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Deadman's Hand - The Kowloon Job (Chapter Cover Art)

Chapter 11[]

Dead Man's Hand: The Kowloon Job[]

Militia Proving Grounds
Jade Falcon Occupation Zone
14th April, 3054

Joker ducked down behind a wall, keeping out of Nathan Roshak's line-of-sight.

His Thor had her out massed but not out-gunned, but had heavier armor, of setting her advantage. He was obviously also far more experienced in its use, meaning he knew exactly how far he could push his machine, while she was still getting used to her own. He was obviously also a skilled pilot and gunner, as was typical of Clanners.

However, he had evidently chosen the primary configuration for his Thor, which tended to favor long-range combat... so long as you didn't count the Class-10 LBX Autocannon that would made short work of her armor if she let it. But it did mean that, if she could get close enough without being seen, she might just be able to do some damage before he could respond.

Summoner OmniMech (Firing)

Thor / Summoner firing it weapon

Doubling back behind the cover of a partially collapsed wall, she slowly and methodically made her way behind where he had been. Only, he wasn't where she had expected him to be, and a hail of cluster munitions peppered her right arm and leg. Pivoting on the leg, praying that he hadn't done any serious damage, she brought all her weapons to bare and opened fire.

Head flooded her cockpit, despite the advanced double heat-sinks, and her vision swam even as she watched the Thor stagger backwards as one of the ER-PPC's draw a jagged line up its left leg, the other missing the off-center cockpit by less than a meter. The medium lasers did little damage to the bigger Mechs chest armor, but the half-dozen short-range missiles that followed them up pitted and pocked the previously pristine armor.

In comparison, the hail of machine-gun fire did little more than chip away at his paint scheme, but it was clear that he had been at least somewhat surprised by the speed and ferocity of her attack.

Not that it stopped him from responding, and a blast from his own ER-PPC added to the damage done to her right leg, and her screen it up with a warning of an amour breach. He followed it up with a volley from his LRM launcher, but he had evidently misjudged the range, as those not picked off by her AMS failed to arm before hitting her Loki. Even without the explosive warheads detonating, the kinetic impact was enough to force her to take a step back to avoid falling, giving him the time to duck out of view again, no doubt assessing the damage her Alpha-Strike had done.

It was clear that the fight was far from over.

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