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EMP-RL Emperor (Custom)
Emperor / "Empress of the Sun" Assault BattleMech
Custom Design
Designer AlphaMirage
Production information
Manufacturer StarCorp
Terra (Refit)
Model EMP-RL
Class Assault
Technical specifications
Mass 90 tons
Chassis Titan Super TZ-7EA Biped
Armor Standard Armor
Head: 9
CT/CTR: 21/6
Arms: 14
Legs: 22
Engine Plasmastar 270 Fusion
Speed 54 kph
Jump Jets 90 Meters
  • 1x Large Laser
  • 2x Class 5 Ultra Autocannons
  • 2x Medium Pulse Lasers
BV (1.0) ???
BV (2.0) 1,935


The Emperor, originally a ancient model 5A, now modified and became known as the Empress of the Sun. This 'Mech was one of the few left over in COMSTAR's stockpiles on Terra. Since there were so few with many of them leaving during Kerensky's Exodus the COMGUARDs didn't want to put them into service so gave them as gifts instead.

This is a unique custom variant of the Canon Emperor designed by fan writer, AlphaMirage, for his fan book Ian Davion, Golden Lion.

Armament and Equipment[]

Due to age many of the components needed to be gutted and the Chancellor requested that prototype Triple Strength Myomer be installed ensuring the Empress of the Sun was capable of crippling even medium mechs with a single punch in the right location.

These punches are delivered via hand actuators manufactured by Grumium Creations in the Draconis Combine. Alongside them are a pair of Imperator Automatic Ultra Autocannon-5s and Medium Pulse Lasers acquired from Corsara of Northwind. A large laser occupies the left torso, while two Medium Pulse Lasers are fitted into the right side torso. One autocannon occupies each side torso alongside three tons of ammunition for the hungry cannon making, it is thus fortunate that it mounts the powerful battlefists.

Design Quirks[]

  • Unique


  • Cost: 10,503,960 C-bills
  • Tech Rating: E/X-X-D-D

Wiki Note[]

  • Outsider7724 created the MegaMek/Solaris Skunk Works files for this mech, since it was purely fluff (story based)
  • The Empress of the Sun variant of the EMP-5A Emperor is custom one-off variant fan-made mech, which was created for the story written by AlphaMirage. The writer wished to the deadly Chancellor Romano Liao, whom was known for her fanatical behavior to have powerfully unique machine with melee combat capabilities.
  • This 'Mech was intended to use unique blend of technologies that is difficult to replicate. Record sheet and MegaMek file linked to this article uses standard TSM place of the Prototype TSM for this mech.

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