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Exile in Syberia (Cover)
Exile in Syberia
Author Giovanni Blasini
Series Name Exile in Syberia
Alternate Universe Name Syberia (AU)
Year Written 2017
Story Era Succession Wars Era


Exile in Syberia (Abbreviated EiS) is a Forum-Style Fan-Fiction Story originally posted on the official Forums of Catalyst Game Lab's BattleTech tabletop game starting in 2017 by Giovanni Blasini.

Premise of the story is based on one of Catalyst Game Lab's non-canon adventures set in its RPG sourcebook. The book was written as April Fool product by Herbert A. Beas II and Paul Sjardijn's Welcome to Nebula California.

The WiE's story focus on a presumably human who awakens in a body of Transformer-like BattleMech. The story is told in perspective of main character's ,Groundwave, through his personal journal of his awakening as a man waking up in the distant future in a Mechanical body and struggles to make sense of his situation and survive. This is a variation (not exactly same universe) where old Terran Hegemony colonist built drone Mecha who became nearly self-aware long after their human masters had left or perished.

Additionally, Giovanni Blasini has written a prequel story that lead to the creation of these self-ware Mechs.

Differences in Canon[]

Events prior to the late Star League Era (2760) remain the same as they are in canon. However, the author had commented having taken some liberties in the technology and events his story. Thus this fan-fiction differ from the events that accrued in the non-canon original sourcebook. Where events in that sourcebook prior entering the the Nebula California were canon.


Awaken from a slumber, a 20th Century era man whom could not recall his name. Who facings something out of a scientific fantasy. Living as a self-aware talking Giant Robot. Man who is named by the Mecha-beings known as AutoMechs.


Chapters List
Log1 Log2 Log3 Log4 Log5
Log6 Log7 Log8 Log9 Log 9 - Supplemental
(Description of Characters & their designs)
Log10 Log11 Log12 Log13 Log14
Log15 Log16 Log17 Log18 Log19
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