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Custom Design
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Production information
Manufacturer Andurien Aerospace
Model F-62
Class Heavy
Tech Base Inner Sphere
Introduced 3058
Technical specifications
Mass 80
Structural Integrity
Frame MTH-W7
Power Plant 320 XL Engine
Fuel 5 tons

Primary Configuration:

Communications System Lassitor-4C
Tracking & Targeting System Wasat Aggresor Type 6C w. Omnilink
Heat Sinks 17 Double Heat Sinks
BV (1.0)  ???
BV (2.0)  ???


An omnifighter designed to excel at many tasks, the Mothwing does exactly that. At eighty tons, this heavy fighter is almost as fast as it can be due to a massive 320 XL Engine. This gives the the Mothwing enough speed to outrun just about anything it cannot out-shoot. Forty one tons of podspace give this fighter plenty of firepower and enough space to mount whatever is required for its next mission. While it may not seem like much, twelve and a half tons of Ferro-Aluminum armor protect the omnifighter.


In its primary configuration, the Mothwing can be used for both strafing and air-superiority. In its nose it mounts a huge LB 20-X AC which alone is enough to devastate most smaller fighters. Three tons of ammunition is usually enough for short-medium length engagements, but too long will run the autocannon dry. The short-range nature of this beast however requires some other long range weaponry to supplement it. In the Mothwing, this takes the form of an ER PPC mounted in each wingtip. To back up these weapons systems, it also mounts five medium pulse lasers, three in the nose in a triangular mount around the cannon and one in each wing.


Alpha - Designed for strafing runs, the alpha variant removes all the weaponry for an entirely new loadout. A Large X-Pulse Laser mounted in the nose and each wing are the main weapons of this variant. The deadly accurate weapons are well suited to strafing. It also mounts an LRM 20 connected to an Artemis IV FCS with two tons of reloads to use for long range fighting, until it can use its speed to close the distance. An additional seven Double Heat Sinks manage to keep the alpha variant's heat levels down.

Beta - The beta variant had space combat in mind, with the primary weapon systems being a Rotary AC/5 mounted in each wing, and an LRM 15 in the nose. The autocannons are capable of dealing a lot of damage very quickly, but can rapidly eat through the measly four tons of ammunition. An Artemis IV FCS increases the accuracy of the missiles making its sixteen salvos more accurate. As backup weapons, the Beta also mounts seven ER Medium Lasers, three in the nose, two in each wing in an under-over mount. Surprisingly, these lasers also give the Beta Mothwing a very good strafing ability.