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This page is dedicated to current and lost websites & other online resources which players & fans of the BattleTech universe. These pages provided online information to help players in their playing the game, researching for their fan projects, or connecting with community.

While some of these site exist in some form, many of these websites however have disappeared from the internet due to for reasons which the communities and owners were unable to continue to support them. This list simply provides information and some cases limited access via Internet Archives website, which as snap shots or pieces of these lost websites.


Lost Websites[]

Solaris7 - Classic BattleTech Community Resources[]

Solaris 7 (Website Banner)jpg

Solaris7 was a community website which allowed for people to post Fiction, Custom 'Mechs/Aerospace Fighters/Battle Armor/Combat Vehicles, connections with players. It also had links to FanPro (Previous IP Licensee of BattleTech)'s Camospecs website for paint schemes, Connecting players with MegaMek, as well News about the BattleTech tabletop game itself. The website was operated under the Solaris7 Industries name, operated approximately from 1998 to 2012 in it's original form.

The original site's webmaster, Skyhigh needed to move the site. Due to technical complications involved, it made it impractical/impossible to transfer the data of the old site or set the new one up again like the old one.

Solaris7 still operates as a forum with no resources of the old site as those were lost.

- Current Solaris7 Web Forum Link

This is a full snapshot of the webpage from (October 11th) 2007, which can be explored, but not fully. It is the most complete archive of the website.

ChaosMarch Archives[]

Chaos March Logo was a online resource website that provides static date on BattleTech units used in the game.