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File:Neveron1.jpg Neveron
This article is about an aspect of the online game Neveron, which uses Classic BattleTech rules to conduct combat. Because of this, many Neveron factions are named after elements from the BattleTech storyline. Please do not confuse this for an article on BattleTech.


Clan Wolf[]

Clan Wolf is the Largest of the clans still present on neveron feilding four galaxies of troops. Clan wolf are also engaged in the most anti - HoC operations lead by there Khan Paussian.



Khan Paussian


  • Clan Wolf : The Rememberence CW:TR
  • Clan Wolf : Starana Mechty CW:SM
  • Clan Wolf : Arctic Wolves CW:AW
  • Clan Wolf : The Morning Wolves CW:MW

Wiki Editor's Note[]

This is article regarding Canon Faction but fan version of this Clan. See Canon Glossary for more details.