we have a deal Ms Swank. 215 million for each Dropship. If my math is correct, 1,075,000,000 for all 5 Dropships. I am going to make your day and take 1,074,000,000 for them. You can keep 1 million to cover the fee's plus if I manage to come across any more ships, you will be my first visit." Martin Zuni said

"Would you like me to order you a brand new Star Lord Jumpship with the funds? You can afford it now you know." Penelope Swank asked

Buccaneer DropShip (Full Thrust - MWO Version)

Buccaneer Class DropShip

"Not right now, Ms Swank. You can transfer the funds to this account. I saw you had a Buccaneer Dropship listed, surprised the SLDF has not snapped that up. What is wrong with it, you have it listed for only 75 million?" Martin Zuni asked

"It was a repo. The owner defaulted on the payments. I bought it at auction for 60 million less than a week ago. It is in excellent condition. You want it?" Penelope Swank asked

"Sure. I will take it off your hands. You can subtract the funds from what I am owed. You will handle the title transfer?" Martin Zuni asked

"Not a problem, Martin. Title in your name I assume?" Penelope Swank asked

"No, place in the name of ZaP Interstellar Shipping. I will be on planet another week or so. Have some more business to conduct. Fleesum and Gougem is handling the setting up of my new company. Contact them for the relevant paperwork." Martin Zuni said

"I will surely do that, Mister Zuni. You need anything at all, you contact me." Penelope Swank said.

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