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Unit Description[]

The Commonwealth Jaegers is brigade consisting of individual Reinforced BattleMech Battalions in service of the Lyran Commonwealth.

The brigade's creation was idea of General Frederick Steiner serve House Steiner.



The original Commonwealth Jaeger, conceived to form a new elite combat command which consisted of five reinforced Battalions.

Its origins lies in hands of Duke Frederick Steiner, whom meet with wounded Wolf's Dragoons in 3015 after being burned from fires of Anton's Revolt. Using his own funds, the Duke arranged for the Dragoons to recover while rendering aid to train troops to build ideal elite Lyran formation.[1]

The plan was resulted in formation of five battalions, one attached to each of the Wolf's Dragoons regiments and using these battalions as a cadre to expand up to large formation.[2]

The formation would train on Mizar in the Isle of Skye at the Dragoons' base, Fort Joshua. The First and Second Jaegers in their initial battalion size took after the styles of the Dragoon parent regiments and were noted by visiting Archon Katrina Steiner as being far more fluid in their movements than current Lyran regiments in service of the LCAF.[3]

By 3017, the Jaegars cadre were formed and trained under watchful eyes of the men and women of the elite mercenary command, the Wolf's Dragoons.

Dieron Campaign[]

After initially training, proving the concept of the new regiment. It would be splintered into ten formations as the core of their own Commonwealth Jaegar Regiment, one of which (the 8th) has been lost in action.

This was part of the furthering the seasoning of the reinforced Battalions, by conducting multiple raids and reconnaissance-in-force operations.

The 8th Commonwealth Jaegars was lost in a raid on Port Moseby when the unit encountered the Legion of Vega with barely a company of troops managing to survive the encounter. Its survivors were folded into the 3rd Commonwealth Jaegars.[4]

In 3019, the battalions of the Commonwealth Jaeger would see their first action as part of the invasion of the Draconis Combine. With the Second & Seventh Jaegars being assigned to Tamar Pact region, to help bolster Lyran Commonwealth's defenses along the border with the Combine.

Lyran / Liao Incursion into Marik Space[]

In 3023, two of Jaegar commands would be placed under command of General Frederick Steiner as part jointed invasion of the Free Worlds League.[5]

During the fighting of 3024 on Zosma III in the Free Worlds League, the 3rd and 4th Commonwealth Jaegars were part of the Lyran invasion. They were noted for their mobility due to their lighter units, while complimenting the heavier tonnage the Lyran Guards were deploying.[6]The 3rd and 4th would be deployed in diversionary raids after the fighting had concluded.

Unit Colors[]

‘Mechs and equipment a nondescript tan color, with trim in Lyran blue and a tertiary color to mark the battalion.


Mobile Warfare, using their smaller size formation and lighter weight tonnage they operate in to move far more swiftly than typical full Regiments.

Basic Composition[]

Each Jaeger command operates a reinforced battalion of four BattleMech companies (usually with an additional command lance) each, supported by an aerowing of twenty fighters and a battalion of mechanized infantry. The intention is to replace the latter with battle armor once sufficient is in service. The original five battalions were split into ten, one of which (the 8th) has been lost in action.

Units of the Commonwealth Jaegers[]

1st Commonwealth Jaegars
Signature color: Gold:The 1st Jaegers were fighting on Sevren during Theodore Kurita's Tamar offensive of 3024
2nd Commonwealth Jaegars
Signature color: Dark Green
3rd Commonwealth Jaegars
Signature color: Blood Red:Commanding Office, Leutnant-Colonel Stephanie Stirling (as of 3024). Deployed in Free Worlds League in 3024 during the jointed Lyran-Liao invasion.
4th Commonwealth Jaegars
Signature color: Dark Blue
5th Commonwealth Jaegars
Signature color: Fiery Orange:Survivors of the 8th Jaegers were folded back into the 5th, leaving them over-strength.
6th Commonwealth Jaegars
Signature color: White
7th Commonwealth Jaegars
Signature color: Lyran Blue:The 7th battalion joined the Kell Hounds in reinforcing Tamar against Warlord Samsonov, technically constituting mutiny in departing their garrison position. All personnel involved received a retroactive pardon from Katrina Steiner.
8th Commonwealth Jaegars
Signature color: Black:Commanded by Kommandant Bryan, the 8th was deployed on series of raids. The new formed unit was lost in fighting on Fort Moseby against Draconis Combine forces in 3019.
9th Commonwealth Jaegars
Signature color: Light green
10th Commonwealth Jaegars
Signature color: Metallic Bronze