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Experimental Readout Ghost and Shadows (Cover)
Experimental Readout: Ghost and Shadows
Product information
Type Technical Readout
Author Steve Cross
Development Will Teal (PDF Editing)
Robert Schuster (Proof Reader)
Primary writing Steve Cross
Pages 50
Cover artwork Unspecified
Interior artwork Matt Plog
Illustrations Matt Plog
Sheda Lane
Matt Maeda
Ian Gibney
Christopher Sanders
Publication information
Product code Google Drive Download Link for TRO
Google Drive Download Link for Record Sheets
Google Drive Download Link for MegaMek Files
First published June 17th, 2022
Content Infantry Equipment
AeroSpace Unit
Era Star League Era
Clan Invasion Era
Timeline 3058
Series Zhukov AU
Preceded by BattleTech: Wars of Grievance
Followed by Delranes Military Equipment 3059


Experimental Technical Readout: Ghosts and Shadows (abbreviated XTRO:GNS), is a fan produced TRO created by Battletech fan Steve "marauder648" Cross. This book is a form "What-If" showcases lost special operations technology developed by Terran Hegemony. Principally, featuring mechs to dropships, many were enhanced by the Star League's advanced stealth technologies.

The project to make this PDF took over a year to create and fund. Cross and his fellow contributors produced TRO. Book is set in the Zhukov Alternative Universe written by Steve Cross. The book taps into hidden history of the Star League Defense Force's special operations team, which employed new technology and designs which were only uncovered in game year 3058.

Additionally, a separate Record Sheet Book, MegaMek Files have been published so players may use these units physical tabletop & MegaMek games.


This book is not a canon product, it is alternate timeline where lost designs from mechs to dropships, all which were enhanced by the Star League's advanced stealth technologies. While these technologies were canon, the units in this book or variants of canon units are not.


  • Introduction & Credits
  • Background & History
    • Intro
    • The All Weather Combat Corp (AWCC)
    • AWCC Deployments
    • The Flying Lions
    • The Special Operations Executive
    • The Civil War and Aftermath
    • Cache Gamma 441
    • Design History
    • Operations
    • Epilogue
    • SOE Equipment
      Mk 72 Pilot Combat Suit
      Mk XXI (Mod 1) Nighthawk PA(L)
    • Quirks and optional rules
      SOE Mechs
    • Rebalancing the Fleet


  • MA-8TN Marten Light BattleMech
  • SPR-5F Spector Light BattleMech
  • VIG-T9b Vigilante Light BattleMech
  • TR-5A Triarii Medium BattleMech
  • MO-D6b Mordred Medium BattleMech
  • TA-8RT Tatar Medium BattleMech
  • PE-9VLb Percival Heavy BattleMech
  • EXT-4Cb Exterminator Heavy BattleMech
  • CH-4R Chevalier Assault BattleMech
  • HE-7C Hercules Assault BattleMech
  • Chiodhia Light BattleMech
  • Dormarch Light BattleMech
  • Badb Medium BattleMech
  • Vosegus Heavy BattleMech
  • Afanc Heavy BattleMech
  • Dullahan Assault BattleMech
  • Gwyllgi Class DropShip


  • Like his earlier books, the Author self-paid for this artwork found this product, which is equal in quality to the art found in later canon Battletech books.
  • First Release of his book was June 2022. With it, MegaMek files, Record Sheets, and the main book self.