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Davion Heir (Cover)
Davion Heir (BattleTech CYOA)
Author Oshha
Series Name
Alternate Universe Name Davion Heir AU
Year Written December 5th, 2022- January 2023
Story Era Alternate Late Succession Wars Era


Davion Heir (BattleTech CYOA) is character driven BattleTech fan story. The story set in during last years of the centuries old Third Succession War, where twist in fate leads to not Hanse Davion (the canon character) becoming ruler of the Federated Suns, but someone unexpected.

The story written by Oshha, whom has centered the story around a variant universe. The story's action is played out using the Battletech PC which was published by Harebrained Schemes in 2018, similarly known as BattleTech . Sometimes referred to as HBS BattleTech

The story first posted on the forums in December 2022 by Oshha. It is presented here with the permission of the author.

Author's Introduction[]

First of all, this is BattleTech fanfic, but it is primarily based on the 2018 game not the tabletop even if I will be taking from the latter to fill gaps in the former. I am also using this CYOA (Choose Your Own Adventure) from Drakensis.When it comes to taking inspiration from gameplay mechanics, I’ll be using the HBS Battletech game rather than the tabletop because I am more familiar with that and I prefer it to the tabletop.
If you want to know what I rolled on the CYOA, I have put the build I am using below. ~~ Oshha

What is the date? = 3014- Hanse Davion died on Halstead Station. [-1 Points]
Where are you? = Abbeville- You’re linked to the nobility of the Outback worlds. [+1 Point]
What’s your claim to the succession? You’re the illegitimate sibling of the dead First Prince, but designated as heir. [+1 Point]
What’s your academy? = Kilbourne- You’re familiar with civil service roles as well as military duties. [+1 Point]
What’s your military specialty? = Mechwarrior- The only sensible option for a Davion, really.
Who did you serve with? = A non-Davion Guards Unit of the AFFS- What is wrong with you? [+2 Points]
If you have points left over, you may spend one point each on:
-A close friend who is unquestionably reliable and trustworthy (think Ardan Sortek).
-A personal friendship with someone in the inner circle of the Captain-General.
-A personal friendship with someone in the inner circle of Archon.
-A minister in the government of the Federated Suns is a close personal friend
-You have earned the Diamond Sunburst, the second-highest military award of the AFFS.
You may freely choose:
-Age = 31 -Gender & General Appearance = Female/Redhead with green eyes who is pretty, but no great beauty.
-Military Experience- Four Years of Academy & Eleven Years in the Fourth Deneb Light Cavalry plus two and a half months as Minister of Administrative Services. -What BattleMech you pilot- WVR-6M Wolverine.


Events prior to the year 3014 happen in canon, however HBS BattleTech game takes liberties with the setting adding their own twists to the original.

Notable Characters[]

  • Victoria Eveline London, MechWarrior and Military Officer in Armed Forces of the Fedrated Suns
  • Tahmina Singh, AFFS MechWarrior, and has served as executive officer to Victoria and her best friend.

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