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Custom Design
Production information
Manufacturer Yatoon Industries
Model DGR-U1 Dagger
Class Light
Technical specifications
Mass 20 tons
Chassis Yatoon Dagger Standard
Armor Standard
Engine Vlar 120
Speed 97.2 km/h
Jump Jets N/A
BV (1.0) 396
BV (2.0)


The first 'Mech to be produced by an obscure Periphery industry, the Dagger was built to supply a cheap, yet effective, 'Mech to forces with monetary concerns. Its main purpose is dealing with urban threats such as infantry or other light 'Mechs. It has considerable short-range punch for a 'Mech of it's size, however, its lack of real medium or long range weapons and its relatively slow top speed hinders its performance in open terrain. However, in its niche, the Dagger is quite a solid 'Mech, carrying four and a half tons of standard armor.


The primary weapon of the Dagger is its Yatoon Laserfist Medium Laser, grouped with four Yatoon Laserfist Small Lasers. These weapons put out respectable damage at a range of 90 meters, which is long enough in the concrete jungle of an urban environment. Two Yatoon Bulletstorm Machine Guns provide anti-infantry measures. These weapons combined are enough to put down almost all the 'Mechs and vehicles in the same weight class.


DGR-U2 - A rarely seen variant of the original Dagger, the U2 swaps out one and a half tons of armor, both Machine Guns, and two Small Lasers to put in four jump jets. This gives the U2 a jump range of 120 meters, giving it some much-needed maneuverability. The Medium Laser is switched out for a Yatoon Beehive SRM-4 as well, giving the U2 a BV of 314.

DGR-U3 - The more common variant of the Dagger, the U3 combines the best elements of the U1 and U2. Carrying four tons of armor and two Yatjet Special-L jump jets, the protection and maneuverability of the U3 is right in the middle of the other two variants. However, the U3 carries two Yatoon Laserfist Medium Lasers and two Yatoon Laserfist Small Lasers, a weapons payload more like that of the U1. The better medium range damage is positively reviewed by purchasers.