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Era Report 3052 The Aurigan Reach (cover art)
Era Report: 3052 The Aurigan Reach
Product information
Type Sourcebook
Author Stuart Marsh
Primary writing Stuart Marsh
Pages 56
Illustrations Harebrained Schemes
Catalyst Game Labs
Publication information
Publisher (Fan-made product)
Product code Download Link
First published December, 2020
Content Faction History
Character Profiles
Era Succession Wars Era
Clan Invasion Era
Timeline 3052


Era Report: 3052 The Aurigan Reach is a Fan-Made created source book based on Harebrained Schemes (HBS) PC Game, BattleTech (also known as HBS BattleTech). The Report was written as if it be a in-universe intelligence report on the The Aurigan Reach. The book was created as a Blog entry originally.

The Era Report was intended to expand the periphery factions background which was originally invented by HBS but later adapted by Catalyst Game Labs. The Report gives additional history beyond the Succession War Era events, telling additional events up to the Clan Invasion and conclusion in 3052.

From the Author's Description[]

"''The BattleTech: Restoration story line hit exactly the right note with the BattleTech community. Heroes, villains, betrayal, and family feuds all went together with giant stomp BattleMechs to create a story line that engaged players new and old to the BattleTech Universe.

At its core, there were a great wealth of characters, from the noble Lady Kamea Arano, to the reviled Director Santiago Espinosa. The villains were not just moustache twirling bad buys, but has their own views and motives. The supporting caste was even more engaging, from the crew of the Argo including Dr. Farah Mohad, to the supporters of the restoration. Lady Ana Marie Centrella and Lord Alex Madeira were particularly intriguing in the relationship to Kamea. In later expansions, as part of the career campaign, special guest stars such as Greyson “Grey Death” Carlyle, Morgan Kell and even Natasha Kerensky dropped in!

As I’m sure many others did, when they finished the game, asked the question… “So what happened to Lady Arano and the Aurigan Reach?”

The thought had stayed on my mind for the last year, and I made the decision to write it. First to create an Era Report style document which detailed the events in the HBS BattleTech game, but also to take it forward to 3052, just after Tukayyid.

As a frequent reader of, the best fan wiki in the world, I realised such a story would not be self contained. It must be weaved through out the turbulent events in the Magistracy of Canopas, the Taurian Concordat, and even the great houses of the Capellan Confederation and Federated Suns. What happened to the Reach in the 4th Succession War? How did the leaders of the Periphery states interact with Lady Arano? How did the Clan Invasion effect the Reach? What was Kamea Arano’s lasting legacy? Was there a relationship between Alexander Madeira and Kamea Arano?

In writing this, I know some people will of course have their own personal vision of what happened to Lady Kamea Arano. This is mine. I hope you enjoy it!

“After we are gone, stories are what remain.” -Lady Kamea Arano

With thanks to the writers of HBS BattleTech for creating suc a brilliant storyline and characters. Thanks to for its huge wealth of information. Thanks to Catalyst for enduring with BattleTech, and taking it to new heights.''"



  • Preface
    • The Flight of the Argo
    • Liberation: Weldry
    • The Perdition Incident
    • Liberation: Panzyr
    • Castle Nautilus
    • Liberation: Itrom
    • Defense: Smithon
    • The Truth of Perdition
    • Liberation: Tyrlon
    • Liberation: Coromodir
  • 3027-28 Rebuilding the Reach
  • 3028 The rise of the Commonwealth and the Fourth Succession War
  • 3028-3030 Peace, Marriage and Succession
  • 3030-3040 The Golden Years
  • 3040-45 The Secession Incident
  • 3040-3050 The Time of Troubles
  • 3050 The Fall of Heroes
  • 3050-52 Coronations and Clan Invasions
  • Personalities of the Aurigan Reach
    • Lian Liao
    • Tomas Jin Madeira-Liao
    • Haekea Mei Madeira-Liao
    • Elikepeka “Elika” Mahoe
    • Kyle Matthews/Tamati (III) Raju Arano
    • Lady Ana Maria Centrella