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When Commandant Tai Kekoa began their reformation of the Dust Devils shortly after the disaster on Kufstein, they realized early on that the configuration of the unit's DropShip assets would be an obstacle to their plans. As such, one of the first steps in the Devils' grand restructure was a complete overhaul of the unit's three Confederation-class Mech/ASF transports, as well as their single Intruder-class assault ship, the DDS Derecho. Kekoa contracted the Majesty Metals and Manufacturing shipyard on Dunianshire for the Derecho's refits, and dipped deep into the Devils' cash reserves to fund the project. It took several months, but in the end, the Derecho had been converted from a simple infantry carrier and assault ship to an up-gunned and up-armored marine and Battle Armor transport, while maintaining the capability of participating in high-speed boarding actions. The refit resulted in a significant enough change to the Derecho's capabilities that it was declared a new class, named for the lead, and to date only, vessel.


The scope of the Derecho's refit upgraded its primary weapons to the same basic configuration as that of Andurien Aerotech's 3056 refit of the Intruder, but drew from the Devils' captured Clantech stockpiles for more powerful, lighter-weight versions of said armaments while also adding four point-defense bays for additional defense. The MMM engineers also upgraded the engine to a Light Fusion version and exchanged the heat sinks for double-strength versions. The weight savings in the engine and weaponry allowed for a dramatic increase to durability, with DDS Derecho carrying a staggering 60 tons of Ferro-Aluminum armor, nearly double the base Intruder's 34 tons of standard protection.


The requirements that Kekoa provided to MMM for DDS Derecho's refit focused primarily on upgrading the vessel's transport capability to accommodate the Dust Devils' Vortex Company infantry formation, including their Battle Armor teams, support vehicles, and provisions, all while sacrificing neither the class's renowned medical, living, and command facilities nor its impressive capabilities in void combat and boarding actions.

Three Jump Infantry Bays and five Battle Armor Bays provide generous space for the entirety of Vortex Company's personnel and equipment on the main cargo deck. The vessel’s motor pool holds Mastodon1 transports and Caballo VToLs enough to move the entire company quickly around the battlefield by land or air, as well as ample stores of ammunition, spare parts, and provisions. Finally, two small craft bays each contain a custom-fitted NL-42 "Battle Taxi" capable of transporting a Point of Battle Armor and a platoon of marines quickly through the void to board enemy vessels.

Named Vessels[]

DDS Derecho is, to date, the sole example of the class. However, there is no stipulation in the refit and redesign contracts between the Devils and MMM for exclusivity, and as such, MMM has started shopping around the refit package to the Magistracy Navy and its allies.


  1. The Mastodon is the Dust Devils AU version of the Badger. Other than the name, the vehicles are identical, having both the Wolf's Dragoons' dumbed-down IS version and the original C versions. The author renamed them to free up a callsign, but also because it never made much sense to them that the Clans would name a new combat vehicle after an animal so closely resembling a Wolverine...