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Dead Man's Hand: The Kowloon Job
Author JA Baker
Series Name Who Goes There?
Alternate Universe Name Joker-verse
Ngoverse Stand-Alone Story
Year Written February, 2021
Story Era 3053-3054 - Clan Invasion Era


This is a crossover story of the Dead Man's Hand mercenary unit written by fan writer, JA Baker and Kowloon Stories written by Cannonshop. The Kowloon Job short story is consider to be part of Who Goes There? series of short stories featuring the Dead Man's Hand mercenary band.

The Job is sent to the Dead Man's Hand by Duchess Elizabeth Ngo, whom wishes them undertake private mission for her.

The adventures of the Dead Man's Hand story continues in Dead Man's Hand: Second Star to the Right.

Note from Author[]

Some people requested an expansion of what kind of mayhem Joker and her band of merry reprobates got up to, so here we are. It will contain elements, locations, characters and themes often found in Cannonshop's "Ngo/Kowloon" stories (with his permission), so a passing familiarity with those may help, but will hopefully be unnecessary.

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the Joker, commander of the Dead Man's Hand Mercenary Company

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