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Chapter 2[]

Dead Man's Hand: Second Star to the Right[]

Military Spaceport
Clan Wolf Occupational Zone
9th September 3054

Star Colonel Charles Dinour watched the MechBay ramp for the recently arrived DropShip open from the cockpit of his Ice Ferret OmniMech. Someone lesser may have felt a sense of trepidation, but he felt something closer to hunger. The defeat on Tukayyid and the truce that the Clans were bound to was like a leash... and only a dog accepts a leash. Wolves run wild and free!

But a good Wolf also respects their Alpha, and he had no intention of challenging his Clans leadership, but he couldn't help but wish something would happen. He was a warrior, and his place was in battle, leading his troops to victory. And now, with this unexpected arrival... something was going to happen. Maybe a strike against the accused Falcons, his Clans long-term rivals, or against one of the worlds not protected by the 'Truce Line' imposed upon them by ComStar. Stravag, he would have even been willing to start a war with the Ghost Bears if it meant blooding his greener troops.

The ramp finished lowering, and a distinctive black Dire Wolf with red highlights stepped into the cold light of dawn. It seemed to look right at him. Then strode purposefully towards him, making the ground shake with every footfall.

"Welcome to Nox," Charles Dinour smiled, "Khan Natasha Kerensky."

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