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Delranes Fighting Ships 3061 (Cover)
Delranes Fighting Ships 3061
Product information
Type Technical Readout
Author Steve Cross
Pages 128
Cover artwork colourbrand
Interior artwork Matt Plog
Illustrations Chris S aka Colourbrand
Kristian Borg
Sheda Lane
Anthony Scroggings
Publication information
Product code Google Drive Download Link
First published December 13th, 2016
Content Aerospace
Era Civil War Era
Timeline 3061
Series The Zukuko AU
Followed by Delranes Military Equipment - The Clans (3105 Update)


Delranes Fighting Ships 3061 (abbreviated DFS 3061), is a fan produced TRO created by Battletech fan Steve "marauder648" Cross. The book is written as Military Warship Guide for deployed vessels by both the Clans and the InnerSphere during the 3061 time period. This book was bedrock of what would become the The Zukuko AU, era altered by different decisions made by the Clans, with different weapons development spanning from the Star League era onward.

Included in this book are profiles for canon and fan new units produced exclusively for this product with all new art.


This book features fan paid new art for canon Battletech Warships as well as completely new art for fan produced vessels, created by Matt Plog and other known Battletech artists. Additional fictional background was added to both canon old and newly fan made ships.  The book is divided in three sections, first section are canon ships, however the write up and art are not despite similarities to the original art found in canon sources.


  • Table of Content
  • Credits
  • Fredasa Class Corvette
  • Vincent Mk42 Class Corvette
  • Whirlwind Class Attack Destroyer
  • York Class Destroyer/Carrier
  • Essex II Class Destroyer
  • Lola III Class Destroyer
  • Volga Class Troop Transport
  • Congress Class Frigate
  • Black Lion Class Battlecruiser Block II
  • Sovetskii Soyuz Class Heavy Cruiser
  • Liberator Class Heavy Cruiser
  • Cameron Class Battlecruiser
  • Nightlord Class Battleship
  • Potemkin Class Heavy Assault Ship
  • Texas Class Battleship
  • Leviathan II Class Heavy Battleship

Warship Resurgent: Vessels of the Great Houses[]

  • Fox Class Corvette
  • Impavido Class Destroyer
  • Suffren Class Destroyer
  • Kyushu Class Frigate
  • Kirishima Class Heavy Cruiser

Non-Canon Warships and Small Craft[]

  • Mark VII Landing Craft
  • Goalkeeper MK IV Defense Craft
  • Pleiades Space Fighter
  • Trader-Class Heavy Freighter Shuttle
  • Blackwatch "Observation Vessel"
  • Dauntless Class Destroyer Escort
  • Endeavour Class Explorer
  • Onslaught Class Assault Frigate
  • Thresher Class Heavy Cruiser
  • Antares Class Fleet Tender
  • Fearless Class Assault Ship
  • Ark Royal Class Heavy Fleet Carrier
  • Liparius Class Mobile Repair Yard
  • Arbitration Class Battleship
  • Peterson Naval Station (Space Station)



Author self-paid for this artwork found this product, which is equal in quality to the art found in later canon Battletech books. No Actual Stats are published in this book other than casual listings. Actual stats were produced separately and posted on the official Battletech Forums.