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Chronicles of the 69th VXF is a series of novellas set in an alternate universe Battletech novels, all written by Michael Todd. Stories center around the Colonel Jason Henley and his mercenary unit named the 69th Virginia Expeditionary Force (abbreviated 69th VXF). The Chronicles takes place from the end of the Succession Wars Era to the the Clan Invasion.


The mercenaries story is set in the canon universe, nothing has been changed up to the start of the years novellas cover in 3048.

Series Content[]

Ten (10) novella size books have been written the pdf documents. Download as a single .zip with all 10 novellas from Google Drive here:

Michael Todd page (with download links): Michael Todd's download link on

Novel/Novellas Books[]

Book 1 - Cherry Blossom (VXF 1)
Book 2 - Best Laid Plans (VXF 2)
Book 3 - Serpents and Snakes (VXF 3)
Book 4 - Dai Gingo (VXF 4)
Book 5 - A Rose by any other Name (VXF 5) Book 6 - Blakelisted! (VXF 6)
Book 7 - Separate Ways (Omen Series 1)
Book 8 - Reunions (Omen Series 2)
Book 9 - Something Wicked (Omen Series 3)
Book 10 - Damian (Omen Series 4)


  • Among the best BattleTech Fan Fiction ever written.