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Dark Falcons (Story Emblem)
Dark Falcons
Product information
Type Novel
Author Ged Whitfield
Pages 164
Publication information
Publisher (Fan-made product)
First published 2009
Era Clan Invasion Era
Series Dark Falcons

Dark Falcons is a series of three Fan books based in the BattleTech Universe and it was written by Ged Whitfield. The story begins the character Al Sheehan, a MechWarrior defending his world of Winfield from oncoming of the Clans

Author's Description for Book I[]

"''In the Thirty-First Century the planet of Winfield is a peaceful agrarian world, within the Inner Sphere. Its inhabitants bask under the guidance of the Federated Commonwealth and their security is ensured. One fateful day, this changed.

A new and unexpected danger broke rudely upon them. They awoke to find themselves under attack from a fierce and remorseless enemy, the Clans.

Many would die in the furnace of war, but others would be tempered, made stronger. In particular one man, Al Sheehan, a Mechwarrior would find a strength of purpose and determination which would inspire his people and birth a new and unstoppable force.

This is his story, and of those who fought and died at his side. Most of all, though, it tells of the birth of the Dark Falcons. A name which would be feared and respected throughout the Inner Sphere and beyond.''"




  • Only Book 1 of three written written have been made into a PDF.

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