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Cutler's Commandos
Unit Profile (as of 3066)
CO Major Rayne "Havoc" Cutler
JumpShips None
DropShips 1, Union class The Green Beret
Aerospace None
Armor None
Infantry None


Made up of veterans of Operation Bulldog, Cutler's Commandos uses Light and Medium mechs.


Major Rayne "Havoc" Cutler: Commander & veteran of Operation Bulldog with the 1st Federated Suns Armored Cavalry. Created the "Commandos" with plans to continue to harass aggressive clans such as the Jade Falcons. Loyal to Victor Steiner-Davion. Pilots a custom Uziel with Clan weapons.

Captain Chen Yun-cho: XO, served in the Red Lancers. Proved his loyalty to Cutler when at the cost of his mech, a Snake, took the brunt of a Smoke Jaguar's assault meant for Cutler's mech. Sun-Tzu Laio awarded him for his bravery by giving him a new Men-Shen Omnimech.

Lieutenant Karol Suri: Scout Lance commander. Tough as nails and the youngest member of the "Commandos". Pilots the Wraith she owns like an extension of her own body.

Lieutenant Jason Messer: Fire Lance commander, served with the 91st ComGuard Division. Resigned his position at the same time as Victor Steiner-Davion. Took a new Griffin battlemech with him to Cutler's Commandos.


The Commandos is a unit designed to go behind enemy lines and cause havoc. Its members learned these tactics while working together in Operation Bulldog against clan units.


Cutler's Commandos consist of medium and light mechs. Each Lance perfectly suited for long term combat without ammo supply.