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Daniel Martin[]


  • Born 5 january 2000
  • Gender : Mâle
  • Current âge : approx. 2500 years old
  • Death : No


Daniel Martin does not have real alignement to Davion, Steiner, or any other major faction. He is considered neutral.


This philanthropist men started his career around 2025 as a scientist for the Western Alliance. It is believe that he worked in sectors of biochimic weapons, aerospatial, tech engineering and in some important space defense programs. He also has a baggage with internationnal affairs later in his life. People working with him said he is not an easy guy, but that he still haves a great sense of logic, wich helps him resolving mental problems faster than anyone else in his entourage. The reason he started it's own armament selling company in the 2035, the Merchants of Menace, is because he actually stole a lot of millitary equipement from the Western Alliance Alliance and other commonwhealth forces. In 2038, Daniel Martin expand his company, making the Merchants of Menace a simple subsidiary to the "DMDesign Incorporated". Now having billions of dollars, he finances his own private researches on modern weapons and on improved warfare logistics. He sold his inventions to most influent armies and achieve to get a $ per year revenue. His career is said to end drastically as he disappears mysteriously in 2052, studying his time swapping theory. The DMDesign Incorporated commands are relayed to Yohan Westerfield, a trustfull friend of Daniel, and vice-president of the company. He won't show up again for over 2460 years.

Other appearings[]

- 2053 during the New York city great disaster  (source : rumors)