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Chapter 9[]

Dead Man's Hand: Second Star to the Right[]

Outskirts, Bolsun
Clan Wolf Occupation Zone
11th September, 3054

"Oh, I'm gonna feel that in the morning..." Joker groaned as she held onto the drainpipe like her life depended upon it, which it very likely did.

It was more luck than anything that she'd been able to grab it as she was sent flying over the edge of the roof, but the sudden jolt had damn near ripped her shoulder out of its socket, making climbing down a questionable prospect at best.

Not that she liked the idea of staying, as it looked like an entire star of OmniMechs, with Elementals and regular infantry in support, were attacking the Resistance base. So far, nobody seemed to have noticed her, but all the bullets marked 'To Whom It May Concern' were just as deadly as the one with your name on it. As such, finding a way to the ground, safely, was forefront in her mind, especially as she was pretty sure that the building was on fire. Reaching out tentatively with one foot, she found the next bracket down, and carefully started to lower herself down, centimeter by centimeter.

She didn't get very far, before she felt the rhythmic pounding of an approaching BattleMech. Exposed as she was, there wasn't much more she could do but try and look as small and un-threatening as possible. As such, she pulled herself as close to the wall as possible, trying not to move, ever as a powerful searchlight zeroed in on her...

"Elsa?" A surprised voice asked, "What in the Great Fathers name are you doing here?"

Joker looked around to see an Uller, only a few meters away, the cockpit hatch swung open, and a surprisingly familiar face looking out.

Uller OmniMech (Ruins)

Uller (Kit Fox) Light OmniMech belonging to Gregor of Clan Wolf.

"Gregor. Fancy seeing you here." she did her best to sound nonchalant, even as her mind raced, "Look, I would love to explain, but...I am on a mission. For the Watch."

"Ha! I knew there was something special about you when I saw you at the bar." the Star Captain laughed, "Perhaps, when this is over with, I can buy you a drink and you can tell me all about it? Maybe we could finally finish what we started?"

"Best offer I have had all evening." Joker replied, truthfully, "But for now... you did not see anything, understood?"

"Aff, Elsa." Gregor tapped the side of his nose, "Good hunting."

He closed the hatch and started to walk off, spraying machine-gun fire at a target Joker couldn't see.

"He could have at least offered to help me down." Joker complained to herself, then felt the drainpipe shift, as the damage to the building finally caught up with it, and the brackets above her suddenly started to give way, "Oh ****** me..."

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