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Delranes Military Equipment - Clans 3105 (cover)
Delranes Military Equipment - The Clans (3105 Update)
Product information
Type Mini-Technical Readout
Author Steve Cross
Pages 72
Cover artwork colourbrand
Interior artwork Matt Plog
Illustrations Chris S aka Colourbrand, Kristian Borg, Sheda Lane, Bishop Steiner
Publication information
Product code Google Drive Download Link
First published February 2nd, 2019
Era Early Dark Age Era
Timeline 3105
Series Delranes
Preceded by Delrane Fighting Ships 3061
Followed by Technical Readout: Project Zhuhov


Delranes Military Equipment - The Clans (3105 Update) (abbreviated DME Clans 3105), is a fan produced TRO created by Battletech fan Steve "marauder648" Cross. The book is written as Military Guide to Clan Military Mechs, Vehicles, Equipment as seen from a Inner Sphere military analyst point of view set in 3105.

Included in this book included profiles new units produced exclusively for the Clan warriors which include; Battle Armor, ProtoMechs, Combat Vehicles, BattleMechs/OmniMechs, Aerospace Fighters, Dropships, and Warships.


This book features fan produced new units which do not exist in the Battletech universe. Included in this product is Quadvee, which was not introduced technology wise by 3130s by Clan Hell's Horse in the canon universe. This book was written so units list in this book would blend into the universe as unreported equipment which Inner Sphere had not seen before.


  • Foreward and Credits
  • Table of Content
  • Kerensky's Children (Introduction)

Vehicles and BattleArmor[]

  • Bjorn Assault Battle Armour
  • Iwasa Combat Vehicle
  • Chentu Assault Tank
  • Aithon Mk2 (Combat Vehicle)

Aerospace Assets and Warships[]

  • Horius Medium OmniFighter
  • Chimerian Assault OmniFighter
  • Moa-Class Shuttle (Small Craft)
  • Roc Assault DropShip
  • Typhon-Class Destroyer (Warship)
  • Temeraire-Class Frigate (Warship)
  • Bagration-Class Transport Cruiser (Warship)
  • Thebes-Class Heavy Cruiser (Warship)


  • Gyrofalcon Medium BattleMech
  • Battleborne Medium OmniMech
  • Grimnir Heavy BattleMech
  • JHK-03S Jade Hawk "Sabretooth" Heavy BattleMech
  • Acheron Assault OmniMech (Quad OmniMech)
  • Turkina II Assault OmniMech
  • Shrike Assault OmniMech Medium OmniMech
  • Cave Bear Assault OmniMech


  • Anasi Medium Quadvee
  • Anasi Assault Quadvee
  • Abraxas Assault Quadvee


Author self-paid for this artwork found this product, which is equal to the art found in later canon Battletech books. No Actual Stats are published in this book other than casual listings. Actual stats were produced separately and posted on the official Battletech Forums.