XTRO The Society (Cover Art)
Experimental Technical Readout: The Society, 2nd Edition
Product information
Type Mini-Technical Readout & Rules Book
Author Maingunnery
Pages 41
Cover artwork Anthony Scroggins aka Shimmering Sword
Interior artwork Matt Plog
Publication information
Product code Links
First published December 21st, 2018
Era Jiahd Era, Dark Age Era
Timeline 3145
Preceded by Experimental Technical Readout : The Society


Experimental Technical Readout: The Society, 2nd Edition (abbreviated XTRO: Society 2), is a update of a fan produced TRO created by Battletech fan Maingunnery. Written as a book covering the renegade Clan caste known as the Society and their units they have produced since their failed Scientist Rebellion during the Wars of Reaving in the 3070s. The book covers what additional units were added between 3070 and 3081 where it notes that the Society's move from the Clan Homeworlds to the Inner Sphere.

This new edition updates existing entries and add couple of new vehicles not found in the 1st Edition. Asterisk * is added next newly added units found the Contents.

Included in this book included profiles new units produced exclusively for the Society warriors which include; Battle Armor, ProtoMechs, Combat Vehicles, BattleMechs/OmniMechs, and Aerospace Units.


In Battletech canon history, Scientist castes who had formed the Society did not survive the Wars of the Reaving during the Jihad era. This book presented can be thought of a "What If", the Society had secretly survived the conflict in secret and had continued to survive in the shadows of the Inner Sphere well into the Dark Age Era of Battletech.



Interior Art by Matt Plogg


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