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Fate Can Be Cruel
Chapter 2 - Year 3032

January 3032[]

16th January, 3032
Terra (Hegemony)

Chancellor Candace Liao had been the first House Lord to arrive for the conference on January 11th. She was followed by Captain-General Thomas Marik on the 10th, Archon Katrina Steiner on the 11th, Protector Thomas Calderon on the 11th, Magestrix Kyalla Centrella on the 12th, President Neil Avellar II on the 12th, Coordinator Takashi Kurita on the 13th and First Prince Hanse Davion on the 14th of January. Imperator Marius O'Reilly had refused to come. Director-General Anastasia Cameron had not met with any of the incoming leaders prior to the conference to avoid any objections or claims of favoritism to be leveled against her.

Each leader had been permitted to bring no more than 30 security personnel and they were restricted to small arms only. Coordinator Takishi Kurita had been the only leader to protest the boarding and search of his Jumpship and Dropship by Hegemony marines, but under the guns of a Texas Class Battleship and several other warships, his protests were short lived. The conference itself was being held at a secluded resort, secured by the entire 191st Royal Jump Infantry Division, which had arrived in early December 3031. Each leader had a quite comfortable cabin to stay in, each a comfortable distance away from each other. Their security teams were housed inside prefab barracks erected by the Hegemony near each cabin.

Today was the start of the conference, each leader and their advisors were in a large conference room. Archon Katrina Steiner and First Prince Hanse Davion sat at the same table, Chancellor Candace Liao sat at a table next to them, to the left. Captain-General Thomas Marik sat at the table to the right of First Prince Hanse Davion. Coordinator Takashi Kurita and his son Theodore Kurita sat to the right of Captain-General Thomas Marik. The leaders of the Periphery states took seats at different tables towards the back of the conference hall, leaving an empty table between each of them. The Hegemony delegation occupied 2 adjoining tables directly to the front and centered on the others. Director-General Anastasia Cameron stood and moved to the small podium.

"Thank you all for coming. My name is Anastasia Cameron, Director-General of the Terran Hegemony. Today will be spent more on outlining the itinerary of this conference than anything else. But, I will hit the high points for you all. Tonight, you are all invited to a grand dinner and meet and greet. As I understand it, the last time all of you actually met was here on Terra when First Prince Hanse Davion got married, so hopefully, you all can get to know each other again. But for now, let me hit the high points of what I hope to accomplish.

First, as I said in my initial message, the Hegemony will assist each of you in upgrading ALL of your medical facilities to what was Star League levels. Though expensive, the Hegemony is willing to under write half the cost of doing so. We will also assist each of you in building the manufacturing plants to produce the needed material to keep them running while training your people both in how to use them and maintain them.

Second, as I also said, the Hegemony will assist each of you in civilian Jumpship manufacturing. The Hegemony will assist each Great House upgrade existing shipyards, up to 20 slips, to Star League levels. For the Periphery nations we will assist in upgrading or building 4 slips to the same level's as the Great Houses. The Hegemony will also offer for sale additional civilian Jumpships at a favorable 20% discount to interested parties. Though I must caution you, the ships and personnel for this purpose are armed and will have orders for self protection. Any attempt at a hostile act will be met with the utmost force.

Third, the Hegemony will aid in setting up new manufacturing facilities for water purification, atmospheric processors and civilian power plants. We will also aid in restoring any current facility to new standards until such time as your own manufacturing comes online. There are also many worlds still suffering from the effects of the previous wars. I offer the Hegemony's help in returning these worlds to their former glory.

Four, HPG communications are vital to an Interstellar nation state. Until such time as each of you can maintain or operate your own HPG grid, the Hegemony will administer the existing HPG's while building any new ones on worlds that do not have them. Much as Comstar did previously. We ask the same conditions, the HPG's are Hegemony property, completely neutral ground. Before any objections are made about us reading your mail, yes, that we can do. As long as there is no threat to the Hegemony itself, your communications will be totally secure and private. To show our good faith, the Terran Hegemony will also cut the former Comstar rate in half for all transmissions. Once you are confident that you can maintain and operate your HPG grids, the Hegemony will sell the HPG grid to you at a 60% discount of what a new one will cost to build. You may also elect to build your own HPG grid, while the Hegemony operates existing facilities. That is your decision.

Finally, and I fear this one will be met with the most resistance, the systems within 30LY of Terra must be demilitarized. While the Hegemony will tolerate local NON-mech militia forces, we will not tolerate any sort of potential offensive forces. The Hegemony will guarantee those systems safety from any hostile moves from any other. Regardless of who those troops belong to. Those systems will be under your control, pay your taxes etc, but they will be demilitarized. This will not be open to debate. For those systems within 30LY of Terra, all upgrades and terraforming to repair damage from previous wars will be undertaken by the Terran Hegemony, at no cost to your nations. The Terran Hegemony will absorb the expense. These are former systems of the Terran Hegemony and it is our duty to look after them properly.

I know this is a lot to take in and process, so we will conclude today's discussion so that you may confer with your advisors, or I hope each other. I hope to see all of you at tonight's dinner where I can get to know each of you much better. Thank you."

With that said, Director-General Anastasia Cameron left the podium and the Hegemony delegation stood and followed her from the conference room. While they walked, Anastasia asked. "So, what sort of fun do you think my little speech will stir up, Mom?"

Walking beside her, Commanding General Michelle Mitchell replied "I think that last one is going to get you some flak. I thought First Prince Hanse Davion eye's were going to pop out of his head, same for Archon Katrina Steiner. But we will have to watch Coordinator Takashi Kurita and Captain-General Thomas Marik like a hawk, they both had little smiles on their face when they saw those reactions. It puts quite a lot of Lyran and Fed Suns systems defenseless, in their eye's. Some very important worlds too."

"I feel bad about springing that on both of them, out of the blue, but it can not be helped. I cannot allow potential threats to Terra to exist. Besides, you said so yourself, our Slip Stream equipped transports will be extremely busy with all the moves they will have to make around the Sphere. This allows us to use normal Jumpships to respond to any threat from Terra itself. I just have not told them that those systems within 30LY of Terra will be patrolled by the Hegemony navy yet." Director-General Anastasia Cameron said

Meeting the Periphery Leaders

Director-General Anastasia Cameron smiled slightly when she saw that President Neil Avellar II and Magestrix Kyalla Centrella come together and were speaking to each other, even laughing at times. She made her way over to them, slowly to give them time to spot her approach. She sped up slightly once both had turned to face her.

"President Neil Avellar II, Magestrix Kyalla Centrella it is so nice to see a few more leaders actually mingling and getting to know each other better. Anastasia Cameron, I apologize for making you wait so long." Director-General Anastasia Cameron said

"Pleasure to meet you, Director-General Cameron. It was quite a shock learning that the Hegemony was still around." President Neil Avellar II replied

"It sure was. Let's just hope that your Terran Hegemony does not repeat the mistakes of the past." Magestrix Kyalla Centrella said

"I am going to try really hard to not make those mistakes, Magistrix. I actually want to right some of the wrongs that were done in the past." Director-General Anastasia Cameron said

"That would be nice, long over due, but it remains to be seen. Bad enough that your medical upgrades you offered are going to heavily impact my economy." Magestrix Kyalla Centrella said

"It would not if you were selling the technology or equipment instead of forcing people to head for Canopus to get treatment. I had hoped for a better first meeting, but since you want to be combative, I will tell you that your economy is going to fair much worse if you continue planning to attack the Capellan Confederation. I am sure the Federated Suns would look unkindly on such an attack, the Confederation is under new management now and it looks like they are getting along nicely." Anastasia said, yes, we know about the talks you have been having and only delayed things due to our arrival and not knowing how the Suns was going to react, she thought.

"What, how.....of course you got a hold of Comstar records. So much for your so called impartial treatment of communications." Magestrix Kyalla Centrella said

"We have said nothing to anyone. It does not concern nor is it a threat to the Terran Hegemony. I am just stating a fact, though beaten up some, the Capellan Confederation is still a force to be respected. Your basing your planning on the Confederation still being mainly focused on the Suns as their main threat. Look at them over there, together with First Prince Hanse Davion, smiling and laughing. How do you know your forces will not run into a buzz saw of redeployed forces? I am just pointing out that you might be making a large miscalculation." she told Magestrix

"What game are you playing, Cameron?" Magestrix Kyalla Centrella asked

"How about trying to head off a war and needless deaths. Has there not been enough war? Now if you will excuse me, I have other rounds to make." Director-General Anastasia Cameron replied and departed the two leaders.

Meeting Chancellor Liao

"Chancellor Liao, it is very nice to finally meet you in person." Director-General Anastasia Cameron said while nodding to First Prince Hanse Davion and Archon Katrina Steiner

"The same to you, Director-General Cameron. First Prince Davion and Archon Steiner have told me that I can trust what you say. That you are honorable. That is high praise coming from them." Chancellor Candace Liao said

"I will strive to live up to their words." Anastasia replied again nodding to First Prince Hanse Davion and Archon Katrina Steiner.

"I will confess that your little speech earlier caught us a little off guard, Ana. That is a lot of our worlds your asking us to leave a little naked." Archon Katrina Steiner said

"I am sorry for that, but I cannot risk any threat to Terra. If anything, I am going to do things on the level and fairly. Applying the same rules to everyone equally. Be they a Great House or a Periphery realm. Your forces may transit the 30LY boundary freely, excluding Terra of course, but you cannot station Battlemech forces within 30LY of Terra. Nor will I allow anyone to launch any sort of military action from within that 30LY radius. On this I will not bend. It must be this way." She told the Archon

"Surely you would not think we would take advantage of the boundary?" First Prince Hanse Davion replied

"No, but better to remove the temptation and put it all out in the open and on the table for all to see." Anastasia said with a smile, Damn right you would if you thought you could get away with it Hanse?, she thought.

"Ana, you know that former Com Guard commands are slowly making their way to the Free Worlds League I assume." First Prince Hanse Davion said

"Yes, we are keeping a loose tab on them. From our count, roughly there our 4 Regiments of Battlemechs and another 11 Regiments of conventional forces have offered to join the Draconis Combine. Six Regiments of Battlemechs and another 16 Regiments of conventional forces are making their way to the Free Worlds League via the Periphery from the Combine. The Com Guard forces in the Outworlds Alliance have petitioned to remain there. One Battlemech Regiment and 3 conventional Regiments. Those Com Guard located in the Lyran and Fed Suns, well we took care of them. The captured or salvage equipment is enough to equip 5 Battlemech Regiments and 9 conventional Regiments for the Lyrans and 8 Battlemech and 13 conventional Regiments for the FedSuns. Of the captured Com Guard, roughly 35% have joined your respective militaries the rest are heading for the Free Worlds League.

The Capellans managed to gain 1 Battlemech Regiment and 3 conventional Regiments, while 3 Battlemech and 7 conventional Regiments jumped for the Free Worlds League. We estimate the former Com Guard inside the Free Worlds League will amount to 11 fully equipped Battlemech Regiments, 19 fully equipped conventional Regiments with personnel for another 4 Battlemech and 8 conventional Regiments with no equipment. The Free Worlds League has been shipping the former Comstar people to Gibson. We have not been remiss, Hanse." She replied

"That is quite a lot of material, they could pose quite a threat. Sure you want to just let them make their way unmolested?" Hanse Davion asked

"For now, they pose little threat to the Terran Hegemony. They are demoralized and probably short on supplies and replacement parts for their advanced equipment. It will take several years at least for them to begin the manufacture of enough material to sustain any sort of combat action. While powerful right now, against non Hegemony forces, against us, well it will be a very short fight. You have seen the estimates we have provided on how long it will take before either the FedSuns or Lyrans can actually support your gains long term. If I remember correctly, it is roughly 8 years. We estimate at least 10 years for them. They are a very powerful boxer, but one that must make a knock out in the first round or they are doomed. They have no staying power. Short of starting another war, which will involve the Free Worlds League, which we will not do, the Hegemony currently has more pressing matters to deal with." Director-General Anastasia Cameron replied. Why are you forcing this discussion in front of Chancellor Liao?, she thought.

"I am just making sure your not taking your eye off a potential threat, Ana." Hanse told hersaid

Strana Mechty (Clan Capital)

Khan Gerrik N'Buta, Clan Star Adder smiled as the Loremaster of the Clans read off the vote making him ilKhan of the Clans. He and his Touman had already been forced to defeat 3 Trials of Refusal for his proposed strategy to prepare for the invasion of the Inner Sphere. But now, he would be able to enact those plans. Taking his place in front of the Grand Council, he prepared to enact those plans.

"My fellow Khans, my first proposal will be for the right to scout the edge of the Inner Sphere. Which Clan deems itself worthy of this task?" ilKhan N'Buta announced

Khan Ramos Clarke, Clan Diamond Shark stood quickly "Clan Diamond Shark should be the one to undertake this mission."

Right behind him was Clan Goliath Scorpion's saKhan Ren Posavatz "Clan Goliath Scorpion should be the one to send forth our Seekers to scout the region."

Khan Helen Moreau, Clan Burrock stood "Clan Burrock is renowned for our ability to hunt down and locate bandits. The region of space to be traveled is bound to be filled with them. It should be us."

"Then a Trial will be held to determine which Clan will scout the edge of the Inner Sphere. The next mission will be what works best to assimilate the Inner Sphere. For this, our target will be the inhabited cluster of planets near Waypoint 531. There are 9 inhabited systems here, each system will be delegated to 2 Clans. Here we will figure out what method works best." ilKhan Gerrik N'Buta declared

17th January, 3032
Terra (Hegemony)

Once again the various leaders were gathered inside the large ornate conference room. Only this time, the leaders of the Periphery were gathered slightly closer together and closer to the tables of the Great Houses. The various members of the Terran Hegemony delegates were once again seated at the long table in front and center of the other leaders.

Instead of standing, Director-General Anastasia Cameron remained sitting, a microphone before her, for today and the following days would surely be long ones. She tapped the microphone which emitted small pops from the speakers. "Sorry about that, just checking. Once again, I thank each of you for attending this meeting. Today, we will cover the actual HPG grid management. As I stated the first day, the Terran Hegemony will administer each realms HPG grid and even expand it. The transmission rates will be cut in half across the board. Once any nation is sure that they can administer their own grid, the Terran Hegemony will allow that realm to purchase the existing HPG grid at a 60% discount.

For any issues concerning your communication security, let me assure you all, as long as a communication does not pose a threat to the Terran Hegemony itself, your communication will be secure. The Terran Hegemony, though we will highly discourage hostile actions, those actions are yours and yours alone. Any attack upon a Hegemony administered HPG will result in a total communication blackout of the offending realm in addition to military action by the Hegemony Armed Forces. The amount of force we decide to use will be at our own discretion. Unlike Comstar, unless such communication threatens the security of the Terran Hegemony, your communications will remain secure. Even if a nation, not on the friendliest terms with the Hegemony is in conflict with one that is our best friend.

I know this is hard for any of you to believe, but what I say is the truth. It is also one of the reason's why I am willing to allow a nation to administer their own HPG grid without our assistance or administration if they so desire, anytime they feel that they are ready to take over. Now, I guess I will open the floor to questions and concerns."

Having long ago been subjected to an HPG blackout, Coordinator Takashi Kurita spoke first. "Will the Draconis Combine be allowed to establish, with Hegemony assistance the ability to manufacture our own HPG parts?"

"If the Draconis Combine so chooses to spend the time and funds, I have no issues with that. For any nation really. The Hegemony is willing to provide any nation with that ability, along with the primary source code which, even after all these years, the Hegemony has not been able to alter. Though I must caution you, tampering with the source code can and will cause a failure of a HPG facility. We have tried, many, many times, and have yet found a way to use a different code source. It would be far cheaper to purchase the needed parts and equipment from the factories here on Terra itself. As far as the Hegemony is concerned, now and forever, the maintenance of the HPG grid is completely neutral and without bias, even if during a time of hostilities." Director-General Anastasia Cameron replied

Coordinator Takashi Kurita grunted slightly at the answer. Not entirely convinced, but the answer was satisfactory to him. For 3 hours, various realms asked and got answers to their questions, until finally, it seemed that no one else had any further issues on the HPG situation."

"This moved quicker than I expected. Shall we move on to the medical and technological assistance?" Director-General Anastasia Cameron asked, receiving nods from the various leaders. "Very well. As I said previously, the Terran Hegemony will assist in upgrading, for half price and training all medical facilities and personnel to Star League levels. This being a fundamental right of every person, regardless of nationality. For this, the Terran Hegemony asks for nothing in return except for half the cost of the upgraded medical facility in question. Already, I have ordered our factories to begin manufacturing the needed equipment. We will establish a primary teaching hospital at any site chosen by you, free of charge. Until you are able to educate your own medical people, the Terran Hegemony welcomes you to send your people here to Terra for training. The Terran Hegemony also stands ready to assist any person with their medical problems. Again, this being a fundamental right, this medical care will be provided at a small fee or possibly even for free. Surely no one can have any issues with that?""

Magestrix Kyalla Centrella could feel the eyes on her, even though no one actually turned to look at her. Long a leader in medical care, her Magistracy of Canopus was going to take an economic hit, and they all knew it. She forced herself to remain quiet.

"Excellent, now, the Terran Hegemony will assist every nation in constructing the ability to manufacture water purification, atmosphere processors and other terraforming techniques. Again, schooling for such projects can also be established on any world you designate, but you can also send people here to Terra. Far too many worlds suffer from these basic items. While the Terran Hegemony DOME teams are working on the systems within 30LY of Terra, which as former Hegemony worlds, long neglected by all the various Houses, will receive priority, I would like to get a list of worlds you deem worthy of needed work. I will submit that to our DOME people and they can send survey teams to check them out. Until your own manufacturing is in place, the Terran Hegemony stands ready to provide all the needed equipment, at only 3% above cost. I would make it free, but this is expensive equipment and my industries must make some money. Questions?" Director-General Anastasia Cameron said

She cringed when President Neil Avellar II said "This is excellent, it will allow us to reclaim many worlds we were forced to abandon centuries ago. I have no objections at all to this idea."

"Yes it will, sir, but I would focus heavily on your existing systems. Terraforming a system is a very time consuming and expensive effort. Hopefully, in the next 20-30 years, every nation will be able to begin actually seeking out and reclaiming former systems for colonization." Director-General Anastasia Cameron replied, this could be an issue if he starts snooping too soon, she thought.

"What about what you said about restoring Jumpship manufacturing?" This coming from Archon Katrina Steiner

"I have not forgotten. While the Terran Hegemony will be assisting you all in upgrading your existing Jumpship manufacturing, we will be helping each of you also to build the manufacturing to build your own shipyards. This will take an estimated 10 years at least. The equipment is very specialized and expensive, it takes time to manufacture. Until such time, we, the Terran Hegemony will be reactivating the Blue Nose Clipperships facilities here in the Terran system. We hope to have it back in production within the next 2-3 years. Producing civilian Jumpships, for any and all to purchase. In addition, I have decided that the Terran Hegemony will release the following Jumpships to each nation."

Invader Class JumpShip

Draconis Combine
Merchant Jumpship - 20
Invader Jumpship - 10
Star Lord Jumpship - 5
Monolith Jumpship - 5

Free Worlds League
Merchant Jumpship - 20
Invader Jumpship - 10
Star Lord Jumpship - 5
Monolith Jumpship - 5

Federated Suns
Merchant Jumpship - 20
Invader Jumpship - 10
Star Lord Jumpship - 5
Monolith Jumpship - 5

Lyran Commonwealth
Merchant Jumpship - 20
Invader Jumpship - 10
Star Lord Jumpship - 5
Monolith Jumpship - 5

Capellan Confederation
Merchant Jumpship - 20
Invader Jumpship - 10
Star Lord Jumpship - 5
Monolith Jumpship - 5

Magistracy of Canopus
Merchant Jumpship - 10
Invader Jumpship - 10
Star Lord Jumpship - 5
Monolith Jumpship - 5

Outworlds Alliance
Merchant Jumpship - 10
Invader Jumpship - 10
Star Lord Jumpship - 5
Monolith Jumpship - 5

Taurian Concordant
Merchant Jumpship - 10
Invader Jumpship - 10
Star Lord Jumpship - 5
Monolith Jumpship - 5

"This is roughly half the former Comstar Jumpship fleet that has returned to Hegemony control. I would hope that everyone here will put these ships to use helping your civilian economy and not to military use. I will not dictate what you do with them, but I hope to not regret this. These ships are available for pick up as you get crews here to take them." Director-General Anastasia Cameron said

She was keenly aware of several glints in the eye's of First Prince Hanse Davion and Coordinator Takashi Kurita, she just hoped they used them wisely and not for aggression. The rest of the day focused on each leader submitting locations for various manufacturing.

18th January, 3032
Terra (Terra Hegemony)

After signing the new protocols agreeing to the Hegemony's HPG neutrality along with all the other details, the meeting broke up. The various House leaders and rulers began departing to return home. Only Archon Katrina Steiner remained by the end of the day, having started a new round of treatment and being forbidden to travel for at least 2 weeks. With most space travel into the Terra system suspended due to security, once the last of the leaders had jumped from the Terran system, Hegemony shipping began arriving. Instead of troops, these transports carried replacement parts and even new slips to put the Blue Nose Clippership complex back into operation, additional support personnel to assist in restoring the facilities on Terra and Mars itself, Hegemony tech medical facilities to upgrade Terra's many medical facilities along with the manufacturing tooling to produce those locally.

"Tell me, General Mitchell, since I am stuck here for a few weeks and cannot get a decent briefing, how goes the repairs to those recovered ships?" Archon Katrina Steiner asked

"I assume your really asking me because your worried about the influx of Star League equipped equipment into the Free Worlds League and Combine. Give me a second to pull up the files." Commanding General Michelle Mitchell replied as she opened up her portable computer and opened the files she needed. She spent a few minutes studying the files while Archon Katrina Steiner coughed and cussed the new treatment.

Odessa Naval Yard

LCS Coventry, Tharkad Class Battlecruiser - time to repair 18 months
LCS Gallery, Commonwealth Class Cruiser - time to repair 19 months
LCS York, Commonwealth Class Cruiser - time to repair 17 months
LCS Furillo, Commonwealth Class Cruiser - time to repair 22 months
former RWS Clayton, Essex Class Destroyer - time to repair 13 months
former FWLS Talwar, League Class Destroyer - time to repair 20 months

Essex Class Destroyer

Commanding General Michelle Mitchell handed the portable computer over to Archon Katrina Steiner so that she could look at the details herself. When Katrina started coughing again, she took back the portable computer, placing it in her lap.

"I swear to god, these treatments are friggin horrible. The doctors tell me that my replacement organs are almost ready. The surgery will be done on Tharkad. But thank you for showing me the details. So roughly a year before I can actually begin training crews on how to operate a warship. That means I need to kick some tail when I get back home." Archon Katrina Steiner said

"Yes Ma'am, at least a year. An educated guess would be at least 8 years before you can crew all the ships and call them battle ready. They have a lot to learn." Commanding General Michelle Mitchell replied

Dol (Federated Suns)

Newgarge Class Yardship

Michael Corday, Senior Engineer Challenge Systems, thought he had died and gone to heaven. First had come the notification that Challenge Systems had been purchased by new owners, mysterious owners, but ones with massive connections and massive check books obviously. Within a week of the initial notification, ships from ZaP Shipping had begun arriving at Panpour with replacement parts to upgrade the shipyards there. It had been a godsend, then had come this new tasking, to establish a new complex here at the Dol system. One that would remain shrouded in secrecy, backed up by a stern warning from MIIO.

Now he stood on a small grav deck of a small orbital habitat looking out to large window at a quickly growing shipyard complex. What really caused him to almost faint had been the 2 massive ships doing the actual construction. He knew them because he had always just like any other ship engineer, wanted to build warships. Newgrange Class Yardships. He had watched the arrival of several massive ships that he could not recognize that arrived with no warning at all, discharged a flood of Dropships, picked up empty ones and then vanished again.

After a week, he still was amazed. Already several orbital habitats had been built, a single orbital yard was in operation, but it was constructing a massive Olympus Recharge Station for deployment at the Nadir Jump Point. He had almost had a heart attack when he had been told the Olympus should be completed in 6 months time. It would then be towed to it's new home by several Tug's that constantly buzzed around the growing complex. One of the massive Newgrange Yardships was out near the WOT1 Belt building several Snowden Mining stations. On the surface of Dol, a virtual army of workers were reclaiming a fairly large city, long abandoned. But what really had him all excited was the cluster of ships neatly tended by a Tug in orbit of Rocher, an Ice Giant. Those were his mission, his gift, his life's dream and he was going to move heaven and earth to accomplish his task.

Davion II Class Destroyer

5 Davion II Class Destroyers
1 Congress D Class Frigate
1 Narukami II Class Destroyer
1 Baron Class Destroyer

June 3032[]

17th June, 3032
Terra (Hegemony)

Commanding General Michelle Mitchell was in her office, a short ways from Director-General Anastasia's office, she was putting the finishing touches on the Hegemony's TOE and Deployment schedule. With the addition of former Com Guard personnel, though vetted by Hegemony security, she still was not 100% sure on all of them. Even still, this influx of trained personnel had forced her to add new commands and structures into place. She thought everything was finalized and she sat back and stared at the large monitor which displayed her final make up. It included all the reshuffling of troops now that Terra was secure. Most of the new commands made from the former Com Guard were finishing their Hegemony training and would be deployed across the Inner Sphere. She had lumped them all into a single Corps. She hoped to have another 2 Divisions trained from new recruits in a year. They would be scattered across their assigned regions guarding the Hegemony HPG compounds.

Force Deployments - 3032[]

Note: (TH) is unit equipped with full Hegemony Tech - (SL) is unit equipped with Star League equipment

Detached Commands

Terra Defense

191st Royal Jump Infantry Division (TH)

368th Battlemech Division (TH)
96th Conventional RCT (TH)
97th Conventional RCT (TH)

Thazi Defense

280th Mechanized Infantry Division (TH)

Terran Hegemony Armed Forces (Army)

I Corps

359th Battlemech Division (TH) - Terra
208th Battlemech Division (TH) - Terra
428th Battlemech Division (TH) - Terra
272nd Mechanized Infantry Division (TH) - Terra
123rd Mechanized Infantry Division (TH) - Terra
79th Mechanized Infantry Division (TH) - Terra
265th Mechanized Infantry Division (TH) - Terra
81st Mechanized Infantry Division (TH) - Terra
211th Hussar Regiment (TH) - Terra
201st Battle Regiment (TH) - Terra
288th Hussar Regiment (TH) - Terra

II Corps

295th Battlemech Division (TH) - Quines
298th Battlemech Division (TH) - Onverwacht
318th Battlemech Division (TH) - Grankum
370th Battlemech Division (TH) - Zetang
126th Mechanized Infantry Division (TH) - Coyle
173rd Mechanized Infantry Division (TH) - Vonja
181st Royal Mechanized Infantry Division (TH) - Schrim
251st Royal Mechanized Infantry Division (TH) - Crichton
200th Mechanized Infantry Division (TH) - Azur
19th Hussar Regiment (TH) - Columbus Station
5th Hussar Regiment (TH) - Naikongzu
277th Dragoon Regiment (TH) - Wynn's Roost

III Corps

284th Battlemech Division (TH) - Ddraig
29th Mechanized Infantry Division (TH) - Puttalam
54th Mechanized Infantry Division (TH) - Feijo
31st Infantry Division (TH) - Rondon
36th Infantry Division (TH) - Achton
52nd Infantry Division (TH) - Tanz
48th Infantry Division (TH) - Aalzorg
55th Infantry Division (TH) - Bannerhoft
56th Infantry Division (TH) - Versailles
247th Heavy Assault Regiment (TH) - Sornath
349th Dragoon Regiment (TH) - Ourem

V Corps

331st Royal Battlemech Division (TH) - Drachenfeld
151st Mechanized Infantry Division (TH) - Drachenfeld
153rd Mechanized Infantry Division (TH) - Drachenfeld
184th Mechanized Infantry Division (TH) - Drachenfeld
80th Royal Jump Infantry Division (TH) - Star Cluster 65
135th Royal Striker Regiment (TH) - New Sierra
208th Striker Regiment (TH) - Star Cluster Briceno 1
257th Battle Regiment (TH) - Murrain
541st Battle Regiment (TH) - Drachenfeld (Configured as 3 Clan Cluster of 45 BM each)

VI Corps (Each Div is 6 Regiment Infantry, 1 Battlemech Regiment, 2 Armor Regiment)

1st Infantry Division (SL) - Federated Suns
2nd Infantry Division (SL) - Federated Suns/Outworlds Alliance
3rd Infantry Division (SL) - Lyran Commonwealth
4th Infantry Division (SL) - Lyran Commonwealth
5th Infantry Division (SL) - Capellan Confederation
6th Infantry Division (SL) - Draconis Combine
7th Infantry Division (SL) - Free Worlds League
8th Infantry Division (SL) - Magistracy of Canopus/Marian Hegemony

Training Command

322nd Armored Division (TH) - Boulsi
323rd Armored Division (TH) - Azur
324th Armored Division (TH) - Boulsi
325th Armored Division (TH) - Barahona

In addition, the Hegemony Guard consisted of 120 Conventional Regimental Combat Teams. Staffed by recently discharged soldiers who served 4 years in the Guard but, also new recruits under going their first deployment after training. She would have to wait a little longer to find out what the Hegmony Navy deployments would actually look at as they incorporated the captured Com Guard fleet into their own.

23th June, 3032
Terra (Terran Hegemony)

The long awaited file containing Commanding Admiral Corban Yellman, having taken over in 3030, planned TOE changes of the Hegemony Fleet had arrived. Commanding General Michelle Mitchell was curious on what he had planned as she opened the file. A fast scan showed her it was a complete listing of every warship in the Hegemony arsenal including the Reserve Fleet. She sighed deeply as she started studying the planned deployments.

Hegemony Fleet Deployment - 3032[]

Detached Warship (Director-General)

SLS Hegemony Forever, Texas Battleship (SS) (Completed 3031 by order of Director-General Mark Cameron)

1st Fleet (Livingston Naval Base)

1st Battle Squadron

11th Line Division (960LY Max)
SLS Nebraska II, Texas Battleship (SS) (Flagship)
SLS Phoenix, Texas Battleship (SS)
SLS Sandy Hardee, Texas Battleship (SS)
SLS Paul Driscle, Riga II Destroyer (SS)
SLS Oslo II, Essex III Destroyer (SS)
SLS Ruby II, Essex III Destroyer (SS)
180 Aerospace Fighters - Normal Loadout

12th Cruiser Division (480LY Max)
SLS Carl Sommers, Luxor II Heavy Cruiser (SS)
SLS Terrance LaMont, Luxor II Heavy Cruiser (SS)
SLS Hector Zapata, Luxor II Heavy Cruiser (SS)
SLS Vance Brown, Luxor II Heavy Cruiser (SS)
SLS Buccaneer II, Essex III Destroyer (SS)
SLS Shimotsuki II, Essex III Destroyer (SS)
72 Aerospace Fighters - Normal Loadouts

13th Destroyer Division (960LY Max)
SLS Midway, Riga II Destroyer (SS)
SLS Victory, Riga II Destroyer (SS)
SLS Cape Bon II, Essex III Destroyer (SS)
SLS Cartagena II, Essex III Destroyer (SS)
SLS Solomon II, Essex III Destroyer (SS)
SLS Sierra II, Essex III Destroyer (SS)
120 Aerospace Fighters - Normal Loadout

2nd Battle Squadron
21st Line Division (960LY Max)
SLS Iris Carmen, Texas Battleship (SS) (Flagship)
SLS Hegemony Pride, Texas Battleship (SS)
SLS Oleg Petrov, Texas Battleship (SS)
SLS Ozario, Riga II Destroyer (SS)
SLS Patty Dale, Essex III Destroyer (SS)
SLS Jess Parker, Essex III Destroyer (SS)
180 Aerospace Fighters - Normal Loadout

22nd Cruiser Division (480LY Max)
SLS Conroy, Avatar II Heavy Cruiser (SS)
SLS Shield, Avatar II Heavy Cruiser (SS)
SLS Gateway, Avatar II Heavy Cruiser (SS)
SLS Cromwell, Avatar II Heavy Cruiser (SS)
SLS Henri Spatell, Essex III Destroyer (SS)
SLS Chris Buntz, Essex III Destroyer (SS)
144 Aerospace Fighters - Normal Loadout

23rd Destroyer Division (960LY Max)
SLS Vengeance, Riga II Destroyer (SS)
SLS Advantage, Riga II Destroyer (SS)
SLS Killion Matsu, Essex III Destroyer (SS)
SLS Edgar Spree, Essex III Destroyer (SS)
SLS Reggie Truman, Essex III Destroyer (SS)
SLS Wallace Hylar, Essex III Destroyer (SS)
120 Aerospace Fighters - Normal Loadout

3rd Pursuit Squadron

31st Cruiser Division (480LY Max)
SLS Rhodon, Luxor II Heavy Cruiser (SS) (Flagship)
SLS Common Good, Luxor II Heavy Cruiser (SS)
SLS Tammy Handyline, Luxor II Heavy Cruiser (SS)
SLS Winged Death, Riga II Destroyer (SS)
SLS Zolman Ustes, Essex III Destroyer (SS)
SLS Helmond, Essex III Destroyer (SS)
96 Aerospace Fighters - Normal Loadout

32nd Cruiser Division (480LY Max)
SLS Danger Close, Avatar II Heavy Cruiser (SS)
SLS Platitude, Avatar II Heavy Cruiser (SS)
SLS Desmond Valtin, Avatar II Heavy Cruiser (SS)
SLS Ralph Butler, Riga II Destroyer (SS)
SLS Jacob Cantrell, Essex III Destroyer (SS)
SLS Malina Lomax, Essex III Destroyer (SS)
132 Aerospace Fighters - Normal Loadout

33rd Destroyer Division (960LY Max)
SLS Ducane, Riga II Destroyer (SS)
SLS Golden Falcon, Riga II Destroyer (SS)
SLS Jane Gulldare, Essex III Destroyer (SS)
SLS Alfred Newman, Essex III Destroyer (SS)
SLS Ally Haverdy, Essex III Destroyer (SS)
SLS Zuni Albertson, Essex III Destroyer (SS)
120 Aerospace Fighters - Normal Loadouts

4th Pursuit Squadron

41st Cruiser Division (480LY Max)
SLS Holloman, Avatar II Heavy Cruiser (SS) (Flagship)
SLS Mountain Home, Avatar II Heavy Cruiser (SS)
SLS Randolph, Avatar II Heavy Cruiser (SS)
SLS Hidden Doom, Riga II Destroyer (SS)
SLS Felicia Gomez, Essex III Destroyer (SS)
SLS Nicholas Crumb, Essex III Destroyer (SS)
132 Aerospace Fighters - Normal Loadout

42nd Cruiser Division (480LY Max)
SLS Striker, Luxor II Heavy Cruiser (SS)
SLS Newberry, Luxor II Heavy Cruiser (SS)
SLS Primordial, Luxor II Heavy Cruiser (SS)
SLS Sun Struck, Riga II Destroyer (SS)
SLS Edwin Carter, Essex III Destroyer (SS)
SLS Trent Lockwood, Essex III Destroyer (SS)
96 Aerospace Fighters - Normal Loadout

43rd Destroyer Division (480LY Max)
SLS Void Reaper, Avatar II Heavy Cruiser (SS)
SLS Davis Cochran, Essex III Destroyer (SS)
SLS Fergie Samuel, Essex III Destroyer (SS)
SLS Pedro Martinez, Essex III Destroyer (SS)
SLS Kristoff Lumanz, Essex III Destroyer (SS)
SLS Winston Coleman, Essex III Destroyer (SS)
84 Aerospace Fighters - Normal Loadout

1st Support Squadron
11th Supply Division (960LY Max)
SLS Rebecca Bellhoff, Essex III Destroyer (SS) (Flagship)
SLS Borneo, Volga Transport (SS)
SLS Mount Saint Helens, Volga Transport (SS)
SLS Mount Ranier, Volga Transport (SS)
SLS Krakatow, Volga Transport (SS)
SLS Vesuvius, Volga Transport (SS)
72 Aerospace Fighters - Normal Loadout

12th Supply Division (960LY Max)
SLS Avenger, Essex III Destroyer (SS)
SLS Sacramento, Volga Transport (SS)
SLS Austin, Volga Transport (SS)
SLS Miami, Volga Transport (SS)
SLS Genevosa, Volga Transport (SS)
SLS Frankfurt, Volga Transport (SS)
72 Aerospace Fighters - Normal Loadout

13th Repair Division (960LY Max)
SLS Valley Forge, Essex III Destroyer (SS)
SLS Salvation, Newgrange Yardship (SS)
SLS John Glenn, Newgrange Yardship (SS)
SLS Detroit, Newgrange Yardship (SS)
SLS Arctic, Newgrange Yardship (SS)
SLS Buccaneer, Aegis Transport (SS)
40 Aerospace Fighters - Normal Loadout

2nd Fleet (Livingston Naval Base)

3rd Battle Squadron

31st Line Division (960LY Max)
SLS Cameron, Texas Battleship (SS) (Flagship)
SLS Mitchell, Texas Battleship (SS)
SLS Bismark II, Texas Battleship (SS) (under construction)
SLS Evangeline, Essex III Destroyer (SS)
SLS Everclear, Essex III Destroyer (SS)
SLS Ever Ready, Essex III Destroyer (SS)
156 Aerospace Fighters - Normal Loadout

32nd Carrier Division (480LY Max)
SLS Independence, Samarkand Carrier (SS)
SLS Flying Demon, Samarkand Carrier (SS)
SLS Gridley, Brandt Corvette (SS),
SLS Craven, Brandt Corvette (SS)
SLS McCall, Brandt Corvette (SS)
SLS Maury, Brandt Corvette (SS)
168 Aerospace Fighters - Normal Loadout

33rd Carrier Division (480LY Max)
SLS Ivory, Samarkand Carrier (SS)
SLS Wasp, Samarkand Carrier (SS)
SLS Aylwin, Brandt Corvette (SS)
SLS Parker, Brandt Corvette (SS)
SLS Benham, Brandt Corvette (SS)
SLS Balch, Brandt Corvette (SS)
168 Aerospace Fighters - Normal Loadout

5th Pursuit Squadron

51st Cruiser Division (480LY Max)
SLS Kilroy, Luxor II Heavy Cruiser (SS) (Flagship)
SLS Demonic Strike, Luxor II Heavy Cruiser (SS)
SLS Hell Bound, Luxor II Heavy Cruiser (SS)
SLS O'Brien, Brandt Corvette (SS)
SLS Nicholson, Brandt Corvette (SS)
SLS Winslow, Brandt Corvette (SS)
54 Aerospace Fighters - Normal Loadout

52nd Cruiser Division (480LY Max)
SLS Dillon Fuentes, Avatar II Heavy Cruiser (SS)
SLS Pascal Willheim, Avatar II Heavy Cruiser (SS)
SLS Floyd Cevella, Avatar II Heavy Cruiser (SS)
SLS Rowan, Brandt Corvette (SS)
SLS Allen, Brandt Corvette (SS)
SLS Wilkes, Brandt Corvette (SS)
90 Aerospace Fighters - Normal Loadout

53rd Carrier Division (480LY Max)
SLS Lexington, Samarkand Carrier (SS)
SLS Concord, Samarkand Carrier (SS)
SLS Shaw, Brandt Corvette (SS)
SLS Davis, Brandt Corvette (SS)
SLS Manley, Brandt Corvette (SS)
SLS Stockton, Brandt Corvette (SS)
168 Aerospace Fighters - Normal Loadout

Detached Commands and Locations[]

89th Independent Cruiser Division (480LY Max) (Terra)
SLS Timothy Sinclair, Luxor II Heavy Cruiser (SS) (Flagship)
SLS Gwen Delong, Luxor II Heavy Cruiser (SS)
SLS Helen Anderson, Avatar II Heavy Cruiser (SS)
SLS Bradley Jones, Avatar II Heavy Cruiser (SS)
SLS Golden Eagle, Essex III Destroyer (SS)
SLS Craven, Brandt Corvette (SS)
90 Aerospace Fighters - Normal Loadout

91st Independent Escort Division (480LY Max) (Terra)
SLS Copahee, Samarkand Carrier (SS) (Flagship)
SLS Cummings, Brandt Corvette (SS)
SLS Drayton, Brandt Corvette (SS)
SLS Lamson, Brandt Corvette (SS)
SLS Flusser, Brandt Corvette (SS)
SLS Reid, Brandt Corvette (SS)
102 Aerospace Fighters - Normal Load

92nd Independent Escort Division (480LY Max) (Versailles)
SLS Cowpens, Samarkand Carrier (SS) (Flagship)
SLS Cassin, Brandt Corvette (SS)
SLS Tucker, Brandt Corvette (SS)
SLS Shaw, Brandt Corvette (SS)
SLS Downes, Brandt Corvette (SS)
SLS Perkins, Brandt Corvette (SS)
102 Aerospace Fighters - Normal Loadout

93rd Independent Escort Division (480LY Max) (Odessa Naval Base)
SLS Manilla Bay, Samarkand Carrier (SS) (Flagship)
SLS Preston, Brandt Corvette (SS)
SLS Fanning, Brandt Corvette (SS)
SLS Dunlap, Brandt Corvette (SS)
SLS Bagley, Brandt Corvette (SS)
SLS Mugford, Brandt Corvette (SS)
102 Aerospace Fighters - Normal Loadout

94th Independent Escort Division (480LY Max) (Terra)
SLS Natoma Bay, Samarkand Carrier (SS) (Flagship)
SLS Henley, Brandt Corvette (SS)
SLS Patterson, Brandt Corvette (SS)
SLS Jarvis, Brandt Corvette (SS)
SLS Somers, Brandt Corvette (SS)
SLS Jouett, Brandt Corvette (SS)
102 Aerospace Fighters - Normal Loadout

Columbus Station Garrison (Columbus)
SLS De Ruyter, Sovetskii Soyuz Heavy Cruiser
SLS Sims, Brandt Corvette (SS)
SLS Mustin, Brandt Corvette (SS)
SLS Hughes, Brandt Corvette (SS)
SLS Walke, Brandt Corvette (SS)
SLS Morris, Brandt Corvette (SS)

Hegemony Patrol Squadron (Livingston Naval Base)

1st Corvette Division (960LY Max)
SLS Eugene A. Greene, Brandt Corvette (SS)
SLS Kenneth D. Bailey, Brandt Corvette (SS)
SLS William R. Rush, Brandt Corvette (SS)
SLS William M. Wood, Brandt Corvette (SS)
SLS Theodore E. Chandler, Brandt Corvette (SS)
SLS Frank Knox, Brandt Corvette (SS)

2nd Corvette Division (960LY Max)
SLS William C. Lawe, Brandt Corvette (SS)
SLS Lloyd Thomas, Brandt Corvette (SS)
SLS Richard B. Anderson, Brandt Corvette (SS)
SLS James E. Kyes, Brandt Corvette (SS)
SLS Dennis J. Buckley, Brandt Corvette (SS)
SLS Robert H. McCard, Brandt Corvette (SS)

DoME and Hegemony Support
SLS Chilton, Volga Transport (SS) (960LY Max)
SLS Fremont, Volga Transport (SS) (960LY Max)
SLS Henrico, Volga Transport (SS) (960LY Max)
SLS Barnwell, Volga Transport (SS) (960LY Max)
SLS Clinton, Volga Transport (SS) (960LY Max)
SLS Kingsbury, Volga Transport (SS) (960LY Max)
SLS Logan, Volga Transport (SS) (960LY Max)
SLS Talladega, Volga Transport (SS) (960LY Max)
SLS Navarro, Volga Transport (SS) (960LY Max)
SLS Builder, Builder Yardship
SLS Constructor, Builder Yardship
SLS Erector, Builder Yardship
SLS Deep Builder, Builder Yardship
SLS Carpenter, Builder Yardship
SLS Mechanic, Builder Yardship
SLS Grapple, Builder Yardship
SLS Shackle, Builder Yardship
SLS Preserver, Builder Yardship
SLS Grasp, Builder Yardship
SLS Safeguard, Builder Yardship
SLS Clamp, Builder Yardship
SLS Pomeroy, Carrack Transport
SLS Red Cloud, Carrack Transport
SLS Sacagawea, Carrack Transport
SLS Mount McHenry, Carrack Transport
SLS Horned Toad, Carrack Transport
SLS Hofuku Maru, Carrack Transport
SLS Tatsuta Maru, Carrack Transport
SLS Kyokusei Maru, Carrack Transport
SLS Sisler, Carrack Transport
SLS Soderman, Carrack Transport
SLS Watkins, Carrack Transport
SLS Watson, Carrack Transport
SLS Charlton, Carrack Transport
SLS Dahl, Carrack Transport
SLS Mount Fuji, Carrack Transport
SLS Servitude, Carrack Transport
SLS Procyon, Carrack Transport
SLS Oberon, Carrack Transport
SLS Alhena, Carrack Transport
SLS Electra, Carrack Transport
SLS Titania, Carrack Transport
SLS Virgo, Carrack Transport
SLS Birgit, Carrack Transport
SLS Corvus, Carrack Transport
SLS Hydrus, Carrack Transport
SLS Lumen, Carrack Transport
SLS Sarta, Carrack Transport
SLS Scania, Carrack Transport
SLS Valeria, Carrack Transport
SLS Trego, Carrack Transport
SLS Trousdale, Carrack Transport
SLS Duplin, Carrack Transport
SLS Caswell, Carrack Transport
SLS Starr, Carrack Transport
SLS Ottawa, Carrack Transport
SLS Prentiss, Carrack Transport
SLS Union, Carrack Transport
SLS Confederate, Carrack Transport
SLS Shoshone, Carrack Transport
SLS Xenia, Carrack Transport

Wolverine Squadron (Drachenfeld)[]

SLS Zughoffer Weir - McKenna II Battleship (SS) (Flagship)
SLS Michigan - Farrgut II Battleship (SS)
SLS Manila - Farragut II Battleship (SS)
SLS Saratoga - Potemkin Transport (SS)
SLS Circe - Luxor II Heavy Cruiser (SS)
SLS Great Hope - Luxor II Heavy Cruiser (SS)
SLS Kosh - Essex III Destroyer (SS)
SLS Bostick - Essex III Destroyer (SS)
SLS Gao - Essex III Destroyer (SS)
SLS Frater - Essex III Destroyer (SS)
SLS Maverick - Volga Transport (SS)
SLS Dogie - Volga Transport (SS)
SLS Bishop - Carrack Transport
SLS Cardinal - Carrack Transport
SLS Wren - Carrack Transport
SLS Swallow - Carrack Transport
SLS Hawk - Carrack Transport
SLS Rodeo - Builder Yardship

Hegemony Training Division (Zetang)[]

SLS Rebellion - Narukami II Destroyer
SLS Retribution - Narukami II Destroyer
SLS Contraband - League II Destroyer
SLS Raptor - League II Destroyer
SLS Bighorn - League II Destroyer
SLS Mahone - Vincent Corvette
SLS Badger - Vincent Corvette

Hegemony Security (Fleet)[]

SLS Merchant - Carmody Surveillance Vessel (SS)
SLS Clifford P. Bradley - Carmody Surveillance Vessel (SS)
SLS Richard E. Cobb - Carmody Surveillance Vessel (SS)
SLS John D. Corkille - Carmody Surveillance Vessel (SS)
SLS Demas T. Craw - Carmody Surveillance Vessel (SS)
SLS Everett S. Davis - Carmody Surveillance Vessel (SS)
SLS Sam L. Ellis - Carmody Surveillance Vessel (SS)
SLS Oliver S. Ferson - Carmody Surveillance Vessel (SS)
SLS Percival E. Gabel - Carmody Surveillance Vessel (SS)
SLS Donald M. Keiser - Carmody Surveillance Vessel (SS)
SLS Douglas M. Kilpatrick - Carmody Surveillance Vessel (SS)
SLS Raymond T. Lester - Carmody Surveillance Vessel (SS)
SLS Donald R. Lyon - Carmody Surveillance Vessel (SS)
SLS William J. McKiernan - Carmody Surveillance Vessel (SS)
SLS Armand Peterson - Carmody Surveillance Vessel (SS)
SLS Charles T. Phillips - Carmody Surveillance Vessel (SS)
SLS Edgar R. Todd - Carmody Surveillance Vessel (SS)
SLS Harold B. Wright - Carmody Surveillance Vessel (SS)
SLS Francis T. Ziegler - Carmody Surveillance Vessel (SS)
SLS Robert Olds - Carmody Surveillance Vessel (SS)
SLS Daniel E. Garrett - Carmody Surveillance Vessel (SS)
SLS Asa N. Duncan - Carmody Surveillance Vessel (SS)
SLS Richard O'Brien - Carmody Surveillance Vessel (SS)
SLS Robert W. Bingham - Carmody Surveillance Vessel (SS)
SLS Nathaniel Scudder - Carmody Surveillance Vessel (SS)
SLS Alfred J. Lyon - Carmody Surveillance Vessel (SS)
SLS Clinton W. Russell - Carmody Surveillance Vessel (SS)
SLS Walter R. Weaver - Carmody Surveillance Vessel (SS)
SLS Herbert A. Dargue - Carmody Surveillance Vessel (SS)
SLS James B. Houston - Carmody Surveillance Vessel (SS)
SLS Sneak - Bug-eye Surveillance Vessel
SLS Eagle Eye - Scout Class HPG JumpShip
SLS Hawk Eye - Scout Class HPG JumpShip
SLS All Seeing - Scout Class HPG JumpShip
SLS Vision - Scout Class HPG JumpShip
SLS Finder - Scout Class HPG JumpShip

Hegemony Navy Reserve Fleet

Mothball Fleet Listings

Livingston Naval Base

SLS Windego - Whirlwind LF Destroyer
SLS Durango - Whirlwind Destroyer
SLS Weasel - Whirlwind Destroyer
SLS Hatchet - Kimagure LF Pursuit Cruiser
SLS Dominator, Kimagure Pursuit Cruiser
SLS Bruno, Avatar Heavy Cruiser
SLS Admiral Donner, Riga Frigate
SLS Dark Brawler - Dart Light LF Cruiser
SLS Thazi - Dart Light LF Cruiser
SLS Shark Strike - Dart Light LF Cruiser
SLS Thunderer - Monsoon LF Battleship
SLS Kongo - Monsoon LF Battleship
SLS Furillo, Monsoon Battleship
SLS Tamarind Lane, Monsoon Battleship
SLS Kathy Hamile - Vincent Destroyer
SLS Sam Kingston - Vincent Destroyer
SLS Halthom - Vincent Destroyer
SLS Trinity River - Vincent Destroyer
SLS Yangtze River - Vincent Destroyer
SLS Nile River - Vincent Destroyer
SLS Brazos River - Vincent Destroyer
SLS Onverwacht - Vincent Destroyer
SLS Dominator - Vincent Destroyer
SLS Pulverizer - Vincent Destroyer
SLS Punisher - Vincent Destroyer
SLS Cally Westin - Vincent Destroyer
SLS Ben Schwab - Vincent Destroyer
SLS Inglesmond - Vincent Destroyer
SLS Connaught - Vincent Destroyer
SLS M. Langley - Vincent Destroyer
SLS George Wellington - Vincent Destroyer
SLS Janet McFadden - Vincent Destroyer
SLS Lightning - Vincent Destroyer
SLS Lookout - Vincent Destroyer
SLS Loyal - Vincent Destroyer
SLS Laforey - Vincent Destroyer
SLS Never Quit - Vincent Destroyer
SLS Always Ready - Vincent Destroyer
SLS Nerissa - Vincent Destroyer
SLS Nizam - Vincent Destroyer
SLS Black Widow - Vincent Destroyer
SLS Tarantula - Vincent Destroyer
SLS Mississippi Queen - Vincent Destroyer
SLS Never End - Vincent Destroyer
SLS Ghost Strike - Vincent Destroyer
SLS Sledge - Vincent Destroyer
SLS Wraith - Vincent Destroyer
SLS Slammer - Vincent Destroyer
SLS Crawfish - Vincent Destroyer

Direct Assigned Transports[]

191st Royal Jump Infantry Division (Terra)
SLS Mighty Lift, Potemkin Transport (SS) (960LY Max)

1st Corps

359th Battlemech Division
SLS Black Templar, Aegis Transport (SS) (960LY Max)
SLS Patrick Henry, Aegis Transport (SS) (960LY Max)

368th Battlemech Division
SLS E. Presley, Aegis Transport (SS) (960LY Max)
SLS Impetuous, Aegis Transport (SS) (960LY Max)

208th Battlemech Division
SLS Liao Pride, Aegis Transport (SS) (960LY Max)
SLS Rampant, Aegis Transport (SS) (960LY Max)

428th Battlemech Division
SLS Prometheus, Aegis Transport (SS) (960LY Max)
SLS Maya, Aegis Transport (SS) (960LY Max)

272nd Mechanized Infantry Division
SLS Tarawa, Potemkin Transport (SS) (960LY Max)

123rd Mechanized Infantry Division
SLS Iwo Jima, Potemkin Transport (SS) (960LY Max)

79th Mechanized Infantry Division
SLS Guam. Potemkin Transport (SS) (960LY Max)

265th Mechanized Infantry Division
SLS Ulithi, Potemkin Transport (SS) (960LY Max)

81st Mechanized Infantry Division
SLS Midnight Dancer, Potemkin Transport (SS) (960LY Max)

2nd Corps

295th Battlemech Division
SLS Dragonfly, Riga Transport (SS) (960LY Max)
SLS Firefly, Riga Transport (SS) (960LY Max)

298th Battlemech Division
SLS Jagged Tooth, Riga Transport (SS) (960LY Max)
SLS Yosemite, Riga Transport (SS) (960LY Max)

318th Battlemech Division
SLS Yankee, Riga Transport (SS) (960LY Max)
SLS Rickenbacker, Aegis Transport (SS) (960LY Max)

370th Battlemech Division
SLS Devon Pulman, Potemkin Transport (SS) (960LY Max)
SLS Trenton, Volga Transport (SS) (960LY Max)

126th Mechanized Infantry Division
SLS Saipan, Potemkin Transport (SS) (960LY Max)

V Corps

331st Royal Battlemech Division
SLS Palau, Potemkin Transport (SS) (960LY Max)
SLS Colbari, Volga Transport (SS) (960LY Max)

151st Mechanized Infantry Division
SLS Dominion Monarch, Potemkin Transport (SS) (960LY Max)

153rd Mechanized Infantry Division
SLS Dutchess of Bedford, Potemkin Transport (SS) (960LY Max)

184th Mechanized Infantry Division
SLS Aquitania, Potemkin Transport (SS) (960LY Max)

80th Royal Jump Infantry Division
SLS New Amsterdam, Potemkin Transport (SS) (960LY Max)

Former ComStar Fleet Status[]

Luyten 68-28
Former Com Guard Mothball Orbital Yard

SLS Lady Shandra, Cameron Battlecruiser
SLS Anchorage, Congress Frigate
SLS Fairbanks, Congress Frigate
SLS Montpellier - Dante Frigate
SLS Bordeaux - Dante Frigate
SLS Nelson, Black Lion II Battlecruiser
SLS Venus Eye, Sovetskii Soyuz Cruiser
SLS Remarkable, Aegis Cruiser
SLS Kryton, Lola III Destroyer
SLS Belfast, Lola III Destroyer
SLS Ranger, Lola III Destroyer
SLS Geary, Lola III Destroyer
SLS Protecteur, Lola III Destroyer
SLS Domination, Essex II Destroyer
SLS Archangel, Essex II Destroyer
SLS Dover - Faslane Yardship
SLS Portsmouth - Faslane Yardship
SLS Montford Point, Newgrange Yardship (Immobile, Keel damage)

Ross 248

SLS Irrefutable, Black Lion II Battlecruiser
SLS Narbonne - Dante Frigate
SLS Bamborough, Aegis Heavy Cruiser
SLS Diamondhead, Aegis Heavy Cruiser
SLS Surveillante, Lola III Destroyer
SLS Alacrity, Vincent Corvette
SLS Camry, Vincent Corvette
SLS Extreme, Vincent Corvette
SLS Hammerstrike, Essex II Destroyer
SLS Emerald, Essex II Destroyer
SLS Copenhagen, Essex II Destroyer
SLS Fury, Essex I Destroyer
SLS Moffett, Carson Destroyer
SLS Connaught II, League I Destroyer
SLS Carver V, League I Destroyer
SLS Nexus, League I Destroyer
SLS Plymouth - Faslane Yardship
SLS Dun Laoghaire - Faslane Yardship
SLS Bridge, Newgrange Yardship (Immobile, Keel damage)

The last page contained a quick brief from Commanding Admiral Corban Yellman. Her sigh deepened as she read it.


We have 2 Faslane Yardships unaccounted for. We do not know where they are. So far, we have not found anything in Comstar's data bases. It could have been deleted. Though weakly armed and no serious threat to any of our ships, they are still armed with capital weapons that could wreak havoc on any system. I say we spare no expense in hunting these ships down. Though Hegemony Security is confident that current former Com Guard are loyal and they have screened everyone heavily, I am not nearly that confident. I have tasked Amber to work on a way to minimize risk of a rogue ship event.

As for the captured ships, I really am at a loss as to what to do with them. Only a few are compatible with our current ship types in use. Though upgrading them will be costly. The same issue I have with the Reserve Fleet, though the Monsoon Battleships I can always find a use for. We have plans stored for converting them to transports, each carrying 9 Dropships. Enough that a single one can easily carry an Independent Regiment while providing fire support as needed. But at 32 Billion per ship to equip them with Slip Stream, it gives me some pause. I am not keen on expanding out current ship type count, we have kept it streamlined all these years for a reason. Worst case, we use them as training vessels, because if you decide to convert the Vincent Destroyers, we will need the crews for them. Your call, because I do not want to broach the subject with Director-General Cameron. That's your job and why you get paid the big bucks.

June 3032 - In Hegemony Space[]

24th June, 3032
Azur (Hegemony)

"Amber, we have a new tasking from Commanding Admiral Corban Yellman." Professor Kimberly Grosse said

["Yes, Kimberly."] The voice replied from the small speakers

"Commanding Admiral Corban Yellman is concerned with the re-introduction of warships into the Inner Sphere. He feels there is a risk of a rogue warship getting loose." Professor Kimberly Grosse said

["Our slip stream equipped warships are secure. Any attempt to disable the onboard computer would cause a ship wide system crash. He must be concerned about the new ships taken from Comstar. Is there a parameter for this tasking?" "Amber"] asked

"Just asking for a way to prevent it. Without destroying the ship in the process." Professor Kimberly Grosse said

["Checking data storage for any relevant information. Nothing recent, checking further archived records. In 2763 the Star League Defense Force was investigating a way to inhibit the forming of KF fields to prevent pirate ships from jumping from a system. We have archived responses from the leading KF field scientists along with several theories. The Coup halted any further work on the matter. I have no current taskings so I will devote all my resources to this matter. Several of the theories have promise."] "Amber" replied

"Thank you, Amber. I will inform Commanding Admiral Corban Yellman that the matter is being looked into." Professor Kimberly Grosse said

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