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Fate Can be Cruel - Book 3 (Chapter Art)

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Fate Can Be Cruel
Chapter 3 - Year 3034

January 3034[]

Update Around the Inner Sphere[]

Across the Inner Sphere, on hundreds of worlds, the people of the Inner Sphere slowly began to receive medical care that had been lost to history. At first, the medical care was provided for by Star League era MASH units staffed by Hegemony medical personnel. Slowly, hospitals and clinics were upgraded, doctors and nurses were trained how to properly use the new equipment. A near constant flow of medical equipment flowed from the Terran Hegemony, arriving at Terra by Slip Stream equipped ships and then moved to standard Jumpships for the final delivery. On the capitol worlds of every signatory nation, a fully equipped state of the art hospital was constructed as a teaching facility, the teachers were from the Terran Hegemony.

Additional Jumpships and Hegemony engineers were scattered across the Inner Sphere repairing water purification systems, atmospheric processors and even solar shields where needed. The parts and equipment came from the Terran Hegemony, while outside of the Federated Suns, which still maintained the technology to manufacture most of the special equipment, manufacturing plants were being built. Under agreement with the Federated Suns manufacturer's, orders also flowed in from other nations to help supply the needed parts.

Surveys were still ongoing within most nations on reclaiming worlds where the technology loss had rendered them uninhabitable. The Hegemony's DOME teams were extremely busy on the worlds within 30LY of Terra itself. Of primary focus was Killbourn, Rocky, and New Stevens. Rocky suffered heavily during the Amaris Coup and then the 1st SW, suffering many nuclear strikes. After 200 years, much of the planet had slowly healed itself. DOME surveys had installed water purification equipment, seeded the Obsidian Sea with algae which quickly began restoring oxygen levels to the waters. Radiation levels were within the tolerance levels for habitation. It was estimated that in 10 years, Rocky would be ready for the first colonists.

New Stevens had also suffered heavily during the various wars, rendering the atmosphere deadly. DOME installed atmospheric processors to scrub the atmosphere of the deadly toxins. Estimates were 15-20 years before even an attempt could be made at colonizing the world again.

Killbourn had also suffered, but mainly from a deadly toxin introduced into the vast waters of Killbourn by Amaris' troops. Water purification and algae were installed. Of particular concern was the native reptiles which had developed immunity to the toxins, but also had become deadly by secreting a deadly toxin from their skin if handled. Three DOME personnel lost their lives before anyone knew about this development.

The region of space 30LY from Terra was a beehive of activity as hundreds of Hegemony Jumpships flowed from Terra to the surrounding systems. Delivering aid, medical care, repair parts for failing equipment, installing new equipment to replace destroyed and even normal goods and food. DOME teams worked where they were needed at a frantic but expert pace. They had all been reminded that these were former Hegemony worlds and they deserved the very best the Hegemony could provide. Storm inhibitors on Bryant were repaired or replaced to once again control the raging storms across the planet.

In the Terran system, Blue Nose Clipperships was once again manufacturing Jumpships for sell to anyone. Merchant, Tramp, Star Lord Class of Jumpships were the primary ships in demand. With 30 slips operating once again, over 100 Jumpships per year were bing manufactured. The Belters, initially very skeptical of the Terran Hegemony, had slowly warmed up some and now provided a majority of the workers for the Blue Nose Clipperships complex. The Di Tron shipyard became a legal battle between the Terran Hegemony and Iota Industries over ownership. The long decommissioned Krester Shipyards would take another 3 years to fully repair and upgrade, by order of the Director-General, the repairs on Blue Nose Clipperships had taken priority.

On Thazi, Mark Cameron, once elated to be free of the office with much to his irritation, was named Regent by Director-General Anastasia Cameron. His only consoling thought was that he did not have to play political games with all the various leaders. He just had to keep this part of the Terran Hegemony safe and providing the much-needed equipment and material flowing as the orders came in.

On Azur, Amber had been forced to dedicate only 15% of her capabilities to the Hegemony Navy's tasking as a constant flow of DOME surveys flowed in and she was forced to allocate more of time to working problems for DOME.

In the Federated Suns, with help from the Terran Hegemony, they surpassed all other Houses in decoding the Helm Memory Core and placing the rediscovered technology into production. Trillions flowed as across the Federated Suns, existing manufacturing plants upgraded, retooled or even new facilities were manufactured. Endo Steel construction has been recovered in 3032, but it was only now that the first orbital factories began producing it in amounts needed. This vital material was needed for the production of many other recovered technologies. Much to First Prince Hanse Davion's irritation, Director-General Anastasia Cameron refused to assist in any way on military equipment or military technology beyond deciphering the Helm Memory Core. Nor would she even assist in repairing the hundreds of former Com Guard Battlemechs they had been given.

In the Lyran Commonwealth, the deciphering of the Helm Memory Core progressed at a slower pace, mainly because the scientists assigned focused on recovering manufacturing and civilian technology over military technology. Archon Katrina Steiner had under gone a complicated series of organ replacements grown for her by Hegemony doctors in 3033. She was now cancer free and healthy.

In the Draconis Combine, Coordinator Takashi Kurita had been forced to admit to himself that Director-General Anastasia Cameron had been true to her word as medical facilities were upgraded or built. Recovery from the Helm Memory Core progressed, focusing on the military technology to the exclusion of everything else. He was very concerned by the growing "alliance" of the Federated Suns and Lyran Commonwealth. So much that he had even started giving thought to blessing his son Theodore's suggestion on the Rasalhague problem. It had it's merits, it would place a buffer between his nation and the Lyran Commonwealth, allowing him to focus on the Federated Suns. Though he never gave up trying to figure out how to get Dieron back, he just was not sure he wanted to risk a war with the Terran Hegemony. Not yet anyway.

The Capellan Confederation actually saw a huge economic boom over the last few years, trade with the Federated Suns, Terran Hegemony, and Lyran Commonwealth growing every quarter. This new "friendship" also allowed the Capellan military to shift it's forces, where they had quickly faced a series of strong raids, almost invasion scale from the recently independent Duchy of Andurien and even forces from the Magistracy of Canopus. While they had suffered set backs, they had quickly regained the upper hand and inflicted heavy losses on the enemy forces.

The Free Worlds League gained from their former Comstar guests vital assistance in decoding the Helm Memory Core. But they also gained the first manufacturing facility outside of Terra itself (that they knew about) that could manufacture parts and even complete HPG systems. Captain+General Thomas Marik was not sure where Primus Myndo Waterly got the technology, because it was not in the Helm Memory Core. He also did not know about a planet named Jardine, which Primus Waterly had made several trips to, without his knowledge. One of the Hidden Worlds, scrubbed from every data bank known to Comstar, even deeper after Taussen had fallen silent. Along with Obeedah in the Capellan Confederation, they were the last of the Hidden Worlds.

Clan Invasion of the Deep Periphery States[]

1st January, 3034
Clan Homeworlds

After several placement Trials, Clan Diamond Shark had been defeated and the task of scouting the Inner Sphere went to Clan Goliath Scorpion and Clan Burrock. Clan Star Adder had been the first to enlarge their breeding program in an effort to have enough replacement warriors for the coming Invasion. This was quickly followed by the other Clans. The trials over which Clan would take which world in the star cluster near Waypoint 531 had lasted over a year and it had been overly bloody from ilKhan Gerrik N'Buta's point of view. But finally, the Trials were over and they could begin the next phase of preparation.

Castile - Clan Wolf (2 Cluster)/Clan Coyote (3 Cluster)
Granda - Clan Nova Cat (1 Galaxy)/Clan Blood Spirit (1 Galaxy)
Cordoba - Clan Jade Falcon (2 Cluster)/Clan Diamond Shark (1 Galaxy)
Galicia - Clan Burrock (2 Cluster)/Clan Cloud Cobra (3 Cluster)
Navarre - Clan Ghost Bear (2 Cluster)/Clan Snow Raven (1 Galaxy)
Aragon - Clan Star Adder (1 Galaxy)/Clan Steel Viper (1 Galaxy)
Valencia - Clan Hell's Horses (1 Galaxy)/Clan Fire Mandrill (2 Cluster)
Leon - Clan Ice Hellion (2 Cluster)/Clan Goliath Scorpion (3 Cluster)
Asturias - Clan Smoke Jaguar (1 Cluster)

With only 17 Clans and 9 targets, Trials were held to decide which Clan would have the honor of taking their system alone. Clan Smoke Jaguar had fought hard to win that right. ilKhan Gerrik N'Buta had decreed that each Clan could conduct their operations as they saw fit, this was after all a rehearsal for the return to the Inner Sphere and they needed to find out what worked. To gain the most information, he had worked hard to prevent hostile Clans from being on the same target, which luckily, he did not face much resistance from the other Khans. The invasion would begin on 1 July 3034. Additional preparations were made in that ilKhan Gerrik N'Buta had ordered the Clan's reserve warships caches opened and the ships to be brought back to service.


28th May, 3034
Deep Periphery

~A small village was engulfed in flame, civilians fled the inferno, only to be cut down by the surrounding troops. The scene suddenly shifted, a building exploded, bodies violently thrown into the air. Another scene shift, a patrol of unarmored Elementals engulfed in Inferno gel.~

~Again, the scene shifted, a group of warriors eating a meal, suddenly they all started falling over, their faces turning a dark red. Behind them, the lower caste, which did the cooking smiled.~

~A mist appeared, and then suddenly, it started to clear, a warrior beat a lower caste and suddenly a shot rang out and the warrior fell.~

~A new swirling mist appeared and then cleared to reveal a swarm of civilians, crudely armed, falling by the hundreds as they swarmed the OmniMechs with crude explosives, slowly their numbers began to tell as the Omnimechs slowly fell on by one.~

~A bright light caused him to shield his eyes until it started to dim and he could see once again. Before him, he saw a large crowd watching as food, medical supplies and clothing were distributed. He turned and saw a man calmly explaining the ways of the Clans to another large group.~

~Another turn and he saw a figure, clearly a warrior, opening a door for a elderly couple, allowing them to enter the building first. They thanked him with a friendly smile and wave. Further beyond children were playing, a group of unarmored Elementals stood watching, smiles on their face.~

saKhan Severen Leroux jerked awake suddenly. He was covered in sweat. A vision, clearly it had been a vision., he thought. His mind, now awake, slowly worked over what he remembered and what it meant.


1st August, 3034
Granada (Clan Nova Cat/Clan Blood Spirit)
Former Umayyad Caliphate, Deep Periphery

In a 2 week campaign, they had defeated the main garrison on the first day, it took another 13 days to hunt down and secure the surrender of the rest. There had been several "bandit" attacks on the Clan Blood Spirit forces, which had been put down brutally. Clan Blood Spirit had responded to the first attack by destroying the small village closest to where the attack had occurred. The new lower caste under Blood Spirit rule were not cooperating well at all. On the other hand, those under Clan Nova Cat rule, while not singing in joy, at least were not actively obstructing work. Finally, Khan Phillip Johns made a visit to saKhan Severn Leroux in the Clan Nova Cat sector.

"Tell me saKhan Leroux, why is it your lower caste are not being as difficult as mine?" Khan Johns asked

"Before I answer, have you seen the holovid from Asturias?" saKhan Leroux asked

"I have. It does not surprise me. They are Jaguars after all." Khan Johns replied

"The town they destroyed was estimated to contain eighteen thousand lower caste. So far, Clan Smoke Jaguar has lost 18 Mechwarrior and 29 Elementals to the resistance. The better part of their Cluster they sent. I have word that they are sending another 2 Clusters to help quell the place. I forbid my warriors from any such reactions. I have ordered medical techs out to all the small villages. I have our Merchant caste bringing in food, medical supplies, and anything else they can think of to make this new enclave a productive part of Clan Nova Cat as soon as possible." saKhan Severn Leroux said

"So, your plan is to win them over with kindness. To bribe them?" Khan Johns stated

"Neg, not bribe. To show them that joining Clan Nova Cat and working with us is better than trying to resist us. Only time will tell if this will work long term, but for now, it seems to be working. This new enclave has double the population as all our other holdings combined." saKhan Leroux replied before switching subjects "Our holdings contain most of the mining operations, but your holdings contain the Battlemech factory. What shape it it in?"

"My technicians tell me it is okay. It will take much work to bring it up to our standards. I am open to a deal, saKhan Leroux." Khan Johns said

"Half the production, for that Clan Nova Cat will provide the raw material from our mines." saKhan Leroux said

"I want the Supernova plans for the factory. It uses standard equipment, not nearly as costly. I do not want to expend the resources for the advanced material outside the weapons. With the invasion in the near future, expansion of our forces is a must, and it will be expensive. I fear we will need to open our remaining Brian Caches of Star League equipment before this is over." Khan Johns stated

"Bargained well and done, Khan Johns." saKhan Leroux said

Castile (Clan Wolf/Clan Coyote)
Former Nueva Castile, Deep Periphery

Khan Ulric Kerensky stood before the seated leaders of Clan Wolf's new lower caste. "You are now all part of Clan Wolf. As long as you perform your assigned tasks to the best of your ability, you will prosper. We are going to try something new here. You will govern yourself, but answer to Clan Wolf. We will not intrude in your life unless we are forced to. I will appoint a member of our Merchant Caste to oversee things here, you will be dealing with him or her. Of course, there will be a garrison here, for your protection."

Finishing, he walked from the large assembly room. I sure hope this works, he thought.

15th August, 3034
Terra (Terran Hegemony)

"You have got to be kidding me, Ana. You want me to cede control over most of the worlds we captured from the Draconis Combine in the last war? Do you have any idea how my people will react to that sort of idea? What the hell do we get in return?" Archon Katrina Steiner nearly shouted at the view screen.

"Archon Steiner, if I read my briefings right, your experiencing quite a bit of unrest on those exact worlds right now. Not long ago you expressed concern over the former Com Guard now residing in the Free Worlds League. Letting go of those worlds, helping to form a new nation will give you a buffer state between your realm and the Draconis Combine. You could shift troops towards the Free Worlds League border. Though I caution that it could be seen as a hostile action, I would suggest forming a large reaction force that is based centrally that could respond to any border as needed." Director-General Anastasia Cameron replied

On the screen, Archon Katrina Steiner smiled slightly before answering "Your getting pretty good at this diplomacy stuff, Ana. That was a pretty good, well thought out argument. It managed to convey the advantages, while also countering a negative with a reasonable counter at the same time. And you said earlier that Coordinator Takashi Kurita himself approached you with this idea?"

"Surprisingly, yes he did. In a round about way. He sent me someone bearing the message contained on a holo disc." Anastasia told the Steiner leader.

"Okay Ana, give me some time to consult with my advisors and see how bad the calls for my head are. I will get back to you soon." Archon Katrina Steiner said, signing off the live HPG feed.

Once the screen went dark, Anastasia turned her chair slightly and said "So Mom, what are your real thoughts on this idea?"

"If I had to place some bets, Kurita wants that buffer zone more than anyone. They just got clobbered trying to deal with two fronts. He wants to be able to focus on a single front, the Federated Suns." Commanding General Michelle Mitchell replied

"So we might be looking at a heightened threat for the Federated Suns? One that could potentially get out of hand and see Hanse demanding those warships to be released." Anastasia said

"There is, but with the Capellan border now extremely quiet and no longer needing such a massive garrison. The Suns has quite a few commands that can be released and shifted. Hell, that very well could be what is driving Kurita to get this deal. I mean, our 30 Lightyear buffer alone freed up six Lyran commands and 8 FedSuns commands for redeployment alone. Not counting the various mercenary commands. Add in the fact that the Lyran and Suns are working hard on integrating their military in anticipation of their eventual merger in the future. That will form the largest nation ever seen, even one that could become a threat to us." Michelle told her daughter

"You don't really think the future Federated Commonwealth will be a threat to the Terran Hegemony do you?" Anastasia asked

"Not while Hanse or Katrina live. However, down the road...who can say? I'll be damned if I will not have a plan in place to counter such a threat to the Hegemony. Now, what the hell do we do with Kurita's messenger?" Her mother asked

"Not a clue. You think he wants to go home? Not even sure how Katrina would react to that." Anastasia commented

Zetang (Terran Hegemony - Periphery)
Livingston Naval Base

Commanding Admiral Corban Yellman read the summary from Azur. There was so much technical jargon in it that he could barely make head nor tails of the damned thing. But he did understand the high points of it, there were 3 options basically.

  • One, a inhibitor that could prevent any hyperspace field form forming out to a range of 1AU by sending a signal to trick a Jump Computers safety systems and preventing it from forming a field.
  • Two, a inhibitor much more powerful, that while performing the same as #1, actually could prevent even HPG communications out to a range of 20AU.
  • Three, a inhibitor even more powerful, must be planet based, that prevented both HPG and Jump Field formation out to 0.1 Light Years from the source.

Number one option was easily built and created, but was not fail proof. All a target had to do was take all the built in safeties offline and they could jump. Number two option, was more full proof. As it actually interferred with the formation of any sort of field, even HPG. The third option was only useful for planet based, so as far as he was concerned. Options #1 and #2 were going to be his focus. Time to get the engineers busy and build a prototype to test.


22nd September, 3034
Terra (Terran Hegemony)

Director-General Anastasia Cameron signed the document confirming the creation of the Free Rasalhague Republic with Haakon Magnusson as it's Elected Prince. She laid the pen down and smiled at Archon Katrina Steiner and Coordinator Takashi Kurita. She had already dispatched transports to assist in the relocation of Lyran and Combine troops from the Rasalhague territory. In addition, to help secure the new nation, several mercenary commands once in Lyran employ were now being paid by the Terran Hegemony on behalf of the Free Rasalhague Republic until such time as they could defend themselves properly. Elected Prince Magnusson shook the hands of all three leaders.

"On behalf of the Terran Hegemony, as a gift we will provide your new nation with 20 Jumpships, equipment to field 9 Regiments of Armor, 18 Regiments of Infantry and 3 Aerospace Wings. In addition, if you would like, the Terran Hegemony will gladly provide your new nation with quality trainers to assist in training your new military." Director-General Anastasia Cameron told new leader

"The Free Rasalhague Republic gladly accepts these generous gifts and we thank you for them." Elected Prince Magnusson replied

Not about to be fully out done, Archon Katrina Steiner said "The Lyran Commonwealth will provide 3 Regiments of Battlemechs to show that we honor your new nation."

Before Elected Prince Magnusson could reply, Coordinator Takashi Kurita said "The Draconis Combine will provide 4 Regiments of Battlemechs and equipment for 4 Armor Regiments."

Stunned, Elected Prince Magnusson said "These are most generous and I gladly accept them. We hope to establish friendly trade agreements with everyone."

As the small gathering broke up, with Coordinator Takashi Kurita and Elected Prince Haakon Magnusson heading for the Space Port to head home, Archon Katrina Steiner and Director-General Anastasia Cameron stood watching the departing Heads of State on the balcony. "That was generous of you, Archon Steiner."

"Please. It's Katrina. I did not expect old Takashi to do what he did. One upped me, but a strong Republic will be a better buffer state. The equipment will come from my units upgrading to the ex Com Guard equipment. It's old but in excellent shape. I figure the Combine will provide the same stuff." Archon Katrina Steiner replied

"Probably. How is the melding of your state and the Federated Suns going?" Director-General Anastasia Cameron asked

"Your Intel services are not asleep, so you know the real answer to that question. However, I will humor you. I am getting some push back from my Generals, the Federated Suns officers are dominating the upper ranks. It cannot be helped, the FedSuns officers performed better in the war games and exercises. On the civilian side, it has opened a slew of opportunities for new markets. I just hope that me and Hanse can hand over a completely functional nation to Victor when the day comes. Only when he takes the combined throne will it be truly official. We are working overtime to make this happen." Archon Katrina Steiner replied

"I just wanted to get an outside observation on what I am being told. Which brings me to the subject at hand. An old relative of yours has resurfaced. I am not sure what to do about him." Anastasia Cameron admitted

"An old relative?" She paused as Commanding General Michelle Mitchell walked out and beside her was a tall man. The Archon looked at the man, but she could not place him. But when he spoke, the voice was obvious.

"Hello Katrina. It has been a long time." Fredrick Steiner said

"Fredrick. So your still know I have not forgotten what you did." Archon Katrina Steiner said icily

"I am here to bury the hatchet so to speak, Katrina. I have no desire for the throne, nor am I asking for forgiveness. What I did was treason. You gave me an honorable way out." Fredrick Steiner replied

"Then stay dead, Fredrick. The Lyran people think of you as a hero, one who died bravely in battle for the Lyran Commonwealth, not as a traitor. You go public and I will haul you up on charges of treason and watch you hang for your crime. Do not for a second doubt that." Archon Katrina Steiner strained to her cousin

"Fredrick Steiner is dead. I will assume the name that the Terran Hegemony has given me, Anastasius Focht. I am sure they can provide me with a suitable background. I just wanted to see you and tell you that I was wrong. Additionally, That you are a much better Archon than I could ever have been. You will have no trouble with me." Fredrick Steiner/ Anastasius Focht said as he bowed his head to her as she turned and walked away.

"Well, that did not go over very well, but at least she did not try to strangle him." Director-General Anastasia Cameron said, watching Archon Katrina Steiner walk away.

"I doubt there was any easy way for this to come about. The Lyran Commonwealth is better off with her on the throne than me. Now I guess I need to find a new home." Fredrick Steiner/ Anastasius Focht replied

"I think we can find you a suitable job for someone with your skill set." Commanding General Michelle Mitchell said

24th September, 3034
Terra (Terran Hegemony)

"So, General Mitchell, have you decided on what role I can be of service in?" Anastasius Focht asked

"Actually, there are two options. The first option, if you so choose, is to take command of the VI Corps, former Com Guard troops. Though this is not critical, as the exisitng troops have completed our training program. The second one, and I have spoken to the man in charge before offering is to take command of the new Free Rasalhague Republic military. Problem is it will be a rough start as we are getting reports of quite a few Combine commands flat out refusing to leave and even openly. For lack of a better word, rebelling against their orders." Commanding General Michelle Mitchell said

"Have you discussed this with Archon Katrina Steiner? She might have some serious concerns with me commanding a military right next door to the Lyran Commonwealth." Anastasius Focht replied

"I have. It actually did not go quite as bad as I thought. Her exact words were "As long as he stays out of my way and does not cause trouble, he can do what he wants." She actually called Elected Prince Magnusson and vouched for your experience and skill for the task. Though I did provide her with a copy of our cover story for you, which you have read already." Michelle told the former Steiner

"Well then. If Katrina has no objections, then I accept the second option." Anastasius Focht said with a smile

"Thought you would. Elected Prince Magnusson will await your arrival to the Jump Point." Commanding General Michelle Mitchell replied, reaching out and shook his hand.

28th September, 3034
Engadin (Free Rasalhague Republic)

Under orders from Warlord Marcus Kurita, the rebel 9th Rasalhague Regulars performed an assault on Engadin. While they quickly over powered the small Militia, they also assaulted the planets HPG compound, killing half the Hegemony personnel in the process. But not before the HPG sent a distress message back to Terra.

Across the new Free Rasalhague Republic fighting was breaking out as many Combine troops acted on orders from Warlord Marcus Kurita and Warlord Vasily Cherenkoff by invading the new nation.

Terra (Terran Hegemony)

Director-General Anastasia Cameron had just gotten word of the attack on Engadin and before she could summon Commanding General Michelle Mitchell, she entered her office and plopped down in a chair.

"I assume you read the same message as me?" Michelle asked

"Yes, I was about to call you. Who are you sending to deliver our reply to this attack on our compound?" Director General Anastasia Cameron asked

"The 9th Infantry Division, they have just completed their training and have not been posted yet. I thought about sending a nice strong message, but I am concerned enough about our technology getting out, and I don't have time to issue new equipment to one of our Regular formations. So to minimize the risk, the 9th Infantry Division is equipped with Star League tech, which is slowly making it's way to recovery as it is.", Michelle commented

"Awfully green aren't they? The 9th Rasalhague Regulars are a Veteran command. I would hate to have a Green command butchered." Anastasia said

"I would actually rank them closer to Regular in experience. There are 32 Gunslinger graduates assigned. These are not former Com Guard troops, this command is all Hegemony and have completed even our advanced training. They just completed a 3 month get to know your new equipment phase for deployment. I had them slated to the Draconis Combine anyway, just so happens that part of the Draconis Combine is now the Free Rasalhague Republic. They might as well head to their new homes in style. I have already issued orders for them to get embarked and up to the La Grange point, I have a transport waiting there already for them. In a week or so, they will be on Engadin." Michelle told her

Note from Author - Current Formation Make Up[]

Full TOE, these are Hegemony equipped so for Star League equipped, they do use the Nighthawk suits in place of the normal Ferret Power Armor (Light). Legend; Batt = Battalion, BM = BattleMech, PA = Power Armor (Light)

Battlemech Division

Battlemech Brigades (2) - 3 Battlemech Regiments each Brigade
Mechanized Infantry Brigade - 3 Mech Inf Regiments, 1 Ferret PA Regiment, 1 Battlemech Battalion
Armor Brigade - 3 Armor Regiments
Artillery Regiment - 2 Thor Batt, 2 Palladin Battalion
Cavalry Regiment - Battlemech Battalion, Hover Armor Battalion, Ferret PA Battalion
VTOL Regiment - 2 Attack/Scout VTOL Batt, 1 Transport VTOL Battalion
Aerospace Wing (2) - 3 Aerospace Groups each (108 Fighters total)

Mechanized Infantry Division

Mechanized Infantry Brigade (3) - 3 Mech Infantry Regiment, 1 Ferret PA Regiment, 1 Armor Regiment each Brigade
Battlemech Brigade - 3 Battlemech Regiments
Armor Brigade - 3 Armor Regiments
Artillery Regiment - 2 Thor Batt, 2 Palladin Battalion
Cavalry Regiment - Battlemech Batt, Hover Armor Batt, Ferret PA Battalion
VTOL Regiment - 2 Attack/Scout VTOL Batt, 1 Transport VTOL Battalion Aerospace Wing (2) - 3 Aerospace Groups each (108 Fighters total)

Infantry Division

Infantry Brigade (3) - 3 Infantry Regiments, 1 Ferret PA Regiment, 1 Battlemech Battalion each Brigade
Battlemech Regiment - 3 Battlemech Battalions
Armor Brigade - 3 Armor Regiments
Artillery Regiment - 2 Thor Batt, 2 Palladin Battalion Cavalry Regiment - Battlemech Batt, Hover Armor Battalion, Ferret PA Battalion VTOL Regiment - 2 Attack/Scout VTOL Batt, 1 Transport VTOL Batt
Aerospace Wing (2) - 3 Aerospace Groups each (108 Fighters total)

Jump Infantry Division (Note- All Battlemechs are Jump Capable)

Jump Infantry Brigade (3) - 3 Jump Infantry Regiments, 1 Ferret (J) PA Regiment, 1 Light BM Battalion each Brigade
Battlemech Regiment - 3 Battlemech Battalions
Armor Brigade - 3 Armor Regiments
Artillery Regiment - 2 Thor Batt, 2 Vali Arrow Batt
Cavalry Regiment - Battlemech Batt, Hover Armor Batt, Ferret PA Batt
VTOL Regiment - 2 Attack/Scout VTOL Batt, 1 Transport VTOL Batt
Aerospace Wing (2) - 3 Aerospace Groups each (108 Fighters total)

Infantry Division (SL) (Former Com Guard 1-8 Div)
1 Battlemech Regiment
2 Armor Regiment
6 Infantry Regiment
2 Aero Wing (36)


11st October, 3034 Engadin (Free Rasalhague Republic)

Aegis Class Heavy Cruiser (by colourbrand)

Aegis Class Transport (SS)

The Aegis Class Transports (SS), SLS E. Presley and SLS Impetuous materialized silently at the Nadir Jump Point and began releasing their Dropships carrying the 9th Infantry Division. Normally assigned to the 368th Battlemech Division, they had been tasked to deliver this cargo instead of the normal Jumpships that were planned originally due to the emergency. This development did not bother Rear Admiral Clyde Kincaid in the least. Having held command of a Destroyer and a Cruiser, he was regarded as a particularly aggressive commander. Though he chaffed at being in command of a Transport section, at least the ships still had all the firepower of the original Aegis Cruiser. So if he found a fight, he would be able to dish out maximum pain.

Though they had arrived unannounced, the flurry of radio traffic from the Dropships forming up along with their escorting fighters was easily detected. When the signals were detected on the super sensitive equipment, the ship in question trained its powerful navigational camera on the Nadir Jump Point. "Are the sensor's malfunctioning? Why did we get no jump warning or detect an incoming jump?"

"Neg, all check normal. I have no answer." said the sensor tech.

Odyssey Class Jumpship (with Jump Sail)

Odyssey Class JumpShip

Star Captain Frye Columbo, Clan Burrock grunted in response as his eyes remaining on the small view screen which was slaved to the powerful navigation camera. Typically used by the navigator to study and plot distant systems accuracy. "Stravag, those look like Aegis Cruisers. Tape this. They must belong to this pretend Terran Hegemony we heard about."

While tasked to gain intel from the periphery only, when they had gotten word on a returning Terran Hegemony, Star Admiral Wessel Moreau, Commander of this sector, had ordered Star Captain Columbo to penetrate deeper to learn more information. His ship was well suited for it, CBS Shadow Games, an Bug-Eye Class Surveillance ship which is maintained by Clan Burrock at great expense. For years, assigned to their Watch and used to hunt bandits, but also spy on other Clan's. In the periphery, their support ship, an Odyssey Jumpship, sat in an uncharted star system. From their it supported an additional three Hunter Jumpships. Each carrying 2 Mule Dropships and 2 Aqueduct Dropships. The long mission time dictated that the crews would need Grav Deck support, along with fuel stores. They had arrived at the very edge of the Engadin system only 3 days prior.

Terra (Terran Hegemony)

Kanrei Theodore Kurita, I am sorry that we have to speak like this so soon. I am highly displeased by your troops attack on my HPG compound on Engadin. You do realize how I could respond to this, do you not?" Director-General Anastasia Cameron said via live HPG connection.

"Director-General Cameron, those troops are acting without my orders. I have declared them Ronin and am already scrambling loyal troops to put them down. Please understand, this was not a planned violation of the agreements." Theodore Kurita replied

"Troops have already been dispatched to Engadin to deal with the 9th Rasalhague Regulars. Keep your forces out of Engadin, no need for miscommunication between our forces. Deal with this problem, Kanrei Kurita." Director-General Anastasia Cameron said, cutting the HPG feed before looking at Commanding General Michelle Mitchell.

"How many Combine troops are causing trouble?" Cameron asked

"Current count is 14 Regiments worth. In response, the FRR forces are pretty weak, mainly reflagged former Lyran militia commands. Here is a list of FRR commands, along with those Combine troops he declared Ronin. Along with assisting commands." Commanding General Michelle Mitchell replied handing over the list.

Free Rasalhague Commands and Locations

1st Drakøns - Battlemech Regiment - Tukayyid
2nd Drakøns - Battlemech Regiment - Forming
3rd Drakøns - Battlemech Batt, Armor Batt, Inf Batt - Forming
1st Freemen - Infantry Regiment - Radstadt
2nd Freemen - Infantry Regiment - Rasalhague
1st Kavalleri - Battlemech Batt, Armor Batt, Inf Batt -  Heiligendreuz
2nd Kavalleri - Battlemech Batt, Armor Batt, Inf Batt - Kempten
1st Tyr - Battlemech Batt, Armor Batt, Inf Batt - Rasalhague

Mercenary Commands (FRR)

Cameron's Legion - Mech Co, Inf Co - Bruben
Insect Brigade - 2 Mech Companies - Kandis
Legion of the Rising Sun - 2 Battlemech Batt - Rasalhague
Vinson's Vigilantes - Battlemech Regiment - Kempten, Radstadt

Combine Commands (Rebel)

1st Altenmarkt Militia
5th Amphigean Light Assault Group
2nd Night Stalkers: Johiro's Regiment
1st Proserpina Hussars
5th Rasalhague Regulars
8th Rasalhague Regulars
9th Rasalhague Regulars
13th Rasalhague Regulars
17th Rasalhague Regulars
20th Rasalhague Regulars
22nd Rasalhague Regulars
25th Rasalhague Regulars
1st Sun Zhang Academy Cadre
12th Sun Zhang Academy Cadre

"So, the FRR is badly out gunned." Director General Anastasia Cameron said, setting the paper down on her desk.

"Badly. Worse, we also have some reports of Lyran Mercenaries also causing problems. Not confirmed, but it looks that way." Mitchell told her

"Great, so we have a massive free for all going on. Make sure we are scanning the HPG traffic, let's see if Archon Steiner yanks their chain. I really do not want to have to call her." Cameron said

12 October 3034
Lothan (Free Rasalhague Republic)

"Highness, message from the surface." The communication officer said

Elected Prince Haakon Magnusson accepted the message slip "Thank you, your dismissed."
He said as he read the message slip quickly "General Focht, what do you think of this message I just got from Director-General Cameron?" He asked as he handed the message slip over.

Taking the message slip, General Anastasius Focht adjusted his eye patch and read the message slip.

Prince Magnusson,

The Combine forces fighting within your realm have been declared Ronin by Kanrei Theodore Kurita. This means that they can no longer return to the Draconis Combine, they are doomed to death. Though my forces have arrived in the Engadin system, it will take some time for loyal Combine troops to put down the Ronin forces within your nation. I am sure you know that the troops making up the Rasalhague Regulars Brigade are 80% native to your nation, but they are now homeless.

To avoid as much bloodshed as possible, which my intel reports could be near fatal for your new nation, how would you feel about offering complete amnesty to those members of the Rasalhague Regulars that lay down their weapons and join your new military? If you decide to fight it out, I understand, though I caution against it. If you want to make the offer, I can make the arrangements very quickly for your message to get out via priority HPG to every system. I have also sent a message to Archon Katrina Steiner, who has already issued orders to those mercenary commands that used to be under Lyran contract declaring them to be in breach and their contracts void.

Director-General Anastasia Cameron

"Well, that would certainly solve many years of training and building our military from the ground up. You have a better feel for these troops than me, they are your people most of all." General Focht replied

"Yes, it does solve many issues. The Rasalhague Regulars have always been under heavy ISF watch. Many cannot take more than 5-10 years before they leave the DCMS due to the constant pressure of the security checks by the ISF. We will have an issue with upper ranks, for they were mainly from outside the Rasalhague region." Elected Prince Magnusson said

"I can assist with that, give me 5 years and I will have a professional military to protect our nation. It is the thousands of trained troops and technical personnel that worry me." General Focht replied

"Then I say we take a chance and see what we can salvage from this situation. Maybe we can save many lives." Elected Prince Magnusson said

13th October, 3034
Free Rasalhague Republic

On every world within the borders of the Free Rasalhague Republic, Elected Prince Hakkon Magnusson's broadcast was heard via the worlds HPG. Immediately following his broadcast was a broadcast by Kanrei Theodore Kurita declaring them all Ronin. Those former DCMS troops declared Ronin had a lot of soul searching to do. On many worlds, those who could not deal with their status committed seppuku. But, now with an offer of a home, many also made the decision to remain in the Free Rasalhague Republic. Not all commands stood down, several decided to fight, mainly those not in the Rasalhague Regulars Brigade.

1st Altenmarkt Militia - Tukayyid, fighting the 1st Dracons 5th Amphigean Light Assault Group - Orestes, fighting mercenaries 2nd Night Stalkers: Johiro's Regiment - Orestes, fighting the 1st Dismal Disinherited 1st Proserpina Hussars - Orestes, fighting against the Legion of the Rising Sun 5th Rasalhague Regulars - Alshain, 75% destroyed by Ryuken-ni 8th Rasalhague Regulars - Rasalhague, 35% seppuku, joined fighting against Ronin 9th Rasalhague Regulars - Engadin, 55% seppuku, stood down 13th Rasalhague Regulars - Unzmarkt, 25% seppuku, stood down 17th Rasalhague Regulars - Kempten, 30% seppuku, surrendered to 2nd Kavalleri 20th Rasalhague Regulars - Memmingen, 40% seppuku, stood down 22nd Rasalhague Regulars - Orestes, 35% seppuku, joined fighting against Ronin 25th Rasalhague Regulars - Trondheim, fighting against 2nd An Ting Legion 1st Sun Zhang Academy Cadre - Kempton, fighting against Vincent's Vigilantes 12th Sun Zhang Academy Cadre - Rasalhague, fighting 1st Tyr and 2nd Freeman

Engadin (Free Rasalhague Republic)

"To the incoming Dropships, this is Tai-i Brian Gambrel of the 9th Rasalhague Regulars. As the ranking survivor my command has stood down in accordance with Elected Prince Magnusson's message. The space port is active and the area is clear of my troops. I will await your landing their, unarmed."

Major General Kimberly Prater, command 9th Infantry Division, looked at her XO "Well shit, we did not even get a chance for a fight."

Terra (Terran Hegemony)

"We are getting reports that many of the Ronin are switching sides. There is still fighting, but I think the tide has turned. Reviewing the manufacturing inside the Free Rasalhague Republic, they have a pretty long ways to go in building their military. Much less decent militia or garrison forces. Two Panther BattleMech lines and a couple Scorpion and Vedette Tank lines." Commanding General Michelle Mitchell said

"Good news for a change. That is not much to work with and brand-new equipment is expensive. What do we have in our store houses back home? Equipment that we can let go on the cheap, but that does not have any advanced tech on it." Director-General Anastasia Cameron asked

"Quite a lot actually. We did not upgrade everything we had all those years ago. We have some extensive caches, all carefully stored and maintained. Hang on a second and I will find that big file on this computer." Michelle told Anastasia. After several minutes "Got it. Sending it to your computer because it is too damned long to read out."

So, Anastasia opened the file when it finally appeared and started scanning the massive lists. Lucky for her, all the equipment was sorted by cache site and date it was sealed away. She scanned the various caches before looking back up. "What does HemSec think recovered tech will start coming online for production?"

Calling up another file, the most recent intel report, Michelle then began reading it out loud.

Federated Suns
LBX10 - mid 3035
Double Heat Sinks - late 3035
Endo Steel - online now
Ferro Fibrous - early 3036
XL Engine - mid 3036

Lyran Commonwealth

Endo Steel - mid 3036
XL Engine - early 3037
Double Heat Sinks - early 3036
Ferro Fibrous - late 3036

"Those are the ones we are pretty sure we know for sure. The damned Free Worlds League, as you know, have started getting their hands on HPG parts and equipment. But we have not figured out where from yet. The Combine is keeping their stuff very close hold, but HemSec guesses they will be right behind the FedSuns. The Davions just have the advantage of having our help to decode the Core and provide some technical assistance on upgrading non-military factories. Endo Steel construction and so forth. The Capellan Confederation is working on stuff, but at a very slow pace, not focusing on any area but all areas at once. We can expect much more exchange of technology between the Lyrans and Suns, soon we are going to have to start calling them the FedCom."

"So, what your saying is that within a year. This is for at least for the Federated Commonwealth. Boy, that is a mouthful, will be able to manufacture and begin to support, and probably field Star League tech. Well, that opens the door some more. No sense selling the FRR old equipment that within 10 years will be hopelessly outclassed. So, we will look at what we can sell them, on the cheap from our caches, but equipment that will be viable for quite a while yet." Director-General Anastasia Cameron said with a sly smile.


1st November, 3034
Thazi (Terran Hegemony)

New orders from Terra caused storage caches across the Hegemony to be opened. Only opened every decade for routine maintenance checks of the equipment stored, even these 200 year old machines were in excellent condition and battle ready. Prior to loading aboard Dropships, each vehicle was gone over by a technical team and any defects discovered were fixed immediately. Once the Dropships were loaded, they would marshal at Thazi for the trip to Terra, from there they would be transferred to standard Jumpships for the trip to the Free Rasalhague Republic. General Jonathon Pollard, Hegemony Quartermaster, kept a careful watch on everything as the reports arrived, no one wanted Hegemony technology to get out. He double checked his master list, keeping a careful count so that what he shipped was exactly as ordered. Lucky for him, these items were the oldest equipment in the Hegemony caches.

Free Rasalhague Republic Transfer
Merkava Heavy Tank Mk VIIIb - 216
Marsden II MBT Mk III - 216
Turhan Combat Vehicle - 864
Heavy Track APC - 1,080
Auto Rifles - 12,000
Laser Rifle (Standard) - 14,000
Gauss Ammo - 1,000 tons
LBX10 Ammo - 1,000 tons
LBX10 Cluster Ammo - 1,000 tons
LRM-15 Ammo - 1,000 tons
LRM-15 ART Ammo - 40 tons
Replacement Ferro Fibrous Armor - 1,000 tons
Replacement Large Laser - 600
Replacement 180 Fusion - 100
Replacement 300 Fusion - 80
Replacement Double Heat Sink - 120
Replacement Endo Steel - 800 tons
ZEU-5T Zeus Assault 'Mech - 1
PNT-8Zb Panther Light 'Mech - 12

Along with the massive equipment shipment, a single locked case sat on his desk to be personally delivered to Elected Prince Haakon Magnusson. Inside was a data stick, on it were plans for complete production specs for a PPC armed Scorpion Light Tank and a LBX10 armed Vedette Medium Tank which were developed but never placed into production when the Hegemony had developed their current technology. Also on it was the complete blueprints and specs for the PNT-8Zb Panther.

Though the Terran Hegemony would not assist the Free Rasalhague Republic in developing their national manufacturing of war fighting machines, nor any other nation outside of any prior agreements. He was sure that Director-General Cameron would at least make sure they remained viable as a nation.

Alpheratz (Outworlds Alliance - Periphery)

Merlin Heavy BattleMech (by SU-SMD)

Merlin Heavy 'Mech

Brandon O'Leary, CEO Mountain Wolf Battlemechs, had read the message slip from Terra ten times and each time his smile got even larger. All his hard work was finally about to be repaid in full. Though his company's Merlin Heavy Battlemech had been a great success, he had long wanted to return the NTK-2Q Night Hawk to production. His own engineers had located the "lost" specs and design from this factories production facility when they had returned it to working order, but he had always lacked the advanced material or the permission to make it happen. But now he had it, the permission anyway.

On Vendrell, he had poured a Dropship worth of money refurbishing and restoring his company's factory there. In another year, it would be ready to return to production. Now all he had to do was secure all the needed material to manufacture the NTK-2Q Night Hawk for both factories.

Bastrop (Federated Suns)

Baroness Petra Zuni, CEO ZaP Holdings, had watched the technology recovery with great interest the last couple of years. She had even hired a few "tech" guru's from Mitchell Vehicles to advise her future moves. In 3031, she had begun slowly making her moves for the future, and today, the future had arrived as she signed the various papers her lawyers had presented to her. Once completed, another set of papers were set before her, this time by her bank President. She gladly signed the mass of paperwork. Once they had all left her office, she pushed a button that activated the large wall monitor. It slowly lit up revealing:

Armament and Armor Division

Persistence Munitions Inc. - Persistence, Lyran Commonwealth
Maxell Metals Incorporated - Chukchi III, Lyran Commonwealth
RAMTech Industries - New Kyoto, Lyran Commonwealth
Yeffters Weapons Factory - Gulkana, Federated Suns
Precision Weaponry - Tancredi IV, Federated Suns
Marley Munitions Works - Sparrevohn‎‎, Federated Suns
Pattonsbrug Metal Works - Pattonsbrug, Federated Suns

All, but Pattonsbrug Metal Works were existing companies and it had cost her Billions to purchase them and years of legal work. She had spent 4 Billion C-Bills with Nicholas Spacecraft to have a orbital Zero-G manufacturing station built, and it was on its way here. It would specialize in manufacturing Endo Steel, which was about to become one of the most precious of material, since so much of the now recovering technology required this long-lost material. Built using a modified Bastion Station, mainly so that it could be moved by Jumpship if needed. It removed the Dropship repair bays to make room for manufacturing equipment but maintained the weapons and fighter bays. An additional 1,000 quarters were added for the workers When fully in operation, it was estimated to be able to churn out over 100,000 tons of Endo Steel per year. Her guru's estimated 5 years before it was fully in production, mainly due to training all the workers needed.

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