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The Draconis Combo is a fanon idea of countering the Clan advantage in OmniMechs with a c3 "Combo" Mech system in which Mech design takes on a Gestalt aspect. No single Mech in a Combo is very powerful, but if mixed with other Combo Mechs, each becomes a part that complements a greater whole at Lance or Company size. The heart of the Draconis Combo is the Amatsu Suppon (Zombie C3+Command Turtle), an Assault Mech featuring a Command Console for +1 initiative, and 3 C3 Command Units, allowing it to lead nearly a company of Mechs. The remaining spaces are filled by Karasu (Artillery LAM).

Combo Mechs include:

Kitsune- for Skirmishes and hunting smaller Mechs.

Kuma (Fanon)- for heavy fire support.

Shikoku- for Command Guards and Final Assaults against fixed positions.

Kure-n for scouting and harassment.

Hejjihoggu general anti-infantry/urban combat.

Onryu basic workhorse.